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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.
Note: This update will not focus on the cliffhanger. The reason being that although the meaning is important, besides a tiny mention, it's not needed at this moment. However, it will come up later and may be unexpected. Anyway, thanks so much for reading.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Wrapped in a pink towel, Willow leaned against the doorframe, having just returned from her quick shower. Her partner had been silent off and on several times during the remainder of the fair and most of the ride back to her apartment.

"It's nonsense, remember," Tara shook her head, toweling her damp hair as she sat on the bed wearing a thigh-length T-shirt. Her half-smile betrayed her mind as she thought back to the fortune teller's vague explanation. Thin strands of hair stuck to the blonde's forehead as she once again shook her head, this time to stop herself from putting the woman's words into a coherent thought.

"You're being avoid-y," Willow lingered in the hallway, listening as a tea kettle whistled and remembering that she had put it on before taking her shower.

"I'm not being avoid-y," the blonde couldn't stop the whine in her voice. Yes, it was important to know what the message was all about, but dwelling on it would only make it more confusing.

"I just don't want to think about it," Tara went on truthfully, "and it's probably nothing anyway. You said so yourself, remember?" She asked, smiling and trying to stop the barely visible tension that had crept into the room.

Also seeing the intruder, Willow paused, choosing her words carefully. "Just...," she moved further into the room to take her girlfriend's face into her hands, "just promise that you'll talk to me. I don't want some kooky lady's riddles coming between us. Okay?" The redhead felt the firm jaws nod before lips grazed across her own.

"You're unbelievable," Tara whispered as she pulled away from her partner's mouth. The whistling from the kitchen was becoming louder and after another brief kiss, Willow reluctantly backed away.

"I'll be right back," the redhead groaned and made a beeline toward the scream.

Tara smiled after her girlfriend, appreciating Willow's movement and the glimpse of skin she caught beneath the snugly wrapped towel. During the ride home, her thoughts had been on both the fair and her girlfriend. More specifically, her girlfriend as the fair. She could worry about the other things later, but for now, Willow was all that mattered.

After a quick glance toward the door and checking that she could still hear Willow fussing over the tea, the blonde approached her dresser, a little hesitantly. She stared at the object within the oak cabinets and finally lifted it from its corner position. Get a grip, Tara she told herself, trying to still her nerves. The object had been with her for almost a year, but lay untouched until now. Caught in her musings, Tara barely heard the soft footsteps until the figure called her name.

"Tara, did you want-" Willow stopped when her partner hurriedly turned, hiding her hands behind her back. Of course, the redhead's curiosity piqued and the question of sugar or not was totally forgotten. "What are you hiding back there?"

Tara tried to drop the item back into the drawer, nearly smashing her fingers at the unsuccessful attempt. When it was clear that she'd have to face up to her plan, the blonde tried one more time to feign ignorance but to no avail.

"Baby?" Willow's face tightened, her lips crinkling as her resolve' face emerged.

"Guess." Tara blurted out, completely unsure as to why. All she knew was... well, she didn't really know anything at the present moment, seeing how her blood was boiling with anticipation.

"Clue?" Willow asked, noticing the slight change in Tara's stance and knowing it was definitely something of the good variety.

The smiling blonde thought about it for a second before offering one word. "Red."

"Hmm, okay," her lover weighed the possible options. "It is Naked Tara... in the bedroom... with candies?" She asked, automatically going into her Clue mode.

"You're such a big sweet tooth," Tara giggled, "and no, it isn't candy." She closely tossed the item from hand to hand behind her back.

"But you like my sweet tooth," Willow smiled seductively and inched toward her lover. Tara reddened, biting back her reply. She saw Willow moving closer, recognizing the predatory gestures, and knew her girlfriend was about to seize her.

"Don't change the subject. Now, c'mon, guess."

The redhead cursed her foiled plan, stopping just a little distance away. "Okay, is it Naked Tara... in the bedroom..." she tried to peek around the sides, "...with a candle?" Willow guessed horribly.

"Nope," dry hair whipped around Tara's face, "and Honey, I have a shirt on." She grinned.

"Not for long." Teeth flashed and the blonde managed a mental uh oh' but refused to give in yet.

"Now, now," Tara admonished in a motherly tone, "you don't want to go biting off more than you can chew, do you?"

"Well, I am quite hungry," Willow countered, shaking off Tara's idle warning. Nothing could sustain her hunger as her gaze drifted up soft thighs, knowing what was beneath the thin shirt. "Now, are you gonna tell me what you're hiding?" She paused. "Or am I gonna have to get it out of you some other way?"

There goes that vicious, but oh so wonderful, mouth again, baring those soft... Oh, stop it Tara, she's moving in. The prey's mind was caught between fantasy and reality. The reality being that she wasn't sure Willow would like what she held hidden.

"So, let's try this again." Willow was a breath away from her now, but hadn't tried anything. "Is it Naked Tara... in the bedroom..." Tara held out the item, "...with a big, red dildo?" The redhead gasped in surprise, although not unpleasant.

