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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

*Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep*

On campus at UC Sunnydale, Willow Rosenberg was rudely awoken from her slumber, as her alarm clock started to ring. "Why is my alarm ringing on a Saturday morning???" she thought for a second, leaning over to stop the irritating noise, that was flashing the number "9:30 a.m" over and over.

Then she realized that she had to get over to her parents' house. Her mother was leaving on a flight at 11 a.m, and her Dad would be leaving the next morning. She'd promised to stay at home with Dad that day, and even be there to see her Mom off.

Quickly rising out of the covers, Willow felt the world spin for a second. "Whaaaa...?" she thought, and then remembered the night before. "God! How much did I drink???" whe questioned herself, as flash backs of her downing shot after shot of tequila filled her head.

Then she thought of the celebration outing, and her thoughts went to Tara. She remembered Tara singing 'My Immortal', of winning the contest, of her smile, her eyes that looked oh so gorgeous surrounded by the darkness of her eye make up, her curves in her outfit, the sweet lil' belly piercing, of the hug last night...and she found that a goofy smile had crept onto her features. Suddenly Willow's eyes went wide and she stopped grinning. "I'm thinking of Tara first thing in the morning...not just in a normal 'lets think about our friends' way! I'm thinking of her tummy, her curves...and I'm smiling abotu them!!!"

Willow just sat there, not understanding what was happening. "I think I'm taking this whole impressed with the girl thing a little too far. I'm not gonna see her all day today...maybe that'll make some of her obvious charm disappear frommy mind!" she thought, and giving her head a shake, she rose and headed towards the showers. It would have helped if the shake of the head had helped her stop thinkking about the time Willow arrived at her parents door 40 minutes later, she thought she was either going crazy, or well, going crazy with thoughts of the blonde!

About a 15 minute ride away Tara was staring at her own alarm clock, as it flashed '9:30 a.m'. She'd been lying awake for the last hlf an hour, just staring at the walls and listening to sounds of Anya snoring beside her.

She lay back, trying to get thoughts of Willow out of her head. "Why am I thinking of her so damn much???" she thought, quite irritated with herself for not being able to put her finger on it. Tara hadn't spent so much time thinking about a single person since the last time that Steffi Graf had won Wimbledon, and Tara had prayed and prayed that she would!

Tara found herself smiling as she thought of the way that Willow's hair had smelt as she'd hugged her the night before. "She felt so... soft and gentle" Tara remembered the feel of Willow's body.

"Ok I have to stop this whole obsessing I obsessing??" Tara stopped sitting up midway. "Yeah...I am..." she admitted to herself, as she sat up fully. "But why? Sure, she's a sweet gal...and I really like her...but I really like Anya and Cordelia why did I never spend all my spare time thinking about THEM when we first met???"

Sighing with the lack of finding any answers, Tara rose, and went out to her balcony. It was a pleasant day, and Tara looked down at the swimming pool, which was deserted.

"Well I've got nothing better to do...might as well go for a swim..." Tara thought, as she headed to her closet to change, smiling at Anya's open mouthed snoring on her way...

Willow had entered her house to find her parents sitting at the breakfast table, eating waffles. Her mother was all dressed in her Air France uniform, ready for her pick up to come, and her father was sitting in tennis shorts and a shirt, with his trainers on and his tennis kit beside him on the floor.

Willow'd greeted them both with a kiss on the cheek, and had sat down to eat some delicious waffles. She'd spent more time talking to her mother, since she was leaving for London in a while, and told her what she wanted from the city.

Half an hour later the transport was there, and Willow and her father had bid Sheila a safe journey. She'd told them that she'd call, and with that she was off.

Willow and Ira walked back into the house, and Ira looked at his daughter and said "Sweetie, I'm heading to the ckub for a while to play some tennis. I should be back in two hours, alright?"

"Sure Dad", and the as an after thought Willow said "and Dad, of that girl's there again, you know, the one who kicked your butt the other her who's boss will ya?!"

"I'll try honey!" Ira smiled and winked as he walked off towards his car.

Tara had come up from her swim 30 minutes later, and had made herself some breakfast. Cordelia and Anya had woken up a while later, and the three had sat around eating sausages and bacon.

After breakfast Anya had left for work, and Cordelia had gone home, since her family was expected at her grandmothers place fort lunch that day.

Tara had cleaned up, and looked ariund, trying to figgure out what to do. She didn't have any work that weekend, and really didn't want to sit herself down in from of the idiot box first thing in the morning.

Walking into her room she saw her tennis kit lying on the floor, and decided to go to the club.

For the second time that morning she walked into her closet to change. "Maybe Ira will be there..." she thought, looking forward to another hard fought match...

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