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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Dawn sat the airship down on the entrance of the Djose Highroad from the Moonflow. Tara had a pull Willow and Buffy away from practicing Sphere Break, and laughed when they groaned. Two of Leblanc's female goons were standing near the edge of the road, looking on the ground.

"Where'd we drop that thing? We'll get the heel if we don't find that sphere!" The taller one said.

"Stop your damn complaining and help me look!" The second one said and moved down the road.

"Come on! Let's find it first!" Buffy bolted down the road with Tara and Willow right behind her.

Near the end of the road Buffy skidded to a halt and sighed. Tara saw something shine from the corner of her eye, and turned to look. On the ground beside a boulder was the sphere they were looking for, she grinned and picked it up. Turning around she tossed it to Willow as Ormi and a female goon walked up behind her.

"Ah, so that's where it was! Sorry for troubling yous guys. Although I do appreciate yous finding it for us." Ormi said holding out his hand.

Willow backed up beside Buffy and drew her sword, Buffy had her knives out, and Tara shook her head drawing her pistols.

"What? You're not gonna give it back?" Ormi asked surprised as the girls again shook their heads. "The nerve!"

"What's wrong?" Logos asked approaching. "The Gullwings!" he shouted pulling his pistol.

"Say..." Willow interrupted "That's a really nice uniform." she said eyeing the fem-goon.

"These meanies won't give back the sphere!"

"Then we take it!" Logos shot at Buffy who back flipped and threw a knife at him. The knife flew through the air, and lodged in his shoulder. Tara had begun to fire at Ormi's shield with Fire infused rounds, and Willow took on the fem-goon. Dodging a Thunder spell, Willow flipped over the fem-goon and hit the back of her head. Ormi's shield cracked and broke apart, allowing Tara to shoot at his feet. Logos had pulled the knife out of his shoulder and threw it to the ground as he shot at Buffy.

A scream echoed along the highroad stopping everyone in their tracks. Turning the two men went wide-eyed as Tara and Buffy broke into a fit of giggles. Willow was sitting on top of the half undressed fem-goon, and pulling her suit off. When the suite came free the woman rose and took off with Ormi and Logos right behind her, fearing for their own clothing.

With the uniform in hand the girls returned to the airship, and met on the bridge. Mizu turned around in her seat and smiled.

"Hey! I was able to track down those two Leblanc goons heading toward Gagazet. You wanna go there?"

"Yes! Move! Move!" Buffy shouted happily causing Dawn to roll her eyes.

"Oui zicd fyhd du gecc uh Faith!" (You just want to kiss on Faith!) Dawn sighed shaking her head as the ship shot toward Gagazet.

"Oui sehe fiend!" (You mini fiend!) Buffy shouted back shaking her fist causing Tara to laugh as she sat down beside Willow.

Faith looked into the sky and saw the airship begin to descend, a smile spread across her face as she waited. Dawn was barely containing her laughter as she slowly sat the airship down. Buffy was pacing round the bridge like a contained fiend, and griping about how long it was taking to land.

Willow stepped out of the way when Buffy shot by her, and ran toward the cargo door. Tara grabbed Willow by her hand, and followed Buffy's path. They stepped outside in time to see Buffy almost flying at Faith. Neither girl noticed when they landed on the ground, and continued kissing.

"And they complain about us!"

"We are worse." Willow said and grabbed Tara pulling her into a long deep loving kiss.

Buffy and Faith had begun to watch after they'd got off the ground. Buffy was grinning as Faith shook her head.

"You know, I might have to train as a blitz player."

"Why's that?" Buffy asked confused.

"Look at 'em! They haven't pulled back once since they started!" Faith pointed making Buffy laugh as Willow broke the kiss, leaving Tara with a goofy grin on her face.

"Hey, Faith. How ya doing?" Willow asked embracing the Dragon Warrior.

"Fine... I don't have to ask about either of you. Not after what I saw."

"Can't resist." Tara giggled and hugged her adopted sister.

"So, what brings you up this way?''

"Have you seen any goon-type women running around, wearing a pink body suit?"

"Yeah, they were heading up the mountain. And I don't like it, Will." Faith said worriedly.

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked hugging her.

"They've been climbing up the Fayth Scar. I'm worried they'll defile our sacred ground."

"Don't worry we'll check it out, and throw any goons off the mountain." Willow grinned when Buffy nodded.

"Just be careful. There are some dangerous fiends running around up there, too."

Taking Faith's advice the girls stayed on guard with weapons ready. Half way up the mountain four Bomb fiends flew toward them. Willow froze two of them with a Blizzaga spell, Buffy threw an Icefall mix at the other two, and Tara shot and shattered them.

With no more fiends blocking their path the girls made it to the Fayth Scar, and saw a fem-goon jumping up to the top.

