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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"What's taking them so long?" Buffy whined, growing tired of watching the static on the television screen.

"Do you really wanna know?" Faith smirked when she heard the muffled voices coming from the other room.

Buffy's eyes followed the direction, "In my kitchen?" Her face bunched in horror as she rose from her place on the floor. Willow and Tara seemed oblivious to the situation and continued talking low and giggling to each other every now and then. Faith shook her head at the couple, not bothering to mask the smile on her face.

"Relax B, I'm sure Xander just put it on the wrong setting or something," she gently reached out to stop the blonde. Buffy felt a small tremor in her stomach, but shook it off as hunger as she huffed and sat back down.

Faith's hand had followed her movement and continued to graze against Buffy's skin, only retracting when the blonde gave her a quick sideway glance. Buffy's brows knitted and she blinked several times to clear her thoughts, but said nothing.

Both girls continued staring at the fuzzy screen, lost in their own thoughts. At least until an almost hysterical giggle, brought them both out of their daydreams. The redhead was blushing for head to toe, while Tara tried to hide her face behind her long tresses, clinching her stomach muscles to stop her laughter. The couple was sitting on the far end of the couch, away from the others and had been so deeply engrossed in each other, that they had forgotten that they weren't alone.

Buffy cleared her throat, wanting to know what all the fuss was about. But somehow she already knew, especially when neither girl could hold her gaze long enough, without reddening.

"Crunchy goodness," Xander grinned as he and Anya entered the living room. Carrying one bowl of popcorn, he set the other bowl on the table in front of the girls.

"It's burnt," Willow pouted, observing the blackened kernels.

"It's crunchy," Xander stressed, somewhat sheepishly.

"Burnt," the redhead mumbled, wanting to have the last say. She leaned forward and began picking through the bowl for the lighter pieces.

"Hey, if you don't want it," Anya slapped her hand away, "don't eat it. That's more for me." She moved to grab the bowl and Willow pushed her hand away, just as the other girl had done to her.

"No, it's f-fine," Tara smiled gratefully. Silently, but playfully admonishing Willow, the blonde reached for her partner's hand and began rubbing the area where Anya had slapped it.

"Can we start the next movie now?" Buffy asked. She was suddenly becoming a little skittish, but couldn't figure out why.

"Yeah, put my movie in," Anya excitedly handed the video to Xander.

"Oh no, we're not watching that," Buffy shook her head, looking down at the title. "It took us almost three hours to finish this movie last time."

"So?" Anya shrugged.

"Anya, the actual movie was only an hour and forty five minutes," Buffy explained. She remembered seeing the movie a few weeks ago, as part of Xander's selection for movie-night. But strangely, it was Anya who had rewound back to her favorite part so many times, that the group was left practically wrestling with the blonde for the remote.

Defeated, Anya huffed but didn't argue any further when Buffy put in a different video. Instead, she dug into her grocery bag, pulling a can from the material.

"Where'd you get that?" Willow frowned.

"Uh, I bought it," Anya spoke to the redhead as if she were slow.

"But you're not old enough," her frown deepened slightly.

"They don't know that... besides, what's a few months anyway?" Anya asked, popping the beer can. "I've been twenty-two for three years. If they haven't said anything, why should I?" The store clerk had only glanced at her ID for a brief second, not checking if it was real or not.

Deciding to leave the situation alone, Willow backed down. She turned back to her girlfriend, smiling when she caught something on the blonde's face. Using the tip of her finger, she removed the long, stray eyelash.

"Make a wish."

"I... I think it's already come true," Tara blew the eyelash, sending a tingling sensation across Willow's flesh.

"So do I," the redhead whispered back and pulled Tara more into her body as the opening credits started.

Having heard the conversation, Buffy glanced back at the pair and caught Faith's eye as she was turning back to the television. They were both a little envious, yet only one of them was sure of what she wanted. Turning back to the screen, the room fell silent as the movie started.

The day gradually went by, along with several other movies, and the group found themselves a little sluggish and tired. Xander had already fallen asleep some time ago, and Faith's head lopped back on the sofa as the beginnings of sleep overcame her as well. However, Anya's bloodshot eyes stayed glued to the television. The others had let her put her movie in when they'd finished the other videos and she was determined to watch it, though it wasn't due back for a few days.

Tara stretched as she waited for Willow and Buffy to get back with the extra blankets for everyone. Smiling to herself, she realized that she'd be spending yet another night with Willow. It seemed so long since she'd slept alone, but of course, she wasn't complaining. Snuggling up to the redhead was vastly becoming an addiction for the young woman, and she prayed to never find a cure.

Low moans coming from nearby, shifted the blonde's attention to Faith, whose face twisted in different expressions as she slept. At first, Tara thought Faith was having a nightmare, so she moved to check on the brunette, but froze in her place when the other girls face finally settled with a pleasurable smile. The sleeping figure's lips moved as she whispered and unknowingly Tara repeated the name once it had escaped Faith's mouth. Faith twitched slightly and opened her eyes in time to see Tara bashfully ducking her head.

