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Author: Magrat
Ratings: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me; I'm just having fun with them. It keeps me off the streets.

Tara looked over her shoulder and could see the stunned look in green eyes and her confidence grew. "You like?"

"Oh god, yeah, please I want you here," said Willow, indicating her bed.

The blonde sauntered towards the bed and slipped gracefully beside Willow. "Well I'm here. What do you want?"

"To keep a promise," replied Willow. "Don't want you to think I don't follow through with what I say. I need you to turn over." She watched as Tara turned over and revealed the stunning tattoo again. Willow held back for a second admiring the artwork; it was like nothing she had ever seen before. She leaned over and traced a finger down Tara's back. She could feel smooth skin reacting under her silky touch. Willow bent her head at first just enjoying the heady scent that radiated from Tara's skin.

The blonde gave a small sigh, her body rigid with anticipation. She needed this touch; for so long she had denied herself the comfort of being close to another person like this; all she had done was work and occasionally go out for a beer with her partner or Dawn. She had given up on having a private life believing that most women could never understand the pressures that being a cop involved, and even if she wasn't quite conscious of the fact, a part of her had speculated that someone as successful as Willow would at least understand the drive she had. The sound of Willow's voice snapped her back almost guiltily to the here and now.

"Where to start... it all looks so inviting, but that tail..."

Tara jumped as Willow's tongue and lips caressed the top of her buttocks. Her hands found a place to grip on the ornate wooden headboard. Willow with a purposefully torturous slowness kissed and licked every part of the decorated skin, the groans and sighs being produced by Tara only encouraging her to make it more deliberate.

"Willow..." called Tara; her head thrown back as she felt the other woman's teeth graze her neck.

The redhead spoke softly into Tara's ear. "Remember what you said to me last night? Now it's my turn... god, how I want to fuck you." A tight smile played on Willow's face as she felt the body under her shiver. "Turn back over."

Her body shaking with the adrenaline that surged though her veins Tara tried to move with as much urgency as she could muster. She lay back against the pillow her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes," ordered Willow, surprised by the fierceness she felt. "I don't want you to forget who is touching you."

"I won't," said Tara, so quietly that Willow barely caught it. She opened her eyes and saw fire looking back at her.

Willow kissed her while her hands moved to the blonde's voluptuous breasts that had caught her attention the night before, nipples hardening under her touch. She kissed down Tara's neck until her mouth reached where her hands had been. With her tongue she circled the puckered flesh, making them harder still. Willow's hands roamed freely over Tara's belly, moving in dizzying circles; ever lower, slowly nearing her goal.

"I want you," said Tara, her voice heavy with urgent need.

"Where do you want me?" Willow teased, pressing her hand lightly between Tara's legs, causing the blonde's hips to buck. "Here, I think, would seem to be the answer."

Tara tried to move against Willow's hand, but the redhead pulled slightly back. Enjoying the game of touching, but not quite giving enough.

"Please, Willow..."

"Now who's begging?" whispered Willow into Tara's ear, before licking around it and sucking the lobe into her mouth. At the same time without warning she penetrated Tara's tight wet heat with two fingers, her thumb finding Tara's clit and working its magic against it.

Tara ground back against the hard rhythm that Willow was setting and the redhead could feel the blonde's internal muscles contract, crushing her fingers. One of Tara's hands held tight to the headboard and the other left scratches down Willow's back as she came hard and fast. Willow moved with the contractions extending the blonde's pleasure as long as she could.

The redhead withdrew slowly, their lips now locked together. Tara started to ease Willow on to her back when it seemed like all hell broke lose. Her purse crashed to the floor from the nightstand and the pillow was turned into a mass of seething and hissing cat.

"Neko," shouted Willow, grabbing the cat as she was just about to swipe at Tara's face. "You bad cat. Damn, I'm sorry Tara. Did she scratch you?

"N-no I'm fine, really. She just took me by surprise... Neko... you named your cat Cat?"

