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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

Soft giggling aroused Tara from her slumber as she took a minute to blink the sleep from her eyes. It was only when she heard the softer laughter again that she realized where she was and who was with her. Willow was sprawled out on top of her, using Tara's chest as a pillow while her arm hung over the blonde's midriff and the edge of the couch.

The night before, when their desire for each other began to increase, the girls decided to slow it down a little. They both knew and agreed that it was too early to go any further than kissing and were content to just hold one another. Shortly after their lazy kisses died down, they eventually allowed sleep to claim them.

Tara looked down at her girlfriend. Girlfriend, she smiled. At least she thought that, that was what last night meant. They hadn't spoken about the specific label, but she hoped Willow felt the same. She was cut off from her musings when the redhead giggled again. A second later, her body jerked and Tara found herself staring down into Willow's sleepy green eyes.

"Hey," Willow yawned and smiled sheepishly. Her hair was matted to one side of her face and she twisted her head so that her chin rested on Tara's right breast. Tara wasn't sure if Willow knew what she was doing as she shifted her head several times, searching for the perfect position. Finally, the blonde couldn't hold it in anymore, as Willow's face grazed the thin material of her shirt and the sensitive skin beneath.

When Tara drew in a sharp breath, Willow finally looked down, "Oh god, sorry... sorry," her eyes grew wide in panic as she fumbled, trying to climb away, "I...," her hand connected with Tara's other breast and she squeaked.

"Willow," the blonde laughed despite her sudden arousal, "m-maybe you should just stay w-where you are. Here...," she moved closer to the edge. Willow's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she lowered her head on Tara's shoulder, "B-Better?"

"Yeah," Willow lightly kissed Tara's collarbone, "I'm sorry about the...," she gestured with her hand, "you know."

"It's all right," Tara shivered at the effect Willow's breathing was having on her exposed neck. She turned and brushed her lips against red eyebrows, "Are you o-okay?"


"You're um... shaking." "Shaking?" Willow raised herself with her elbow. "No, not shaking. Vibrating," Tara frowned, feeling something hum against her leg, "do you have a pager?"

"Oh," Willow shifted a little, wondering why she hadn't felt the soft vibrating, "it's my phone," she dug into her pocket for the small device. She flipped the phone and the screen flashed 'Home'. "It's Buffy," she pulled herself into sitting position and Tara did the same.

When she answered, she noticed the tone of relief in Buffy's voice. "Willow, god I've been calling you all morning and I didn't have Tara's number at the house, to call... you are at Tara's place, right?"

Willow began to roll her eyes but instead they bulged halfway out of their sockets when Tara threw her head back and yawned as she stretched. "Will... Willow?" Buffy's voice echoed through the earpiece.

"Um, uh, yeah," the redhead found the strength to close her mouth and answer, "yeah, I'm here." Tara finished and smiled when she met Willow's gaze. Willow smiled nervously, wondering if Tara knew what she had been looking at. "What's up, Buffy?" She asked.

"So what happened? You were gone all night...and I know you didn't spend the whole time talking," Buffy smirked on the other side.

"Buffy," Willow warned, but couldn't stop the blush that spread across her face. Tara saw the subtle change and secretly wondered what the two were talking about.

"Okay, fine, but I want the details later. Oh, but not all of the details, because-." "Buffy," Willow interrupted her friend's miniature rant.

"Okay, okay. know I'm all for the idea of staying home today, but we were supposed to open two hours ago."

"What?" Panic rose in Willow's eyes, "No, Buffy, it's Saturday... we're not open today." Tara bit her lip as she looked at the clock. It was pushing toward ten and they were supposed to have opened the restaurant at eight.

"Willow, it's Friday."

"Oh god," Willow stood up, "oh god. I'm on my way... are you dressed? Are you ready?" She asked in one breath.

"Yes and yes. Do you want me to just meet you there?"

"No. No, I need to come home anyway," Tara watched as Willow began to pace, "I need to change."

"Okay, but calm down Willow. As long as we're there by eleven, it should be okay," Buffy reassured. They said their 'goodbyes' and Willow continued to pace. "I-I'll g-go change," Tara hurried off before Willow could speak.

A short time later, after a quick stop at Willow's house, the trio pulled up outside of the restaurant.

"What is Anya doing here?" Buffy asked and watched as Anya peered through the window, trying to see past the curtains. When they were closer, Anya turned around, "Well, it's about time," she huffed and moved so that Willow could open the door.

"You know, I finally stop by for one of your plant burgers, and you're not even open," Anya whined, "that's bad for business. Very bad. Do you know how much money you've just lost?"

"Anya," Willow began pulling the curtains up, though the 'closed' sign was still in the window, "spare me your lecture on proper capitalism, and grab an apron. I need you to help Buffy in the kitchen."

"Apron?" Anya backed up, shaking her head, "Oh no. No way am I working here," she continued to back away, "I didn't sign up for this... this is forced labor. This-."

"I'll pay you." Her ears perked up at the magick phrase. "Money?" She smiled and began to move forward.

"Yes Anya, money," Willow sighed, "now would please go help Buffy."

"Okay, but no funny stuff... I know what this place does to people like me," she said before disappearing behind the door.

Willow shook her head, and began removing the chairs from the tabletop. "I'm sorry," the soft whisper came from behind her. Tara was staring at the floor as she took down the chairs from a different table.

"Tara, no," Willow shook her head, already knowing what the blonde was apologizing for, "don't apologize. I don't regret a minute... so please don't think it's your fault." She cupped Tara's face, using her thumb to smooth away the lines of worry, "If anything, I should be apologizing for drooling all over you last night... literally," she joked, feeling Tara smile against her palms.

Buffy walked through the kitchen door and stopped when she saw the tender moment between her friends. She grinned, forgetting what she wanted to ask Willow, and turned back around.

"No apologies. No regrets," Willow stepped closer.

"None," Tara filled the space. The second their lips touched, both girls felt the electricity, like a spark heating up their entire body. Willow dropped her hands and moved them to Tara's back so she could pull the blonde closer. Tara curled her fingers in Willow's hair and deepened the kiss, this time by squeezing her tongue into Willow's inviting mouth. The redhead clutched Tara's shirt, rubbing over the material as her tongue joined Tara's. The two clashed against each other, fighting for dominance until they had no choice but to come up for air.

"Tonight," Willow's tongue flicked Tara's top lip, "will you go out with me?" A moan grumbled in the back of Tara's throat, and all she could do was smile and nod. Soon it was Willow's turn to gasp when Tara traced her parted lips and slipped back in. Their dueling tongues continued to overlap and slide together, emitting groans into the silent room.

Well, almost silent. A loud series of smacks made their lips pull apart with an equally loud pop. Anya leaned against the counter, clapping, "Well, you two certainly know how to put on a show," she smirked and pointed to the window.

Outside, a group of men and even some women were staring, mouth agape, through the glass. The girls managed a brief smile, through the crimson embarrassment of having been watched.

"Food's ready," Anya flashed a cheeky grin, while she unlocked the door and flipped the sign to 'open'. She laughed at the pair's horrified expression as a few members of their 'audience' hurried into the restaurant. Her cackle grew even louder as she turned and walked back into the kitchen.

"Oh god," the couple whispered in unison. It was going to be a very long and painful day.

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