Return to Growth Chapter Twelve


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Previously... Willow made sure to put away all the heavy machinery first, then the smaller ones. Finally, there were just the trash bags to move. After removing the bags, Willow looked down at herself. Damn it! Look at me. I'm all dirty.

Brain to Willow: Didn't a certain blue eyed blonde tell you to come as you are?

Willow to Brain: Gulp. Um yeah. Oh shit, Tara.

Willow took off running across the campus towards Tara's classroom. Tara saw her girl come into view. She was standing in the window looking for Willow. As she saw the flash of red getting closer, she casually walked over to her large desk and pulled out of her desk what she needed. Willow walked in and her mouth dropped open. Tara was sitting on the desk with her top fully unbuttoned with no bra and in a thong only. In her hands were paint brushes. Between her legs was a can of paint. She signed "I was looking at the photo you sent me of yourself with the paint... I thought you could use help with your... um (smiling) strokes. Do you? Need help with learning how to better your strokes baby?"

Willow was already drooling at the sight of her blonde goddess wife. She stepped into the classroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She circled the desk like an animal stalking her prey. Tara could sense Willow's animal trying to get lose and devour her. Tara reached out and caught Willow by the hand. "Will" she signed as she kissed her on the neck. "Willow I'll be your canvas for you to practice on." Willow pulled Tara roughly into her, kissing her hard. Tara pulled away. "You're a mess. Look at you. I guess I have to clean that dirt off of you huh? Well, after I improve your stroke" she signed. Willow was smiling as she read Tara's hands.

"My... stroke? W-what's wrong with my..." she signed. Tara sat towards the end of the desk with her legs dangling off but still spread wide apart.

"You overlapped too much while stroking" Tara pointed out, every word with open meanings to get the redhead thinking. Willow looked at Tara's chest and took the paint brush from her hands. She proceeded to paint a line across Tara's chest. Tara eased back just enough to let the shirt she was hardly wearing slip the rest of the way off her shoulders. Tara pushed Willow away some to stand up. Brushing past Willow she grabbed a sheet and threw it across her desk. Kissing Willow's neck, she then climbs on to the desk. "Your canvas awaits your gentle stroking" she signed and lay on her stomach. Willow just stared at Tara's great ass and even more beautiful thighs and back.

Brain to Willow: Oh god, look at her hips. Mnnnnnnnnnnnnn... Tara hips.

Reaching out, Willow slowly slides her hands up and down Tara's hips and thighs.

Brain to Willow: Gulp. Sh-sh-she...

Willow to Brain: God I know what you mean. She's a goddess. My goddess.

Brain to Willow: Um, our goddess.

Tara turns to look at Willow, giving her a big smile while pointing to the can of open paint. "Oh right t-the paint." she signs. She picks up the smallest brush and dips it. Tara slowly turns over onto her back. She signals Willow to step closer. Willow, with brush in hand and Tara's help, starts to paint her canvas. Starting from Tara's neck they draw a long line down to Tara's stomach. Tara is softly smiling. Willow's hand is trembling. Tara finds it a complete turn on that Willow is SO nervous. She lets go of the brush.

"Steady Will. Remember what I told you about your strokes. Just go slow. Slow is always my favorite way. Okay?" she signed. Willow was always a good student, and a quick study. She dipped the brush again and came up with a very wet brush. Slowly she did the line again by herself. It was perfect. Tara watched as the line was drawn down her body. "Um... how about we um..." Tara bit her lip. Willow watched with a look of hunger. Tara continued. "Um circles. I was thinking we could work on your circles now" she signed and pointed to her breast. "My um... nipples should be your starting points." But Willow had other ideas.

She put down the paint brush for a moment and pulled Tara's hair up and into a bun. Tara gulped because she knew where this was headed.

Tara to Brain: Oh God is she? Oh nooooooo... please tell me she's not going to..."

Her words were stopped as Willow put the paint brush to Tara's left ear. Her eyes closed and she leaned into the brush. Willow quickly switched to a much smaller paint brush, one used to get into small areas. My canvas huh? Well...

Brain to Willow: It would seem that our canvas is way too bare.

Willow to Brain: I think you're right.

Willow backed away while never losing eye contact with Tara. She opened two more cans of water paints. In all there were three cans of water paints: one red, one baby blue, and one green. Tara was starting to tremble from the feel of the soft brush that was causing havoc to her brain and turning her center into a dripping wet faucet. Willow knew just the kind of affect the small brush was having on Tara.

