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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

"This isn't good."

The others didn't even look over their shoulder at Buffy, seeing as how they had their hands full at the moment. After passing through the enrtance into the second chamber Faith had been the first to get hit, and fly backwards and straight out the opening.

The group had quickly looked around the chamber, nothing but another entrance ahead of them, a twenty-foot drop to their right, and nothing else. So what had hit Faith? And where was it?

It was at that moment that Donald cried out and was thrown into the fleshy wall, where he was covered in green slim. What is going on!? Just as that thought crossed Tara's mind, Willow was shoved forward, and Buffy shouted.

"What? What is it?" Tara asked just as Faith hurriedly approached them.

"There! It's flying!" Buffy shouted racing forward just as a three and a half foot tall black and purple creature with wings made a beeline for Willow.

Buffy jumped into the air unsheathing her blade and made contact with the flying creature just a couple of foot from Willow -who at the moment was standing. The blade cut the creature in half, causing Buffy to smile brightly, her smile soon vanished when six groups of different Heartless appeared. A group of four of the large ten-foot tall creatures, another of six shadows, one of an orange monkey like Heartless. But what got the girls was the last three groups.

Each group had eight ten-inch tall flying Heartless, but they had no wings which made them look like they were floating. And then there was the color, the first group was blue, the second was green, and the last was red.

Willow only had time to study them for a moment until one of the red ones cast a Fire spell on her, causing her to jump to the side, and straight into the path of a shadow.

Faith had blocked the attack of one of the orange creatures, and cast a Flare spell taking out four of them, and killing a shadow with her blade. Buffy back flipped throwing a Firestorm mix at the group of large Heartless, and watched as two got caught in the flames.

Tara cast a Holy spell on the two large Heartless killing them, and casting another on the rest of the shadows. The two large Heartless jumped into the air and caused a shockwave when they landed, and shoved everyone back.

This brings us to now, Tara and Faith were taking care of the last two large Heartless, Goofy was killing off the orange creatures, and Willow and Donald were casting spells on the small magical creatures. For every blue one they saw they would cast a Fire spell, the green ones got hit by a Thunder spell, and the Yellow ones were hit with a Water spell. Two loud pops echoed across the chamber, letting everyone know that the two large Heartless were now gone.

Donald fell to his knees, worn out, and sweating. Willow soon followed, breathing hard, her face and neck covered in sweat. Buffy saw two little green Heartless left, and hurriedly cast a Thundaga spell on both watching the vanish with a pop.

Tara rushed over to her lover and handed her an Ether to drink as Goofy handed one to Donald, with them felling better the group causiously ran through three more empty chambers before getting attacked again. This time it was only four of the pot spiders like in Agrabah, and they were easily dispatched with three hits apiece.


"What are the both of you doing?" Maleficent asked stepping out of a portal. "I told you to take care of those girls, and the kings servants. Are you going to tell me you harbor some feelings for them?"

"I don't care about them one damn bit!" Buffy's twin glared at the witch, before her face softened when she turned back toward a hologram of the group.

"We were just messing with them, we will take care of them when we're ready." Willow's twin said without taking her eyes off the transparent image of the group.

"Oh, really? Of course you were." Maleficent said not at all convenced but smiled nonetheless. "Where is that piece of wood?"

That question made Buffy giggle, and Willow to smirk. "We're using him, see." Willow's twin said pointing to an image of Pinochio running from the group. "Now we will wait."

"You both beware the darkness in your hearts. The Heartless prey upon it."

"Mind your own business." Buffy growled as Maleficent backed through a portal and disappeared.

"Bitch." Willow's twin whispered getting a nod from Buffy's.

"Get ready." Buffy's twin pointed toward Pinocchio when he ran passed them and fell into a hole. The two young women stepped in the path and waited.

They didn't have to wait long, Willow came almost flying into the room and stopped dead still when she saw who was waiting. Buffy slid to a halt, nearly hitting Willow and narrowed her eyes toward their twins.

"What's wron-- You!" Donald shouted holding up his mage staff.

Tara and Faith slid into a fighting stance with their blades held to their sides, both just waiting in case their lovers twins made a move.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Willow asked glancing over her shoulder making sure Tara wasn't close, and seeing her at the back made her feel a little better.

"What the fuck are you thinking?" Faith asked from beside Tara, and staring straight at Buffy's twin.

"Don't you realize what you're doing?" Tara asked Willow's twin quietly.

"Come on, why are you like this?" Buffy glanced between the girls and was surprised when they lowered their heads.

Willow's twin shook her head before looking up again, "You wouldn't understand."

"But we were promised something, only if we helped." Buffy's twin spoke glancing at Faith and lowering her head again.

