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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

When the group stepped through the door they stopped, and stared -stunned. They were back in the front room with the talking doorknob, but they were standing on the side of the wall facing the floor.

Turning in a full circle Willow spotted another black chest, and sighed, but it was on the front of the fireplace and too high to reach.

"I really want to leave this place." Faith said staring at the floor and shaking her head.

"Come on." Willow said pulling Buffy with her. "We need to get that chest." Standing beside the fireplace Willow looked up measuring the distance between where they were standing, to the chest. Turning around she first looked Tara over and continued with Faith, Buffy, Goofy and Donald, before nodding. "We have to at least make a tower with the smallest on top."

"That means Faith, Goofy, and myself will be on the bottom, considering we're the tallest." Tara said understanding what Willow was getting at.

"Then me and Will in the middle, with Donald standing on our shoulders to get the chest, right?" Buffy asked getting a nod from Willow, and watching as Tara, Faith and Goofy stood side by side.

Goofy interlaced his fingers together and held his hands down to boost Willow up and on his shoulders. Faith did the same for Buffy, with Tara helping Donald climb up, keeping the best balance they could Willow and Buffy leaned down, and helped Donald the rest of the way up.

Once on the girls' shoulders Donald used his mages staff to knock the chest from the fireplace, and to the floor. When everyone was back on the wall Tara opened the chest to find a small piece of wood with claw marks in the center.

"Well, look what you've found." The Cheshire Cat said appearing with a smile. "Nice going."

"Thanks." Donald said proudly.

"Yes, now we can save Alice." Faith said examining the wood.

"Don't be so sure! She may be innocent, but what about you?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Willow asked blinking.

"I won't tell. But I'll give you something." The cat said disappearing and leaving behind a blue chest.

Goofy kneeled down and opened the chest allowing three more Dalmatians to jump out. "Thanks." One of the pups said licking Goofy's hand.

"Just what happened to you guys?" Willow asked picking up the pup that'd spoken.

"Not really sure, but these shadow monsters attacked our home, and the next thing we knew we're locked in a chest."

"The Heartless destroyed your world." Goofy said sadly shaking his head. "Where're your parents?"

Tara laughed as she scratched one of the pups behind her ears, as the puppy looked at Goofy. "They said something about a Traverse Town, and I can feel something pulling me there now." She said as the three pups vanished.

"Well, now that we've got the evidence we should get back to the queen." Buffy said walking toward a different doorway than they'd appeared through.

Nodding the others followed and ended up appearing at the back of the queen's courtyard and stepped around to the front.

Willow approached the ace of hearts card carefully, "We have the evidence."

"Good. Stand in front of the podium." The card said before turning. "They are ready, my queen."

"Show me what you have found." The queen said as the evidence vanished from the girls, and reappeared in four pink chests on the ground. "Well, that's certainly a lot of evidence, but I'm still not impressed. Cards! Bring forth my evidence!" she shouted as the three of spades and two of clubs set another pink chest down.

The group watched as the five chests combined together and reappeared as five. "What the hell!" Faith whispered confused.

"Checking all five would only be a waste of time. All right, then. Choose the one you wish to present, and I'll decide who's guilty based on that evidence."

"What! After all the trouble we went to collecting it!" Buffy shouted unhappily.

"You dare object? Then you will lose your head! Now, choose! One box!"

Sighing Willow looked to Tara and nodded. Tara approached the five boxes and looked them over, praying to her mother, and hoping she was right, she picked the second box.

"Are you certain? There is no second chance!" The queen said causing Tara to doubt herself.

Looking over her shoulder she saw Willow give her an encouraging smile, and nodded. "Yes, this is the one I choose." She said and opened the box and stepped back as an image of a Heartless soldier appeared and vanished.

"What in the world what that?" The queen asked looking stunned.

"There's your evidence. Alice is innocent." Willow said proudly.

The queen glared at Willow as she stood with a sneer on her face. "Silence! I am the law here! Article 29: Anyone who defies the queen is guilty!"

"That's crazy!" Donald and Faith shouted.

"Seize them at once!" The queen shouted to the cards. The cage with Alice was raised into the air as the cards attacked the group. "Cards! If they touch the tower, you lose your heads!"

Hearing this Willow and Faith smirked at each other and nodded. "Keep them busy!" Willow shouted as she and Faith ran to the crank tower at the side of the queen's throne.

