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Grand Theft Auto: The Love Story

Author: Cynthia Taz
Rating: PG-13 (language, violence)
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"Are you ready already? I want to play with your "thing" again." Tara MaClay couldn't help but raised an eyebrow as she heard her boss' 'girlfriend' asked. In Tara's option, Misty wasn't that good looking, and far too 'slut-y' for Tara's liking. But then again, if you considered the fact that she was working in Sex Club 7 (one of the largest Exotic Dance Club in town), the slut-y factor wasn't that big of a surprise.

"Just this once more then." Tara mouthed the same words as her boss Joey Leone replied. It was always the same thing: Misty asked for the blue BF Injection Joey worked so hard to fix, crashed it, then Joey fixed it again, and then Misty asked for the car again. Tara wondered if this circle would ever end.

Suddenly, Tara heard someone opened the door to Joey's garage. The blond pulled herself out from beneath the limo she was working on, and found herself staring at Luigi (Snake) Goterelli and his body guards. "Ah Snake." Joey grinned and gave Snake a friendly hug. "What takes you so long? Bitches giving you trouble again?"

"Joey." Snake returned the hug, before turning towards Tara, and gave her a small nod. Tara nodded back. "Let's talk."

Tara pushed herself back under the limo as Joey and Snake walked towards the office at the back of the garage. Joey and Snake were both members of the Leone Mafia Family, which was currently under the control of one Toni Cipriani.

The Mafia was once consisted of three families: Forelli, Leone, and Sindaccos. Sindaccos was the first to be eliminated, quickly followed by the Forelli. Of course, it was not an accident, but the works of Toni and Joey's father Salvatore Leone.

It was after the elimination of Sindaccos and Forelli that Salvatore was assassinated. Toni Cipriani, the second in command at the time, immediately gained control of the family and became the new head of the Leone Mafia. On the surface, other family members welcomed his leadership, but Joey had been planning on bringing him down since then. After all, as Salvatore's only son, the throne as the head of the Mafia should be Joey's... at least in his mind.

As far as Tara knew, Joey had been trying to gain supports within the Leone's family, including Snake; he had also been secretly making deals with the Colombian Cartel, a small drug cartel in the Liberty City, quietly waiting for a chance to take over the Mafia. For a year Tara had worked for Joey in his garage as a mechanic, she had seen more crime lords than she could count. Of course, all of these had worked in Tara's favor.

To Joey and the others, Tara was just a quiet, shy mechanic and a part-time car thief. But in truth Tara was an undercover police for the Liberty City Police Department, trying to gain info and evidence from the inside in order to take down the gangster. It was a dangerous job, as Mafia did not treat it kindly to those who 'betray' them. But then again, it would not be any much better to be a normal cop, or even a normal citizen in Liberty City, as they all faced the same violence and crimes day in and day out. At least, in some way, Tara could help.

Pulling out from under the limo, Tara put her tools back into the tool box, before wiping her dirty hand with the rag and threw it aside. "I'm done for the day, Boss?"

Joey's head peeked out from his small office. "The limo's ready?"

"Yes boss." She took off her work coat, revealing the simple t-shirt underneath. "I'm going to see Faith."

"It's fucking pay day, huh?" Joey's head disappeared from the doorway for a second, before peeking out again and threw a roll of cash to the blond. "Ask the kid what she's got on those sushi buggers, wil'ya?

"Sure thing Boss." Tara accepted the cash, quickly picked up her bag and stepped into her old Perennial before driving away.

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