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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

"Ok, well, I guess this is my stop..." Willow said, as Oz pulled up his car in front of her parents' home. The red head had decided to stay there for another night, while her folks were out.

"C'mon, I'll walk you to the door..." Oz said, getting out and joining Willow on her walk towards the door. The two made the short trip up to the door in silence, and once there, Willow took a deep breath and turned to face Oz, who was looking at her with an expectant look on his face. "So... good night then!" Willow said with forced cheerfulness, while thinking 'Ok, maybe he won't notice that I didn't kiss him goodnight till I'm inside, behind the safety of the door...'

"Aren't you gonna ask me in for a cup of coffee?" Oz asked, waggling his eyebrows at Willow so that she knew what he really meant.

Willow chose to ignore what she knew Oz was trying to say, and answered "Actually, I don't really feel like a cup of coffee tonight. You know, it's been a really tiring day, and I'd really like to just go in, change, and head to sleep." She cursed herself when she saw the obvious disappointment on Oz's face.

"Ok then... you do that Will. I'll call you tomorrow, ok?" Oz said, moving a step closer to the redhead and raising his right hand to caress her cheek. "Sleep tight sweetie" he added, moving in closer, and Willow realized what he was going to do. Her mind was racing at a thousand miles and hour as she watched his face lean in towards her almost as if the whole scene was unfolding in slow motion before her eyes, 'Ohhhh God... he's gonna kiss me... well, of course he can, he's my boyfriend... if he doesn't kiss me who will? Oh God... I can feel his breath on my lips... I don't wanna do this!!!'

"Wait Oz..." Willow blurted out, and she felt Oz stop his movements, his lips mere millimeters from her own. He raised his eyes to look into Willow's, and the redhead could see the questioning look there. She slowly pulled back, Oz's hand losing it's grip on her cheek, and falling down by his side.

Closing her eyes, Willow took a deep breath, before reopening them, and staring Oz in the eye, "We need to talk."

"Spill?" Tara asked, staring blankly at her two friends, who seemed to be staring back at her with rather expectant looks on their faces.

"Yeah ha!!!" Cordelia said, her expression reading 'like duh!'

"Spill what?" Tara said, still clueless about what was going on. 'Did I miss something? I should've been paying more attention to what they were saying. What were they saying before I asked them if they wanted beer anyway???'

"Ok, have you not noticed how depressed you look today? Oh, how could you notice??? You barely seem to be paying attention to ANYTHING at all tonight!" Anya exclaimed, shaking her head to show her disapproval of her friends' behavior.

"Yeah... what's eating you up????" Cordelia asked, and Tara's expression changed from one of confusion to one that seemed to resemble a deer caught in headlights.

"Nothing... I'm fine... so, you guys want beer or not???" she asked, trying to get out of the situation she found herself in as fast as possible. Tara began to rise from her place on the bed, but quickly found herself being brought back down by Anya, who held onto her hand and refused to let go.

"No way girl... you're not changing the topic." The brunette turned her attention to Cordelia, "Cordy, how long have we known Tara?" She watched as the other girl considered her question, and without waiting for an answer, announced "Ok, you could just say really long you know?!"

Cordelia nodded her head and said seriously "Yup... Realllllly long!"

"So I'm thinking that I can safely say that you and I would know when Tara was a lil low?" Anya asked, and once again Cordelia nodded her agreement. Anya turned her attention back to Tara "Well, now that that's settled, I repeat - Spill!"

Tara let out a sigh, and said, "It's nothing guys... you know, works been a little tiring, and I was just a lil preoccupied with the concert stuff and..."

"Bullshit!!!" Cordelia exclaimed, cutting Tara off mid-sentence. "Tare... we also know you long enough, and might I add WELL ENOUGH, to know when you're bullshitting us", and this time it was Anya's turn to nod, while Tara just looked at them both with a startled expression on her face.

"Seriously guys, it's noth..." Tara started again, but this time she was cut off by Anya's hand, which she'd raised to the level of the blonde's face.

"Look Tara... if you don't wanna tell us, just say so... but at least don't think we're stupid. Whether you'd like to believe it or not, we really do know you well enough, and well, if nothing, at least give that much, ok?" she said.

"Yeah Tare... we're not gonna hold a gun to your head and force you to tell us what's got you down. We just figured that being your friends we could help, but well, if you think otherwise, it's cool, ok? It's not like best friends HAVE to tell each other everything" Cordelia added, in a tone that showed that she didn't really mean the last part of her sentence!

Both girls promptly shut up, and there was suddenly silence in the room. Tara felt guilty, because she could see that her friends were hurt that she'd tried to lie her way out of telling them what was bugging her. Anya and Cordelia had been there for her when she'd really needed friends in the past, and she didn't like they now thought that she wasn't comfortable enough to tell them anything. 'Am I?' she wondered, as the other two girls started making random conversation again. 'I mean, these are my friends... they've seen me on my bad days and they're still here. Then why do I have a problem telling them what the matter is? Am I afraid that they're gonna judge me? Friends don't judge each other do they? They help one another work their way through life... And I know Ahn and Cordy won't judge me or hate me or stop talking to me just because...'

"I think I might be gay." Tara quietly finished her thought aloud, looking up to see Anya staring at her with her jaw hanging open, the words she was about to tell Cordelia lost somewhere at the back of her throat, and Cordelia looking back at her with wide eyes.

5 seconds later Cordelia seemed to be the first one to regain the use of her vocal chords, and managed to stammer out "Wh-wha-WHAT??"

Tara cleared her throat, and this time she spoke louder, with more clarity, "I think I might be gay."

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