Return to Hellebore Chapter Twenty-One


Author: Chris Cook
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Based on characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon and his talented minionators, and Diablo II by Blizzard Entertainment. All original material is copyright 2003 Chris Cook.

Tara woke to the sound of someone moving around the room. She blinked in the sunlight lancing at a sharp angle across the floor from the room's small window, and saw Deanne already dressed, carrying a tray. She set it down on the nightstand, then glanced at Tara and smiled to see her awake.

"Your diplomat brought breakfast up from the kitchen," she explained in a whisper, careful not to wake Willow. "He asked me to tell you they're readying the caravan, but you still have time to eat before they leave."

"Thank you," Tara said quietly, glancing at the bread rolls on the tray. "Do you want some?"

"No, thank you," Deanne replied, "Teban brought our breakfast up earlier. We're setting out today as well, for Maresburg. I'll be in the bathroom with Kristal for a few minutes, take your time." She held out a hand for her daughter and they left the room, Deanne closing the door quietly behind her.

"Mmmwassat?" Willow mumbled.

"Breakfast, honey," Tara said.

"Don' be silly, lobster can't fly," Willow argued sleepily, her voice slurred. She yawned and stretched, humming contentedly as Tara held her, then blinked open her eyes.

"Did you say breakfast?" she asked. "Where's Deanne? And Kristal?"

"Bathroom," Tara explained.

"Ah," Willow said, reaching for a bread roll. "You think maybe we'll have time to visit the bathroom ourselves?" she purred.

"Only enough time to actually visit the bathroom," Tara said, "we're setting out soon. Thank you," she added as Willow handed her a roll.

"I had a dream about you," Willow said between mouthfuls. "Usually it's weird stuff with demons and talking books and all that... though it's gotten a lot better since I started sleeping all snuggled up to you," she added with a grin. "This time it was lovely, though... nothing scary or strange, just you."

"And flying lobsters?" Tara asked.

"Was I talking in my sleep?" Willow asked, frowning. "No, that was a different dream. And it wasn't flying, it was just trying to. And it kept falling off the roof and bouncing around the treetops, which it thought was flying, 'cause I guess lobsters don't know much about flying, being lobsters and all." She glared playfully at Tara, who was giggling to herself.

"Anyway," she said resolutely, "this other dream, you and I were in the wagon, except it was a huge wagon... and, um, well, I was naked, and you were looking at me, you know how you look at me," she smiled, "and... well, things progressed from there... I don't know if I should really go into that much detail if we have to get up so soon."

"You're right," Tara murmured, "you can tell me once we're in the wagon." Willow looked confused for a second, then comprehension dawned.

"Oh," she said, "right... well, then, I'll do that. Quietly, though, 'cause I don't think the driver really has to know that much about my fantasies." Tara smiled and reached beneath the blankets to pat Willow's bottom, at which Willow squeaked and batted Tara lightly on the nose with her bread roll.

Doing their best not to get delayed by banter and fooling around, they finished breakfast and laid out fresh clothes, visiting the bathroom separately to forestall temptation once Deanne and Kristal returned. Tara was sorry not to be spending more time with them, and she could see Willow's reluctance to say goodbye to the little girl, but she was warmed when Deanne quietly thanked her for her company, and gently hugged her. Teban appeared in the doorway at the same moment, and Tara thought she saw him nod his approval. The big man moved to stand in front of Tara, and held out his hand again, briefly clasping Tara's forearm in a warrior's manner.

"Deanne speaks well of your company," he said in his thick northlands accent. "Co'te'." Tara looked surprised, but was even more so when Teban turned to Willow, bowed, and said "Honoured, Zann Esu."

"He spoke High Amazonian," Willow said after he, Deanne and Kristal had left to see to their horses.

"He did," Tara agreed, "and he recognised you."

"Maybe Deanne told him," Willow guessed, "or he recognised my belt... co'te' means he respects you?"

