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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"Are you okay?" Buffy asked. She had been watching Tara for the past ten minutes, and not once had the blonde flinched as she leaned on the counter with a dreamy haze covering her eyes.

"Mmm, yes." The dazed waiter responded. She smiled, turning her head slightly but not directly looking at Buffy, and the cook could sense that the sexy, almost secretive grin wasn't aimed at her. She shrugged, looked once more at Tara's reddening cheeks, and left her to her daydreaming.

Tara hardly noticed Buffy leave as memories flashed in her mind. Like pressing rewind on a video tape, the blonde played back to her previous thoughts.

Tara had woken early before dawn, to find Willow slumbering beside her. Carefully, as not to wake the redhead, Tara inspected her partner and gently leaned over to gaze at Willow's peaceful face. The sleeping figure was whispering lightly in her sleep, and Tara moved in more, trying to catch what Willow was saying. Unable to make out Willow's soft mumbles, Tara gave up and shifted her focus to the body pressed against her.

Willow had been so sweet and gentle during the previous hours and Tara couldn't help but to feel a little guilty for falling asleep so early. Wanting to make amends, an idea popped into the blonde's head and she smiled wickedly before pulling back the blanket that covered both their bodies. Taking a moment to simply admire Willow, she rested her head against the redhead's chest and smiled when she heard the soft thumps. Synchronizing herself with Willow's breathing, she placed kisses along the smooth skin every time the redhead inhaled.

Moving lower, she looked up when she reached the slope of Willow's breast. Glad that her girlfriend remained sleeping, Tara pressed her lips to the blunt nipple, hoping to awaken it. Adding the tip of her tongue, she smiled when the pink flesh obliged and stiffened to meet her lips. Glancing upward again, Tara frowned this time, having hoped that Willow would've woken by now. But only the redhead's closed lids met her gaze and she redoubled her efforts and moved to Willow's other breast, trying the same technique.

Kissing down the valley, she stopped at the navel and sucked lightly on the patch of skin above it. This time Willow did react, but not the way Tara had wanted.

"Stop that," Willow chastised sleepily and lifted her hand into the air, swinging within inches of Tara's head as she giggled softly. Tara froze and watched the redhead with a disappointed frown, not believing how Willow could still be asleep. Crawling up the bed, she hovered over her girlfriend, trying to catch any sign to show that Willow was actually awake, but found nothing.

Coming face to face with her partner, Tara's moist center brushed lightly against Willow's stomach.

"Slippery frogs on the tree," the redhead snorted and laughed again. Getting slightly frustrated, and a little turned on from Willow's skin against hers, Tara held back the urge to shake her girlfriend into wakefulness.

Chewing on her lip, the blonde searched her brain for a different approach and settled on something a little more suitable.

"Will-ow." She whispered close enough, so that her breath blew Willow's eyelashes. Still, there was no response.

"Willow." She brushed the redhead's cheek with a crooked finger.

"Psst, hey you." By some miracle, she finally got through. Willow slowly blinked up at her.

"Hi," Tara grinned innocently, "were you asleep?" Willow continued staring and Tara nervously shifted her weight above the prone body.

"God, you're beautiful," Willow finally spoke, though it was more of a groggy whisper. The blonde turned crimson, but accepted the compliment with a kiss.

"I didn't mean to wake you." Liar. "You just looked like you were having a bad dream." Hey, there's some truth in that. She hates frogs.

"Mmhmm," Willow barely paid attention, for she was mesmerized by something else. Her hands cupped Tara's breast and began to gently squeeze.

Tara's body responded immediately to the touch. Stop that. You woke her up so you could... So you... could... "Yes," she moaned when Willow rubbed her thumbs over the nipples.

Okay, okay. Focus. The blonde told herself and reluctantly took Willow's hands from her chest and laced their fingers together. Willow groaned at the loss of contact, but forgot her protests when Tara leaned down to kiss her own breast. Retracing the steps she'd done while Willow was sleep, Tara released the redhead's hand and had to move down lower to escape Willow's nimble fingers. Or else she would never reach her goal.

The blonde dipped her tongue into the smooth navel and was rewarded with a soft sigh from above. She wiggled her tongue from side to side a few times before licking lower until she reached the mound of red curls. Having been dreaming about this all night, Tara stopped and simply stared. At least until the wiggling of Willow's hips, told her to get to it.