"I can't believe we've gotta climb this!" Buffy whined.

"Yeah, no wonder the Dragon Clan never comes here." Willow said and jumped up on a ledge.

Tara followed next with Buffy behind her; Willow continued climbing and jumping her way to the top, and lost site of the goon. Shrugging her shoulders she jumped twice more and saw an opening, she waited for the others before proceeding in. The girls found themselves high above two fem-goons and a pool of water.

"This feels great!" A half naked goon said as she stepped out of the water and got dressed.

"Isn't this place sacred grounds of the Dragons? I don't think this was a good idea." The other said stepping out of the water.

"What? Ya scared that a Dragon boogie man is gonna get you?"

"Come on you two! Let's get going!" Ormi said walking in.

"Yes sir!" The goons said and screamed, when they heard a loud splash and terrified screaming, and ran off.

The rock the girls had been standing on had given away under the combined weight and fell into the water below.

"Is this?" Tara asked as she stood up.

"A hot spring?" Buffy finished.

"Hey, they forgot a couple of something’s!" Willow said pointing to two uniforms.

"Sweet! That was easy." Buffy giggled and fell back into the water sighing.

Willow took everything but her bra and panties off, and sat down in the hot water. Tara and Buffy had also stripped down to their underwear and was relaxing beside her.

"This feels so good." Buffy sighed

"I don't wanna get out... but I know we have to." Willow said leaning against a rock under the water.

"Feels good? Buffy, you leave the receiver on again? I don’t wanna hear you kissing!" Dawn asked making gagging noises

"No! We're swimming!"

"I wanna swim too!"

"Too late! We're getting out!"

"Oui zang!" (You jerk!) Dawn shouted and shut the receiver off.

When the girls stepped outside they saw the two fem-goons jumping down the mountainside with Ormi right behind them.

“Serves ‘em right!” Buffy laughed, “They shouldn’t be screwing around the mountain.”

“Dawn, you can pick us up, we have the uniforms.” Tara said into her receiver.

“On our way.” Dawn said as the engine hummed to life in the background.

After getting back on the airship the girls put the uniforms on and ran up to the bridge. Mizu gave them the once over and nodded with a smile. Shinra gave them two thumbs up, as Dawn jumped out of the pilots seat and turned.

"Well, how do we look?" Tara asked as Buffy turned in a circle.

"Great!" Dawn answered and laughed like a maniac

"We're off to Chateau Leblanc!" Buffy said dancing around happily and a little crazily

"Time to settle the score." Willow grinned evilly as Dawn got back in her seat and headed toward Guadosalam.

Dawn let the girls off at the entrance of Guadosalam in the Thunder Plains, and watched them go before she lifted the ship into the air, and heading toward Macalania Woods to wait.

"I hope this works." Tara said as they walked into the small city.

"I think we need to worry only if we're caught." Willow snorted "But they're morons, so, I don't think we have to worry at all."

"Got that right!" Buffy said and approached the two guards. "Reporting for duty!"

"Whatever, just get inside." The guard on the right said as the other opened the door.

Holding back their laughter the girls walked inside and waited for the door to close before high-fiving each other.

"Another smashing success!" Buffy giggled

"Remember we're not done yet. We gotta find the sphere." Willow said before grabbing Tara and Buffy and pulling them up the left set of stairs. The living room door opened just as the girls ducked, and Leblanc and Nooj walked out.

"Thank you, Leblanc." Nooj said limping into the front room.

Leblanc smiled sexily "Anything for you, love."

"Now I finally know where Vegnagun is located. Spira is in for a rough ride." He said and kissed Leblanc's cheek. "Take care."

"Yes, love." Leblanc sighed watching him walk out the door. "Oh, how long must w be apart? These days without you are not easy, love." she said and walked up the right set of stairs.

Watching Leblanc step inside her room the girls walked into the room she and Nooj had came out of, and found Ormi and Logos talking.

"The boss is different when Nooj shows up, huh?" Ormi said and leaned against the wall.

"Suppressing her natural charm and acting like a housewife... That must make her tense." Logos was examining the left wall as he spoke, before turning to look at the girls. "You there." He pointed to Tara. "Go to the boss's chamber and tend to your duties."

"Huh? What duties?" Tara asked slightly confused.

"You know... use your talents to help you, uh, unwind."

"Okay..." Tara trailed off as she turned and headed out the door with the others following. Walking up the steps they ran into another goon who looked them over.

"Ah, it's that time already, huh? Well, don't hold back, make her scream." He laughed making the girls wonder what he was talking about, and hoping it wasn't what they were thinking.

Inside the room Leblanc was staring at a statue of Nooj, "I'm waiting, love." she said and kissed the statue. When she turned she pointed to Tara "I'm waiting." she disrobed causing the girls to close their eyes and shudder as she lay down on her bed. "Give me my massage! Now!"