"Uhm yeah, but most people don't know enough Japanese to know what it means," said Willow trying to hold on to the struggling animal that seemed determined to squeeze out of her grasp and attack Tara.

"She doesn't seem to like me, which is weird, most cats do," said Tara watching her warily.

"She gets jealous, Tara I'm sorry," said Willow getting out of bed, the cat still struggling in her grasp. She pushed the cat out of the room and closed the door behind her, disappointed that the mood of the morning would probably have been lost. She saw that Tara had got out of bed and was picking up the spilled contents of her purse. Willow bent down to help her and jumped when she spotted Tara's Police issue .38. revolver. Seeing Tara tuck it back into her bag Willow thought about the danger that the blonde faced everyday.

Willow picked up the blonde's handcuffs. "You carry these with you wherever you go?"

Tara took in the redhead's coquettish smile as she dangled the cuffs in front of her; she could play along with this game. She took the cuffs from Willow and backed her up against the bed, then leaned her back and eased her down on to the sheets.

Willow shimmied into the middle of the bed and her heart pounded as the blonde straddled her.

"It depends on whether I feel I need to restrain someone." She fastened one of the cuffs around Willow's wrist; she lopped the cuffs through an opening in the headboard. She pulled the redhead's other wrist up and secured it.

For a moment Willow thought about protesting. This experience was new, but her whole body pulsed with excitement. "So is this NYPD standard procedure?"

"Only when dealing with smart-mouthed, beautiful redheads," answered Tara.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Willow asked, her eyes lighting up with delight.

"Maybe," said Tara, leaning down and kissing Willow lightly on her lips. She could feel the woman beneath her expecting it to be deepened. She moved off her, noting the look of frustration that crossed Willow's face, and started to prowl around her bedroom. "So a classy broad like you must have a silk scarf around here somewhere?"

Willow suppressed the urge to giggle, Tara was getting into a role and she was intrigued where the situation could lead. She motioned with her head to one of the drawers in her dresser.

Tara pulled the drawer open and took out a black scarf and folded it over. Nervously she approached Willow and was surprised how meekly the redhead lifted her elegant neck and allowed her to blindfold her. After she had fastened it, Tara stood up straight and for a moment she was unsure what she was doing. Everything so far had been done on the spur of the moment but she didn't want to back down from what she had started. Silently Tara padded back to Willow's dresser and, feeling almost like she was watching herself from a distance, started to open the drawers, searching for something but not sure quite what. "Oh Willow, you naughty girl," she thought as she found a black silicone dildo half hidden in her lingerie drawer.

"What are you doing?" asked Willow, aware of movement and starting to feel a little nervous.

Tara laid the dildo on the end of the bed and put a comforting hand on Willow's shoulder. "Trust me."

"K," said Willow softly, sensing Tara's presence leaving the room.

The blonde went down the hallway and started to feel a little lost. Her hurried entrance the night before gave her only sketchy memories of Willow's apartment. She opened a door and was happy that it was the kitchen. She noted its design and stark beauty. Like everything she had so far seen in the apartment it looked straight out of a magazine, but sterile and unloved. She picked up a cup from the counter and went to the refrigerator. She dumped some ice into the cup and headed back to the bedroom, ignoring the tail-swishing Neko, who glared at her from the floor.

Tara took a cube of ice in her fist and stood over Willow, whose face wore a small smile while her body was calm and relaxed. As the first drop of freezing cold water touched her Willow arched her back, a small sound escaping her lips. Tara dragged the ice down Willow's abdomen loving the animated response she received. She went back to the cup for another piece and pressed it against Willow's nipple this time leaving it long enough for it to start to burn and endorphins to kick in. The heat of the slight pale body seemed to be melting the ice at a faster rate than Tara would have believed possible.

Willow was twisting against her bonds; adrenaline fracturing her reality, making her forget quite what she was doing. The cuffs biting into her wrists caused another wave of chemicals to engulf her brain. The ice moved to her clit and she cried out, the sensation almost taking her over the edge, but it was gone almost as soon as it had started; like a ghost's touch. "I want you," she moaned.

