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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

The twins and Aladdin listened to the girls, and it suddenly dawned on them that what they were hearing, was what Tara and Buffy had visions about. A cool breeze swept over the group as they sat on the cooling desert sand, and continued telling the others of their adventure.

"Whoa! That's a hellva story!" Faith's twin said whistling.

"We know, but it's all the truth." Tara said smiling.

Willow's twin nodded, "Yeah, we know, um...our Tara and Buffy told us of the visions."

"Damn, that's so weird...but whatever. Anyway, what're you guys doin' out here?" Buffy asked, and saw Faith's twin look to the ground blushing bright red, and began to wonder.

"Just the same old stuff. Hunting a legendary treasure." Willow's twin smiled before glancing at the night sky.

"We just came from the Cave of Wonders, for the second time. That's where we found Xander...the magic carpet, and the lamp." Aladdin said holding the lamp up, as the carpet bounced around.

"Yeah, the legend goes that whoever holds the lamp can summon the--" Faith's twin started but was stopped by the Genie.

"Please, kid, leave the intros to a professional. The one and only GENIE OF THE LAMP! Rub-a-dub-dub the lamp, and have your dearest wishes granted! Today's winner is... Aladdin! Congratualtions!"

"Any wish?" Donald asked smiling slightly.

"Patience, my fine, feathered friend!" Genie said and split into three seperate selves, and held up three fingers. "Any three wishes! A one wish, a two wish, three wish. Then I make like a banana and split! Our lucky winner made his first wish-and let me tell you, what a wish that was-so he has two left. So, master, what'll you have for Wish Number Two?" he asked as a light appeared around Aladdin.

"How about making me and my sisters a fabulously wealthy prince, and princesses?" Aladdin asked making the twins smile.

"Oooh! Money! Royalty! Fame! Why didn't I think of that? Okay, you asked for it! A hundred servants and a hundred camels loaded with gold! Just say the word and I'll deliver it in 30 minutes or less, or your meal's free. Hey, I'll even throw in a cappuccino! Okay."

"Right now, I think I'll put that on hold until we reach Agrabah."

"Uh, why do you want to be royalty?" Goofy asked searching the twins and Aladdin's eyes

Aladdin ducked his head, as the twins lowered theirs and blushed. "Well, you see, there's these girls in Agrabah... Jasmine, Tara, and Buffy. They're princesses, and we're...well you know, they could never fall for people like us."

"Well, Jasmine is the princess of Agrabah, Tara and Buffy are her cousins...but princesses in their own right." Willow's twin sighed lowering her head.

Holy Shiva! They aren't together yet! Buffy thought as her eyes went wide, and matched the look on Willow's face.

"Jasmine!" Tara shouted, "She's in trouble!"

"What? Well, c'mon, let's get going!" Aladdin said hopping on to the Xander carpet with his sisters, and Donald, as the others hopped on to the Anya carpet.

As the carpets flew over the desert back to the city Genie kept up the pace beside side them, turning, flipping, and rolling through the air -smiling all the way. "Ah, the fresh air! The great outdoors!"

"Guess you don't get out much, do ya?" Faith asked and saw Genie shrug.

"Comes with the job, you know. "Phenomenal cosmic power, itty-bitty living space. It's always the three wishes, then back into my portable prison. Heck, I'm lucky to see the light of day every century or two..."

Willow's twin punched Aladdin on the shoulder and nodded her head, glancing at Faith's twin he saw a slight grin. "Hey, Genie, what if I were to use my last wish to free you from the lamp? Would you like that?"

"You'd do that?" Genie asked excitedly.

A smile crossed Aladdin's face as he nodded. "Yeah, it's a promise." He said just as the carpets flew through the window of his house, where Tara and Buffy's twins were waiting.

Aladdin jumped off of the carpet, and hid his grin when his sisters blushed as Tara, and Buffy's twins helped them down. Faith's twin ducked her head smiling happily as Buffy's twin squeezed her shoulder.

Willow's twin was a little worse, stuttering out a quiet 'thank you' as her face went redder than her hair, when Tara's twin gave her hand a small squeeze.

It wasn't five minutes until Willow and Buffy were getting frustrated with their twins. Buffy narrowed her eyes toward her twin, and Willow was letting out soft growls.

Everytime, every damn time, Tara or Buffy's twin would look at either Willow or Faith's twin, they would blush and look away. This was what was getting on their nerves -both girls were wishing they'd make eye contact just once. Tara would giggle everytime Willow growled, and Faith continued smirking.

As Donald and Goofy spoke with the girls; Buffy pulled a pen and paper out of her pouch and began writing, once she was finished she handed the note to Willow.

[Po Shiva! Fryd dra ramm ec kuehk hu!? Druca dfehc uv uinc haatc du syga a suja...huf!]

(By Shiva! What the hell is going on!? Those twins of ours needs to make a!) The note read. Willow gave a slight nod more to herself than Buffy and began writing.

[Oui'na dammehk sa... E sayh tysh! Oui drehg fa cruimt tu cusadrehk?]

(You're telling me... I mean damn! You think we should do something?) Willow watched Buffy writing her back, and took the note when she finished.

[Fa ev Tara yht Faith vuiht uid, E thu'd drehg drao't paa rybbo fedr ic.]

(We could...but if Tara and Faith found out, I don't think they'd be too happy with us.)

As Willow finished reading Tara snatched the note from her hand and read it, with Faith reading over her shoulder. Taking the pen from Willow's stunned hand, a half smile played across her face as she began writing. Once Tara finished writing Faith took the paper and wrote her own little note, she smirked when she handed it back to Willow, and watched Buffy reading over her shoulder.

