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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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" after that my mom and dad divorced and we moved to Ohio. Mom loved it here... she called it God's country..."

Willow held the blonde in her arms and had almost drifted off to sleep from the soothing tone of Tara's voice. It was only the thrill of getting to know the blonde better and the serious turn their conversation had taken that had kept the red head awake.

"Where are they now?'

Tara tried to scoot closer to Willow even though she was already pressed against her.

"Well... Dad lives somewhere in North Carolina... and mom died two years ago."

Willow tightened her hold on the blonde.

"Tara... I'm so sorry... I didn't know..."

"No... it's okay. I like talking about her... kinda makes me feel like she's still around..."

Tara rested her head against Willow's shoulder. She had effectively pinned the red head to the bed with her arm and leg. But Willow didn't mind at all. She loved every minute.

"What about your parents... where are they?"


Tara could sense that Willow didn't want to talk much about her parents so she decided to let it drop for now. Besides, it was time for some more Willow kisses.

Tara ran her fingers underneath the red head's shirt, drawing tiny circles on the warm belly she found there.

"Your skin is so soft..."

Willow lost herself to Tara's touch. The blonde had just enough nails to cause a sea of goose bumps to spread across Willow's body. She felt a delicious shiver travel from the top of her red locks to the tip of her toes.


The blonde looked up and smiled.


"Will you be my date for the camp-out?"

Tara wasn't expecting that. She thought that maybe she would get a request for another long series of kisses... or maybe even a hug as Willow had held her so close earlier when their heated kisses and soft caresses threatened to become so much more.

"Date... ?"

Willow nodded her head as the answer came shining clear to her through the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Willow... I would love to be your date..."

Tara straddled Willow's hips and leaned down and planted a soft kiss on the red head's lips. Her hair falling around them, hiding their kisses from the world behind a curtain of blonde.

"Tara... thank you for making me the happiest woman alive..."

The blonde smiled and planted another small kiss on Willow.

"I try..."

Willow's hands rested against Tara's waist. She was afraid to move them, fearing that they would follow their own path and not the proper path that they should.

Both girls were content to just be still in the moment. The rain continued to pound the tin roof, as the day had been lost to soft kisses and gentle touches.

"Willow... you make my heart beat so fast..."

Tara reached for Willow's hand and brought it up to her chest. She wanted the red head to feel the truth.

"Can you feel that... ?"

Willow nodded her head slowly as the heartbeat beneath her palm raced out of control. She felt her own heart flutter as her eyes drifted to her hand resting on Tara's chest. She was close enough to feel the curve of Tara's breast... the heat coming from beneath the thin t-shirt.


Green eyes locked onto blue in an attempt to focus on what the blonde was going to say instead of what the blonde might say if she let her hand travel just a little lower. She watched as Tara closed her eyes.


Tara could almost feel the rush of emotion that was getting ready to flood her body. She opened her eyes and laid her hand over Willow's... slowly sliding the red head's hand to where she wanted it most.

"Willow... touch me..."

Willow felt her breath catch as her hand cupped a warm, round breast. A perfect fit. Slowly, she slid her other hand up the blonde's body and captured another warm breast. She felt Tara's excitement rise against her palm. It was almost too much for Willow.

Tara's breathing deepened as she felt Willow's hands squeeze her breasts. No one had ever touched her this way; and it certainly wasn't because no one had offered. Tara had decided to wait for that one special person to come along and now, here she was.

"Oh... my... Willow..."

Willow leaned up and rested her head against the blonde's chest, never letting go of her captive flesh.

"Tara... can I... I want to..."

She could feel Willow's hot breath through the thin t-shirt and it only excited her more.


With trembling hands Willow slid her fingertips under the form-fitting shirt. She could feel Tara's body trembling and so her movements became slow almost cautious.

Finally, flesh met flesh and both girls moaned at the contact. Tara felt her body go weak with desire and new she had to lie down before she fell down. Willow sensed her movement and helped the blonde get situated. Her hands only letting go of Tara's warm body briefly before claiming her once again.

Tara reached down and pulled at the hem of the shirt. She raised it over her head and tossed it aside, silently offering herself to Willow.

"My God Tara... you are so beautiful..."

She could see a faint blush cover the blonde's body but it was two round breasts that held her attention.

<So soft...>

She ran her thumb across a swollen nipple.

<So hard...>

Tara gasped at the touch, arching her back in an effort to feel even more of Willow's caress.

<So gorgeous...>

Willow leaned down and brushed her lips across Tara's. The kiss started slow but grew with intensity. Tara felt overwhelmed. The feel of Willow's tongue sliding against her own... the red head's hands squeezing... fingers softly pinching...

Then, hot lips descending on her neck... the weight of Willow's body... soft nibbles against her skin... trailing kisses down her chest... Tara's world was spinning out of control... all of a sudden she felt a warm mouth... kissing... sucking...

Tara threw her head back and arched her back as her fingers tangled in red locks. The blonde had never felt such a current of desire. Willow sucked slowly... she had just found the sweetest addiction. She wanted the moment to last forever.

She could feel Tara pulling at her shirt and so she allowed the blonde to pull it over her head. Tara tossed the shirt and found her-self staring. Her first look at another woman's body... at Willow's body.

"Willow... you are beautiful..."

Willow waited, allowing Tara all the time she needed. The blonde ran her fingertips up Willow's stomach, never quite touching the red head's breasts that were beginning to ache with need.

Ever so slowly, Tara ran her hands over Willow's breasts. She felt the red head's body respond to her touch and smiled shyly.

"Tara... I want to kiss you so badly..."

The blonde wondered why Willow didn't just claim her lips. Then it dawned on her that Willow lips against hers meant that their bodies would touch... their naked bodies would touch. She almost squealed in delight.

Tara nodded her consent and Willow leaned down and captured Tara's lips. Their bodies pressed together, neither girl aware of the world around them. All that existed was this moment... the soft feel of warm skin against skin... tongue against tongue... lips kissing lips... It was the most beautiful experience in the world.


"Mmmmmm... .what is it baby?"

Tara felt almost guilty for not wanting to take things any further. But there was time... plenty of time.

"Hold me Willow... I need you to just hold me..."

Tara found herself wrapped up in Willow arms instantly. The red head didn't question her or make her feel pressured to go on. She just did what the blonde asked.

"Never let me go Willow... never..."

"I won't baby... I promise..."

The two girls lay entwined together in the middle of the bed. The world outside their window long forgotten. All they knew was that they were together and at last had found their way home.

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