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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"Hey Willow, you might want to get your deposit back from the psych-ward," Buffy said as she joined the others in cleaning up for the night. "Anya's going to be fine." She had just finished calling Xander for any information on his girlfriend's condition. "He didn't say what was wrong with her. And all I could hear was someone moaning, 'Captain Hard-hat', in the background, and then the line went dead."

The blonde chef stopped and thought about what she'd just said, before a look of horror crossed her features. The same look mirrored on Tara and Willow's faces, but the redhead added a visible shudder.

"Why don't you like Anya?" Tara broached the subject as they continued cleaning, "I m-mean, besides her lack of tact." Her fingers brushed across the broomstick in Willow's hand while the manager swept the floor.

"Do I have to give just one reason?" Willow muttered, her eyebrows drew up in concentration as she collected the fallen crumbs from the ground.

"Oh, s-she isn't that bad," Tara smiled, remembering Anya's tempting proposal when Leah had been in town. When Willow raised an 'are you kidding me' eyebrow at her, a wild idea suddenly popped into Tara's mind.

"We should all go out sometime." She was a little surprised that she was suggesting any sort of social gathering, especially since it was the very thing she often steered clear of in high school. "T-Tomorrow night?"

Willow had stopped sweeping and stared incredulously from Buffy's agreeing nod, to her partner's gentle eyes.

"I'd rather parade around four dozen people, singing the Flashdance theme song, in my underwear." The redhead said, somewhat serious.

"It was the only song I knew." Buffy whined, her face scrunching into a childish frown as she protested. "And anyway, that might actually be fun," she backtracked. "I mean, the going out part." She rid her mind of the old flashback from elementary school, and changed back to the subject.

Faith had left awhile ago, having remembered that she had a few errands to run, and Buffy couldn't wait to see the brunette again. A public place wasn't exactly what she was presently fishing for, but being with the other woman in public... as a couple, was equally pleasing. She frowned. At least she hoped that they were officially a couple now, especially after their kitchen smoochies.

Tara playfully nudged her girlfriend, waiting for the redhead's answer. Willow bit her lip and looked into the clear eyes before her. It was going to be torture. Pure torture. But one glance into Tara's penetrating blue orbs, and Willow was lost.

"Okay, but just this one night." She softened under Tara's gaze. Buffy shook her head at her smitten best friend, and smiled to herself. At the response, Tara's face lit up and she placed a soft, satisfying kiss against Willow's cheek before getting back to work.

The next night came rather quickly, much to Willow's disappointment. The day had gone well enough. Customers came and went, some of which Willow noticed to be regulars, and others as first timers. Either way, business was great, so why was the redhead so frustrated as she fumbled with her wraparound skirt.

"Okay, so first you wrap, then you clip." Buffy's head poked in from the hallway to Willow's room. The sighs and muttered words coming from the room had caught Buffy's attention, so she went to see what the problem was.

The blonde watched, amused, as her best friend once again tried to fasten the skirt. But the light material Willow was fussing with, looked more like the toga from hell rather than a simple skirt.

"Screw it, I'm wearing slacks," the redhead finally balled the skirt up and threw it back into the closet before grabbing the caramel colored slacks. She donned the suede material with a cream turtleneck and a pair of brown boots.

"Aww," Buffy chuckled. "Listen, Willow, I know you're not too big on this whole dinner thing, but it'll only be for a few hours. And Tara will be there." She knew she had her roommate's attention now.

After a Tara-less evening the previous night, the redhead felt as if she were having withdrawal symptoms. The couple had chosen to spend the night apart, to give each other a little breathing room, though it was something neither girl really wanted. Except that lately, Willow had been feeling a little guilty for neglecting her best friend time with Buffy. It had been awhile since they had their usual 'best friends' day', so they decided to plan for something later in the week.

However, just because Willow couldn't physically see her lover, doesn't mean the two didn't find other ways to be together. The redhead blushed as she remembered waking up with the phone practically glued to her face. A result of too much drool the night before.

Buffy playfully rolled her eyes, having some clue as to what caused her friend to blush so deep. Earlier in the morning, the only greeting she had for Willow had been, "thin walls," before she grouchily dragged herself to the bathroom.

"So are you ready now?" Buffy glanced at her watch while Willow combed her hair back into a ponytail. Knowing that she'd see Faith, the cook rummaged through her closet and had picked the most revealing outfit she could find. Which really wasn't that hard to do.

"Yeah," Willow nodded, checking herself over again. Satisfied with what she saw, the two headed out.

(Note: The song lyrics are from Euphoria (Firefly) by Delerium)

And I have loved
And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learned
As long as you are true
To the life that you live
This is the time to feel love

Love. Tara couldn't stop smiling as she stood in front of her bedroom mirror while the song flowed through the speakers. Did she love Willow? Or was it too soon to be thinking about that? A small part of her mind questioned the growing feeling in her heart. Well, you didn't exactly wait a whole millisecond before jumping in the sack, Tara. The other part of herself countered, causing the blonde to redden.

I feel a stirring deep within
Slowly picking up momentum
Like a tide coming in to shore
Over and under in its course
This feeling emblazed inside

Singing along as she put her earrings on, the blonde felt her stomach flutter from memories of that night, and every night which followed.

