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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

After telling the others what they had been told, Mizu and Shinra began checking any and all fiends, and people with power. Willow and Buffy had helped Tara get into her diving suit and waited. Dawn flew over the underwater ruins and hovered as Buffy, Willow, and Tara jumped out. Watching them dive she sat the ship down on the firm ground close to the Mt. Gagazet path to wait.

Being alert for water fiends Willow opened the door leading inside the ruins, and was surprised. The inside was dry; a softly golwing blue magic shield covered the dome allowing no water to enter. Tara took off her diving gear and looked around. The walkways had collapsed, there were large chunks of the walls lying on the floor, and pillars were starting to fall apart.

They could see the ocean through the large cracks, and saw several water fiends swim by. Not knowing how long the dome would stand, or how long the shield would stay up, they hurriedly climbed over the rubble, and into the trial room.

The room was much the same, except for the cracks in the wall, and the elevator to the lower floor was gone. Buffy mixed a flare and tossed it down the hole, it hit the ground and lit up the lower room.

Grabbing the rope out of her pack, Willow tied it to one of the sturdier pillars and slid down. Touching the bottom she drew her sword, and turned. The only thing down there was the powerless Aeon statue of Lord Zaon. Tara slid down and drew her pistols, as they waited on Buffy. Willow took the lead after Buffy had landed, and walked through the door into the next room.

A Sahagin swiped at Willow as she stepped through the door and was kicked in the face. Jumping over the fiend Willow flipped over and brought her sword down cutting the fiend in half. She grinned as she straightened up, and saw Tara pointing her pistols at her. Ducking and turning as Tara fired she saw a Ochu fiend about to grab her.

Buffy threw a Heat Blaster mix effectively setting the fiend on fire, Willow cast a Flare spell and ducked under a burning vine as it reached for her. Tara fire four more rounds into the fiends mid-section, the fiend toppled over and burst into souls. A piece of wall fell away revealing a soft red light.

"There it is." Willow said quietly when she saw the red glowing sphere hidden inside the wall.

Tara looked over cocking her head. "There's something wrong with it."

"Whatcha mean? Looks fine to me." Buffy said walking over to the sphere, and groaned.

"What is it?" Willow glanced over before going back to fiend watching.

Picking up the sphere she turned around and held it up "It's only a half of a sphere!"

"What? How'd they half it, without harming it?" Tara asked confused.

"Don't know..." Buffy's words were cut off as the dome shook.

Willow turned in every direction ready for a fight. Tara jumped back as a large chunk of the roof fell; Buffy dodged a falling pillar, and ran over to Tara. Willow's eyes went wide when she saw what was causing the dome to shake. Outside the dome a sixty-foot long green and blue octopus was hitting the roof with its tentacles.

"Run!" Willow shouted as a tentacle bust through the roof and swiped at her. Back flipping she swung her sword cutting the tip off, and ran toward the ropes. Tara was nearly to the top, and Buffy was half way climbing as fast as she could. When Tara climbed out of the hole she drew her pistols and shot at the Sahagin standing at the door. Just as it exploded into souls four more ran through the door, and jumped at her.

Buffy poked her head up in time to see Tara back flip over the hole, and screamed when the Sahagin's landed right in front of her. Three of the fiends exploded when Tara shot them, but the other had moved and avoided the bullet. Buffy climbed out of the hole, as a large brown fish with horns floated through the door.

The fish quickly turned hitting Buffy with its tail knocking her back, throwing a Rolling Thunder mix at it, she watched as eight Thunder spells rolled over its body. Turing she saw Tara take down the last Sahagin, and ran over to the hole. Tara joined her as they both looked down they saw Willow get knocked into the wall, groaning in pain she stood and swung her sword. The tentacle withdrew as another piece was severed; sighing in relief Willow grabbed the rope and pulled herself to the top.

"Baby, are you okay?" Tara asked when Willow laid on the floor.

"Fine...but I think my ribs are broken."

Tara cast a healing spell, and watched as Willow's body glowed a light blue color. "Feel better?"

