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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Once the group had teleported back aboard the ship, they'd sat down to rest from the battles. Buffy was sitting in Faith's lap, snuggling up to her with a sigh. Willow had sat down and pulled Tara into her lap, and smiled when Tara laid her head down on her shoulder.

Donald sighed as he sat down in a soft red chair, and Goofy had taken out the gummi that had appeared and was studying it.

"What's with that gummi? It doesn't look like any of the others I've seen." Willow asked eyeing the small block.

"I wonder what this is used for?" Goofy asked as an afterthought.

"I dunno." Donald said glancing at it. "Like Willow said, I've never seen one like it before either."

"You think Clay would know?" Willow asked thinking back to Tara's-Gunblade-carrying-twin and smirked.

"She might, so let's go!" Buffy said and stood, only to fall back on Faith's lap. "Let's rest first, okay."

"Yeah," Faith nodded tiredly. "we can go in the morning... when we get up." she said and yawned.

Tara saw the smirk on Willow's face and began wondering. "You like Clay, don'tcha?" she asked causing Willow to shrug.

"She's okay I guess? Why do you ask?"

"With a smirk like that, I know you're dreaming something? Should I be worried?"

"What!? No way! Although you might want to be if I started thinking about your twin from Alices' world." Willow grinned as Tara blushed. "You know, that blush makes you" she said causing Tara's blush to deepen.

"Sexy, huh? I can say you looked good on the end of a leash...maybe we could try it sometime. Whatcha say?" Tara leaned over and licked her way up Willow's neck, and sucked her lobe into her mouth, bitting it gently getting a low moan from Willow.

"I can't watch this! Leave!" Donald shouted with wide eyes.

"No! If they leave we'll never get any sleep!" Faith shouted as Buffy shot up with a pleading look on her face.

"We're too tired! Can't you wait 'till another time?" Buffy asked. "Please, I just wanna sleep tonight...or whatever it is out there."

Willow shook her head, as Tara smirked, oddly not blushing from this teasing. "What if we don't wanna wait? What if I wanna take Tara here and now?"

Buffy eyes went wide as she shook her head, and Faith smirked. "Please do, I would like to watch. Might give me a few ideas to try with Buffy." That was all it took, Donald bolted from the bridge with Goofy hurrying after him.

"You're shitting me! I barely have any energy left, and you two wanna go at it like rabbits!?" Buffy groaned as she stood, and walked over to the control panel. "Gonna be a long night." she whispered turning on the ship's defense mode.

When she turned her eyes went wide, Willow was kissing down Tara's neck nipping every few kisses. Looking over at Faith, she saw her lover watching the scene with a smirk on her face -a smirk that was wiped off when Buffy hit the back of her head.

"What was that for?"

"We're going to our room...I don't care what they do, and since it seems like they're gonna be here for a while, we can get some rest." Buffy said pulling Faith to her feet just as Willow pulled the top of Tara's shirt apart. Buffy hurried out the door not even glancing back.

"Are they gone?" Willow asked leaving a trail of kisses across the top of Tara's breasts.

"Y-Yes...they a-are." Tara groaned feeling Willow's hand caress the underside of her right breast.

"Good." Willow whispered and shifted around in the chair so that Tara was now sitting on the chair, and she was kneeling on the floor between Tara's legs.

She leaned up to capture Tara's lips in a passionate kiss, as she began to un-tie the front of Tara's white shirt, and pushed it off her shoulders. Running her hands over Tara's beasts she could feel her nipples growing hard, and un-snapped her bra. Breaking the kiss Willow kissed, licked, and nipped her way down Tara's chest, as she gently squeezed, and caressed the soft but firm breasts of her wife.

Taking a moment to bury her face between Tara's breasts, Willow breathed deeply before she kissed across the left breast, and took the nipple into her mouth. A low and very arousing moan escaped Tara's throat, as Willow gently bit down on the nipple in her mouth, before moving to the second breast. She smiled around the nipple in her mouth, as a tremor of joy ran through Tara's body.

Running her hand down Tara's belly and over the top of her shorts, Willow could feel the heat, and wetness emanating from Tara, and let out her own aroused moan. She teased the button through the hole, and unzipped the shorts, releasing the nipple in her mouth, Willow leaned back and began pulling at the shorts.

Tara raised up and watched as her wife discarded both the shorts and black thong -by throwing them over her shoulder. Before Willow could reach her goal, Tara pulled her up and into a passionate kiss as she unsnapped Willow's overalls, and pushed them down, along with the red silk panties Willow was wearing. Breaking the kiss, Tara pulled Willow's shirt over her head, and wasted no time in unsnapping Willow's red bra.

Willow kneeled on the floor, gently pushing Tara's legs apart before leaving a trail of kisses on the inside of her thighs. She closed her eyes as she breathed in the sweet musky sent of Tara's arousal, and leaned in kissing her center. With just that little kiss Tara arched her back and moaned loudly, before gasping as Willow slid two fingers inside her.

As another moan escaped her throat, she felt Willow's lips on her clit, and pressed forward into Willow's mouth as her orgasm washed over her body. Willow curled her fingers and caressed in just the right spot, bringing Tara over the edge again. With the second orgasm running through her body, Tara wrapped her legs around Willow's back, pulling her as close as she could get her.

Willow laid her head down on Tara's sweat-covered chest, and waited for her to come down from her high, smiling. She didn't have to wait too long, since she felt Tara push her to the cool floor and settled between her legs.

She moaned when Tara nipped at her neck, and continued leaving wet kisses down her chest and over her breasts. Taking Willow's right nipple into her mouth, Tara slid her fingers down and into Willow's hot core.

Tara heard a low growl force it's way from Willow's throat, and switched from the right nipple to the left, as her thumb brushed over Willow's hard nub. The low growl turned into a long drawn moan, as she thrust deeper into her wife, and felt the redheads muscles clench around her fingers.

Willow arched her back as her orgasm broke free. Adding more pressure to Willow's clit, Tara gently bit her nipple and brought Willow to another orgasm.

As Willow relaxed on the floor, she pulled Tara on top of her, sighing happily with a goofy grin on her face. Tara easily slid up her lover's body, and leaned in for a kiss, her mouth opened in invation as Willow's tounge traced over her bottom lip.

Wrapping her legs around Tara's waist, Willow moaned into her mouth as she felt her center press into Tara's. Tara broke the kiss and smirked as she thrust her hips forward, making Willow moan again.

"I-I think...w-we should go to our- our room." Willow grinned, knowing they'd be keeping everyone up.

"Let's go." Was all Tara said as she stood grabbing their cloths, and pulling Willow out the door, and to their room.

Willow was right in thinking what she did. With the moans and shouts of pleasure getting louder and louder, no one was able to sleep. Buffy had groaned, and covered her head with her pillow, as Faith began laughing, and shaking her head.

The next room over found and wide-eyed Donald Duck, and Goofy, both were putting a tomato to shame with the brightness of their cheeks. Although Goofy had to wonder how a duck -covered with feathers- could been seen blushing; he just shrugged before turning over in his bed, and tried to get some sleep.

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