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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Willow had sat Tara down in one of the chairs on the bridge as Buffy and Dawn ran around getting things together. Willow was checking her over for any wounds, and sighed in relief not finding any. Buffy brought a blanket to cover Tara, who was protesting she was fine. Dawn hurried over with a glass of water, and turned to leave as Tara grabbed her arm.

"Everyone! I'm fine!" Tara said leaving no room for an argument.

"Baby! We thought we'd lost you! Now let us help you relax!" Willow said propping Tara's feet up.

"Yeah, we hadn't heard anything, so we tried tossing a Commsphere into the hole... but that didn't help one damn bit!" Buffy said glaring at Shinra.

"Hey, it's still in beta! Don't blame me!"

"What happened?" Faith asked carrying a warm damp towel over.

"First tell me what happened to your eye." Tara said looking at Faith's black eye.

"Will, happened." Faith grinned. "I knocked her out, and when she woke up she hit me."


"What?" Willow asked innocently

Tara shook her head with a sigh. It didn't take long to tell everyone what had happened after she'd fell into the hole. Shinra took the spheres to his consol, and began checking them over. Willow was still holding Tara not letting her go, as Buffy and Faith paced around the room.

"Okay, Glory isn't Glory, but a woman named Tsuki, right?" Faith asked getting a nod from Tara.

"And Lenne, huh?" Buffy asked sitting down on the floor.

"Don't know about Tsuki but Lenne is the girl from the dressphere." Shinra said from his consol running the second sphere through the computer.

"That's Lenne?"

"Yeah. She wore that dress one thousand years ago."

Faith had to hold Buffy down as she screamed death threats at the young boy.

"Just why didn't you tell us?" Willow asked with a glare in his general direction.

"You didn't ask. Anyway all I knew was her name. So, what's to tell?"

Calming down Buffy sighed and sat up. "Okay, whatever. So, the reason Tsuki calls Tara ‘Lenne' is-"

"Because of the dressphere?" Willow asked standing up

"I can't say. But that's what I'd think." Shinra nodded before going back to work on the sphere.

"Forget Lenne! Tsuki's the one wanting to vaporize Spira!" Dawn said from her seat looking at the Cactuar spheres.

"What can we do? Let Nooj and Gippal deal with it for now." Faith said rubbing the bridge of her nose

"Hey! Cactuars!" Dawn shouted interrupting Mizu.

Turning they saw two of the spheres weakly glowing, walking over Tara picked up one, as Dawn picked up the second.

"Chiapa-Kilika Woods." Tara read as Dawn waited

"Bartschella-Kilika." Dawn read and handed the sphere to Buffy before she sat in the pilot's seat, and headed for Kilika.

"Tara?" Buffy asked staring at the sphere. "Was Tsuki anything like Glory?"

"Not really, the only thing is they look alike."

"Good. Because I didn't really wanna deal with another Glory-like person."

"Hey you wanna watch the sphere?" Shinra asked from his seat.

[Sphere One]

An image showed a dark cave with purple fog rising out of the walls with pyreflies lazily floating around. Several groups of men were walking ahead of the recorder as a sudden burst of gunfire could be heard, Gippal ran by the recorder firing at something. The other men turned and began shooting or stabbing each other, as a female voice was heard laughing in the background.


"What was that?" Tara asked confused as the image disappeared.

Faith was watching Willow closely as her eyes glazed over, "The Den of Woe." Willow said before her eyes returned to normal, and she shook her head.

"How do you know?" Buffy asked quietly.

"I don't know."

"You did the same thing on the Mushroom Rock Road, what's going on?" Faith asked watching as Willow stepped back.

"I don't know. It's weird, like someone else is in my body...and I'm feeling their emotions. When we were on Mushroom Rock, I saw flashes of that dream, and felt anger rising. And... on the Highroad after we finished the machina off I saw... a woman who looked just like Tara. She asked for help and disappeared."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Tara asked worriedly.

"That's why. You're worried, and I didn't want to worry you."

"But you should have, no telling what could've happened."

"I know, Buffy, I know... Let's just watch the second sphere, and talk about this later. Okay?"

[Sphere Two]

Baralai, Nooj, and Gippal are standing in front of the Den of Woe with a Bevelle priest, and several guards standing around.

"What happened?" The priest asked

"Don't know!" Baralai said breathing hard.

"Everyone just went crazy!" Gippal said resting against the cave wall.

"Yes, they turned and began killing each other." Nooj said with his head down.

"The Lady Maester isn't going to be pleased." The priest sighed. "Alright, close and seal this door!"

The three men glanced at each other with worried looks.

