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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Buffy was running around her ship gathering cloths, and handing them to either Tara, or Willow. Tara giggled when Willow poked her head around the large stack of clothing and glared when Buffy added more to the pile. Tara's smile faded when Buffy threw three more sets of cloths on her pile, and said she'd be back with more. Walking back in Buffy had another four sets each and tossed them on the growing piles, Willow grumbled something Buffy didn't understand and leaned closer.

"By Ifrit's Hellfire! This is getting out of hand!" Buffy heard her grumble quietly.

"Okay, I'll go easy on ya. Follow me and I'll show you two to a room so you can change. Tara goes first, you have to wait."

"Why do I have to wait? And I'm not holding all these cloths!" The clothing muffled Willow’s shout.

"Here, both of you can put the cloths down in here, and wait while I change." Buffy said picking up her own clothing, and walking into the bathroom. Willow was taking a drink of water when Buffy walked out a few minutes later. She spit the water out coughing, and nearly dropped the glass. Tara looked Buffy over with wide eyes.

"Umm...aren't you going to get...cold in that?" Tara asked staring at Buffy's outfit. Buffy was wearing nothing but a yellow bikini top; a brown cloth was wrapped around her waist covering her yellow thong, and blue and white boots.

"Nah, I don't think I will." Buffy answered strapping a yellow belt with two pouches around her waist. "Now, it's your turn." Buffy pushed Tara into the bathroom with a set of cloths.

After five minutes Buffy began pounding on the locked door. "I'm not coming out!" Tara said from the other side.

"Aww, come on! It can't be that bad!" Buffy shouted back.

"Baby? You okay? Why don't you come out?" Willow asked trying the doorknob.

"No! You'll laugh!"

"I won't laugh, and neither will Buffy. Please come out and let us see what you got on."

"Okay, but if you laugh, I won't talk to you again." Tara said and unlocked the door.

Willow and Buffy stepped back when Tara poked her head around the door. Sighing she opened the door all the way and stepped out. Buffy nodded grinning, and Willow was drowning in her drool. Tara was wearing a tight white tie up shirt showing the sides of her breasts, and leaving her shoulders bare, black short shorts, and black knee-high boots. She also had a brown belt wrapped around her waist.

"Buffy," Willow said staring at Tara. "I think you need to leave."

Looking from Willow to Tara and back again, Buffy shook her head. "No! This is my room! And I don't want the two of you doing anything on my bed! Or even in my room!" She picked up a set of cloths and shoved Willow into the bathroom. "Go change!"

Willow walked out ten minutes later strapping her belt on; Tara's eyes went wide at seeing what she was wearing. Her shoulders were bare except for the red leather straps on each shoulder leading down under her leather shorts, and holding up leather leg armor. Her breasts were covered by a piece of black leather wrapped around her chest. Two black leather studded belts was wrapped around her stomach one just above her navel, and the other below. Her hands were covered with a pair of black leather gloves, and had a studded collar around her neck, and black boots.

"Damn, this is hot."

" is." Tara said in a trance. "You"

"I am hot. I think I'm going to try something else!"

"No! I mean you look HOT!" Tara said looking Willow up and down.

"I am hot!"

Buffy giggled "What Tara means is: You look sexy!"


"Yeah, you do...leave it alone." Tara said just before red lights started flashing, and an alarm going off. The three girls ran out of the room, and down the hall into the control room.

"Fryd'c fnuhk?" (What's wrong?) Buffy asked as she entered the room.

Dra cdaanek mulgat tufh!" (The steering locked down!) A young blond girl said trying to turn the wheel.

"Fa'na raytehk cdnyekrd wun dryd ecmyht!" (We're heading straight for that island!) An older girl shouted sitting in front of a map screen.

With no way to turn away from the island, the ship crashed through an old boat dock and stopped five foot on the beach. Buffy had been thrown forward and into a computer consol. Willow had grabbed Tara and took the hit when they were thrown across the room, and into the map screen. The girl sitting at the map screen had avoided Willow and Tara, but was thrown into the screen herself. The girl standing by the wheel was thrown into the front window, leaving a body-size crack. Buffy groaned as she stood, and wiped the blood from her forehead. Tara was the only other awake; Willow and the two other girls had been knocked unconscious. Helping Tara to stand, Buffy served the damage and smiled gratefully when Tara cast a healing spell on her. Turning she cast one on Willow and the two girls, and one on herself.

"This'll take two days maybe three to fix." Buffy said holding up a small blue board covered in wires, and sighed when it broke in half. Dropping it she turned and checked the wheel, and found it was still locked in place. She bent down and lifted the young girl up and moved her to the middle of the room, Tara carried Willow over and laid her down. Buffy carried the other girl over and laid her down beside Willow, and sat down beside Tara.

