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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"We have do this more often," Willow said and dodged another puddle of water in her path. She and Tara had decided to walk to work, both wanting to appreciate the morning sun that had been absent the day before.

The blonde nodded. "Let's have a picnic," she smiled at her girlfriend's sideway glance, "Not today, but you know, maybe this weekend."

"You've planned a lot for the weekend," the redhead grinned. "So what are you going to cook, anyway?" She asked as they entered the park.

Flashing a lopsided smile, Tara shook her head. "It's a surprise." She nudged her pouting girlfriend, "Oh, and no candy before dinner." Willow's pout deepened.

"Spoil-sport," she grumbled.

Hands joined, the women slowly made their way through the park. "Do we have time to play?" Willow asked, smiling.

Tara's eyes widened, "Here, Willow? Wha- someone might-," a finger silenced her. Willow giggled, removing her hand.

"I meant, in the park... gutter-brain," the redhead continued to chuckle. "It's been a long time since I've actually played. I mean, when you get older you're expected to be serious all the time... which is just boring. So how about it?"

"Do we have enough time?" Tara asked. A tingle of excitement prickled her skin as she grew a little giddy.

Willow nodded, "We have a little, besides I don't think Anya's going to be camped out outside the door, eagerly waiting for our arrival." Smiling, the manager squeezed her partner's hand, "C'mon, I'll push you first," she said as they headed toward the swings.

Tara skipped to catch up and settled into the plastic seat, "Not too fast, okay?" She glanced back to Willow who nodded before giving the first solid push. After a couple of pushes, the blonde was in the air, squealing.

Stepping around to the front to watch as Tara drifted higher and higher, Willow looked up and frowned. "You picked a perfect day to wear jeans," she grumbled for the second time that morning.

The blonde giggled and dragged her tennis shoes in the dirt to slow herself down and stop. "C'mere," she gently pulled Willow closer so that she loosely straddled her legs, "Wrap your legs around me."

"Uh, how is this going to work? There's nobody to swing us," Willow nibbled on her bottom lip as she moved, slipping her legs through the snug space between Tara's hips and the chain of the swing.

"I'll get us started, just hold on and push with your arms," Tara worked her legs until they began to slowly gain more speed.

"I can't believe I'm riding my girlfriend in a public park," Willow grinned as they rose. With her legs tied firmly around Tara's back, the redhead pressed down every time they went backwards, pushing them higher.

"Why the heck did I wear jeans today?" Tara muttered to herself when the redhead pressed down again. She was surprised that the swing was holding up as well as it was and even more surprised by the lips that teased her ear.

"Do we hafta go to work?" Willow asked. She allowed her lips to bump her lover's jawbone, "We can tell them that we're sick."

Tara marveled in her girlfriend's touch, "What are the odds of us both being sick?" Her voice cracked a little. Unable to think of anything, Willow frowned and muttered that she didn't know as they began to slow down. Once they had come to a complete stop, the redhead sagged against her partner.

"I hate being a grownup," she sighed and withdrew her legs from behind Tara. Standing shakily, Willow helped the blonde out of the swing. "Are you sore?" She asked when the other young woman rubbed her hips and stretched.

"It's a nice kind of sore," Tara smiled, winking. Willow smiled as well, placing a chaste kiss on her girlfriend's lips when the blonde circled an arm around her lower back.

Leaning into her partner's side, Willow cupped her hand over the one resting on her right hip. "We'll have to come back and have a no responsibility day with the others. Ooh, we can even play touch football or something."

The waitress chuckled, "Yeah, Xander will have a field day chasing us girls around."

"Well, I am pretty fast," Willow smiled as they began to walk.

The couple arrived at work on time with five minutes to spare and shuffled back into the kitchen to greet their friends. Buffy was humming a song on the radio while she chopped up vegetables and scooped them into a bowl.

"How was the walk? Glad to see you'll didn't get lost and turn around," she paused what she was doing to grin at her friends. The cook remembered how groggy the two women had been when they left the house and figured it was one of those days.

"It was good," Willow answered and squeezed her lover's hand. "We stopped and played a little, but-."

"Played?" Anya's ears twitched. She pushed away from the counter. "That's daring... and it's about damn time you two did something kinky. I mean, c'mon, I thought-."

Willow raised a hand, cutting the cashier's sentence short. "We swung in the park."

"Bleh," suddenly uninterested, the blonde returned to the counter, snatching a chunk of carrot from the cutting board as she leaned back.

"Where's Faith?" Tara asked. She noticed the brunette missing when she and Willow entered the kitchen, but guessed that the waitress was in the restroom.

Buffy glanced over her shoulder, "Oh, she's running an errand, but she'll be back soon."

"Okay, well, we're going to go set up the front and get everything ready," the blonde waitress subtly gestured toward the front with her head, grinning when Willow read her mind.

"Yes, we'll go do that," Willow said and hurriedly followed behind her girlfriend.

Anya moved to leave as well but a hand stopped her. "Give them five minutes."

"Why?" The cashier frowned, having obviously missed Tara's unspoken suggestion.

"Just give them five minutes, okay." Buffy insisted. Anya rolled her eyes and sagged back into her previous spot. Before she could snatch another piece of carrot, the cook shoved an entire stick into her hand. Shrugging, the blonde wordlessly looked at the carrot before munching away.

An hour later, four bored women found themselves trying to stay awake.

"Where is everyone?" Anya asked and looked around the room, noticing the lack of people. They were usually half full before lunch time, but the number of people coming in had been lower than usual.

The doorbell jingled as Faith entered. "You guys have got to see this," she said and motioned toward the window. Joining her, the girls peered through the glass.

Anya pressed her face against the glass, "What the hell is that?"

"I think... I think that's going to be our new neighbor," Willow answered, surprised as she looked across the street.

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