[Mecdah, yht mecdah kuut. Hardran uv oui femm ehdanvana fedr uin dfehc muja mejac! Drao'na tuehk veha uh draen ufh! Zicd mad dras dyga ed cmuf. Will, ev oui pudran, oui femm hud kad yho csuulreac vun muhk desa!-Tara.]

(Listen, and listen good. Neither of you will interfere with our twins' love lives! They're doing fine on their own! Just let them take it slow. Will, if you bother them, you will not get any smoochies for a long time!-Tara] Willow's eyes went wide when she read what Tara had wrote, Buffy's eyes were the same size as she read what Faith had also wrote.

[Dryd kuac vun oui duu, Buffy! Zicd mad dras pa, un hu csuulreac vun oui aedran!-Faith]

(That goes for you too, Buffy! Just let them be, or no smoochies for you either!-Faith)

"So, Jafar is after Jasmine and this 'Keyhole', huh?" Aladdin said staring out the window.

"Keyhole, eh? I could almost swear I'v heard about that somewhere before..." Genie said causing the girls to look at him.

"Where?" Willow asked standing, ready to move out.

"It's been two hundred where was it?" Genie said getting lost in thought.

A scream echoed through the city streets and up to the small room, Willow and Buffy followed Aladdin out the window, with the others hurrying down the stairs. Near the palace gates Jafar was holding a struggling Jasmine and gave the group an evil smile as they approached.

"Settings your sights a little high, aren't you, boy? Go back to your hole, street rat. I will not allow you to trouble the princess any more."

"Jasmine!" Aladdin shouted worriedly

"I'm so sorry, Aladdin. I didn't know he would catch me." Jasmine said lowering her head.

Aladdin held the lamp behind his back, as he rubbed it. "Genie, please help Jasmine!"

Genie appeared beside the princess and picked her up, "One wish left! You're making this easy, you know."

"So sorry street rat! But I'm afraid your second wish has been denied." Jafar said as Iago swooped down and stole the lamp.

"I'm sorry, Al." Genie said sadly as he disappeared back into the lamp, dropping Jasmine into a pot. Four legs broke out of the pot, and ran toward the city gates with Jasmine inside.

"And now, I bid you all farewell. Attack!" Jafar said disappearing, as eighteen pots fused together and raced toward the group. Willow and Buffy's twins picked up Tara and Faith's twins, and used the vendor carts to jump on to a roof -where they left the girls, and helped the others, as a group of shadows appeared.

Tara and Buffy flipped over the pot centipede as it moved under them, and brought their blades down breaking the last pot in line. Donald cast a Thundaga spell on the head of the centipede, before he was hit and thrown into the wall, beside Goofy. Willow dodged the large fangs, and cast a Flare spell before her leg was sliced open, she grabbed the painful wound and fell to the ground -her leg completely numb.

The centipede rose its upper body into the air and was about to crush Willow when a Holy spell erupted knocking it away from the redhead. Willow saw Tara hurrying toward her, as Faith cast a Waterga spell, followed by Buffy's Thundaga spell. Aladdin and the twins glanced around the small area, and raced toward another group of shadows as they appeared.

Goofy stood and glowed bright green, as Donald began glowing white; the girls watched as the two guys joined hands, and began spinning until they became nothing more than a blur. The blur was encased in lighting that shot out every few seconds, hitting the centipede. Faith nodded to Buffy, and tossed her into the air; Buffy began spinning and flipped over bringing her Keyblade in front of her.

Donald and Goofy passed throught the middle of the centipede severing the last seven pots from the body, and watched them break apart as they slowed to a stop. The centipede had reared up allowing Buffy's blade to split the pots in half as she came down, and landed on her feet. The pots fell apart, and disappeared as the girls hurried over to Willow.

"You alright?" Faith asked and stared.

Willow could only move her head; the rest of her body completely frozen. "Not exactly." she said as a gray color began tinting her skin.

"What the hell!?" Buffy shouted as the others joined.

"What's wrong?" Willow's twin asked touching Willow's arm, and pulled back quickly. "She's ice cold!"

"Pet-petrified." Willow gasped out as the gray slowly creeped up her neck.

"Tara, you have to cast an Esuna spell, or give her the antidote Soft." Faith said, as she hurriedly looked into her pouch. "I don't have one."

Tara nodded and cast the spell and saw the grayness slowly disappear, and Willow began moving. "Thanks, baby. That scared the hell outta me!"

"What is it? I've never seen anything like it." Buffy's twin said wide-eyed.

Willow sighed stretching her arms, "Some enemies can use either a spell or a poison to petrify a person. If it's not delt with it can kill you."

"Yikes! Remind me not to screw around with magical inclined enemies!" Willow's twin said, and blushed when Tara's twin rubbed the small of her back.

"Yeah, remember that, but if something does infect you with it, use Esuna, or a Soft." Faith said and looked toward the desert. "Where do you think that pot took Jasmine?"

Aladdin leaned against the wall and remembered it heading toward the city gates, and straightened up. The Cave of Wonders! Where we found the lamp!"

"All right, let's get the carpets and get Jasmine and the lamp back!" Tara said, but kept a close eye on Willow, as Xander and Anya lowered to the ground. Willow, Faith, stay here with Tara and Buffy, okay? Keep them safe, just in case Jafar wants them also." Faith said to the twins.

"You got it. No one will take them with us around!" Faith's twin said as she and Willow's twin unsheathed their swords.

"Don't worry, just get the princess back." Willow's twin said, and watched the carpets fly toward the Cave of Wonders.

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