"Rei didn't say what island. So, I don't know where we are." Buffy said feeling a headache begin. "And the steering... I don't understand, me and Anza checked everything over before we left."

Groaning the young girl sat up rubbing her head, and looked around. " Tysh! Fryd rybbahat?" (Damn! What happened?)

"We crashed. Anza, you okay?"


"Good. I need to know why the steering went out. You understand?"

"Yes." she nodded standing.

Buffy watched the girl slowly walk to the computer and began working. "Rei, how're you feeling?" she asked when the other girl sat up.

"Like airship hit body." she said and stood up, sighing she walked over to the map screen and began taking the consol apart.

"Rei, I want you to find out what island we're on, okay?"


Tara sighed in relief when Willow groaned and opened her eyes, sitting up she looked around. "What the hell happened?"

"Crashed on an island. I have Rei and Anza working on it...but right now, we need to see if anyone lives on this island. Maybe they could help." Buffy said grabbing a set of daggers. "Tara, catch!" Buffy threw a short sword to her, and threw Willow's sword to her. "Come on, let's check it out before dark."

Stepping outside into the warm ocean breeze the girls watched for any sign of attack as the cargo door closed. No one ran to meet them, or find out what the loud crash was about. Walking toward the overgrown jungle area they stayed on their guard. Thirty minutes later Buffy tripped and fell face forward, growling she turned over and screamed. Willow looked down and backed up, grabbing Tara's hand and pulling her back she looked around. Buffy stood up and looked down at a half eaten human body, only the top half remained.

"I don't like this!" Buffy shouted edging around the body and stood beside Willow. "It looks like it was bitten in half." she said and jumped when the bushes shook.

Still holding Tara's hand Willow grabbed Buffy and pulled them both toward four fallen trees. Shoving Buffy in the middle she picked Tara up and climbed in beside Buffy. The ground shook as they poked their heads up, and saw a Dual Horn run out of the bushes and stopped. The ground shook again as a huge black and gray fiend jumped out of the trees, and picked the Dual Horn up in a large clawed hand. The fiend growled and bit at the bigger fiend, it lifted the Dual Horn up to it's open mouth, where three foot long pointed teeth could be seen. The girls covered their ears when the fiend shrieked as it was bitten in half. Tara turned her head, and Buffy closed her eyes as blood spurted out of the body as the fiend disappeared.

Willow watched as the huge fiend sniffed the air, and walked away from them. They waited five minutes before the ground stopped shaking. Standing up Willow glanced around the area and nodded as she climbed over the tree. Buffy jumped out and watched the path the fiend had taken, as Willow helped Tara climb over.

"Look I don't know what the hell that was, but it went that way." Buffy said pointing to the bent and broken trees in front of them. "So I say we haul ass this way!" she pointed to the right.

"I'll agree to that." Willow said nodding and taking the lead. Tara was in the middle, with Buffy following behind. Reaching an open area Willow shook her head, and turned around. "We'll be seen if we go out there."

"Yeah, no shit!" Buffy said and her eyes widened when the ground shook. "Well kiss my ass! That damn thing is back!"

"I'm not kissing your ass, but I am getting the hell out of here." Willow said grabbing Tara's hand and running left.

Buffy followed and screamed as a giant clawed foot came down where she had been standing. "Faster! Faster!" she screamed and speeded up grabbing Willow as she ran past. She didn't see the five foot round hole in the ground until she fell into it, bring Willow and Tara along for the ride as the slid to the bottom. They could hear the fiend sniffing around the hole, and held their breath, waiting. After a few minutes the fiend gave up and left, the girls began breathing again, and looked around. A stonewall stood in front of them, and to their left and right, turning around they saw a darkened corridor with torches lining the wall.

Taking on of the torches Buffy held it up, and Willow lit it with a fire spell, Buffy lit two more and handed Tara one, and gave the other to Willow. Slowly walking down the corridor they found the remains of several people, either laying on the floor, or chained to the walls.

"Ya know, I really don't like this place." Buffy said watching Tara examine the glyphs on the right wall. "Can you tell what they mean?"

"They're very old, but I can make out some of them. This one here says: 'Death to all who enter.' And this one says: 'Your blood will run freely.' The last one says: 'May your death blood be his life.'" Tara said moving to another set of glyphs.

"Well weren't they a happy bunch." Willow said sarcastically.

"Let's go!" Tara said backing up from the wall. "Now!"

"Tara, what's wrong?" Willow asked pulling her into a hug.

"The last three glyphs... I don't like what they say."

"What do they say?" Buffy asked staring at three red glowing glyphs.