"I know," purred a soft voice, in the redhead's ear, as her nipples felt the ice once more, bringing them to an almost unbearable erection. "God, you are so beautiful," carried on the musical voice that Willow was sure belonged to an angel. "I want you just as much." The words heightened Willow's desire to the limits of her self-control.

Sensations were taking over the redhead's body; she felt cold and warmth as Tara sucked one of her nipples into her mouth, a mouth full of ice with scalding hot lips. This sensation was soon over taken by an unexpected feeling of warmth and pressure between her legs.

"Open up for me baby," whispered Tara in Willow's ear, stroking the dildo, over the redhead's slick labia. She kissed Willow as she started to insert the dildo into the redhead, slowly and gently. "I need this from you, I want you so much, I want to make you scream."

This was new for Tara, and in the back of her mind she was a little scared that she might hurt Willow, but it felt right. Time seemed to have shifted so suddenly, before the blonde knew what was happening she was pushing the dildo quickly into Willow, who was demanding more and meeting Tara with her own thrusting hips. Tara kissed Willow fiercely while at the same time she used her free hand to rub Willow's clit, obsessed with making her come. Willow's cries of pleasure as she climaxed made the blonde want to take her even further. She had almost lost all connection with reality when she realized that Willow was pleading for her to stop; that she couldn't take any more.

"I'm s-sorry," stuttered Tara removing the dildo and finding the keys to the cuffs. She quickly released Willow from her bonds and gathered her gently in her arms.

Willow smiled contentedly as strong arms encircled her. "No, you were amazing, I just wouldn't survive another orgasm. Did I tell you, you were amazing?" She leaned her head onto Tara's breast and relaxed.

Tara kissed the top of Willow's head and started to drift off to sleep as happy as she could remember being in a long time. To have someone beautiful, smart and sexy in her arms felt wonderful, it was the best time she had had in years. An unhappy thought came to mind and made her look at her watch. "Oh hell, Willow, I'm on duty tonight... I have to go."

"Oh, okay," said Willow disappointed, suddenly realizing that some part of her had hoped and even expected that Tara would stay the whole weekend. It occurred to her that this was how Tara's life was and that she would have to get used to it if she wanted to see more of the detective. "Do you want a shower or something to eat?"

"You are so sweet," said Tara. "A shower would be good, but I have to get home and rest."

"You could rest here," said Willow, planting a kiss on Tara's throat.

"Honey, the last thing I want to do in bed with you is rest," said Tara, with a deep sigh and with real regret, clamping down on the arousal that had flooded through her instantly when Willow kissed her.

Willow sat on her couch waiting for Tara to come out of the bathroom. She wasn't sure how she felt, things had moved so quickly, and in such unexpected directions. At that moment Tara walked into the room, her blonde hair still damp and tousled, dressed again in her tight black jeans and t-shirt. She closed her eyes as she felt her heart start to thud, oh yeah, she was starting to realize exactly how she felt. She stood and pulled Tara into her arms and kissed her desperately, she didn't want the woman to leave.

Tara returned the kiss briefly and then pulled away. "I've got to go, don't want to, but I have to."

"I know," said Willow as they walked to her door. "Can I see you tomorrow night?"

Tara held Willow's face between hands. "I'm on nights all this week."

"Cool, another time," she answered, trying to stay low key. Tara had probably left a trail of satisfied women in her wake; she certainly knew what she was doing. Willow worried that she wasn't experienced enough for someone like this beautiful blonde detective.

Tara nodded and kissed Willow again.

As she was walking out the door Willow called after her. "I haven't got your number."

"Dawn, she has my home, cell, pager, it's there for you, ask her, please," said Tara.

"You know I will," Willow nodded with a grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat's.

When she reached the street, Tara pulled out her cell and punched in a number. "Hey Chrissie, you got room for me for dinner... cool see you babe."

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