Tara dodged to the right as three cards jumped at her, and collided together when Tara moved, turning she cast a protect spell on Willow and Faith. Buffy blocked the four of diamonds spear and cast as Aero spell on Tara and herself, as she kicked the card away.

Donald cast a Fire spell on two of the cards and quacked as he ran from six more, and led then into Goofy's path. The cards went flying into the bushes as Goofy's shield hit them.

While all of this was going on, Willow was doublecasting Fire and Flare spells on the tower and cards that got too near. Faith would hit the tower twice, before turning and blocking an attack, and kicking the attacking card away from her and Willow.

With one last Flare spell the tower began shaking and crumbling to the ground, causing the cards to fall to their knees, frightened. The cage fell to the ground causing everyone including the queen to gasp, the cage was empty.

"She must've gotten kidnapped while we were fighting." Donald said before jumping when the queen shouted.

"You fools! Find the one who'd behind this! I don't care how!"

As the cards began running around in a panic the girls, Donald and Goofy slipped away and back into the forest.

"Yikes! I don't wanna go back in there for a while." Buffy said and groaned as the Cheshire Cat appeared.

"Have you seen Alice?" Tara asked as the cat looked to her.

"Alice, no. Shadow, yes!"

"Where did they go?" Willow asked peering into the dark forest.

"This way? That way? Does it matter? Left, right, up, down! All mixed up thanks to the shadows! Step deeper into the forest to the tea garden. You might find shadows in the upside-down room!" the cat said and disappeared leaving behind a very confused group.

"Upside-down room?" Faith asked raising an eyebrow.

Shaking her head at the cat's odd words, Tara saw something new, a boulder had appeared and beside it was a new opening.

"That wasn't here before." Tara said and approached the new opening with the others following.

Stepping through the opening they found themselves in a medium size fenced in yard, with a two-story house on the left, and a four-foot tall gate to the right. Looks like whoever built the house was nuts! Willow thought staring at the sideway door and shook her head before glancing around the yard. In front of them was a twelve-foot long table with twelve empty chairs.

"Must be the tea garden." Willow said before her eyes went wide when she heard her own voice shout "More mistress!"

Turning Buffy smirked at the look on Willow's face -a mixture between horror, and curiosity. Tara was staring at the first floor of the house in confusion.

"Mistress, huh?" Buffy asked, "Looks like we know why you're always screaming now." she said causing both Willow and Tara to blush.

Faith joined Buffy as they laughed, but that quickly stopped when they heard Buffy's voice echo from the top floor. "Slave! Bring me my whip!"

"Yes, mistress!" Faith stared at Buffy -who was staring right back at her when they heard her voice answer.

"What were you saying?" Willow asked smirking, a smirk that was wiped off her face when Tara's voice was heard clear as a bell. Turning the girls saw Tara's twin standing in the doorway wearing spiked heels, and nothing else except for having Willow's twin on a leash.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Twin Tara asked.

"Ooh! More play mates!" Buffy shouted happily from the second story, totally nude except for the leather whip in her right hand, and Faith's twin on her own leash.

"HOLY SHIVA!" Faith shouted wide-eyed glancing between her twin and Buffy's.

"HOLY HELLFIRE!" Willow shouted at the same time stepping behind Tara and looking over her shoulder.

Donald and Goofy turned so as not to look at the two nude girls, as Tara and Buffy could only stare.

"Ooh, they're our twins!" Again Buffy's twin shouted bouncing up and down causing Faith's eyes to be drawn to her chest.

"Why, yes they are." Tara said taking a deep breath and causing Willow to watch as her chest rose and fell, as drool began dripping off her chin.

"Can we have them, mistress?" Willow's twin asked Tara at the same time Faith's twin asked Buffy's. Both Tara and Buffy's twins looked at the girl beside them and smiled, Buffy nodded, as Tara looked back at the girls.

"Have you been good, pet?"

"Yes!" Willow nodded excitedly.

Finding her voice Tara shook her head. "I-I'm s-sorry, but we n-n-need to leave!"

"Yeah!" Faith agreed taking Buffy's hand and edging toward the gate.

"I don't think so, beautiful." Tara's twin said smirking as she stepped outside, keeping Willow spellbound by the movement of her breasts.

Buffy's twin jumped down from the second story, followed by Faith. "I agree. We haven't had any fun yet." She said smirking and cracked her whip, causing Faith to bolt toward the gate pulling Buffy with her, followed by Tara pulling a drooling Willow behind her, and Donald and Goofy right behind them.

"Stop!" Both Tara and Buffy shouted giving chase.

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