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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

Willow willingly followed Tara down the hall, her glazed eyes quickly adjusting to the dark and the figure in front of her. For such a short hallway, the walked seemed endless, or maybe it was just the redhead's racing hormones speaking.

Tara stopped outside the door and turned to her girlfriend. "Willow, are you sure about this?" She asked with a hint of concern. "I mean, I know I might've come on a little s-strong, but if you're not ready, I'll understand." She gently rubbed her thumb over Willow's palm to show that she would accept the other woman's decision.

The soft gesture was distracting to the redhead as she felt blood rushing upward from the region between her thighs, allowing her brain to process what Tara was asking. Willow peered through the darkness at Tara's face, while the blonde patiently waited for a response.

Pondering the question on whether or not she was actually ready, Willow tilted her head to the side and continued to stare at the person before her. Was it too soon for the next step? She wondered. She knew that flirting and kissing were one thing, but actual love-making was different. She felt the chemistry between herself and Tara, and the physical attraction was definitely present, along with desire and hope... but was there love?

"What do you want?" Willow asked, wanting to know how Tara felt. The blonde took a moment and a small smile grew on her lips, "To make you happy," she answered honestly.

"But you do," Willow squeezed the hand within hers, "I'm happy just being here with you. These past few days have been amazing... because of you." She dipped her head in a manner that reminded Tara of herself, "Do you want to wait... at least until we're both sure that it's the right time? Or are you already sure?"

The hopeful tone of Willow's voice wasn't lost on Tara as she bit her lip in uncertainty and sighed lightly, "Maybe it would be best if we waited," as she spoke, her words betrayed her mind and body. Even through the darkness, she could see Willow's crestfallen expression just for a moment before the redhead forced an understanding smile.

"Okay," Willow kept her smile, "we can wait," she nodded, trying to convince herself. Hearing the faint sound of thunder crackling outside, Willing continued, "I uh, I better go before it gets too bad." She could see Tara nod as she began to back away with the blonde's hand still in hers. "So um, do you want to come over tomorrow?" Willow asked, trying to relieve some of the awkwardness as they walked to the front door. "We're supposed to have a barbecue, but if the rain doesn't let up, we'll probably just order pizza or something."

"Okay," Tara whispered, fighting the dull ache she felt inside. Willow was leaving. Some part of Tara...a very large part... wished that the redhead had countered her decision to wait. But she somehow knew that Willow would've never disagreed, even though the arousal was still palpable in her eyes.

"Great," Willow tucked her damp clothing under her arm as she slipped on her shoes. "So I'll see you tomorrow," as she pulled the door open, Tara's hand overlapped hers. Their eyes met and Tara leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on Willow's lips, "Good night," the blonde gave Willow's hand a final squeeze before letting go.

"Good night," Willow whispered back, closing the door behind herself.

Tara sighed heavily as she leaned against the door. A part of her felt the urge to run after Willow... to drag the redhead back and make love to her until neither one could walk, let alone think properly. Yet the other half, wanted their first time together to be special, meaningful, and not just the result of the strong desire, which had coursed through their veins. But Tara knew that in life, sometimes desire was all one could ever need.

With her mind made up, Tara swung the door open to call out for Willow, but was cut off by the pair of firm lips pressing to hers. She stood, shocked, in the doorway until her body relaxed into Willow's embrace.

"I had to...," Willow panted, trying to speak, "I wanted to..." "I know," Tara's simple reply sent shivers down Willow's back as she captured the full lips again. The kiss was slow, yet needy. Passionate, yet chaste, as both girls marveled in each others softness. Tara pulled back to stare into darkened twin pools, and felt her knees go weak from Willow's hungry gaze.

Neither Tara nor Willow were sure about how long it had taken them to reach the bedroom, or how they even managed to get there, and frankly, the answer didn't matter. Tara slowly pushed back, until the bedroom door closed with a soft click and watched as Willow circled the room, stopping when their eyes met.

Refusing to look away, Tara's hand searched along the wall for the light switch, "No... leave it on," Willow smiled, trying not to show her nervousness as Tara's hand dropped away without protest. She reached out to the blonde as she stood in the center of the room, and sighed when Tara's fingers linked with hers. Once close enough, Willow lightly grazed her lips against Tara's familiar skin and was rewarded with a soft moan. Her mouth continued to tease, as if she were seeking permission, until Tara caught her bottom lip and sucked gently. Bringing her hands up to cup Willow's face, Tara released her hold and traced her tongue along Willow's lip, soothing the tender flesh.

Willow pulled at Tara's shirt and added her own tongue, as her hands connected with the smooth skin of Tara's back. As the tips flicked and slid across one another, their heavy breathing echoed throughout the room and they pulled apart briefly, before diving back into another heated kiss. Willow's trailed her blunt nails up and down Tara's back and squeezed as she drew the blonde more into her body. She continued tugging on Tara's shirt while her lips began their journey over the blonde's jaw and down her neck.

