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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

Tara sat on the bed and motioned for Willow to join her. The redhead dutifully accepted the offer and sat beside her girlfriend, hip to hip. The earlier teasing had been enough to set her system on overdrive but the soft caress of Tara's lips against her neck, flooded her body anew. Her fingers walked from Tara's thigh to her hip, before settling on the curve of the blonde's breast. However, it didn't stay long as Tara brought the hand to her lips while she nuzzled down from the redhead's neck to her collarbone.

"Not yet," Tara's cool whisper formed small bumps on Willow's flushed skin. She wasn't yet finished with baiting her lover, though she was already well aware of Willow's potent arousal.

Willow's lip stuck out in the cutest way, and Tara had to stop herself from giving in. The redhead's pout grew more defined, but quickly disappeared under the gentle weight of Tara's kiss. Sucking the stubborn lip into the warmth of her mouth, the blonde nibbled first and then used her tongue to further explore the smoothness along Willow's cheek. All thoughts forgotten, Willow relaxed into the gentle probing until Tara pulled back and began kissing around her face, leaving no portion untouched.

Tara leaned forward until her body followed Willow's into the mattress. She kissed her partner as if she were imprinting memories into the redhead's skin, one inch at a time. Happy when she felt Willow unwind and release herself into her touch, the blonde lowered her sights. But as she reached the slope of Willow's breast, she paused and wordlessly admired the beauty before her. Tara's eyes found green orbs curiously gazing into her blues, and she reached up to place a small peck against Willow's mouth. Although chaste, the kiss held every ounce of passion Tara felt for the woman beneath her.

Shifting back to her previous spot, the blonde rested her head against Willow's chest. Pillowed by Willow's breast, she listened to the soft rhythmic thumps of the redhead's heart, smiling when it skipped a beat. Tara felt arms wrap around her back as Willow kissed the crown of her head, and for a moment, she was completely lost. But it was too early to surrender into the safety of the embrace. She reminded herself that she had other plans first, then... then it would be okay.

Fingers spread, her palm traced the curves of Willow's stomach, eliciting a groan from above. Tara reluctantly left the presence of Willow's neighboring heart and rose from the bed. Willow, whose eyes had been closed, looked up at the sudden lose of Tara's body. But the blonde merely smiled at her lover.

"Scoot up onto the bed." Willow's legs had been dangling over the end of the mattress, and Tara needed her further up for her next move. The redhead complied and used her arms to slide up the bed until her head rested near the headboard. She waited for the blonde to rejoin her, but Tara continued staring down at her. Mixtures of admiration and arousal swam across Tara's features, but still, she didn't move.

"Turn over onto your belly," the blonde softly requested. Tara's unmoving stance and the desire in her eyes only heightened Willow's anticipation as she rolled onto her stomach.

Tara's breath hitched when Willow turned and without further words, she crawled up until she straddled the back of the redhead's thighs. Willow moaned when Tara's breast pressed into her back, her own breast pushed into the sheets as her erect nipples made grooves in the material. The blonde brushed red locks to the side, kissing along the back of Willow's neck, and then trekking down to sharp shoulder-blades. With her tongue, Tara traced the outline, placing kisses on the wings of her angel.

Lifting Willow's arms from her side, Tara gently laid them on the pillow beside Willow's head, leaving her knuckles grazing the wood of the headboard. The blonde's hands traveled down, making the redhead giggle when she softly tickled her underarm. Long fingers scraped over the round edges of Willow's breast, which peeked from the sides, before stopping to massage her lover's flexing back. While her hands worked, her mouth kept busy along Willow's spine and the curve of her ass.

Willow clinched the muscles of her behind when she felt Tara's nipples sliding across her skin. Her body was like wax, melting from Tara's fiery kisses, and she felt herself pooling onto the sheets. She fretfully jerked her leg, signaling for Tara to stop torturing her, but to no avail. In fact, the little movement only strengthened the blonde's resolve as her hands moved lower down Willow's back, down her butt, and rested on the backs of her legs. She placed feather-light touches on the skin behind the redhead's knee, and smiled into the small of Willow's back when her lover wiggled.