Brain to Willow: Ahhhhh very sensitive ears indeed.

Willow to Brain: I know. I love seeing her get this way. All squirmish and out of control...

Tara was growing weak from the long strokes of Willow's brush. Looking at Tara, Willow suddenly was overcome with deep feelings of love for her wife. Taking the brush she knelt down in between Tara's legs. The blonde, in those minutes, was recovering from attention given to her ears. She was then struck with another good sensation. Willow was on her knees drawing something on her stomach. Willow went to Tara's bag and found a mirror. She turned the mirror on to Tara's stomach. Tara barely made out the words, but she finally did. What she read struck her speechless and made her body tremble. Willow had written in small letters the words "my babies here." Tara took the mirror from Willow's hand and held it where she could read the words again. She read them again and again. Tears slowly rolling down her face only to be caught by Willow's finger. Willow started to paint again, this time only higher. She painted over Tara's heart the words "Willow loves Tara." Slowly deciding what she wanted to say next she stepped back and circled the table again. On Tara's left arm she drew a big heart and put their name. Down Tara's hips she wrote the word "sexy." Stepping between her wife legs again, Willow goes on to her knees and began to kiss Tara's inner thigh. Tara's eyes close as her hands reach for the back of Willow's head. She directs her to where she needs her most. Willow lets herself be guided. She slowly kisses and licks her way around Tara's aching center. She dives in, making Tara nearly pass out from the orgasm. She wants me to have her b-babies...

Brain to Tara: She wants a family with you. She loves you dearly.

Tara to brain: I love her too. So much.

Brain to Tara: She wants you to have her kids.

Without realizing it, Tara whispered Willow's name. As soft as she said it, Willow heard it. She stopped and looked up into Tara's blue crying eyes. She stood up and pulled Tara into a hug. "W-wh-what if the kids..." Willow stopped her.

"What if OUR kids what?" she asked.

Tara corrected herself. "What if our kids are d-deaf like me?" She was visibly shaking. Willow leaned her forehead against Tara's. Looking straight into one another souls, Willow slowly kissed Tara. Tara went to close her eyes, but Willow wanted Tara to see the answer to her own question. She asked Tara to not close her eyes. Tara read Willow's lips. As Willow moved in to kiss her they kissed with their eyes open. Gently pushing Tara on to her back Willow made love to Tara as they both were looking into one another's soul. Willow made love to Tara there on the professors own desk. Tara welcomed it willingly and lovingly.

"I want our children to be just like their mommy, like you Tara: smart, beautiful, sensitive, and deaf, it that's what's to be. I promise you I will love them all the more" Willow signed.

Tara smiles. "Kids? You want more then one?" Tara signed as Willow inserted two fingers inside her.

As Willow thrusted into Tara, she verbally answered. "God baby yes. I want a girl and a boy."

Tara suddenly stiffened. Looking into Willow's eyes, "I-I want to have your.." she came all over Willow's fingers as she tried to sign.

"Kids. You want to have my kids. I know Tara. And baby you will. God Tara" she signed as she continued to thrust in and out causing Tara to have yet another orgasm. Tara's body slowly stopped trembling as Willow was on the desk on top of Tara, holding her gently to her. She rubbed her hand slowly over Tara's stomach. Tara held tight to Willow's hand as it traveled along her stomach. "Baby, come with me. I'm taking you home and letting you sleep" Willow signed. Tara did nothing but nod as Willow went around gathering the paint cans.Oh Willow, my love... having your kids would be something I would do and know 100% that deaf or hearing you would make the best mother.

Brain to Tara: She's a keeper. It's time.

Tara to Brain: I know and I will. First I need to speak to Momma.

Brain to Tara: She already knew when you didn't. Why do you think the night of the party your mom brought her? She's letting everyone know that she wants you and Willow together. Ask her to marry you soon.

Tara to Brain: I will.

Closing her eyes she opened them to find herself staring into a pair of loving eyes. Willow put Tara's shirt back on. She proceeded to touch Tara as she dressed her. Tara was so in tune with Willow at that moment, even more than usual. They didn't sign a word as they made their way to their cars. As Tara was getting ready to pull out her key Willow stopped her. "Tonight we..." Tara stopped her by putting a finger on her lips. "I know. I will follow you in my car." Willow finished her sentence in a whisper as she got into her car, "...go to my house."

The drive to Willow's wasn't fast enough for Tara, but once Willow pulled up and stopped, Tara was nervous. Willow's house... wow it's beautiful.