"Respect or honour," Tara said, gathering the previous day's clothed and packing them away. "It's used as a greeting between warriors... he must have met an Amazon at some point."

"Is that possible?" Willow wondered.

"That far north?" Tara pondered. "I don't know, I'd never heard of any of our people travelling that far, but it's possible, I suppose. Or maybe he's travelled before." She shrugged. "We should get a move on," she added, "we don't want to hold the caravan up."

Together they made short work of restoring the room to the condition they found it in, and made their way downstairs. Outside the town was significantly emptier than it had been the night before, and the people still around were mostly women and children. Tara guessed that most of the men were out working in the fields, not having the luxury of sleeping in. Tryptin motioned for her from where he was talking with the caravan master, and they spoke briefly before she and Willow packed their overnight bags back into their wagon. She was oddly glad to be back in the wagon with Willow - even though they had spent only a little time there, it felt like a home of sorts, and its comfort was a constant reminder of Willow's ingenuity. They left the roof rolled up as the caravan set out, but then, with grey clouds looming on the horizon, let it down and fastened it securely to the wagon's sides.

Tara finished securing her side of the wagon, and while pulling off her boots took a moment to watch Willow as she finished with the ties she was attaching. She was kneeling among the blankets, leaning over the stacked baggage and concentrating on tying the last leather strip securely, and remained oblivious to Tara as she stealthily crept up behind her. She jumped slightly as Tara touched her, then looked over her shoulder and smiled contentedly as Tara's fingers trailed along her leg, sneaking beneath her skirt to caress her thigh.

"I was thinking," Tara purred, "last night, after you went to sleep... about what you said yesterday, in the courtyard." Willow turned around, looking curious.

"About...?" she prompted.

"About making love," Tara said.

"Oh," Willow said, "yeah... um?"

"Do you think what we've been doing is making love?" Tara asked softly. Willow considered the question briefly, loosely holding Tara around her waist.

"Yes," she replied, "yes, I do. I mean, there's things we haven't done yet, like take each other completely to climax, I-I'd like to do that... you know, um, without you touching yourself, just me... a-and I'd love to do the same for you, you know? Just... lie back and be completely yours." Tara nodded gently. "So, you know, that's something we haven't completely done yet, a-and it'll be very special, the first time we do..." She grinned and looked into Tara's eyes.

"But when I think about what we've done," she went on, "like last night, when we held each other, came together... or when I, you know," she poked her tongue out cheekily and momentarily dipped her eyes down Tara's body. "Or even, you remember when I told you about how I, um, masturbated while I was thinking of you, a-and you rubbed yourself against me, and I held you while you came?"

"As if I could forget," Tara breathed.

"Well," Willow said, smiling at Tara, "I was thinking, isn't all of that making love too? A-and I think it is. I feel that it is."

"D-does that bother you?" Tara asked hesitantly.

"No!" Willow said at once. "No, gods no, I... I can't think of any way this last fortnight could've been better. Well, not counting the psychotic mage and his evil-minded cousin, and demon summoning and stuff, but... you and me, no. It's been wonderful. I just wanted you to know, so... um, I know I've been a bit, well, forward with the touching and the kissing in intimate places," she blushed, "a-and I don't want you to think that any of that was just... playing around, to me."

"Oh Willow, I never thought that," Tara insisted. "That morning, when you held me," her voice dropped to a whisper, "when I climaxed, I knew you loved me, um, physically, completely."

"I did," Willow said, "I do. A-and I don't want you to think that I think we made a mistake telling ourselves we'd wait, even though we, well, we haven't really. I think it was good, you know. 'Cause I really did feel kind of overwhelmed at first, and I still do, except in a good way, like I can't believe how beautiful you are, how, how sensual, how erotic..." She teased Tara's earlobe with her tongue. "How wet you make me," she whispered.