"Sir, what if there are others still alive trapped inside?" Baralai asked

"There are no others, you are the only three survivors. And congratulations."


"Yes, you are now members of the Crimson Squad."

"Thank you Maester Ethan!" Gippal shouted happily as he Nooj, and Baralai shook hands and began to leave.

"Kill them." Ethan ordered causing the three men to run.

The recorded turned around as the three men ran from the cave and disappeared to Mushroom Rock Road.

"After them! Lady Glory will not be pleased if you let them escape!" Ethan said as the Bevelle guards ran out of the cave.


No one said a word as the image disappeared. Glancing from the sphere then around at each of the others, Willow backed up.

"The Den of Woe was where the men trained to become members of the Crimson Squad. That was during Operation Mi'ihen, also, Ethan tried to kill them because of what they'd saw inside the cave. There was one man left inside the cave, and was murdered by... Logos!"

"How do you know this?" Faith asked confused. "You were with us the entire time, except when you swam after Sin."

"I don't know! It just came to me!" Willow said holding her head and passed out as the ship landed near the Kilika dock.

Tara caught Willow before she could hit the floor and picked her up. "You find the cactuars, and I'll get Will to our room." She said and headed for the lift.

Willow began to toss and turn as soon as Tara had placed her on the bed, Tara's eyes widened when she saw blood seeping through the white sheet. Lifting the cover up she saw a three-inch wound on Willow's shoulder that had appeared.

She gasped as another wound appeared on Willow's bicep, reaching into her pouch she pulled out a vial of Potion. Instead of pouring it in her mouth, she poured a small amount on the wounds and watched them heal.

"What's going on?" Tara whispered as another wound appeared across Willow's stomach.


Opening her eyes she found herself inside a dark cave with purple fog rising from the floor and the walls, with pyreflies floating around. What got her attention more than anything was the body's littering the cave floor, and impaled to the walls.

Turning in every direction she counted fourteen men and women lying on the ground, and sixteen impaled to the wall. Some had been shot, others had been stabbed to death, and the rest had their throats cut or ripped out.

"What the hell!?" she said aloud as her voice bounced off the cave walls and back to her.

"Don't you know where you are?" a voice asked causing her to turn.

"Where are you? And I'm going to assume this is the Den of Woe, right? What really happened here?"

"You are correct this is the Den of Woe... as for what happened, I did!" the voice shouted as Willow screamed when her arm was cut open.

"Who are you?" Willow asked as her bicep was cut open, and then hit the ground as an invisible blade cut her stomach open. "Stop! What did I do?"

"She is mine not yours!" the voice shouted and Willow could see the fog being disturbed as the invisible blade came around toward her neck. She bent back just avoiding the blade and was kicked on her chest, knocking her on her back. The last thing she saw was the fog being disturbed in front of her face.


Faith had touched the sphere to the Kilika Dock releasing the cactuar and grinned as it flipped over twice before disappearing. Buffy had to swim around the island to the jungle avoiding the Youth League and New Yevon members. Lifting the sphere up she touched a rather large tree and laughed when the cactuar appeared chattered something, and disappeared.

Faith helped her out of the water and they headed back into the cargo hold of the ship. When the cargo door closed they both turned when they heard Tara scream. Not even glancing at each other they raced up the stairs, and joined Dawn and the others as they ran into the bedroom.

No one knows who screamed when the four girls and one young boy entered the room, and found a gory site. The smell of blood alone caused them to get violently sick, but with what they were seeing, they knew they would have nightmares for a very long time too come.

The bodies of men and women were either lying on the floor, or hanging from the wall. The floor and walls were covered in blood, as was an unconscious Tara, who was laying half on top of Willow. Willow herself was covered with wounds, and her blood soaking the sheets red.

"Get them outta here! Now!" Buffy shouted to Mizu as she pointed to Dawn, and Shinra.

Mizu hurriedly grabbed both of them and hurried out of the room wishing she had never went in-in the first place. Faith stepped close to the bed and nearly slipped on the blood-covered floor, regaining her balance she first checked Tara's pulse, and found it beating steadily.

Picking Tara up, Faith handed her to Buffy who quickly carried her out of the room. Leaning down Faith checked Willow's pulse, finding a weak pulse she quickly got a potion and lifted Willow's head. With the Potion doing its job, Faith took a look around the room, and watched as the blood and bodies disappeared.

Looking down at Willow she saw her eyes slowly open and sighed in relief, just before Buffy appeared with a now awake Tara beside her.

"I think you both need to tell us just what the hell went on." Faith said helping Willow sit up as Buffy helped Tara to sit beside her on the bed.

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