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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The group had carefully walked up the steps and opened the gate at the top, pushing the gate open, Buffy stepped through first and looked around. They had entered a graveyard, a dark graveyard with a closed coffin toward the back surrounded by tombstones.

Buffy could hear something breathing hard and looked around, there was nothing, and unless the Heartless had somehow became invisible, there was nothing there. Willow, too, heard the breathing, and was looking around the area, keeping her guard up, and gripping her blade.

There was nothing behind any of the tombstones, so what was she hearing? The only other thing was the dark purple colored stone creatures sitting on top of the brick fence posts, and nothing else. She quickly turned when Goofy was knocked forward by an unseen attacker. Buffy and Donald had been so much on edge they let a Flare and Thundaga spell fly as soon as Goofy had hollered.

It would have been funny at any other time, but at that time it wasn't. Being in a new world always meant new kinds of Heartless, and if being in a dark graveyard knowing the Heartless were somewhere close by did put you on edge, knowing you'd run into a new one you hadn't seen would.

Faith was next to be hit, and fell forward with long bloody claw marks on her back. What what doing this? And why couldn't they see them? Even Jack, who knew the place like the back of his skeletal hand had no idea as to what was going on, and was looking just as confused as the others.

Tara closed her eyes, and calmed her speeding heart. She could hear it; the heavy breathing, but there was something else, what was it? It sounded like one of those giant birds from Spira, a Zu, and Tara's eyes snapped open going wide.

The flapping of wings is what she heard, slowing raising her head she turned her eyes toward the sky and saw them. There were maybe eight of the dark purple creatures circling them, she couldn't tell really, seeing as how they could cross and recross paths.

The new flying Heartless was just one of their problems since after Tara had spoted them, shadows, ghosts, and slodiers had begun appearing in groups. Jack had attacked the three shadows that had attacked him first, and jumped into the air twirling around, and kicking the shadows away.

Goofy smaked and resmacked one of the soldiers on the head, and then knocked it into the brick fence where it disappeared with a pop. Donald cast a Thundaga spell on one of the flying creatures as it nosedived toward him, and was knocked off course, and slammed into another flying creature. Both creatures fell to the ground and smashed into two of the ghost, causing all four to disappear.

Willow back flipped away from a ghost as its claws tried to take her head off, and then side flipped to the left to avoid an attack from a soldier. Bringing her sword down on the soldier, Willow thrust her left hand out, and cast a Flare spell sending the ghost into Faith's waiting blade.

Faith had just killed off one of the flying creatures, and had kicked one of the shadows into the air knocking down a ghost just as Willow's attack sent one flying at her. Her blade came down severing the ghost in half, as she turned and severed the head off of a shadow.

At first Buffy had been calm, she'd started casting and recasting, and then doublecasting, Thundaga, Blizzaga, and Flare spells, and could feel her inner Mana disappearing. It was then she began throwing mixes, Firestorm, Winter Storm, Thunderbolt, and Flash Flood's.

She just like the others were being worn down, this was worse that in Ariel's world, they could see no end to the Heartless, where as in the last world they'd stopped appearing after five or six groups.

Tara glowed for a moment and did something she had never tried before, she first summoned Simba, the king of lions appeared and began ripping the Heartless apart. After that, she could only hope, and summoned Dumbo, the baby elephant appeared under her feet and flew into the air with her on his back.

From the air, Dumbo shot water as fast as bullets at the creatures, as Tara began casting Holy spells on the flying creatures, knocking them to the ground for one of the others to take care of. Just like the rest of the Heartless, when one of them disappeared, another would appear in the sky taking its place.

Faith growled when she felt the sharp seven-inch long claws attached to a ghost cut into her chest and down over her belly. Bringing her blade up she cut the ghosts' hand off before thrusting her blade through its' body, as her own body began glow bright purple.

The scream that ripped from Faith's throat caused everyone, Heartless, the girls, the guys, even Simba, and Dumbo, to freeze and stare at her. Tara hurriedly dismissed the summons and landed on the ground next to Willow.

By now, Faith's whole body was nothing more than a purple glow, but it was her eyes that was the brighest and a different color, they were blood red. Faith floated two-inches off of the ground as, just like with Willow, everything fell silent.

It seemed like it was only when the girls or the keyholes was put in danger that they could call on this power. Willow knew their regular spells were more powerful now, but she was happy that they didn't have to use this power often, since she knew it would drain their energy, and fast.