"Um," she said, pulling back a little to meet Tara's aroused gaze, "what I meant is, just... knowing you felt the same way, that I wasn't the only one who was shy and nervous, a-and worried about making sure we did everything right... I wasn't so worried, you know? Like, it's okay to be nervous, 'cause we're nervous together. Mmm, everything is perfect when we're together," she added, her hands stroking gently up and down Tara's back, fingernails scraping against the soft leather covering her torso.

"Yes," Tara whispered, "it is..."

"So," Willow went on, "I guess I kind of told myself that so long as we were both nervous, and holding off the big moment for a little while, it was okay to... explore, you know? I didn't feel so overwhelmed about finding out how I could please you, a-and how you could please me... and I guess it just felt like the most natural thing in the world to do. And it was, it's- every time you touch me, in every way, it feels so right I could cry. Cry in a good way, obviously," she smiled.

"Me too," Tara murmured. "So... what do you want to do?"

"I want," Willow hesitated. "You know what, I want us to keep going the way we are. Just exploring, a-and making love, and... it's everything I want, Tara, you're everything I want. And still, when we get our own room, it'll still be so special to me, it'll be our first time to, to make love all night, to not have to worry about being overheard, or whether we'll be interrupted, or any of that... it'll be a dream coming true. Just, right now, I wanted to have you know, a-and kind of have myself know as well, that we've made love, a-and I'm not worried about it, or pretending it didn't count, or anything... I want you to know that I'm your lover, Tara, in every way, and there's nothing I'm afraid of, or hesitant about, or that I don't think we're ready for... um, did that make any sense?"

"Yes," Tara said, kissing Willow softly on the lips, "completely... and you're not the only one who was nervous... but I feel so... so free..." Tara stared at Willow, her eyes filling with tears, and then she hugged her tightly, whispering in her ear: "My lover... oh, Willow, my lover..."

"A-are you okay?" Willow asked when Tara finally let her go.

"Oh yes," Tara assured her with a brilliant smile.

"A-and you don't think maybe we shouldn't have...?"

"Nothing of the sort," Tara said firmly. "Let it be decreed that we have made love... and it was wonderful, every time." She grinned at Willow.

"I second that decree," Willow said. "Um, you don't think that... well, the way I've been looking forward to our so-called first night... I haven't sort of undermined that, have I?"

"Not at all," Tara promised. "It'll be the first time we have a whole, uninterrupted, night as lovers, all to ourselves... an open fire warming the room... a huge bed... silky sheets beneath us... no-one to overhear when you scream my name..." She fixed Willow with a lusty smile.

"Yeah," Willow said, as if slightly dazed.

"It'll be what our lovemaking is preparing us for," Tara promised, "the pinnacle of our pleasure... nothing in the whole world besides you, and me, and all the ways we can please each other... all night..."

"All night?" Willow asked weakly, holding Tara as if she wasn't sure she could kneel upright on her own.

"All night," Tara repeated. "The last thing we'll see, before you and I fall asleep, completely exhausted, sated in every way, and with each other's tastes on our tongues, will be the sun coming through the window."

"Wow," Willow breathed. "Are you trying to turn me on this much?"

"Absolutely," Tara whispered.

"Gods it's working," Willow said. "What if we get there and there isn't a fireplace?"

"Then we'll make our own fire," Tara assured her. Willow sat back on her heels and fanned herself with her hand.

"I think we're doing that already," she said. She suddenly got an amused expression, and then burst out laughing.

"What?" Tara asked, cuddling her and smiling.

"I just thought of yesterday morning," Willow explained between giggles, "um, kissing and licking you, down there, and thinking we were waiting until the right moment to make love." Tara laughed too.

"Heh," she chuckled, "yeah, the strange notions that young, na´ve lovers have."

"Just as well we're experienced and wise in the ways of the world," Willow countered, sending Tara off into another fit of laughter.

"Oh, my Willow," she said at last, "my lover..."

"That I am," Willow said, "by official decree, I seem to recall."