Brain to Tara: Look at her yard. My god it's heavenly. Look at that garden...

Tara to Brain: Wow. It's b-beautiful.

Willow's tap on Tara's window brought Tara out of her thoughts. "Come on honey. We're here. We're home." Tara wasn't lost on Willow's reference on the "we're home" statement.

Tara to Brain: We are home aren't we?

Brain to Tara: Yes I believe we have finally are.

Taking Tara by the hand, Willow put something in it and stepped back. Tara looked down and it was a ring with keys on it. She looked to Willow with a questioning look on her face.

Brain to Tara: You're home. Use your keys to let yourself into your home.

Tara to Brain: W-what? What are you talking about?

Brain to hand: Put the key into the lock and turn the knob.

Without any hesitation, her arm went out and did as the brain ordered. Willow smiled as Tara's hand was trembling so bad she couldn't unlock the door. Coming up close behind her, Willow steadied Tara's hand as they turned the key and entered. Tara went to hand Willow the keys back when Willow signed "What? What are you doing with your keys? How are you going to be able to get in and out of the house, baby, without your keys?" Tara smiled and walked into the house, dragging Willow upstairs. She could sense which room the bedroom was without Willow having to sign. Tara pushed open the door and walked in first. She was still holding Willow's hand so Willow was pulled along.

Once inside, Tara pinned Willow to her bedroom door and kissed her hard. "Somebody needs a shower" she signed as she started to undress Willow. Within minutes, Willow was naked and breathing heavily. Tara then undressed herself. "Bathroom?" she signed. Willow was lost in the sight of Tara's beautiful body. Tara took Willow by the hand and began to walk out the bedroom and into the halls. She pushed open doors until she came to the bathroom. Willow's mind was off and running. Oh god she's here. She's in the house, my house. I mean our house.

Brain to Willow: Willow? WILLOW? WILLOW?

Willow to Brain: Huh? W-what?

Brain to Willow: Oh nothing, just Tara had to find the bathroom without you. Now get from up here and go be with our wife.

Willow to Brain: Oh yeah. Tara, my wife, mother of my children.

Brain to Willow: DUH! Would you go! She's waiting to bathe you.

Willow blinked to find Tara standing there smiling at her. "You okay?" she asked.

Willow pointed to her head. "It's kind of busy up there." Tara leaned in and kissed Willow on her temples, first the right, then the left.

"How's that?" Tara signed. Willow smiled and pulled Tara in for another kiss. Tara pinned Willow up against the bathroom door as she began to undress her. Willow leaned her forehead against Tara's and simply stared into a blue so soft and deep she was becoming lost.

Brain to Willow... I said Brain to Willow.

Willow's body to Tara's body: I think you broke her. What do we do?

Tara's body to Willow's body: I don't know. Um I think if we did this...

Tara led Willow to the bathroom after undressing her. Once inside, Tara then turned on the water temperature until it began to get warm, at first, then she guided Willow under the showers. Willow felt the warmth of the water and the warmth from Tara's body all at once. Her eyes became focused and alert. All she saw was Tara. All she felt was Tara. She started to verbally moan Tara's name over and over again. Tara could tell by the vibrations from Willow's neck her name was being said. It was always special to Tara to feel how Willow felt. She knew that at times the redhead could still be shy. But for Tara, her being able to feel Willow was... What's more, her even wanting to experience that with someone says something. Suddenly Willow stops calling out Tara's name and opened her eyes. "Baby can you just hold me and never let me go?" she signed. Tara smiled. Picking up the soap she washed Willow, taking her time in doing so. It was nothing sexual in it.

Afterward they exited the shower, Tara holding Willow close as they entered Willow's bedroom. Tara led Willow to bed. They turned down the sheets and climbed in. Tara pulled Willow close to her. They lay snuggling for some time without word. Willow was stroking Tara's stomach. "I want our little girl to have your beautiful expressive eyes baby" Willow signed, kissing Tara's chin. "Oh, and your cute ears" she signs as she scoots her way down between Tara's legs. Resting her head on Tara's stomach, Willow falls to sleep in that position as Tara lay awake holding her tightly. She cried as she replayed her conversation with Willow about their kids. Our kids... oh Momma. She wants to have children. She wants two kids. She wants me to carry her kids. Oh Momma... Tara cried silently not to wake Willow. For it was a happy cry. Then she called Willow's name. Willow's head rose up.