"The first one says: 'With the blood of a guardian I will live.' The second one says: 'With the blood of a lover I will be set free from my chains.' And the last one: With the blood of a Summoner, I will rule the world.'"

"You're right I don't like the sound of that! It sounds too much like us!" Willow said and kissed Tara before moving down the corridor.

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked confused.

"Tara's the Summoner, I'm the lover, and you are the guardian."

"Okay, I'm ready to leave. Right now! Run!" Buffy screamed running past. "Don't look behind you! Just run!"

"Huh?" Willow looked and screamed when she saw the skeletons rising from the floor, breaking their chains, and crawling out of the walls. "We can't fight 'em here, it's too closed in." she said running with Tara beside her.

"Duck!" Buffy screamed throwing a Pineapple grenade. They hit the floor as the grenade exploded behind them, quickly standing up Willow turned around. The dust settled showing the skeletons scattered in pieces across the floor. Her eyes widened when she saw the pieces begin to shake, and reform. "Oh hell!" Buffy said helping Tara to stand and pulled her along beside her and Willow. Turning a corner they came to a dead end, hitting the wall Buffy began cursing everything from the skeletons to her ship.

"She's been around Faith too long." Tara said pressing a very small button on the wall.

"I know." Willow said and shoved Buffy through the now open door and following Tara, as it closed behind her.

"Hey, look!" Buffy shouted picking up a marble sized pink glowing sphere, and tossing it to Tara. When she caught it a pink light surrounded her. When the light disappeared they saw that she now had a pair of pistols in holsters on each side. Drawing the left pistol Tara looked at it, and ejected the clip and counted eighteen rounds. Checking the small clip holders beside each holster she found two more fresh clips, and holstered her new pistol. "This was with it." Buffy held up a thick card with half star shape on it, and six empty slots. Taking it Tara put the sphere into the top slot, and smiled when it stayed.

"Well, now we know what the card is for." Tara said putting the card in her pack.

"I wonder what it’s called?" Willow asked picking up another card with a diamond shape and four empty slots on it.

"Hey here's another one!" Buffy threw a purple sphere to Willow; when she caught it a purple light surrounded her. When the light died down she had another sword strapped to her side, unsheathing it she examined it. The four and a half foot long blade was razor sharp, and had a skull and cross bones at the bottom of the hilt. Sheathing the sword she sighed, "I can't fight with two of them."

"Well, if you need another one real quick, you've got it." Buffy picked up another card with a circle in the middle, and five empty slots. "Do you see another sphere?" she asked looking around.

"I do." Willow said staring at the wall.


"Over there."

Buffy looked where she was pointing and saw a skeleton with a yellow sphere in its hand. Sighing she walked over to it. "Well at least it isn't moving." she said and took the sphere. Yellow light surrounded her, and when it died down her daggers now hand round circles around the handle. Touching one she found the edges of the blade and circle razor sharp. Buffy jumped back from the wall when hand bony hand touched her shoulder. "Shit!"

Willow drew her new sword as Tara drew her pistols. Buffy back-flipped twice dodging a very sharp blade aimed at her stomach. Tara fired a shot shattering the skull, and bones fell to the floor and turned to dust. She fired another when another skeleton stepped out of the wall, turning it to dust. Willow took care of three of them as the door rose up; Buffy would back-flip and sidestep as she took their heads off with her new daggers. When the last one turned to dust, a door at the back of the room slid up reveling another corridor. Picking up the torches the girls entered and watched the door slid down, closing off the room.

Buffy took lead and checked every side corridor as they passed by. Willow would glance over her shoulder every thirty seconds. Tara had her hands on the pistols ready to draw at a moments notice. Turning another corner, Buffy sighed in relief "Hey there's a light up here." she said and stopped under the light. Looking up they could see the jungle through a small hole in the ceiling. "But how're we going to get up there? We need to get back to the ship...before that thing does!"

Willow leaned against the stonewall, and screamed when something cold touched her bare back. Jumping forward and turning she saw something shine, touching it she found a hidden ladder. "Stay here. I'll check and make sure its safe." she said and began climbing up. Reaching the top she pounded on the ceiling tearing it away, and making a hole big enough to climb out of. Glancing around and listening she turned back to the hole. "Its safe, come on up."

Tara began climbing up followed by Buffy a second later; looking up she saw that Willow wasn't near the hole anymore. Slowly raising her head up, Tara saw Willow pressed against a tree frozen. Tara saw her motion with her hand to stay down, and ducked her head just as a shadow passed over the area.