"Do you think the town criers will be out informing everyone?" Tara asked playfully.

"Tease," Willow said, swatting Tara lightly on the bottom. "Just you wait... once that bedroom door closes behind us, you're not going to know your own name."

"Lucky for me," Tara pointed out, "you'll be saying it... over, and over, and-"

"Ambitious, are you?" Willow asked slyly. "Well, don't get too confident, I've got plans for you, my luscious Amazon."

"I'm sure you do," Tara purred. "In fact, you were going to tell me all about your dream...?"

"Oh, yes," Willow said gleefully. She turned around to lie back in Tara's arms, snuggling up against Tara as she snuck an arm around Willow's waist. "We were here, except the blankets went on for ever, and there was no-one to overhear us... I was naked, a-and all wet, like I'd just had a bath, and my skin felt all warm and tingly... and then you were there, all shining bronze and perfect, smooth skin, like you were at the dance... my warrior. And you kissed me, like you do when you get wild, all passion a-and, and totally sexual. You were holding me tightly, I could feel your gloves on my back, pressing into me, and I felt like I was coming, just from being kissed... I know it was just a dream, but it felt so... like I couldn't stop, as long as you kissed me I just kept on coming, and I was soooo wet," she wriggled in Tara's embrace, and spied Tara's other hand stroking her own thigh beside her.

"And then," she went on, "you stopped kissing me, except I didn't stop, I needed to feel you again my lips... a-and the way you looked at me, it was... you know how you look at me, as if your stare is sliding into me and tickling my sex from the inside..."

"I do that?" Tara asked softly, blinking in surprise.

"You certainly do," Willow confirmed. "So I knelt down and, and that little half-skirt that goes with your armour, I pulled that up, a-and you weren't wearing anything underneath it... and just thinking about us like that, I mean, you in all your armour, all proud and strong and Amazon... and me kneeling in front of you, completely naked, leaning forward, reaching out with my tongue to lick your sex... gods I was so wet!" She paused to enjoy the recollection, and became aware of Tara's hand moving behind her, creeping down below Tara's own waist.

"Tara?" she asked.

"Yes?" Tara said in a husky voice.

"A-are you... do you want...?"

"I want you to turn around," Tara murmured, "and keep telling me what happened... I did promise you could watch me, didn't I?" Willow's eyes were wide as could be as she slowly got up and turned. Tara met her stare easily, and then Willow's gaze slid down her body to take in the sight of her lover touching herself. With the hand that had been around Willow's waist, Tara was slowly unlacing her leathers, but her other hand was already tugging her skirt up around her waist, her fingers stroking over the material of her underwear.

"You were saying," Tara prompted in a seductive, breathless voice, "you were wet?"

"Uh-huh," Willow said automatically. With an effort she tore her eyes away from Tara's hand and met her gaze.

"No," Tara said gently, "watch. That's right," she added as Willow's eyes returned to her fingers, which were steadily making their way underneath the waistband of her briefs.

"Um," Willow said, her mouth suddenly dry, "I-I reached out with my tongue, a-and I looked up at you as I did it, and you were watching me... you said 'Taste', so I leaned forward the last little bit," Willow gulped as Tara pulled off her leathers and her tunic in one smooth motion, tossing them aside and returning her free hand to herself, alternating between her nipples, rolling and pinching them to hardened peaks straining from her breasts.

"I... tasted you," Willow managed to whisper, "first... just outside... I-I licked your thighs, y-your wetness was... all over them... a-and I knew I had to get every bit of it..."

"My diligent Willow," Tara murmured. "Would you do something for me, Willow?"

"Oh gods, anything," Willow replied at once.