Tara was the first to move, and grabbed Willow and Buffy's hands and pulled them back, she saw Jack doing the same with Donald and Goofy. The six backed up and pressed themselves against the brick fence, and watched as Faith tilted her head back, and raised her hands over her head.


The Heartless creatures began looking all around the graveyard as the sound of something burning filled the area. The crackling sounded almost like burning wood, but it was louder, and sounded like it was flying through the air.

An explosion shook the ground at the back of the graveyard, causing the Heartless to turn in that direction, and see a giant rock covered in flames fade away. The creatures looked toward the sky and saw more meteors falling, and tried to escape, but was caught as the flamming rocks hit the ground, exploding on impact.

During all of this Faith had been in the middle of the area, not once getting hit by one of the rock, or burned when the flames of the explosions passed over her body. The flying creatures had been trying t avoid them, but only succeeded in flying into the path of one another and crashing together, and then having the meteors to crush them into the ground.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was only a minute at the most; the area had been cleared of the Heartless, and was now quite as Faith lowered to the ground breathing heavily. The group hurried over as she fell to her knees, weakened from using so much energy. Buffy helped her weakened lover drink a Potion to recover her strength, and helped her to stand.

"Whoa, now that's what I call power." Faith chuckled, as a white ghost dog with a small pumpkin for a nose appeared beside Jack.

Willow automaticly grabbed for her blade, but stopped when Jack held up his hand, "It's okay, this is Zero my dog." Jack smiled and pat the dogs head, "Zero, have you seen Sally anywhere?"

The dog floated off with Jack closely behind, with the others following. Zero jumped into the coffin, causing the group to stop, "I don't think that's safe." Donald said eyeing the coffin.

"Don't worry, it's nothing more than a pathway." Jack again smiled and jumped in.

"Oh, well. If I die here, at least know, I love you, Tara." Willow said and jumped into the coffin, closely followed by Tara, and the others. Jack was right it was nothing more than a path, a path leading to another section of the graveyard where a young woman with brown hair, and wearing a brown dress sat.

"Sally! There you are." Jack approached, as the others glanced around the area.

The young woman looked up with a frown, "Is there something wrong?"

"No, no, everything is fine. Actually everything if going great, we're going to have the best Halloween ever! All we need your memory."

"My 'memory'? You mean this?" Sally held up a small Forget-Me-Not, and handed it to Jack. "I have a bad feeling about this. Why don't you try something else?" Sally stood with a worried look on her face, "There's still time to do something else."

"Nothing could beat what I've got planned!" Jack bounced happily, "Once we give the Heartless a heart, they'll dance just as I envision it. Trust me. You're going to love it!" Jack smiled and hugged the girl.

Sally nodded sadly, "I do trust you, Jack... it's those...monsters I don't trust. What if giving them a heart doesn't work? They could take over our town."

"Don't worry, it'll work. And no one will be taking over our town." Jack smiled assuringly and turned toward the others, "Come on, let's get this back to the doctor."

The group along with Sally headed back toward the town not noticing they were being watched. Three young children hopped out of a tomb and watched them leave.

"Lock!" A girl dressed as a witched shouted as she jumped through the doorway.

"Shock!" A red demon boy shouted.

"Barrel!" A skeleton dressed boy shouted, and looked at his two friends, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I sure did! A heart! What should we do?" Lock asked.

Shock glanced over at the girl shaking his head, "Gosh, you really are stupid! Isn't it obvious?"

"Tell Oogie Boogie." Barrel said and started for the exit.

Back at the Lab...

Jack handed the doctor the Forget-Me-Not and watched as he nodded, "Yes! This is it! Now, all we need is one more ingredient. We need 'surprise' to complete the heart." The doctor said and looked up, "The mayor should know where it it."

"Okay, then it's off to the mayor we go." Jack said and bounced out the door, leading the others to the mayor.


Lock, Shock, and Barrel were shaking in fear after they'd told Oogie Boogie everything they'd heard.

"A heart?" Oogie Boogie laughed scaring the kids even more, "That bonehead Jack is really making a heart? I'll be jiggered!" he laughed again, and walked around the circular room. "That works for me! Ohh, when I get my hand on that... Well, I haven't any hands, but I'm still gonna steal that heart and control the Heartless."

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