The redhead groaned in playful frustration, but yielded and let herself drown in Tara's lazy strokes. When she thought Willow couldn't take much more, the blonde rose up into a kneeling position over Willow's calves. Shortly after, she gently tugged on the side of her lover's stomach until Willow mimicked her pose.

Both women were now resting on their knees as their bodies pressed into each other. Blonde hairs prickled against Willow's ass as the redhead braced herself against the brim of the headboard. Allowing her head to drop back onto Tara's shoulder, Willow gasped as the blonde's lips left trails from her jaw to the patch of skin behind her ear.

Still adoring her partner's face in kisses, Tara's hand snaked around Willow's front. Cupping the firm breast into her palms, she moaned when the stiff nipples bounced back into place as she repeatedly massaged up and down. A single hand strayed lower, coming to hover over dewy, red curls. As Tara ground her own wetness into Willow's behind, she twisted a few, short red hairs between her fingers before sinking the tip of her longest finger into Willow's warmth.

Once she reached the slippery tunnel, she curved the probing digit upward and slowly rubbed the inner rim. While Tara continued her agonizingly slow massaging of Willow's core, the redhead rocked her hips back, desperately trying to take more of Tara into herself.

"Shh," Tara soothed as she sensed Willow's frustration, "relax, Baby." Her breath washed over Willow's body, and the redhead shook as the chill ran down her spine.

Willow's pout twisted into a straggled moan when Tara lightly pinched her nipple, the delicious sting making her shiver and quake. Tara felt warm liquid dripping through her fingers and onto the bed, as Willow's body pulsated around her. Releasing the breast she was teasing, her hand trekked to the damp apex of Willow's legs. Repositioning herself so that one of Willow's bent legs rested between hers, Tara spread the redhead's knees further apart, careful not to lose her own balance. Satisfied with how her body aligned with Willow, Tara used two fingers from her left hand, to pull the honey coated labia apart. Dipping into the folds, the blonde circled the inner wall as she leaned into her lover.

Willow gasped, her lungs searching for air as Tara finally pushed further into her body before adding another finger. The blonde whispered words of encouragement when Willow's hips bucked back, allowing her fingers to reach deeper. Closing her eyes and moving her head beside Willow's, Tara sighed when the redhead sweetly captured her lips. As Tara's thrusting digits moved faster, Willow loosened her grip on the board and reached back with her left arm.

With a sweaty hand, she pulled Tara's body more into her as the blonde began rocking harder against her body. Knowing that her lover needed release as bad as she did, Willow found the small pebble jutting out between Tara's labia and with ardent fingers, she dove in. A loud groan echoed in Tara's throat. Willow's erratic breathing and the blunt nail scraping the underside of her clit, was now becoming too much for the blonde.

She pressed closer into her lover, dimly aware that Willow was now supporting the majority of their combined weight. The blonde curled her fingers, rotating the soreness from her stiffening wrist, while at the same time, continuing to pleasure her trembling girlfriend. Grinding faster against Willow, the blonde layered her partner's shoulder with wet kisses as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

It felt as if tiny grains of sand were trapped behind her lids, as her core fluttered and her fingers sped up, taking the sounds in the room to a crescendo. They released simultaneously, colors flashed before their eyes as dozens of tremors made every nerve in their bodies, twitch and cry out. Willow was the first to calm as her sluggish limbs gave out, causing her to topple onto the bed. Seconds later, Tara followed, her quivering body sprawling out halfway on Willow's back and the mattress.

Still panting, the women lazily stared at each other in awe, neither one had the strength to kiss the other, so they settled on satisfied grins. Willow's eyes drooped as she fought to stay awake, but it was useless. Seeing the same conclusion on Tara's face, the redhead allowed sleep to overcome her.

"I love you," she managed to whisper before darkness took over.

At those three short words, Tara's eyes snapped open, her tiredness completely forgotten. She gazed over at Willow, wondering if the woman was aware of what she'd said, but Willow was fast asleep. Tears quickly filled her eyes and she leaned over, pressing her lips to Willow's, before rising to hover above her ear.

Although, she knew that Willow was probably too far gone to hear her, Tara softly recited her heart's message. Sinking back into the pillow, a warm, single tear ran down her face as Willow subconsciously wrapped her into a loose hug. Surrendering to sleep, she missed when Willow's lips twitched and the redhead smiled, taking Tara's words into her dreams.

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