Tara Frost

Author: Trista
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Once, in a not-so-magical land called January Junction, lived a couple of farmers.

"Buffy?" a boy said.

"What, Riley?" Buffy said. "We must get back to work, after all, with all of our taxes we have no money thanks to Spike Krouse."

"I have money," Riley said. He took off his shoe to take out a copper kopeck.

"Riley, how?" Buffy asked.

"I hid it from Spike so we would have something..."

"To sing about?" Buffy interrupted.

"No," Riley said, "so we would have something to buy Hanukkah gifts with."

Just then a huge horse with an even bigger rider came out of the blue.

"It's Spike, terrible king of the Vampires and the Cossacks!" Riley yelled. "Run for your blood!"

But it was too late, because Spike's horse got Riley by the ankles and dragged Riley closer to Spike.

"Spike said, "Peasant, give me that kopeck!"

"What kopeck, oh beautiful king of the Cossacks and Vamps?" Riley said. The horse (which by the way is made of iron, and his name is Clankstomper) picked Riley up by the ankles and shook him till the kopeck fell out of his pocket.

"This kopeck," Spike said. "A kopeck saved is a kopeck earned, ha ha ha! On, Clankstomper!" Spike rode off laughing gleefully.

"Oh," Riley moaned, "now we will have nothing for the holidays!"

"Oh Riley," Buffy said. "Soon we will have money, ice money, listen! Tara Frost is near." Now this ice money Buffy was talking about was what they and everyone else in the town used for money. You see Spike took all their real money for taxes, and ever year at wintertime Tara Frost would make a lot of icicles, so the people used ice for money. Nice system eh? Now back to the story....

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