Willow and Tara stepped back and pushed Buffy forward. Turning she shook her fist at them and sighed as she straddled Leblanc's back. Leblanc gave a pleasurable moan making Buffy shiver as she began rubbing her back.

"Ahhh! That hurts! Watch it!" Leblanc screamed when Buffy pressed too hard on her lower back.

"Sorry." Buffy held back her giggles and continued the massage.

"Ohhh, that feels sooo good. When did you get so good at this?"

"Uh... I, um... I-I dunno."

"Noojie-Woojie is such a manly man, don't you think?" He can be blunt, but that just makes his occasional smile all the more irresistible! That smile... That's the reason I became a sphere hunter. If only there were some miracle sphere... something, anything thing that could make him truly happy. I would give anything..."

"Buffy stopped and looked down. "She... fell asleep... I'm that good? Cool!" she gently got of the bed and turned to find Willow and Tara in a lip-lock, and groping each other. Sighing she pulled them apart and out of the room.

"The boss fell asleep again, didn't she?" He sighed and stepped past the girls.

"Dammit! And we's been waiting for her, too, said she had something important to tell us." Ormi said following Logos into the room.

"Well, we'll just have to wait a little longer." Logos said and turned to the girls. "You three go make sure the switch panel is working."

"Switch?" Willow asked cocking her head to the right.

Ormi sighed as he turned "The back of the living room! Same one as always!"

In the living room the girls searched the walls and found a hidden switch where Logos had been standing before. Pressing the switch Tara stepped back as a picture rose up.

"What a freaking let down!" Buffy almost shouted kicking the wall, and fell through as the wall turned. Ouch!" her voice echoed down the corridor.

"Buffy! You okay?" Willow asked helping her to stand.

"I guess..."

"I've been in this thing far too long!" Tara said and ripped the uniform down the front.

"Got that right!" Buffy said as she and Willow discarded their own uniforms just as Dawn's voice came over the receiver.

"How's it going?"

"Be quiet! This is a covert operation! Over and out!" Buffy said whispering in an almost shout.

"Buffy!" Dawn shouted "Don't talk to me like a kid! I will tell mother!"

"Ooh! Shut up, already!" Buffy shouted and flinched as her voice echoed

"Who's there?" Ormi's voice said from the doorway "Ah! The Gullwings!"

"Uh-oh!" Tara and Willow said watching him descend the stairs.

"Well shit!" Buffy said and threw a smoke bomb and a flashbomb, before pulling the others behind her down the hall.

Buffy quickly opened a door around the bend and shoved Tara in first, closely followed by Willow and shut the door behind her.

"Next time you do that I'll poke you with my sword." Willow teased

"Oh, calm down, or I'll get Picket to follow us around." Buffy grinned as Willow glared at her.

Tara picked a sphere up from the dresser and turned around. "If you both don't be quite I'll tell Aunt Joyce to make her special lizard and bat wing stew."

Willow looked at her horrified as Buffy made gagging sounds. "You wouldn't do that to us! You and Dawn would have to eat it too!" Willow nearly shouted and shivered at the thought.

"Hell no I won't!" Dawn said over the receiver as Tara shook her head.

"Nope, me and Dawn would have her fix something else." Tara grinned, "Anyway, look at this." she said and held the sphere up.

"That isn't the one they stole." Buffy said examining the sphere.

"Either way, let's watch it." Willow said and Tara pressed the button.


An image of a dark place with pyreflies floating around, and bodies lying all over the ground appeared. They could hear Ormi's voice speaking in the background as the sphere was being turned from left to right.

"Total survivors of the final Crimson Squad selection exercise: zero, zilch, and zip. Job done."

"You pinhead!" Logos voice said in the background "Did you even count? Look, there are bodies missing. There should be three more candidates here, but they are not!"

"Your point?"

"Three more still live. Fix it!"

[End of sphere]

"What the hell was that?" Buffy asked as the image disappeared.

"Crimson Squad? I heard some of the men and women talking about it... but it was, umm..." Willow trailed off.

"What?" Tara asked rubbing Willow's back.

"It was around the time of Operation Mi'ihen. When the Crusaders and the Al Bhed tried to destroy Sin, two years ago. I didn't think nothing of it at the time... after seeing that I remembered.

"Only naughty girls would scrounge through other people's bedrooms." Logos said from the doorway cocking his pistols.

"What about you?! You're the ones who broke into our airship!" Buffy shouted angrily.

"The boss's orders are permission enough!" Logos said and pulled the triggers. One round hit Buffy's shoulder, and the other went wide lodging into the back wall.

Tara fired at his feet as a giant ball of water appeared over his head and splashed over his body. Willow grinned and cast a Blizzard spell freezing the water, and Logos in place. Buffy laughed through the pain in her shoulder as Tara healed the wound.

