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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"What," kiss, "the hell," kiss, "is that?" Faith was finally able to get out after being bombarded by her girlfriend's mouth. The two were snuggling in Buffy's bed as the radio played on low. They lay close together under the watchful, plastic eye of Buffy's favorite stuffed animal.

There was another noise, followed by a thud and loud rumble. Both girls sat up, listening for any signs of an intruder. The silence was once again broken, this time by a shriek.

"Oh," Buffy brushed off her concern once she heard a familiar sigh. "That's Willow," she concluded, frowning at the other sounds. "I don't recognize that one, so it must be Tara."

Questioning eyes were raised, unblinking as they bore into Buffy's blushing face. "It's the walls. We have thin walls, and you can hear everything." She explained a little hurriedly, not wanting Faith to think there was a different explanation behind her knowledge of moans.

"Sure," the brunette smiled as she nodded. Hearing a low bang and frustrated growl, she stared at the closed door. "Damn, Tara must be a firecracker," Faith smirked teasingly and yelped when Buffy poked her, none too gently, in the ribs.

They settled back onto the bed, Buffy smiling as she toyed with dark locks. "What are you grinning about?" Faith inquired, contentedly.

"I like kissing girls," Buffy spoke before her brain caught up. "A girl." That's not right either. "You." She blushed under Faith's smile as the brunette leaned over so that she was staring down.

"I like kissing you too." She proved it with her lips. Buffy's hand blindly searched for the stereo remote and finding it, turned the volume up.

Willow was seeing doubles. More specifically, double Willows. The redhead was facing the mirror, panting as her breath made fog on the glass.

Tara, however, was not shown in the mirror. She was busy dragging her lover's jeans down to the floor. Once her task was complete, she grabbed a hold of purple panties, forcing it to take the same journey downward.

The blonde was still fully dressed; something of which Willow had whined about the moment Tara had begun to undress her. As Tara stood behind her trembling, wonderfully naked girlfriend, she stared into the mirror. Willow was looking back, the desire in her eyes nearly melting the glass.

Tara moved her thigh up until it nudged the apex of Willow's legs. Willow shuddered, gripping the sink and pushing back against the weight. Still gazing into the reflection, Tara brushed the redhead's hair to the side and licked along the collarbone. Her eyes never left their focus as she repeated the gesture on Willow's neck and flicked her tongue across an earlobe.

It was agony. Sweet, mouth-watering agony and Willow loved every second. She was anxious to have the blonde resemble her present unclothed state, and so she moved a hand back, tugging on Tara's shirt.

"Shouldn't a shower include a... shower," the last word was gasped out. Tara pressed her leg up further until Willow was practically on her tiptoes.

"What's the matter, sweetie," she added more pressure, feeling moisture against her thigh as Willow grunted. "Aren't you wet enough?"

The redhead whimpered an inaudible response. The sexy smile that appeared on Tara's face reduced her to a puddle. Fluidly, she weakly reached back again.

Willow gripped Tara's clothing, indicating that she wanted them gone. Tara smiled into green eyes as she removed her leg and backed away. Following with her eyes, Willow turned to face her lover with an almost wicked grin.

Tara leisurely removed her shirt as if she had all the time in the world. However, the look in Willow's eyes told her otherwise. She unsnapped her bra, covering her breasts with her forearm as the material fell to the floor. The couple continued watching each other, and as the blonde moved her arm, she swore she could see Willow's nipples harden.

Willow felt the skin of her nipples bunch together until tightening painfully. But the pain was more pleasurable as she saw more skin become exposed. She was antsy, trying to stop herself from rushing toward Tara and ruining the blonde's clothes. Not so patiently, she waited until the last barrier fell away and charged. Quickly spinning Tara so that she was now slanting over the sink, Willow marveled at the sight.

Breasts pushing into Tara's back, Willow leaned in, cupping her hands over soft orbs of skin. She squeezed rosy peaks between fingertips and was rewarded with a strained gasp and the sight of Tara's smoky eyes. Their eyes had connected in the glass again as Willow began periodically reducing and increasing the pressure of her fingers. It was Tara's turn to squeal loudly, flooding the inner confines of her labia until liquid escaped.

"Go-," Tara tried to speak but found it harder as Willow began rocking into her.

"What's that, Tara?" The redhead asked, eyes half closing when she sped up. Tara struggled to keep her gaze from wavering. The emotions jumping across Willow's face were unbearable for Tara to watch, especially since she was trying not to climax too soon.

Turning in Willow's hands, Tara captured her lover's mouth in a fierce kiss. Lifting so that she was half standing, half sitting, the blonde pulled Willow between her legs.