It was clear that Willow was as wet and ready as she was, and didn't need any further buffering, but still Tara held back a little. Teasing the soft hair with her nose, Tara added a finger to the mix and used her blunt nail to circle the crease of Willow's center. Using the same finger, she tickled the pink button and used her other hand to spread the glistening labia as her fingertip continued working Willow into a frenzy.

Above, the redhead silently begged for Tara's tongue and she squeaked in approval when she finally got it. Like a soft tornado, the slender muscle twisted around her clit, back and forth until Willow thought she would scream. Using both her thumbs, Tara spread the lips wider, getting a clear view of Willow's entrance and drove her tongue in as far as it could go.

The new sensation had the redhead squeezing Tara's body tightly with her calves. And finding the pain a little pleasurable, the blonde plunged deeper and sucked as the sweetness stuck to her taste buds. The blonde pulled out and took a moment to catch her breath before maneuvering back in. Only this time, instead of keeping her tongue tight, she flattened it a little and began curling it as if she were making waves. Willow gasped, digging her feet into Tara's ribs and bucked up as the blonde's tongue continued flexing within her.

Breathing deeply through her nose, Tara let Willow set the rhythm and moved her thumb rapidly over the redhead's swollen clit. The headboard banged against the wall as Willow hissed and thrashed on the bed, signaling her powerful release. But it didn't stop there. Tara lapped greedily as the nectar rose to the surface and after she had drunk most of it, she slipped two fingers into Willow's twitching core, prolonging the redhead's orgasm.

Willow pressed down, riding Tara's hand until she came twice more and was too exhausted to continue.

"No, more," Willow panted, "I can't..." she finished her sentence with a groan as she watched Tara licking her fingers clean. The blonde was unbelievably turned on and had to stop her hand from snaking down between her thighs, knowing that just one swipe could send her over the edge.

Willow noticed Tara's wandering hands and felt inclined to help her out. "Come up here," she said, still catching her breath. Though her limbs were like jelly, other parts of her body still functioned.

Tara quirked her eyebrow questioningly, but straddled the redhead's hips.

"Higher," Willow gave her girlfriend a knowing look and Tara shivered but complied.

"Are you sure?" The blonde asked, her voice full of concern though her body told her to be quiet. When Willow nodded, she shuffled up and stopped when she hovered over the redhead's waiting mouth.

Finding a little strength in her arms, Willow pulled Tara down by her hips and began collecting the straying rivers of honey. Drowning her chin in the sweet stickiness, the redhead motioned for Tara to move her hips and gently ride her probing tongue. The blonde lurched forward against the headboard and held on tightly while Willow's fingers left half-moon imprints on her soft hips.

Shuddering each time Willow's nose brushed against her sensitive nerves, Tara's breast bounced frantically as she ground hard against her lover's mouth. The blonde's legs began to shake violently as she struggled to hold on, but it was hopeless. Her words went from whimpers, to shrieks, to being speechless as a thunderous orgasm ripped through her entire body.

Willow wiped her face and smiled when Tara's sweaty body slid down, like a puddle, next to her. Sharing kisses, they cuddled and slept for the rest of the night.

Tara blinked, clearing her throat while she toned back into the conversations around her.

"How do I tell her?" Willow and Buffy were chatting near the kitchen door. Business was slow, and those who were there had already been helped, so the girls decided to take a little break.

As usual, Anya was present, having begged to stay when the restaurant opened hours ago. She had promised to be ‘good' and whined about being left alone all the time by Xander, while the young man worked. But when asked why she wasn't out trying to find a job of her own, the blonde scoffed and waved her hand, dismissing the question.

"Just tell her how you feel," Willow shrugged and smiled over at Tara before turning back to her best friend. " could always try Anya's stalking approach."

The eavesdropping blonde huffed, "For the last time, it was not stalking... it was observing. There is a difference," Anya rolled her eyes, remembering how she met Xander.

"So Buffy has a thing for Faith? Why am I not surprised?" she snorted and quickly shut up when Willow's eyes narrowed. "I was being good," she muttered while walking off.

"But what if she thinks I'm crazy or... or she doesn't feel the same way that I do?" Buffy shook her head, "I don't know. Maybe I'll just spill everything when I see her... Ooh, I could write a letter." She frowned, gnawing on her fingernail, "No, that's too childish." The cook would've continued rambling to herself, but Willow cut in.

"Well, uh," the redhead chuckled nervously and looked over Buffy's shoulder, "you better think of something quick, because she's on her way in here."

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