Tara swayed and cradled Willow's head as she slowly licked down to her collarbone. The position granted the blonde access to the small patch of skin behind Willow's ear, causing the redhead to visibly shudder as her tongue traveled along the warm surface. Slender fingers soon found their way to Willow's back and began to slowly raise her thin T-shirt. Complying, Willow stepped back to allow the removal of her shirt, then quickly pulled the material from the blonde's body.

Tara swallowed hard, realizing that Willow hadn't kept her bra on after changing earlier. She stared openly and stifled a groan as she boldly reached out. After the first touch, Willow trembled slightly and closed her eyes, letting Tara explore freely. It was only when she felt delicate lips pressing against the top of her breast that she gasped and wound her arms around Tara, bringing her closer. She pulled on Tara's bra straps until they released and tumbled down the blonde's shoulders, then reached behind to unhook the clasp.

Both topless, Willow stepped back to admire the beauty in front of her. She bumped into the bed and sank down, giving her weak legs a break and motioned for Tara to join her. They crawled to the top of the bed and laid facing one another as their hands began to roam again. After what seemed like hours of touching, Willow straddled her girlfriend's hips and gazed into Tara's heavy eyes. She ground her hips down, slow at first, then faster as her body ached for release. Understanding her lover's needs, Tara slid her hands up and cupped Willow's breast. Her fingers spread out until her palms grazed Willow's erect nipples and the redhead drew in a deep breath and rocked her hips harder.

Tara sat up, replacing her hand with her mouth and gently took one of the hard nubs between her lips. She tugged and sucked harder, smiling when she heard Willow moan in approval. Crying out when Willow lightly pinched her nipples, Tara doubled her actions and swirled her tongue around the protruding flesh. Willow squirmed as she felt her arousal soak through panties. She raked her fingers in blonde hair and brought Tara up for a kiss. Breathing hard, Willow pushed then back so that she was hovering over her lover, and returned her attention to Tara's body. She slowly licked down the valley between Tara's chest, while her hands teased across her girlfriend's hip, stopping on the hem of her pants.

Tara whimpered when she felt Willow's teeth skitter around her nipple. The redhead positioned herself so that she was stretched out in between Tara's legs, and continued to lavishly lick the blonde's sensitive areas. She grasped the hem of Tara's pants and slowly began to pull down, stopping only for a moment to make sure Tara was okay. Nodding silently, Tara pressed back and raised her hips as the cotton material slid down her thighs. With a final tug, Willow pulled the pants completely off and tossed them aside. She moved down, rising from the bed, and removed her own clothing before crawling back up to Tara's prone body.

Willow moved to lower herself, but squeaked in delightful shock when Tara flipped her onto her back. Tara's hair curtained around her face and she flashed a crooked grin as her their breast pressed together. The sensation of hot skin shot waves of pleasure into Tara's damp center, and she began grinding her hips down while her mouth searched for Willow's. Groaning, she rubbed harder, feeling Willow's wetness smear against her thigh. Unable to take it any longer, she pushed Willow's panties aside and slid her hand down into the trimmed curls, teasing her fingertips along the slippery folds. She straddled Willow's thigh and started to rub her middle finger between the soaked lips. The redhead bucked, pressing herself more into Tara's hand as she grabbed at Tara's panties. Sensing the urgency, Tara quickly removed them, stripping Willow as well. Repositioning herself, she returned her attention to the crimson curls and licked her lips as the aroma filled her nostrils.

Despite her wild thrashing, Willow pressed two fingers along Tara's opening and gently began to stroke back and forth, without entering her lover. Tara's body clinched and she added another finger, pushing beyond the barrier and deeper into the warm wetness. A low groan surfaced in the back of Willow's throat as she whispered Tara's name and finally sunk her own fingers into the blonde's body. Using her free hand, she grabbed Tara's hip and pushed down as her fingers traveled deeper. Tara arched back and began to ride Willow's hand as her thumb flicked across her lover's swollen clit.

Breathing heavily, they tried to keep their eyes open as they looked at each other, but to no avail. Willow squeezed her lids shut, grunting as she continued to thrust into her girlfriend. Tara leaned forward, resting her palm flat against the bed, and added more pressure to Willow's sensitive bundle. They both felt the familiar tightness in their stomachs, tugging and burning, signaling the beginning of their release. Their lips came together in a fiery kiss as they frantically rode out the waves, screaming into each other's mouths. Jerking from the aftershock, their bodies gradually began to relax. Catching their breaths, they shared a few lazy kisses before sleep overcame them.

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