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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

A warm river ran down the soft plains of Tara's back, tickling the sensitive skin. Drops dipped and traced along the shoulder blades, as the blonde shivered and desperately willed herself not to move.

"Almost finished," a sing-song voice coolly blew against her ear followed by the tiny whisper of a kiss. A light weight shifted against the backs of her thighs before the slight pressure rose, sliding up and onto the swell of her butt.

Legs spread, Willows knees rested on either side of Tara's naked hips. She pressed herself into her partner, humming lightly as she continued her slow torture.

"Do you give up?" Hot liquid burnt a path down the blonde's spine.

Tara shook her head vigorously, too caught up in the pleasure to utter a single word.

"Mmm, 'kay," the red-haired torturer sighed, "this could all end. All you have to do is tell me." The fingers of one hand kneaded Tara's hip before laying butterfly touches against the smooth curve.

The hot liquor continued to flow, ever so slowly, from nape to spine. Often, Willow would swoop to collect it, flattening her tongue to make a single broad stroke up the length of Tara's back. Kissing the sculptured blades of her lover's shoulders, the redhead once again dipped her finger into the bowl beside her.

Still warm from the burner, chocolate cooled within the bowl. A drop escaped from Willow's fingertip, stinging the blonde's back and making her shudder, moaning softly.

"Are you going to tell me?" Willow asked, raising an amused eyebrow when Tara trembled beneath her. A small shake from Tara's head made the smiling tormenter shrug, "Suit yourself."

Another type of liquid heated within the tent, pooling and coating the outer folds of the capture's core. Biting her bottom lip, Tara rocked back against her lover as she felt Willow's wiry hairs rub against her butt.

Swoop, moan, shudder, the process lasted too long for Tara's mind to comprehend. She felt her partner brush aside her hair before parted lips sucked lightly on her neck. Her nipples hardened as her breast pressed, yielding pleasurably, against the softness of the quilt beneath her.

Willow's center burned, inflamed and needy, gliding over the supple flesh of her girlfriend. She wasn't sure how much longer she could go without giving in herself. She was the seducer, and yet Tara's body seemed to make her wanton in ways she couldn't name.

Fingers gripping the blanket, Tara looked over her shoulder, noticing the desire on Willow's face. A small candle had been lit nearby, close enough for light and far enough from perishable items. Orange flames danced in the redhead's emerald eyes, bright against the darkness.

Eyes unfocused with her hand poised above her partner's back, Willow caught her lover's gaze. She squeezed her thighs together as close as she could without hurting Tara, struggling to abate some of the yearning.

"Give..." she swallowed hard, "do you..." Tara pushed backward with her eyes still trained on Willow's. The redhead's question was lost within her moan as she lowered her sticky fingers toward Tara's mouth.

The blonde devoured the remnants of chocolate, sucking each finger at a time until nothing was left. Her tongue caught the corners of her lips before her mouth tugged into a knowing smile.

Mouth open, Willow stared, stupidly, at her lover's mouth while pushing the half empty bowl out of the way. Her hand blindly searched around her until it found the small container next to the chocolate. Removing one of the items, she offered it to her lover, mouth still agape. Plump and red, the strawberry prickled Tara's fleshy lips. The blonde sucked on the tip and then sunk her teeth into the fruit, licking the juice that trickled from her lips.

"Truce?" Tara asked after finishing the strawberry. Her partner nodded, her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she breathed deeply.

Abandoning the container of strawberries in hopes of saving them for later, Willow scooted down the backs of Tara's thighs and sat up, supporting her weight on her knees. The young woman positioned underneath her, twisted over and turned onto her back. Her hands gripped Willow's hips and pulled the redhead down until blonde and red curls met.

Willow leaned forward, catching Tara's lips into a kiss as the blonde's hands roamed over her back. She pulled away from the kiss with a content sigh and snuggled into her lover's chest. They simply held each other, their matching desires momentarily put on hold but not forgotten.

"I love you," the mumbled declaration was emphasized by a kiss on the crown of Willow's head. Tara felt lips press into her breastbone and both heard and felt her girlfriend's response.

The young redhead sat up, arms outstretched on either side of Tara's shoulders, and gazed down at the woman who lay under her. She kissed the blonde's cheeks, moved over to her lips, and then rose to her forehead. Each part of Tara's face was adored by Willow's mouth as the redhead slid her fingers through blonde tresses. Her breasts touched those of her lover, melting into the softness while Tara's hands explored the slender curves of her body.