Embarrassment danced across the blonde's lips as she offered Faith a gentle smile. Faith returned the gesture and ran a hand through her tangled hair, stopping midway.

"Was I" she whispered more to herself as snippets of her dream came back into her mind. The brunette glanced back at Tara, wondering if she'd spoken in her sleep and if the blonde had heard her if she did.

The lopsided smile hadn't vanished from Tara's face, and though there was nothing secretly vindictive about it, Faith knew that the other woman had heard something. Noticing Faith's sudden humiliation, Tara quickly spoke up as Faith sputtered for an excuse.

"I w-won't s-say anything," she reassured, wondering why Faith seemed so stricken about the subtle admission. Tara, on the other hand, thought it was wonderful. And though she hardly knew either of them that well, she did think that Buffy and Faith would make a great couple if they ever decided to pursue a relationship.

"I gotta go," Faith muttered and got to her feet just as Willow and Buffy returned. "I'll...uh, I'll catch you guys later," she said and quickly headed toward the door.

"You don't have to go, we have enough room," Buffy explained as she held a bundle of blankets in her arms. Faith's decline was barely heard as the brunette hurried out of the house.

The girls stared at each other after Faith's hasty departure. "Okay..." Buffy frowned and dropped the comforters on the floor. "You guys can take whatever you need, I'm going to...," she nodded toward the stairs, her thoughts obviously somewhere else.

"Um okay," Willow shrugged, flashing Tara a confused smile as Buffy headed to her room.

The room fell into an awkward silence until they heard a low clink and saw that Anya's sleepy head had fallen against the television screen. It was common knowledge that the young woman was a poor drinker, and Willow grinned deviously at the display. She had no problem leaving Anya in her current position, after all, it would serve her right to wake up with a crick in her neck.

Unfortunately for the redhead, Tara was too kindhearted to leave the blonde where she was, and had persuaded Willow to help her move the sleeping girl next to her boyfriend. After making sure that everything was how it should be, the couple went to bed as well.

The next day, Willow opened the restaurant and business went on as usual. It was a Sunday, so the schedule was a bit different, but nonetheless, several people had shown up to eat.

The doorbell jingled and in walked Anya. She held up her hand before Willow could speak, "Before you ask, Xander had to go into work, and I got bored," she explained and flopped down at one of the empty tables.

"Would you like something to eat?" Tara asked, taking her notepad from her apron.

"Oh hell no... I like my food still bleeding," she chuckled, noticing some of the customers disgusted faces.

"Anya, if you're going to stay here, please behave yourself," Willow groaned. Anya only smirked and began reading through her magazine.

An elderly couple had followed the blonde into the restaurant and had seated themselves near the window.

"Good afternoon," Tara's voice came out clear as she addressed the couple. "What can I get you?" She smiled sweetly as the older woman caressed her husband's balding head.

"Well, let's see here," the customer eyed the menu, pointing to each item for her husband to see. Nodding in a silent agreement, the elder woman spoke. "My Arnie wants one of your number 5's. Oh, but no bread, just the veggie burger. Things don't go down so well for old Arnie here. He likes to suck on the flavor, don't you honey?" She chuckled as the man began smacking his lips together.

"O-Okay," Tara jotted the special order on her pad.

"Well, why don't you just get him some soup?" Tara found herself joined by Anya.

"But my Arnie wants the number 5," the woman argued and gave Anya a disapproving frown. Tara's wide eyes pleaded for Anya to be quiet, but to no avail.

"Well, your Arnie can barely keep his teeth in his head... how's he gonna eat a burger?" Appalled, the elder woman grabbed her husband's hand.

"A-Anya!" Tara scolded

"What? I'm just looking out for his safety. He could croak right there on the table if he tried to eat that burger," Anya reasoned. A few customers had walked out and Willow dropped her head against the counter, whispering 'oh god' over and over. At this rate, by the end of the day there'll be no one left.

"Fine, whatever... it's your lawsuit," she shrugged and walked off.

"I'm s-so s-sorry," Tara stammered and Willow rushed over to aid her partner.

"We'll get you that number 5... on the house," she bit her lip, hoping that the couple wasn't too upset to decline the free meal. She had half the mind to shove the old woman's oak cane halfway up Anya's...

"As I said, it'll be completely free," she repeated as the woman pondered her words. After murmuring a few words to her husband and suggesting that Anya should be fired, the woman accepted. Thankful that they didn't lose another customer, though they should've, Tara went back to turn in the order.

"Anya, you're like the plague," Willow whispered between clinched teeth. "I swear, if you do anything like that again, I'll ban you from this place."

"But... " Anya stopped when the redhead's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I'll go apologize," she grumbled and scuffled across to the table.

"Are you okay?" Tara gently leaned into her girlfriend. Willow sighed and nodded, and the blonde felt the urge to kiss her frown away, but wasn't sure if the gesture would only drive more customers away. She promised herself to make up for the absent kiss, and lightly squeezed Willow's hand before going to help the people who had just entered.

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