"I think," Tara breathed, "these panties are getting in my way... would you get rid of them for me?" Tara watched with a pleased, aroused smile as Willow reached out trembling hands and hooked her fingers through the waistband of the skirt hugging Tara's hips. As she leaned over Tara's lap the scent of her arousal was so intense Willow found it intoxicating, and she breathed deeply, letting it out in a shuddering sigh. When she finally leaned back, dragging Tara's skirt and underwear down her legs, Tara licked her lips at the sight of her, cheeks flushed with desire, lips parted, her chest moving visibly with her rapid breathing, quite obviously painfully excited. Tara lifted her right leg and gently rested her calf on Willow's shoulder, her fingers stroking her inner thigh.

"I was wet here?" she asked. Willow nodded. "And here?" Tara asked, moving her fingers up to the top of her thigh, just next to the glistening lips of her sex. Again Willow nodded, trembling as she saw that Tara's wetness wasn't imagined.

"My, my," Tara teased, "you made me very wet indeed, didn't you? Where else was I wet, my lover?"

"A-all... all over," Willow whispered. "Y-your, your clit..." Tara's fingers skipped lightly across her sex, her fingertips coming to rest on either side of her clit. Slowly she circled it, teasing herself by almost touching it, then pulling back. Finally she ran one finger over it, making her legs tremble.

"Ohhhhh," Tara moaned quietly, "I'm sure... you enjoyed... licking me there..." Willow nodded, entranced. "Where else?" Tara breathed.

"Y-y-your, y-your l-l... y-your lips," Willow said, finding her voice suddenly difficult to control. Tara moved her fingers slightly, slipping two between her lips just below her clit and moving downwards, using them to open herself, letting Willow see the copious moisture covering the silky tenderness hidden between them.

"Like... this?" Tara gasped. Willow nodded, unable to tear her eyes away from the erotic display Tara was providing for her. Tara held her lips open with her fore and ring finger, and teased her opening with her index finger.

"And where..." she said breathily, "was I... most... wet...?" Willow took a deep breath as Tara's fingertip began to slip just a fraction inwards, and tried to muster command of her voice one last time.

"I-i-in-inside," she managed. With maddening slowness, Tara slipped the tip of her finger into her centre, and let out a long, heartfelt sigh as the rest of her index finger followed it. When at last she was as deep as she could go, she drew her finger out, glistening with wetness, until just the tip remained inside her. Her thumb moved close to her clit, but didn't yet touch it.

"Again?" she whispered. Willow was completely unable to speak, and simply nodded. Tara slid her finger back into herself, rolling her hips slightly as she did so and letting out a contented little sigh. She began leisurely stroking her finger in and out of her sex, building momentum with tortuous patience, her thumb beginning to rub up close to her clit.

"Do you... like... watching me... Willow?" Tara breathed. Willow nodded. "Do you?" Tara purred.

"Yes," Willow answered at once, as if Tara had given her her voice back.

"You... can see... my finger... covered in... my juices," Tara went on between sighs, "can't you... yes... and... you can... smell my... wetness... in the air... I want you... naked... Willow... please..." With her eyes never leaving Tara, Willow began to struggle out of her clothes as fast as she could, kicking her boots off, pulling her top quickly over her head and off, undoing her belt and dragging down her skirt and briefs at the same time.

"Mmm," Tara purred appreciatively, "now... it's just like... your dream... you're naked... in front of... your Amazon... come closer..." She planted her feet on either side of Willow and spread her legs, giving her room to kneel between her thighs.

"I'm going... to come," Tara panted, her chest rising and falling dramatically as she gulped down one lungful of air after another. "I... want to... for you... I want you... to watch me... to be... excited... by watching... me... tell me... Willow..."

"Oh gods baby," Willow babbled, barely able to contain herself to a whisper, "you're making me so hot, you're so sexy, oh gods you're unbelievable, there's nothing in the world that can turn me on like you, like watching you naked, playing with your gorgeous breasts, reaching deep inside your sex, you're the most erotic sight in the whole world baby, just looking at you makes me so wet..." As Willow spoke Tara stared into her eyes, the pace of her hands increasing rapidly. Her finger became a blur, sliding completely out of her before plunging back in, and her thumb rubbed back and forth furiously, dipping down to gather the juices gushing from her and spreading them over her clit.