"Still want that shower?" She asked, nuzzling Willow's neck and placing scattered kisses on her face. She heard something that might've been a ‘yes' as she massaged Willow's back.

The water was warm against their skin, pouring gently and drenching their already soaked bodies.

Willow's hand had found the outer folds of Tara's vulva. She circled around the spot, gathering honey and reaching in further. The redhead dipped and pulled as if playing an instrument and Tara's moans became the evidence of her talent. Pressing a lonely finger into the heated channel, Tara's hips jolted forward, her head barely hitting the tiled wall.

Raising one of her legs, the blonde hooked it around Willow's waist, pulling Willow and the digit further inside. A low gurgle echoed from the base of her throat as water bounced off her moaning lips. She rocked her hips forward, riding Willow's unmoving hand as the redhead's mouth found her erect nipple.

Willow suckled the aroused tip into her mouth, ever so often, blazing her tongue across the top and sides. Tara's hands squeezed her ass, traveling up to the small of her back, her blunt nails leaving white tracks. The redhead's hand moved upward, pressing hard against Tara's clit as her other hand moved behind the blonde.

Tara felt the double assault as one of Willow's hands rubbed her labia from behind while the other focused on her swollen clit. As she worked, Willow didn't miss a beat as she switched to the other sensitive pebble. Green eyes looked up into Tara's face, memorizing the sight and sounds as her girlfriend drew closer.

In a moment of pure bliss, Tara's barely focused eyes found those of her lovers. Using her weak limbs, she managed to pry eager lips away from her breast and to her mouth. The blonde sucked on the tip of Willow's tongue as the redhead's hands circled faster. Everything was heightened as Tara desperately tore her mouth away from Willow's. Sucking in a lung full of air, she could feel the print of Willow's finger prickle the underside of her clit, and a new flood poured from within.

She was so close. Lips latched to the side of her throat, sucking hard. So close. So... close. So... the words were lost as her stomach muscles fluttered, shattering under the intensity of her orgasm. Her screams vibrated the drops of water falling from the showerhead, and echoed into every pore on Willow's body.

Arms held her tight as she threatened to dissolve. Willow whispered lovingly into her ear when her head fell onto the redhead's shoulder. Aftershocks still racked her body as she sorely lowered her leg back onto the tub's surface.

"Breathe, baby," Willow murmured for the second time. It was a good thing that they were both already in the shower. Otherwise, the redhead knew they'd be cleaning the bathroom for days. She was still highly aroused and watching Tara reach her peak, only strengthened her need.

As if reading her lover's mind, Tara took another shaky breath and crushed her lips against Willow's. It was clear that the redhead needed release and fast, and Tara was more than happy to help her out. Sure she wanted to take it slow, just as Willow had, but there was nothing unromantic about a quick release.

Pulling her mouth away, her lips curled into a lopsided smile as she backed Willow onto the side tile. There was a bar above the soap dish, and although it was short, it was just the right size to test Willow's strength. Sinking to her knees, random strands of blonde hair stuck to Willow's thighs as they were lifted onto Tara's shoulders.

Fearing that she would fall, Willow quickly grabbed the bar with both arms behind her back. Tara supported the majority of her lower weight, so the redhead wasn't straining much as her feet left the ground.

The first stroke was slow, from bottom to top as Tara collected every drop of her lover's taste. As she made the second stroke, her flat tongue tightened as it glided upward and inward. The blonde pulled Willow's legs further apart until her labia spread wide enough for her nose to bump the enlarged heart of her lover's core.

Willow breathed deeply through her nostrils, releasing the air through a shaky moan. She felt Tara's tongue delve deeper and circle the inner walls as the blonde's nose danced with her clit. From side to side, the trembling knob throbbed and stiffened until Willow's thighs began to shake. Hot liquid streamed down onto Tara's chin as she replaced her nose with her lips. Drawing the bundle into her mouth, she suctioned lightly, increasing the tension and pulling.

Floating, Willow rocked forward, groaning when Tara followed her every move, firmly locked. The blonde bit down slowly... slowly... pulling...


Willow's body quaked with a violent release as she struggled to hold onto the slippery bar. Her head thrashed around as Tara prolonged her orgasm by pushing two fingers into her opening. The redhead's body gripped the fingers, sucking hungrily and freeing another rush of fluid.

Limp, Willow literally slid down the wall and joined Tara at the bottom. She tasted herself on Tara's lips and rested her forehead against the blonde's.

"Breathe," Tara repeated her girlfriend's earlier advice.

"Sleepy," Willow mumbled between breaths. Nodding, Tara helped her girlfriend out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel before grabbing one for herself. They could take a proper shower in the morning, but for now, all she wanted to do was curl into a comfy bed and sleep.

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