"Later, ice-man!" Willow said and stepped around him with Tara behind her.

"That'll teach ya, now won't it?" Buffy grinned and tapped his nose with the tip of her blade as she stepped past him.

Red lights began to blink as an alarm sounded and a recording spoke saying the 'Booby Traps' were armed. Sighing Tara shook her head as Willow took lead and Buffy followed behind. They followed the hallway down to a 'T' section with a door to the left, and a bend to the right. Nearing the door the girls saw a light blue square on the right wall.

"I wonder what this does?" Buffy asked pushing the button before Willow or Tara could stop her.

The door faded into the wall, as large foot-long spikes shot out causing the girls to scream and run back down the hall. The wall continued to move following the girl's path, the floor near the bend slid down taking the girls with it. Sighing in relief they stopped as the spiked wall stopped but screamed and began running again, when the wall dropped down.

"I'm too young to die!" Buffy screamed when they came to a dead end.

"Your fault, you shouldn't have pushed that button." Willow said grinning as Buffy leaned against the wall and looked at her.

"What're you so happy about!? We're about to die-" Buffy was cut off as the wall opened and she fell into a room, the door shut just as the spikes reached it.

The room was circular in shape with chests scattered all across the room, and a single bed in the middle. There was a balcony circling around the top of the room with more boxes, and chests. Buffy was going through one of the chests, Tara looked through one of the boxes on the floor, and Willow was looking through a chest from under the bed.

"Found it!" Willow and Buffy shout causing Tara to glance at them confused.

"I get it now." Willow said seeing the second half of the sphere. "I wondered why they'd bother stealing half of a sphere."

"They already had the other half." Tara said and turned as a hidden door opened.

"Very good, loves." Leblanc said stepping into the room with Logos and Ormi behind her. "I went through a lot of trouble gathering those pieces-all for Noojie-Woojie. So don't lay a finger on it! Let's get 'em boys!"

Willow cast a low level Water spell over Logos who dodged to the right as the water dropped down, and fired at her. Tara was firing her pistols at their feet trying not to hurt them, as Buffy threw a Pineapple grenade. Everyone ducked as the bomb went off; hurriedly standing Willow cast three low level Blizzard spells effectively ending the fight.

"Well? Want another helping of your just desserts?" Buffy asked standing up with her knives in hand.

"You know, no one's gonna hear you scream from down here." Willow grinned drawing her sword

"W-Wait!" Leblanc shouted then sighed, "I'll let you see what's in the sphere!"

"Let us?" Willow asked dangerously as she cut into a wooden box.

"Please, the sphere is yours to watch." Leblanc said watching the box fall into equal halves.

"Thank you." Tara grinned and pressed the button on the sphere.


An image of a large chamber appeared with several balconies leading to doors all around the room. A black walkway with lights on either side lead to the giant Vegnagun machina, as large machina machines worked in the background.

[End of Sphere]

"That is the colossus Vegnagun. We've finished the analysis of the sphere. And it appears to have been recorded underneath Bevelle." Leblanc said after the image disappeared.

Willow shook her head as she wrapped her arms around Tara from behind and sighed. "I see Bevelle is still has a fondness for secrets."

"Exactly! Those Yevon scum have been hiding that weapon all along... If anyone uses that thing, Spira is done for."

"But it's just a machina! All we gotta do is shakey-shake our way up to it and take it apart!" Buffy said excitedly.

"That's what my Noojie's got in mind. And of course, whatever he's planning is what I'm planning. Now, what about you?" Leblanc asked looking at Tara.

"Me? Why me?"

"The Summoner who defeated Sin ought to stand up and defend Spira again, don't you think?"

"Wait just a second! Tara isn't going to do what you say!" Willow said stepping around Tara and gripping her sword.

"No, Will, she's right." Tara placed her hand on Willow's shoulder. "I should." she said causing Willow to slump her shoulders and sigh.

"Well, now that we're on the same side, we'll be waiting for you."

"Waiting where?" Buffy asked glaring at Leblanc.

"Where else? On your airship! I've always wanted to take a spin on that thing!"

"Ever heard of asking first?" Buffy asked to her retreating back.

"Sin is gone. The Calm is here... I thought our peaceful days would never end. The Eternal Calm. I really believed it would last forever... but now I realize how fragile it can be." Tara said as she leaned into Willow's arms.

"Don't worry. It will last, all we have to do is take care of that machina... and then maybe we can make the villagers happy." Willow said making Tara giggle.

"Hmm, a little mini-Willow running around. That sounds good."

"Hey! It just might be a mini-Tara running around, you never know."

"Come on, love-birds! You can talk about mini-yous later. Right now, we gotta get back to the ship." Buffy said and ran off.

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