"Kiss me," she said quickly, her voice strained. Willow practically leapt on her, her tongue diving into Tara's mouth the instant her lips were open, her body moving in rhythm with Tara's thrusts beneath her. Tara's thighs clamped around her waist, holding her tight, as she drove her finger into her sex one last time, burying it deep as she came. Her helpless moaning was fortunately muffled by Willow's mouth, which became more gentle and carefree as Tara's orgasm washed over her, and slowly began to fade, leaving her weak in Willow's arms.

"Oh goddess," Tara moaned as Willow kissed her repeatedly, "oh you wonderful goddess..."

"Me?" Willow murmured with a grin. "What did I do?"

"The way you looked at me," Tara whispered, her breathing steadying slowly, "the... oh goddess, what I saw in your eyes... i-it felt like your gaze was reaching into me, like you were touching me all over... oh Willow, you made me feel so, so..." she searched for the right word, " sexual."

"You were, baby," Willow assured her, "you are... you always are."

"Always?" Tara asked, with a slight disbelief in her voice.

"Absolutely always," Willow promised, "don't even try to deny it... behind that shy Amazon exterior you're the most sensual, loving, erotic... oh, gods, hot! woman in all the world. A-and just knowing you want me, you love me, knowing I'm the one who gets to touch you... gods Tara, you just have to look at me and I get wet!" Tara smiled broadly and held Willow to her, kissing her neck and working her way up to lick around her ear.

"So," she breathed, warming the moist skin her lips had left in their wake, "am I right in thinking that watching me come for you has made you very wet?" She kissed Willow's ear and wiggled her tongue a little, making her shudder in delight.

"Oh gods," Willow moaned quietly, "like you wouldn't believe..."

"That's just as well," Tara went on, using that special growling murmur of hers that made Willow's knees weak, "because all this activity has made me very... very... thirsty. Are you wet enough to quench my thirst, my Willow?"

"I-if you keep sucking my earlobe like that," Willow said in a trembling voice, "I'm gonna get so wet I'll flood the wagon."

"Mmm," Tara purred, "we can't have that, can we... but my lips just seem to want to play with you... perhaps I should move them somewhere else? Would you like that, Willow?"

"Please," Willow moaned. Tara moved to Willow's lips and kissed her with such passion that it left her breathless and writhing.

"Say it," Tara whispered. Willow gulped down a lungful of air and fixed her with an unbreakable gaze.

"Kiss my sex," she said, her voice coming out as an aroused growl, "just like that. I want your beautiful tongue inside me right now." A smile spread across Tara's face like the rising sun, and she blinked once, slowly, watching Willow seductively from beneath her lashes.

"Lie down baby," she murmured, "spread your legs for me." Willow enthusiastically complied, leaning back among the soft blankets, parting her thighs, raising her legs and resting her heels on top of the stacked crates and luggage sacks on either side of her. She lifted her head and looked down, between her legs, at where Tara was leaning over her with a hungry gleam in her eyes.

"See anything you like?" she said with a glowing smile. Tara nodded mutely, and watched as Willow reached down and gently spread the lips of her sex, revealing herself completely and unashamedly.

"Yours," she whispered. Tara lowered herself between Willow's smooth thighs and inhaled her scent, closing her eyes amid fantasies of what she was about to do. Slowly, with infinite care, she let her head drop and pressed her lips to Willow's sex, as Willow's fingers retreated out of her way. For a moment she was unable to move, the experience of the softness of Willow against her mouth too much for her. Then, daring, she leaned back just a fraction and extended her tongue, touching it to the bottom of Willow's lips and dragging it the whole length of her sex, tasting her wetness, finishing with a flourish over her clit.