Willow had seen the giant fiend drinking from a pool of water, and ran over to a big tree hoping not to be seen. She watched as the fiend raised its head and sniffed the air, before going back to drinking the water. Sighing in relief was when she'd seen Tara, and watched as she ducked just in time not to be seen. The fiend passed on by not even glancing her way, Willow waited for the ground to stop shaking before rushing to the hole. She helped Tara out, and pulled Buffy up with Tara's help. Not taking no time at all they made their way in a different direction. Breaking through the weeds and bushes they found themselves back on the beach, with the ship fifty yards away. Making a run for it they didn't get far before the ground shook, speeding up they just barely missed getting swiped at by the fiend.

Turning Willow drew her sword and side-flipped to the right, over the fiends’ hand and slicing its arm open. Tara drew her pistols and fired eight rounds into its head, as Buffy threw a Tidal Wave mix at the fiend. A large wave of water appeared in front of the fiend hitting it, and knocking it back thirty foot. Willow cast a Firaga spell on the fiend setting it on fire; Tara fired another eight rounds before turning toward the ship and running. Buffy and Willow were right behind her, until the fiend swiped at them, catching Willow in its large hand it raised her to its mouth. With her arms trapped she couldn't do anything but scream out, Buffy had began attacking the fiend with her knives. She sliced at its thighs leaving deep wounds; Tara had turned and fired at its mid-section. The fiend threw Willow into the air, and swiped at Buffy. She ducked under the hand, and watched as Willow rose from the ground and threw her sword. The sword flew through the air, and hit the fiend in the side of the head.

The fiend fell to the ground as Willow ran over to it; she grabbed the sword hilt and twisted as she pulled it out. Shrieking the fiend exploded into red, green, and orange souls. Tara cast a healing spell on Willow when she saw her back had been cut open. "Okay let's go! Maybe we can fix the ship quicker with everyone on board." Buffy said and took off with Tara and Willow at her side. Running into the control room they didn't see the other girls.

"Rei? Anza? Are you in here?"

"Buffy?" Anza asked poking her head up from under a desk.

"Yeah, we here." Rei said crawling out from under a table.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Fiend! Big...huge!" Anza said motioning with her hands.

"Bigger than ship..." Rei said sitting down in a chair.

"Oh you mean that big black and gray fiend with the big teeth? Don't worry about it, we took care of it."

"No! This fiend, purple, and... red." Rei said as Anza nodded with wide eyes.

"Eat fiend you talk about." Anza said shivering.

"Wait! You tellin' me there are more of those black and gray fiends? And something out there bigger than them!?"

"Yes! We hurry fix!" Anza said pointing to the wheel as Rei pointed to the map screen. "Wheel move little."

"Okay, let's get on it." Buffy said and grabbed a screwdriver. Tara helped Anza with the wheel, and Willow ran over to help Rei with the map. Working into the night Willow and Rei got the screen fixed, and rushed over to help Buffy fix the main computer. Around midnight they heard a low mournful cry coming from the jungle, and worked faster. An hour later the cry came again this time closer, Willow shut off the lights as the group waited the ground shook. Quietly moving to the windows they looked out and saw the head of a fiend over the top of the trees. The trees were pushed over or broken as the fiend moved through the jungle, the group watched as the fiend moved away from the area. Tara had said to cover the windows so that no light could be seen, and attract the fiends. After the lights were back on the girls started working again, by morning light they had the ship fixed and ready to go.

Anza started the engines and tried to back off the beach, she cursed when the ship didn't move. "We stuck!" she said giving the ship more power.

"Okay, just hold on I'll check it out." Buffy said and smiled when Willow and Tara joined her. Lowering the cargo door they stepped out. Willow was watching the front and right as Tara watched the left and would glance forward every now and then. With them watching for fiends, Buffy looked around the ship, and found the problem. They were setting on the broken dock and wedged between two large rocks. Growling she kicked the side of the ship, and began walking back to the cargo hold. Just as she stepped beside Tara two of the black and gray fiend rolled out of the jungle. They jumped inside and Willow hit the button, as the door rose they watched the fiends fighting each other. Hurrying back to the control room they found Anza ducking behind the wheel as she watched the fiends. Sending more power to the engines didn't help move the ship.

Anza screamed when one fiend knocked the other into the ship, rocking it. Buffy grinned and hopped for it to happen again. "When a fiend hits the ship, send more power to the engines. It may get us outta here." she said and braced herself as the fiend hit the ship again. Anza hit the button as the ship rocked, and moved back a few feet. She smiled and continued until the ship was free, and they were on their way, away from the island. Buffy flopped down on the floor and sighed, as Willow and Tara joined her.

"Remind never go back to that island!" Willow said pulling Tara into her lap and giving her a long kiss.

"Yeah, don't worry, because I'm not going back." Buffy said and grinned watching the lovebirds kiss.

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