"Let me ask you something, where's your Tara and Faith?" Faith asked lowering her weapon slightly. "I mean in every world we've been to, our twins have been together with their's. So, where are they?"

"If you think they're waiting to attack you from behind, then you're thinking wrong. Tara and Faith ain't here."

"And it's none of your damn business where they are!"

"Whoa! Calm down other me." Buffy said trying to lighten the tense mood, but stayed on guard.

Everyone in the group, even the twins jumped, when Pinocchio's scream entered the room. The twins quickly looked at one another, and jumped into the hole in the middle of the room. Without caring Willow followed, with Buffy by her side and the others close behind them. When they landed on the large platform the twins were on, they saw Pinocchio in a cage like enemy.

"That's the Parasite Cage."

"And he's dangerous." Buffy's twin glanced at the group and looked at Willow's twin and nodded.

"You guys up for this?" Willow's twin asked never taking her eyes from the enemy.

"No problem, let's do it!" Buffy shouted jumping down near the cage and swung her blade, connecting with the soft fleshy bars.

Willow's blade connected at the top and came down across the front, her twin and Buffy's were casting Thundaga, and Firaga spells on the cage one after another. Donald joined them and began casting Waterga spells, as Goofy started his spinning attack. Faith jumped down from the platform, casting a Flare spell, and brought her blade down across the front of the cage.

Buffy threw a Waterfall mix, followed with a Rolling Thunder mix, and watched as the other's spells combined with hers and fried the cage. The Parasite Cage let out a high pitch scream, and tried to hit Tara with it long tentacles, only to get the limb cut off by Willow's blade.

Tara had jumped back to avoid the tentacle, and cast a Holy spell that exploded around the cage causing it to open and release Pinocchio, and disappear under the fleshy floor.

"Dammit! That thing got away!" Faith shouted, just as Pinocchio was sucked through an entrance. The twins didn't wait, they hurried forward and let themselves be sucked in, also. Not wanting them to cause any more trouble the group followed, and ended up back at the shipwreak.

"Pinocchio! Pinocchio! Please! Give me back my son!" Geppetto pleaded

Willow's twin was holding the unconscious Pinocchio, and shook her head, "Sorry, old man. But we have some unfinished business with this puppet."

"He's no puppet!" Geppetto cried falling to his knees. "Pinocchio is my little boy!"

"He is unusual." Buffy's twin spoke as she looked at Pinocchio. "You know, not many puppets have hearts."

"Of course he has a heart!" Willow shouted trying and failing to attack her twin. Her blade had stopped several inches from Pinocchio when her twin had turned to face her.

"Leave him alone! Give him back to Geppetto!" Buffy glared at her twin. "Cause I won't think twice about attacking you."

"No! I don't want any of you fighting!" Tara shouted holding her hands out. "Look, please just leave Pinocchio here with his father."

"We can't, and we won't." Buffy's twin lowered her eyes not making eye contact with anyone.

"What can you use him for?" Faith was watching both girls closely, hoping for just a moment she could get the boy back, but had yet to find one.

"Like it's any of your business, but I guess it won't hurt to tell you... You see, we're not sure, but we think that maybe he can help a couple of girls who's lost theirs."

"Lost their hearts?" Donald asked quietly, and shook his head. "That won't work. What you're thinking about doing, will not work."

"We have to try! It's our only hope!" Buffy's twin said near tears.

"Wait just a damn minute!" Willow shouted suddenly, making the others jump. "The one's you wanna help is your Tara and Faith, right?"

"What do you care? And besides it's none of your business!"

Willow glared at her twin and took a deep breath, "Look, I know how you feel, okay? I nearly lost my Tara, and would have followed her in death, if I had. But I'm sure you don't need Pinocchio to get back her, or Faith's hearts."

"How the hell would you know?" Buffy's twin asked and jumped over the edge of the ship, with Willow's twin following, with Pinocchio in her arms.

"Willow if you're right about who they're tryin' to help, I think their the ones that need it, not their Faith and Tara." Donald said getting a nod from Goofy.

"What do you mean?" Tara asked the duck causing Goofy's eyes to widen.

"Think about it Tara, why would they need help in getting the girls' hearts back? Understand?" Goofy asked and smiled when Tara nodded in understanding.

"You are right! Why don't they see it?"

"They wanna help too much, and don't see what's right in front of them." Donald said matter-of-factly.

Faith squeezed Geppetto's shoulder, "Don't worry, like we said before, we'll get Pinocchio back."

"Yeah, let's get those twins of ours!" Buffy bolted toward the entrance their twins had taken, with the others following.

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