"Oooooh," Willow moaned quietly, her head dropping back. Tara ran her tongue through Willow's sex again, and again, faster this time, feeling giddy as Willow's thighs trembled on either side of her head and her hips rose up off the blankets. She cheekily rubbed Willow's clit with her nose, eliciting a desperate moan from her, before closing her lips around it and sucking gently, flicking her tongue from side to side.

"Oh!" Willow exclaimed, barely keeping her voice down. "Oh Tara! My goddess, oh!" Her hands wound into Tara's hair and held her firmly against her sex, inviting more intense contact which Tara was only too pleased to provide. She pressed her lips firmly around Willow's clit, applying just enough pressure to make her squirm in delight, then opened her mouth wide, as if trying to swallow her sex whole. Willow tossed her head from side to side as the heat covering her suddenly matched the heat within her, then bit a mouthful of blanket and moaned as Tara entered her.

Tara found, with her head at its current angle, the tip of her nose was at just the right level to continue stimulating Willow's clit, and devoted a fraction of her consciousness to keeping the little bundle of nerves humming with joy. The rest of her thoughts she gave over to tasting Willow, deeply and completely, reaching with her tongue as far into Willow as she could, retreating to play with her lips, then diving in again to swirl around the entrance to her sex. She felt Willow's hands holding her and eagerly allowed herself to be pressed into her, smiling as she felt Willow's juices cover her lips and chin.

She could feel Willow was perilously close, both from the erratic clutching of her fingers in her hair, and from the desperate way she thrust her hips up to meet every foray Tara made into her sex. She allowed herself one last, long drinking of Willow's arousal from its source, then as she felt Willow start to convulse she lifted her mouth to her clit, closed around it, and using her lips to shield the sensitive nub from her teeth, bit down gently but firmly, her tongue flickering from side to side like the wings of a hummingbird.

"Mmmmmnngggh!" Willow groaned, fortunately muffled by her blanket. Tara wrapped her arms beneath Willow's waist and held her sex against her mouth, refusing to allow her climactic kiss to be interrupted even when the tension collapsed out of Willow's legs, leaving her hips suspended above the blankets by the strength in Tara's arms alone. Her legs fell off their perches and lay along the length of Tara's back, her thighs pressing in on either side of her head, her toes curling in delight against the backs of Tara's thighs.

Finally Willow lay still, her fingers relaxing in Tara's hair, and Tara gently let her weight back down onto the blankets. Only then did she give up her kiss, moving very slowly to avoid causing any discomfort to Willow's over-stimulated clit as she parted her lips and leant back. With perfectly delicate care she licked the wetness from Willow's sex, her tongue as light and soft as a cloud of vapour. Willow seemed to be in a world of her own, murmuring incoherently at Tara's ministrations. She opened her eyes when Tara had at last sated her thirst and moved up to lie beside her.

"Ptui," she said weakly, spitting out her blanket and grinning weakly.

"A-are you okay?" Tara asked gently. She wasn't truly worried, but seeing Willow so overcome by her exertions, she had to ask.

"Okay?" Willow echoed weakly. "Try blissfully wonderful... indescribably joyous... utterly, utterly pleased... come here and kiss me, my Tara..." Tara brushed her lips against Willow's, and found she wasn't nearly as exhausted as she appeared as she immediately deepened the kiss, her tongue reaching into Tara's mouth to caress hers.

"Mmm," Willow murmured, "that's a distinctive taste... someone's been at the Willow-juice, have they?"

"They have indeed," Tara admitted with a grin, "didn't you notice?"

"I thought that might be what you were up to," Willow replied, "but then I figured it had to be some secret Amazon magic where you swallowed my soul and surrounded it with complete, mind-blowing pleasure... something like that."

"Something like that," Tara agreed, feeling a little blush despite herself.

"Well then," Willow said, lifting a leg to run her calf along the back of Tara's thigh, "just make sure you keep my soul nice and warm, won't you?"

"I promise," Tara said, with complete sincerity.

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