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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

" it was a great tour... I mean Marilyn really gave us some great tips, and introduced us to the right people... and it was just great... and you know what..." Oz was saying.

Willow didn't know when she's stopped listening, and was now sitting there with a look that read 'interested', but if anyone sitting at the table had asked her what her boyfriend was saying, she would be in deep, deep trouble! Looking up at the clock, she saw that it was now three minutes to two, and lunch hadn't even arrived yet. Her mind went back to the events of that day. Tara had looked so lovely, sitting under the tree in a black flowing skirt, and a dull red spaghetti strap singlet. When Willow had laid eyes on her, it was like there was no one else there... And then Oz had arrived.

Willow stopped staring at the clock to glance at her boyfriend. He was still talking animatedly, and in all honesty, Anya, Xander, Zak and Buffy really did look interested in what he was saying. She tuned into the conversation, and heard Oz saying " San Francisco was sold out. I mean we were playing to about 25,000 people, and I gotta tell you, it's like your on a high, when you..." Ok, she didn't need to be listening...

Her mind drifted back to Tara. Throughout the morning lectures Willow had caught herself smiling when she thought about the blonde, and in all honesty it was a nice feeling. 'Did that happen when I first met Oz?' the redhead wondered, and frowned as she was trying to think back to when she and Oz had first started dating. Not able to remember even one time that she'd been smiling at walls before today, Willow gave up and went back to going over the day so far in her mind.

'I was so sure I was crushing on Tara when I was walking up to her... I mean, I know for sure that I'm crushing on Tara... but that's a normal thing... I mean everyone has slightly romantic feelings for someone of the same sex at a given point in their life right? That doesn't make them gay! But am I gay? Am I bisexual? Ok wait, let's do something. Look at Buffy... whaddaya think? Hot? Ewww no, that's Buiffy... she's like a sister... ok ok mind, let's look at Anya... pretty girl... but any attraction? No siree! Ok, let's look at Oz now... I do love Oz right? I mean I'm happy with him... he's been a good boyfriend, so what if he messed up once, or a few times. Everyone messes up... that doesn't mean that you abandon them and move on... you have to stick with the ones that you love... but do I love Oz? Yeah... that I do... but am I in love with Oz?' Willow glanced at her boyfriend, who was now reaching to take her hand.

Willow saw the move and quickly moved her hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Oz glanced her way, but didn't comment at the move, and went on talking to his 'audience'. 'Ok, why did I just do that? I don't think I'm in love with Oz... Wait! What?! Of course I'm in love with Oz? Ok, then why didn't I wanna hold his hand... and why was the kiss today so... no normal girlfriend-boyfriend kissy types?' Willow let out a sigh, and Oz looked her way, stopping his rant. "You ok sweetie?" he asked, looking genuinely concerned.

As confused as Willow was about the situation, she was touched to see the worry in his eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine... thanks". Oz nodded his head, and turning back to the others, he went on with his tour details.

Willow once again drifted off into her own world, 'I should be with someone I love. This isn't about anyone else... it's about me... and I do love Oz... am I in love with him? Of course I am! I'm just acting all silly now because of a stupid crush... which will pass... and who will still be with me when it passes? Oz... '

She thought of watching Tara leave, and her wanting to stop her. 'There's no doubt about how great Tara is... and anyone would be lucky to have her... but she should be with someone who loves her... and I don't... I... it'll pass!' she ended, not wanting to think about it anymore, since her internal debate was giving her a serious headache.

Someone came to ask if anyone wanted anything else, and Willow asked for one more iced café mocha, with extra chocolate. In her mind, she went through the rest of the day...

Barely 5 minutes after they'd sat down, Anya had arrived, and the six of them decided to head to the nearest coffee shop, to get some caffeine. And that was the rest of the day! 'Not much of a day really..' Willow thought.

"...isn't that right sweeyie?" Oz asked, turning towards Willow.

Willow looked around with a dumbstruck expression on her face. She had no idea what they had been talking about. "Umm... wha... err... yeah... that's..." she stammered.

Buffy's cell phone began to ring, and as she reached to answer the call Willow thought 'Saved by the bell... literally!' thanking whoever it was that was calling.

"Hello?" Buffy asked into the phone. "Yeah, that's me... from where? Oh... oh? Yeah? Uh huh... Yeah... Uh huh... WHAT? Oh my God... look is this a joke? No I'm just... yeah...Yeah! Definitely... sure... in half an hour? Great! Thanks! Bye!"

Hanging up, Buffy looked at Anya and said "Your friend Tara Maclay is an angel!"

'Duh!' Willow thought, then shaking her head, decided to concentrate on what was being said...

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