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A Calling from the Forest

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Hey I'm borrowing them again Joss and Mutant Enemy. No harm done the first time right? The rest of the characters and the story idea are what poured out of my crazy head.

Both Tara and myself gave Chris the grand tour the next day. We felt it best that he was seen with the coven Master and the wolf Drappa.

Chris quietly but with quite a bit of excitement had nodded his approval of the job that had been completed. Much to his own surprise many of the wolves had bowed and nodded their greeting to him.

"Much has changed here, dear Willow." He said holding Ayuba close to his shoulder.

I wasn't quite sure if he was pleased or sadden. His eyes held such a troubled secrets that it was taxing on the nerves to no end.

Tara kept glancing at me and rubbing my arm softly but I wasn't feeling her at all. Chris had information about my father, he had built up our numbers with more were leopards was it time to fight or should we stay hidden away in the protection of the trees?

"Come Willow, Tara, it's time for us to talk." Chris said suddenly.

We all stepped off the path and headed back to our cabin. When we reached the door Chris looked at Ayuba, she nuzzled under his chin and moved back out to the brush.

"She will stand guard while we talk. Please come inside I can't waste any more time." Chris said with a bit of harshness.

Tara and I quickly shut the door and sat on the bed watching Chris pace the room.

"Willow, I know where your father is."

"What?" I said shocked. "How do you know."

"Because he had been in the Congo before I got there. He was trying to control the were -leopards. They had no leader and they seemed to be breaking to his will. He was very weak when I arrived and had left only a few days prior to find treatment of some sort."

"What was he sick from?" Tara asked a bit confused. "Isn't he a vampire?

"Yes that was the weird part, none of the were-leopards knew what and how he was sick, but they said his illness was much like a humans." Chris said gravely the continued. "They said he mumbled in his sleep about his daughter and her being the key and then one day he just up and left and no one knew where."

"But I thought you said you knew where he was?" I asked leaning off the edge of the bed. Panic had gotten the best of me and my head began to swim.

Chris' lips curled up into a very catlike grin. "He told only one person."

"Who?" Tara and I both said at once.

"My mate." Chris said quietly.

"Ayuba?" Tara said shocked. "But why her?"

Chris looked a bit offended but covered it up. "She is a very kind person, gentle nature. She saw what he was when he came and played up to him. She was his main caretaker. So he told her he was going to London to find a cure for his disease. Though he never said what it was."

"He's in London then. Who is there that has that kind of magic to cure things like that?" Tara asked touching her shoulder, her curiosity becoming quite apparent.

"We have to find him, destroy him, do anything we can to stop him. If he gets all his strength back and starts to put whatever plan he has in to affect then we are all doomed." I said standing up.

Chris lowered his head nodding sadly. " I knew that would be your decision. But Willow I must warn you there is a lot of unknown wonders in Europe. There are said to be strange ways of the covens and packs out there. I think that's why there are strange cures for strange diseases."

"That's where the original pack began." Tara added "where the wolves are said to have been born."

"In England?" I said taken back.

"Yes, you know the movie a Werewolf in London and all those other ones? They have a little truth behind them." Tara said.

"I had no idea." I responded looking at Chris.

He averted his eyes from me and looked to the ground." I can't offer you any other advice than this, accept their culture when you get out there for it may save your life, and take a few of your strongest wolves Tara."

"Why?" I asked.

"You need to appear strong and a dominant leader. If it is true that the original pack began there they want to know their bloodline has been chosen wisely." Chris said gravely.

Chris began to get up but he paused and turned towards me. "I don't think you will need to bring any vampires. Rumor is that the vampires and wolves have lived in harmony since the beginning of our very existence. But as you know wolf packs are all about dominance and show of force more so that the vampires. A coven Master who travels alone has the aura of confidence and strength is seen as the most capable to run that coven."

I nodded knowing what he meant but trembled inside this was going to be rough. "Any advice on what to do if we run into my father?"

Chris shook his head. "Kill him, I don't know how but kill him."

"Thanks Chris." I said sighing.

He shrugged "I don't know anymore than you do about his strange powers."

Tara put her arm around my shoulder and hugged me close. "We will defeat him together at all costs."

My dead heart seemed to swell with life as Tara's touch comforted me once again. There really wasn't anything that we couldn't do together.

As my body sagged with relief Chris got up and walked to the door turning to smile at us confidently. "I know you can do it."

Suddenly without warning and the door closed Tara's mouth was on mine as if desperately trying to drink my very lips. I whimpered and allowed her to assault me laying back on the bed. I absorbed her in entirely, the way her thigh pushed urgently at my parted legs. Her hands holding my face in place, her breath on my tongue. She was marvelous in all the ways you could imagine.

I sat up long enough to pull my shirt off, freeing my breasts. Tara groaned and dove in at my peaking nipples. Her mouth sucked at my right breast greedily flinging me harder on the bed. I dug my nails into her shirt wanting so bad for the flesh under it. As if reading my mind Tara sat up and yanked her shirt off her larger breasts hanging down in my face. I moved forward to lick them but Tara forcefully pushed me back down.

"Lay still." She growled.

I nodded urgently and laid back down. Tara began to kiss hungrily down my belly stopping at the top of my pants. She gave me that sexy grin of hers and took the flap in her mouth, with one fluid motion she ripped them open, the button flying across the room. I gasped and laughed all at once.

Making quick work of my pants and throwing them on the floor she gave a very puppy-like yip at my exposed sex. Not even giving me the chance to breathe and plowed into my soaked clit.

I cried out at the feel of her tongue as it explored me inside and out. Tara expertly found my sweet spot and started me on the familiar journey to an orgasm. I wrapped my fingers in her long golden locks and forced her head harder into my pelvic. I was pretty sure she couldn't breathe but I didn't care I was almost there.

Tara moaned into my clit feeling me come closer and closer. I felt my walls tighten as the flood gate began to open. Tara's face quivered with my legs as I began to scream, not caring who heard me. My orgasm hit me like a freight train forcing my body to thrash around under her still persistent tongue.

Finally the last shudder left my limbs and I lay still, breathing in the sweetness of the smell around me. Tara gave one final lick and moved up to lay on my shoulder.

"Mmm that didn't take long." Tara said smiling.

"It never does with you." I giggled.

"You are very right about that my goddess.' Tara mumbled into my hair.

"I love you Tara so much." I said trying not to choke up.

"And I love you my dearest Willow."

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