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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

It was 7:15 that same evening. After the match the girls had all headed their seperate ways. Willow had stood around as the kids told Tara they wanted her to rest today, what with her tournament wrapping up and her having fallen and stuff, and that they would see her on Sunday for their usual outing. Willow had found herself touched as how understanding and mature these children were, and was outright delighted when she was invited by everyone, including Tara to their day out. The red head had grinned around at all the expectant faces, before stopping at Tara and accepting the invitation. The blonde had given her a lopsided smile, and Willow knew that there was no where else she'd rather be on Sunday at 11 a.m!

For the second time that day Willow found herself standing, surrounded by all the clothes that she owned, sitting in a heap around her. The red head was looking at her reflection in the mirror, with a frown gracing er features. She looked at the jeans and white halter top that she had on, shaking her head before muttering "Too casual" and starting to get outfit no.24 off.

Back in Tara's apartment, the blonde faced the same predicament. She stood in her walk in closet, staring at her reflection in the full length mirror. Her usually neatly folded clothes were piled up around her in what could only be described as a mess. Tara studied herself with a raised eyebrow, thinking "You'd think with as many clothes as these I'd find something I thought I'd look good in!" before shaking her head, deciding that the knee length black skirt and sequined strappy singlet of the same color was a bit too formal. Off came outfit no.32.

It was now 8 p.m, and Willow was taking one last look at herself in the mirror. She started with the scrunched up hair, and moved down to the black tube top, her gaze going lower to the short black skirt, and ending with the knee high boots she's picked for the evening. As accessory's Willow had on a leather wrist band, and a cross around her neck. She had a black red stringy belt tied loosely around her waist, bringing some color to her attore. She nodded her approval at what she saw, just as there was a knock on the door. Opening it she saw Buffy standing there.

"Wow!You ready? Zak's waiting downstairs in the car..." the blonde asked.

"Yep!" Willow grinned, pulling the door shut behind her as she followed Buffy out to the smaller girls car.

Tara answered the buzzer "Hello?"

"Let us in!" Anya said, and Tara heard Cordelia answering her cell phone in the background.

"Come on up guys" Tara said, as she unlocked the building door and then her own house door before walking back into her bedroom to get her shoes on.

Seconds later she head Anya and Cordelia enter the house.

"...Yeah we're on our way Cam...we'll be there in about 15 minutes...get a good place and settle down alright? Cool...Bye!" Cordelia was saying. She hung up and yelled "Tara, you ready?" as the two girls walked into Tara's bedroom.

Tara was just walking out of her closet, pulling off her ear rings, which she'd decided not to wear, when Anya was saying "Yeah, hurry, some of the others are already at... Wow!" she said, her eyes going wide at the vision before her.

"Make that a double wow!" Cordelia said, her expression mirroring Anya's. The two girls were staring at Tara, who was clad in a white short singlet, showing off her silver belly stud. For bottoms she'd picked a pair of leather pants that showed of every curve of her shapely body. Fo her feet she'd chosen delicate looking black sandals with small heels, that wouldn't be too hard on her still slightly hurting foot.

Anya and Cordelia trailed their eyes down her body, before looking back up with dazed expressions, taking a good look at the blonde hair which had been straightened to give Tara a very sleek look. What was most captivating though was the way Tara had done up her eyes. She'd gone with a completely dark look to match the leather outfit, and now her eyes were outlined with eyeliner,dark mascara and dark pencil. The blue of her eyes was a complete contrast to the outside, and the final look was mesmerising.

Tara took in her friends and their open mouthed expressions, and said, "Well, I take it that you like what I'm wearing?!" with something that resembled a smirk. "C'mon, let's go" she said, pulling on a pair of semi transparent grey-black double shaded Lumberjacks, hiding her eyes in the night.

Anya and Cordelia followed dumbly, and only when the three girls were almost at the parked Mercedes did Cordelia remark "You're sure you're not trying to get Zak to ignore Buffy and fall all over you right??? Cause it'll sure as hell work, with the way you're looking tonight!"

Tara's response was a deep, heartfelt laugh. "Please tell me you're kidding about the Zak part!" she said, opening her door and getting in.

Buffy, Zak and Willow had picked up their friend Xander on the way. They'd entered the Bronze at about 8:20, to be told by Cameron that she'd spoken to Cordelia, and she, Anya and Tara, who were the only ones left to arrive, would be there any minute now.

Willow had noticed that she was attracting quite a few stares, but somehow the modest side of her refused to acknowledge that it was because she was looking lovely.

Minutes later something inside made Willow look towards the entrance of the Bronze. She saw no one she knew there, and was about to turn her gaze away when she saw Anya enter, followed by Cordelia. They looked towards the table where the team was sitting, and waved.

Willow knew that she'd see Tara any minute now, and for some reason her heart began to beat faster.

She kept staring at the entrance, and moments later Tara entered. She saw Anya and Cordelia waving in a direction, and her still covered eyes followed the path that they were looking at.

Willow felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw Tara, hair straightened, curves being shown off in her attire.

The three girls began to walk their way, and when they finally got there Tara found herself standing right before Willow.

"Hey" Willow said, her voice coming out in a whisper. She studied Tara's face, afraid that she would openly ogle at the vision before her if she looked any lower.

"Hey..." Tara said, returning Willow's gaze. She wasn't looking down for the same reasons, having already noticed the red heads shapely legs on her walk over there.

Willow desperately wanted to see Tara's eyes, and as if reading her thoughts, Tara reached up and took off the big Lumberjacks.

Willow could have sworn that she felt her heart skip a beat as she stared into the blues, so prominent because of the darkness around it.

"God...she has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen..." Willow thought...

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