"I wasn't sure if you'd ever... I mean, I've never used it. It's just... there," Tara stammered, watching for any signs of a negative reaction.

"And you want to..." Willow trailed off, excited but watching for signs of Tara changing her mind.

"Only if you want to," Tara bit her lip self-consciously. "We don't have to u-use it. We can just play around. I mean, no actual penetration." She finished, flushing with embarrassment and a different, more familiar, kind of heat.

Carefully, Willow took the stiff, rubber phallus from Tara's gripping hands. "It's actually not that big," she said, measuring it against her longest finger. "Just two or three inches."

"So you're not mad? I didn't want you to think that-" Tara was cut off as her lover finished her sentence with her own answer.

"That I wasn't measuring up," the redhead grinned, receiving an eye roll and typical lopsided smile.

"Well, you do," the blonde responded honestly, a shiver as evidence of her assertion.

"You're damn right," Willow chuckled without hiding her smugness. "And if I remember correctly, you're not so bad yourself." Her eyes lowered as she ran the toy up Tara's thigh, dipping briefly in between, then over the trembling muscles. Subconsciously, the blonde squeezed her thighs together. She wanted the redhead in a way that words couldn't even explain, but she was being greedy...

...well a little nibble won't hurt, Tara thought while pressing into her lover. Somewhere in the back of all of those cobwebs and uncensored visions she was having, Tara knew that she needed to stop. How did she become the seduced, anyway? Willow mind-tricks, and ooh...

"...stop." The blonde gasped, on the verge of giving into the pleasure. She watched a slow and very smug grin cross Willow's face. The redhead looked about ready to mentally high-five herself, if she hadn't already.

Two claps echoed in Willow's mind and she considered teasing Tara again, but froze when the towel around her dropped to the floor. It was her turn to whimper.

Tara purred like a kitten, or was it a lioness? Either way, she was hungry.

Willow felt like clay as a hand cupped her dewy mound, manipulating the structure and stretching. Tara threw the phallus onto the bed where it bounced off and landed on the floor. She would have no use for it tonight. Her red-haired lover mumbled as she was twirled around and positioned facing the wall and away from Tara. The blonde's hand moved with her, twisting to fit securely within the slippery warmth.

Glancing to her side at the tall mirror, Willow grinned when she saw blue eyes staring back at her. I love you,' Tara mouthed and rubbed herself into the redhead's ass when Willow returned the words. It was a struggle, but the blonde finally removed her shirt from her body and left it hanging on her wrist, tickling Willow's quivering legs.

Sure fingers started to move and the redhead clinched, already too aroused and fearing a quick release. Within minutes, a single finger had found the spot above her entrance, which strangely enough, was dryer than the rest of her center. The sensation was different, incredible, and burning. Tara pressed into that single spot, curved the last bit of her finger and rubbed firmly against the surface. Willow bucked back, gripping the sheets in her hands as she struggled to remain slanting over the mattress. Her eyes caught the silver reflection of Tara loving her body, and she groaned deeply, dripping anew.

Tara rubbed her hardened nipples against Willow's shoulder blades and ran her teeth along the curve of her shoulder. Her eyes locked onto the mirror and she bit lightly, adding pressure as her clit throbbed against the slope of the redhead's ass. A simple swipe against the underside of the pulsating flesh would send her over the edge. With barely controlled restraint, she pulled back from Willow but kept her pace within her lover. Sliding down, she ran her hands over firm skin and pulled the outer lips apart with her free hand.

Willow's green eyes were ablaze when she felt the first slither of wetness lap at the tender sides of her center. Her wild gaze found the mirror and her knees almost buckled when she saw the intensity on Tara's face as she rescued every drop of liquid dripping from her core. The redhead's stomach muscles melted under the warm pressure of Tara delving, twirling, sliding into every inch of her soul. Soft noises, which Willow soon recognized, vibrated against the folds as Tara's fingers explored deeper.

Legs trembled as muscles surrendered to quick jerks and spasms, and Tara knew her lover was near. Loving to watch Willow orgasm, the blonde stretched out her tongue, flicking quickly as her eyes stayed on the mirror. It was only a side view of Willow's beautiful face, but it was enough and Tara watched the slight movement of twitching eyes before red hair was thrown back and Willow gave voice to her passion.

"Fuck." Willow rarely cursed, but the moment deserved a little extra something as her vision returned. Still a little blurry around the edges, she turned and saw Tara perching on the edge of the bed, the need leaking from her eyes and body. The blonde's fingers inched toward her clit but Willow reached it first. Bending her index and middle finger, the redhead clamped onto the hardened bundle and squeezed. The pleasure literally made Tara fall over and land on her partner, but she wasn't finished. Grinding herself against Willow's open legs, the blonde smeared her wetness against her lover's thigh as she crashed onto the other side of consciousness.

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