With a final touch of her lips against Tara's, the red-haired woman slowly crawled down the blonde's body until her eyes met the twin mounds, firm with arousal. She pushed the soft breasts together and used her thumbs to circle Tara's nipples until the ridges tightened almost painfully. Once hard, Willow took the puckered flesh between her teeth, pulling before trapping the skin within her mouth and using her tongue to slash across the surface.

Tara stopped herself from digging her blunt fingernails deeper into Willow's thighs. She held the redhead at the back of her legs, squeezing every time the woman above added or decreased the pressure on her wet nipple. Her moans turned into heavy panting while her hips rose and fell, brushing the dewy curls covering Willow's labia. When it seemed as if the torture wouldn't stop, Willow let up, kissing each breast lovingly. She loved Tara's breasts and couldn't get enough of touching them in every way.

Smirking, Willow looked up and noted the dreamy, yet aroused expression on Tara's face. It appeared that the blonde loved being touched in every way, too.

Crawling lower until she reached the silky thighs, Willow felt Tara tense in anticipation. The redhead kissed the expanse of skin on each thigh, marveling and floating in the aroma of her lover. She ran a single finger, tips upward, up the length of Tara's labia, watching as soapy desire coated her finger. Hips rotated, circling and desperately seeking her teasing finger. Willow conceded and dipped the first inch of her middle finger into the warm folds, satisfied when Tara gasped. Slowly, another inch was pushed into the blonde's center, and another, until the entire digit disappeared into the wetness.

Mesmerized, Willow breathed heavily against the swollen folds as she watched her finger move in and out of Tara's body. The wet sounds mixed with Tara's groans were almost unbearable for the young redhead as she surrendered to the sweet, heady scent. Suckling a patch of skin on her girlfriend's thigh while her finger sped up, Willow had to circle her arm around Tara's leg to keep the blonde from thrashing too wildly.

Tara's jaw clenched repeatedly as she tried to control the movement of her hips, but to no avail. The natural rotation of her lower body made her breast bounce slightly while her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Slowing her finger and then stopping its movement, Willow pushed the digit to the side, still within the blonde's slippery tunnel, and gently pressed the tip of another finger into the opening. Her index finger carefully joined her middle, sliding easily into the soaked abyss. Walls tightened, squeezing, and making it more difficult for Willow to push through, but with a little force the two fingers nestled into Tara's center.

The sprawled out blonde reached for Willow's free hand and overlapped it, pinning them both against her own leg. The fingers within her body sped up, twisting as a thumb drummed on her swollen clit. The sensitive bud peeked from its hiding spot, erect and craving more attention. As if sensing what Tara needed, Willow's fingers curled upward as they worked in and out while she moved above to lay her tongue flat against the blonde's clit. Simply allowing her tongue to press against the underside of the wet pearl, the redhead let Tara's hips do the rest.

Lost in pleasure, Tara, instinctually, did her part as she rolled her hips in every direction. The blonde settled on rotating her lower body upwards, making Willow's tongue stroke up and down as she rocked.

Breathing deeply through her nose, the redhead's tongue began to dry, creating burning friction that snagged against the blonde's clit. Tara's orgasm began slowly, her thighs shaking as her belly and the walls of her core clenched, filled with release. The strangled groan echoed past the thin tent walls and into the forest, alerting her passion to all.

Tremors ripped through her body one by one until she lay limp with tears running down the sides of her face, the intensity having made her cry. Willow cleaned her fingers and quickly crawled upward, wanting to hold Tara as the blonde drifted back into reality. Tracing along the path, she wiped the single tear from each side and kissed her girlfriend's cheek before snuggling into her body.

The tent had a square opening cut into the top with plastic covering it and as the women relaxed, they stared up through the plastic window. Not many stars were in the sky, but the sight was beautiful nonetheless. Tara managed to wrap her arms around her partner, whispering to her as she held her. Willow's lips gently scraped the neck she nuzzled and grinned against the skin when Tara giggled softly.

The blonde loved having her neck kissed even though it was one of the most sensitive places on her body. Feeling refreshed, Tara swept her hand over Willow's naked hip and hummed thoughtfully.

Willow rose, resting on her elbow, and looked down at her lover, "What?" She smiled at the visible sparkle in her girlfriend's eyes.

The blonde's mouth widened until she was grinning mischievously. Tara smirked as she reached over and tested the chocolate's temperature with her finger, "The truce is over." A chill ran down Willow's spine as Tara reopened the pack of strawberries.

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