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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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"It's raining again..."

Tara closed her eyes and leaned back into Willow's arms.

"I know..."

Willow tightened her hold on the blonde and placed a small kiss to the back of her head.

<She smells so good...>

"Willow... can I ask you a personal question?"

The red head's warm breath tickled Tara's ear.

"Tara... you can ask me anything..."

The blonde smiled and rested her hands on top of Willows; slowly fingers found themselves laced together.

"Why did you come to Ohio... you know... you could have just sold this place... or rented it out... ?"

Willow ran her thumb across a warm palm.

"Well... I wanted to... I mean... I needed to. Things were okay back home... I had my friends and we hung out a lot... but I really didn't have much in the way of parents. They were always busy... working, traveling, networking... I just needed to get it away from it all for a while."

Tara stiffened in Willows arms and the red head felt the tension in the blonde's body.

"Did I say something..."

<For a while... a while... means not permanent... she's going to be leaving...>

"Ummmm... for a while... you planning on going back..."

<God... Rosenberg... why don't you just ruin everything now...>

"Tara no. That's not what I meant... I had to put distance between me and my parents for a while... I..."

Willow let out a deep sigh.

"I don't think I'm saying this right..."

Willow scooted herself around in front of the blonde and held her trembling hands.

<She's really shaking... thinking I might leave... Oh Tara...>

The blonde watched as a goofy grin spread across Willow's face.


"Tara... I'm not going anywhere... I promise... other than the occasional business trip but even then I'm sure you will get so tired of me calling you while I'm away that you'll probably change your number..."

Tara ducked her head and smiled. Sometimes her insecurities got the better of her and this was one of those times and Willow sensed the need to make herself perfectly clear.

"Tara... I'm gonna be around for a very long time... and I hope that I can spend every second getting to know you better... sharing my heart with you... my body... my love..."

Tara looked up and Willow's smile faded as she saw tears falling down the blonde's face. Slowly, she reached out and wiped them away.

"What is it?"

"I... just didn't... and don't... want you to go away..."

Willow leaned forward and captured the sweetest lips she had ever known.

"Tara Maclay... you are stuck with me..."

Tara let out a small laugh that immediately lifted Willow's heart.

"I would never change my number..."

"Even if you did... I would just send lot's and lot's of flowers... and Oh!... maybe one of those singing telegrams..."

Both girls found themselves laughing as they talked on through the evening. Tara couldn't believe that Willow was really that much of a geek in school... and even if she was... the blonde had always found smart girls attractive... although her shyness kept her from talking to any of the smart girls she knew.

Willow could just picture a young Tara taking her first riding lesson. She was such a natural around the horses, it was hard to imagine her falling off so many times before getting used to the saddle.

The two girls traded stories until night had fallen.

"Well... I should really head home... I need to check on Biscuit... make sure everything is okay..."

Willow watched as the firelight flickered in Tara's blue eyes. She didn't want her to leave but knew that eventually this moment would come.

"I know..."

The two girls stood and walked to the front door hand in hand.

"I have had a great day Willow... thank you for everything..."

"Your welcome... thank you..."

Tara smiled and squeezed Willows hand.

"It's still raining... so I'm just gonna make a run for my truck..."

Willow nodded her head and stepped closer.

"Be careful... watch out for wild animals..."

That brought out a crooked smile from the blonde as Tara leaned forward and rested her forehead against Willow's.

"I will..."

Willow could feel Tara's breath against her lips... the heat from the blonde's body wrapped around her in an effort to stay behind.

Slowly, lips brushed lips and warm breath mingled. The kiss was slow and sensual. Surely, the rain had poured down magic and both girls were lost in the wonder of its spell.

Tara felt the door press against her back and Willow against her front. Such sweet captivity.

Willow could feel the passion rising in her body and decided that it would be best to try and not go to bed so worked up. She tried to ease out of the kiss, but found it impossible when Tara gently sucked on her bottom lip.


Tara pulled away with her eyes still closed.

"I second that..."

Willow took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.

"Tara... if you really need to go... then you better go now..."

The blonde may not have made love to another just yet, but she certainly recognized the hungry look in the green eyes that held her captive.

"I really do... need... to go..."

Willow nodded her head and slowly reached for the doorknob. The cool night air did little to quell the fire burning inside the red head.

"Goodnight Tara..."

"Goodnight Willow..."

Willow watched as the squealing blonde ran to her truck and started it up. As the taillights faded out of sight Willow closed her door and locked it. She picked up their soup bowls and headed to the kitchen. She needed to find something to do before going to bed.

She knew it would be so easy to relieve the ache building up inside her but there was just something about waiting and letting that ache build up to a delicious torture.

<Might as well do dishes...>

The water came on and the soap began to bubble.

<mmmmmm... bubbles... I bet Tara looks good in bubbles...>

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