"Yes, thank you." Willow leaned up and planted a soft kiss on Tara's lips.

"Okay, none of least not now." Buffy said walking toward the door. "We have to leave right now, no telling when more fiends will attack."

Hurriedly making their way back to the front door, Willow and Buffy helped Tara get her diving suit back on, and opened the door. Seeing nothing waiting for them, Willow swam out first to look around. Not seeing the octopus anywhere near the dome, she motioned for the others to follow.

Climbing out of the water their eyes widened, as they ran toward the airship. The octopus was attacking the airship one tentacle wrapped around the front two wheels, as two tentacles beat on it. Dawn's frightened voice shouted over the receiver.

"Buffy! E ryja du dyga uvv!" (Buffy! I have to take off!)

"Ku! Fa'mm dyga lyna uv dra fiend!" (Go! We'll take care of the fiend!)Buffy shouted and watched as the airship pulled up, and away from the fiend.

When she saw the airship flying toward Gagazet, Willow cast a Thundaga spell causing the fiend wave its tentacles in the air madly. Jumping over a tentacle, then immediately ducking under one, Tara drew her pistols and began firing. Buffy waited till Willow dodge rolled away from the fiend before throwing a Thunderblast mix, followed by a Firestorm mix.

The girls covered her eyes as both mixes exploded at the same time. The Thunderblast was so loud it echoed across Gagazet Mountain, as lightning bolts fell from the sky hitting the fiend. The flames from the Firestorm rose sixty-feet into the air, as it burned across the fiend.

Tara was the first to react when the flames died down, and the lightning stopped. She shot two bullets infused with a Flare, and a Demi spell. The Flare spell exploded first ripping four of its tentacles off, a shield covered the fiend and shrunk.

Buffy mistook the Demi spell for a Holy, and jumped behind a rather large boulder. The fiend fought against the shield right before begin squashed, and disappeared along with the shield.

Buffy poked her head up over the boulder and looked around. "Where's the fiend?"

"It's gone." Willow said grinning. "You know, that was a Demi spell...not a Holy, right?"

"Yes." Buffy walked out from behind the boulder. "I thought I saw a...sphere."

"Right." Willow drawled out making Tara laugh as the airship hovered over them, and landed.

"Rinno! Don't want to fight more fiends!" (Hurry!) Dawn said over the receiver.

"Dawn, we'll get on when we're ready..." Buffy said and stopped as she looked over Willow's shoulder. "And we're ready right now!"

"Huh?" Willow asked then turned to follow Buffy's gaze. "Yeah we are so ready. Come on! Tara! Buffy!"

Tara looked confused as Willow grabbed her hand, and shoved Buffy through the doorway. Looking over her shoulder, she saw another octopus rise out of the water, followed by another three. Not even waiting for the cargo door to close, Dawn lifted the ship into the air and accelerated toward Gagazet.

"I wonder if those fiends are the newly dead?" Buffy asked walking through the door to the bridge while she examined the half sphere.

"I've never seen an octopus fiend that big-" Willow said and stopped.

"What is it?" Tara asked wrapping her arms around Willow's waist.

"Does it seem that the fiends are getting bigger to you?"

"Huh?" Buffy asked tossing the sphere to Shinra.

"Well, think about it. The Iron Men fiends, the Malboro fiends, hell, even the canine fiends all seem bigger." Will said leaning back into Tara.

"If it's the Farplane, something has to be done." Tara said as red lights began blinking and an alarm going off.

"Ehlusehk tydy!" (Incoming data!) Dawn shouted excitedly.

"Rao, yfacusa!" (Hey, awesome!) Mizu said reading the data as Buffy came up behind her seat.

"What's awesome?"

"These reports are about an 'Awesome Sphere' and it's already drawn a crowd."

Leaning over her shoulder Willow read the reports and grinned, "So, where is this sphere?"

"The reports are coming from Kilika Woods."

"Come on, then!" Tara shouted smiling "Let's go get that sphere!"

"Right!" Willow and Buffy shouted.

"Kilika Woods we coming!" Dawn grinned.

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