Every nerve like a firefly
Hovering above me
Glow, Glow
Glowing divine
Every nerve like a firefly

Arms wrapped around her waist as she swayed to the music. Soft lips nuzzled her neck, moving slowly up and around, inspired by the cadence of the song. No words were spoken as Willow pressed into her partner from behind, her breast gently forming into Tara's back. The blonde's breath hitched as she felt the redhead's moist tongue tracing along her jaw-line. Blunt teeth decorated her earlobes with light bites and wet licks. Trembling, Tara could feel long eyelashes tickle her cheekbones, sending waves of pleasure to her core.

Every nerve like a firefly
This feeling emblazed inside
Every nerve like a firefly
I never want to lose
What I have finally found

"Willow." Tara turned, her mouth yearning to taste... air? The spell was broken. Her lover's arms disappeared into a spiral of clouds. The blonde looked around, dizzy and confused, until a car horn sounded again, reminding her of where she was.

There's a requiem
A new congregation
And it's telling me

Regaining some of her composure, she checked herself over a final time.

Go forward and walk
Under a brighter sky

Tara waved and smiled down to the car in the parking lot before grabbing her keys.

Every nerve, glowing like a firefly
Glow, Glow, Divine
Glow, Glow, Divine
Every nerve like a firefly, glowing
Every nerve like a firefly, glow

She shut the door, remembering to leave the light on.

The group of six packed into the circular table just beyond the main entrance of the crowded restaurant.

"Hi, my name is Rosalyn, and I'll be your waiter for the night." The waiter greeted the group with menus' and beverages. The young woman was attractive, with dark red hair and bluish gray eyes. They all smiled at the newcomer, but some of the smiles lingered a little too long.

Mistaking Faith's appreciative glance toward the waiter as flirting, Buffy frowned and looked down at the outfit she had chosen for the night. She had noticed the brunette's slack-jaw expression upon meeting her outside the restaurant, but now it seemed that the effects were wearing off.

"I had fun last night," Tara whispered next to Willow's ear, her finger unconsciously drew circles on the redhead's thigh. Willow stiffened, too caught in the movement to respond.

"What happened last night?" Eavesdropping Anya curiously inquired. She was sitting on Tara's other side, and with a bit of straining, happened to hear what the blonde said.

Tara eyes' grew wide and her hand sprung back onto her own lap. Willow smiled, wondering if she should actually tell Anya the truth.

Well Anya, last night, Tara brought me to an earthshattering orgasm that was so good, that the entire phone company needed a smoke. Deciding against the truth, Willow played coyly and allowed a secret smile to play across her lips.

"Nothing. W-We, um..." Tara bit her lip in embarrassment.

"You had sex." Anya loudly concluded, knowing the obvious signs all too well.

"They weren't even together last night." Buffy rolled her eyes before shyly glancing at Faith. The young woman had been staring at her, openly showing the happiness in her eyes.

"They had phone-sex." The blonde tried again. Bingo! A red light clicked on in her head when Willow and Tara stammered and looked down. "Ooh, that's-."

"So guys, I've been thinking about dyeing my hair," Buffy interrupted, giving her friends some much needed help by changing the subject.

"What color?" Xander asked, also glad for the topic change. Sitting at a table full of women, lesbians no less, was starting to get to him in ways that Anya wouldn't appreciate.

"Red." Buffy frowned at the silence. "What? I'd look nice with red hair." She looked to her redheaded best friend for support, but Willow's eyebrows were nearly pushed into her hairline.

Faith scratched and tilted her head, trying to picture Buffy with auburn tresses, but unfortunately, it wasn't working. All of her fantasies included a blonde Buffy, and she was in no hurry to change them.

"You, with red hair?" Anya cackled. "Yeah, if you strap firecrackers to her roots and let me light the fuse." Xander groaned and dropped his head in one hand.

"Well, if you go any blonder, you're gonna float." Buffy glared. Tara choked on her water and felt Willow's soothing hand rub her back.

"Whatever Sparky." Anya scoffed.

"Look Anya, it's dark outside! Shouldn't you be out stealing souls by now?" Buffy shot back. The remaining four at the table watched the verbal squabble go back and forth, none of them knowing when nor if they should cut in.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Anya looked around at the others before focusing back on Buffy.

"Oh, that's right." The blonde cook snapped her fingers. "Couldn't grasp that one with all the air in your head, could you?"

Anya's jaw dropped, but just as she was about to fire another insult, the waiter came back to their table. After taking their orders, Rosalyn scurried off, having seen the death glares that two of her customers were giving each other.

"Maybe this wasn't s-such a g-good idea," Tara spoke quietly, as she stared at her lap.

"Oh no Tara," Xander waved his hand, trying to ease the young woman's negative thoughts, "they're always bickering this way. It's kind of like a Wednesday night ritual." He meaningfully nudged his girlfriend's leg.

"Right," Anya dropped her daggers, "I'm always like this with Sparky." She forced an even smile.

"Uh, enough with the hair jokes please." Willow cut in before Buffy could respond. The blonde dismissed Anya's jab, finally noticing that Faith hadn't said anything since they arrived. She made a note to speak to the brunette about it later, when they had more privacy.

Shortly after their meals arrived, the group ate in a peaceful silence... at least for the moment.

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