"Tara? Tara baby... you called me." Tara signed "I just love you so. I didn't mean to wake you when I called you." Willow curled up more into Tara's stomach. She laid her head back onto Tara's stomach and fell to sleep again. Tara smiled. My Willow. Again Tara found herself calling out to Willow. This time Willow sat fully up.

"Baby what is it?" She asked as she took Tara into her arms.

"Will...? I-I have to say s-s-something. The kids? W-what if their d-d-deaf like m-me? They a-are not having a bunch of people digging inside their heads" she signed. Willow simply sat and took in the words Tara just said. "I-I mean if they are even deaf," she spoke softly. "Tara baby... I know you're against the kids getting operated on, but we have time to make that decision. Besides, who says they're going to be deaf? And Tara, are you saying if our babies are born deaf that we aren't going to chance the operation so they can hear?" she signed. Tara, looking Willow square in the eye, "I'm not chancing their psychological welfare on maybes. It's cruel to give hope, and then snatch it away. I won't do it to them. I just won't. Please Willow, just promise we won't make them go under the knife on maybes."

Tara pulled away from Willow, but Willow was back pulling a distraught Tara back to her. "Sshhh... Baby stop it." Tara was pulling away. Willow pushed Tara onto her back and straddled her hips so she couldn't move. She spoke with some anger and pain, but still with love. First she signed for Tara to read her lips. "Tara Rosenberg Maclay... what are you trying to do? I want us to have kids we both love, hearing or non-hearing. I love you, and I want you to carry my children. Our children. Will you be the mother of my children? I want your warm caring eyes to be their door to the world. Please Tara. Be the mommy to carry the children. I will if you want me to. I just love the idea of you pregnant and my being able to make love to you with the kids in your stomach. Tara do you want to be the one to carry the kids?" she asked. Tara sat staring at Willow's mouth. She read the words and still sat just looking at Willow's mouth. "Uh Tara? Baby?" she asked.

"You're not concerned I could give birth to two deaf kids are you? It really doesn't bother you, does it? You just want our kids to be..." before Tara could finish signing, Willow was on her kissing her hard. Tara felt something warm on her face. It was Willow crying. Willow then pinned Tara's hands above her head as she continued to kiss her. Tara didn't even bother to pull away. Willow's kisses soon became softer, softer, and yet softer still. She let go of Tara's hands, which were in her hair and touching her back, instantly. Pulling away slightly Willow signs, "Tara Rosenberg-Maclay I want my kids growing inside of you. I want them to know real warmth from someone who is so incredible. I want to watch them grow inside you. Oh I want them to have your eyes, so blue and expressive." She leans in and kisses Tara passionately.

Tara pushes Willow back and signs the word "Yes." Willow repeats it through sign, then verbally.

"Tara?" Willow is half sobbing, half screaming, and partly laughing from nerves. "It's yes? Y-y-you want to carry my children? Oh god baby I love you so much." They kiss again as Willow's hands snake their way inside Tara's thighs. Willow is trembling.

Tara takes hold of Willow's hands and place them on her stomach. Looking Willow in her eyes she says "Our babies." Willow drops her head to Tara's stomach. Sobbing, she is barely able to lay still. "Hey, that tickles" Tara signs. Willow sits up and leans in kissing Tara.

Willow's body to Tara's body: Uh hey.

Tara's body to Willow's body: Hey.

They inch closer to one another. Oh your babies?

Willow's body to Tara's body: Uh... heh heh... babies. You're going to be carrying my kids. That's wonderful... I mean uh it is right?

Tara's body to Willow's: It's wonderful yes. It isn't even a question with you is it? I mean my carrying them?

Willow's body to Tara's body: Are you kidding? My baby is going to come from a warm sensitive caring woman with the body of a goddess.

Tara's body to Willow's body: A-a goddess? You think I'm built like a goddess?

Willow's body to Tara's: Oh god yes. You are amazing to look at, and the way you feel when you're against me...

Willow is on top of Tara kissing her and licking her neck. "I n-need to feel you on me" Tara signed. Willow's mouth attached itself to Tara's neck as her hands parted Tara's thighs. "Please Willow, come back to lying on top of my stomach." Willow scoots down between Tara's legs and rests her head on Tara's stomach. Tara reaches out and holds Willow tightly to her. Tara was the first to fall to sleep. Willow just listened to her body.

Willow's body to Tara's body: So soft. Mmmnnnnn... Hold me and never let me go.

Tara's body to Willow's body: I could never let you go. Didn't you know? You're a keeper.

Willow soon falls to sleep listening to her Tara sleep. They snake themselves around one another in deep slumber.

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