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Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R for violence and language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

Dawn was sitting in the control set watching Sin leave as the group slowly walked in. Xander sat down on the floor as Giles and Faith leaned against the wall. Willow was holding Tara's hand as Tara leaned her head on her shoulder.

"Frana du huf?" (Where to now?) Dawn asked pulling the ship up into the air.

"Yesh! Aren't we the happy lookin' bunch." Joyce said when she saw their tired faces.

"Frana? Frana?" (Where? Where?) Dawn asked getting impatient

"Where? Where? Is that all you can say? Can't you be a little more helpful and think of something!?" Buffy snapped at her younger sister, who rolled her eyes.

"Well? Do you have any good ideas?" Giles asked glancing at Willow

"Come on! Can't you help up!?" Willow said frustrated

"What do we know? Sin is Ira. Thus, you have a link... a bond with Sin. That may be our key."

"Yeah, so what do we do?"

"We think and wait."

"Great two things I'm not good at."

Tara squeezed Willow's hand "Hey! The last two Fayth said something about another Aeon!"

"That's right!" Willow said "Buffy, you remember where you first met me?"

"Yeah, it was at the Baaj Temple, why?"

"The Fayth told Tara there's another Aeon there."

"Okay, cool!" Buffy said and turned to Dawn. "Dawn! Cad luinca du Baaj Temple yd X luuntehyda 15 Y luuntehyda 58." (Dawn! Set course to Baaj Temple at X coordinate 15 Y coordinate 58.)

"Nukan dryd!" (Roger that!) Dawn said and turned the ship around and accelerated over the ocean.

"How long will it take to get there?" Faith asked tiredly

"Ruf muhk?" (How long?) Buffy asked standing behind Dawn's seat

"Ed'mm dyga y tyo." (It'll take a day.) Dawn said keeping watch on the control panel.

"We have a day to rest, come on I'll show you where the rooms are." Buffy said and led the group to the second level. Giles and Xander bunked together, Faith and Buffy bunked together, Anya, Tara, and Willow got their own rooms. Willow looked around the small room, a bed to her left, a dresser sitting against the right wall, and a chest at the foot of the bed. A door at the back of the room led to a bathroom with a shower and clean towels. Sighing happily Willow turned the water on and stripped, when the water was hot enough she stepped in and felt her muscles relax.

"Willow are you in here?" Tara asked opening the door to Willow's room. She stepped inside and closed the door, hearing the water running and sat down on the bed to wait. Fifteen minutes later the water stopped, and Willow came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on. Tara blushed and looked down at the brown carpeting, as Willow only smiled.

"Tara? What's up?" Willow asked and sat down beside her on the bed.

"Oh...I-I uh...j-just wanted t-to know i-if I shower i-in h-here?" Tara stuttered out blushing again when her eyes roamed over the wet towel.

"Yeah, sure I don't mind." Willow said smiling then looked confused. "Umm...What's wrong with yours?"

"No h-hot water."

"Ah. Well go on go get all clean."

"Willow, I just wanted to say...thank you."

"What for? The shower?"

"No." Tara giggled "For standing beside me, and... and just being here. Thank you."

Willow smiled and cupped Tara's cheek "You are very welcome." She said and leaned over pressing her lips to Tara's.

Willow started to lean back when Tara grabbed her waist and pulled her body closer and slightly opening her mouth. Sensing the invitation, Willow’s tongue entered and entwined with Tara’s. Tara plunged her hands into Willow’s red hair, causing Willow to moan into her mouth. Moving her hands down the front of Tara’s white shirt Willow pulled it open, and unsnapped the black bra. Tara arched her back when Willow caressed her hardening nipples. Breaking the kiss Tara pulled back and looked into Willow’s green eyes.

“You going to take off that towel?” Tara watched a suggestive smile cross Willow’s face as the towel slowly slid off, and was thrown to the floor. Willow reached over and slid Tara’s shirt and bra off, and tossed them on the floor.

“Seems like you still need to lose something.” Willow grinned and pointed to the blue skirt Tara was still wearing. Standing up she slowly pulled the zipper down and let the skirt fall to the floor, causing Willow to gasp when she saw Tara was not wearing anything underneath. Smiling seductively she stepped toward Willow and pushed her back on the bed. Placing her hands to each side of Willow’s head she leaned down and kissed Willow passionately. Starting at her thighs Willow ran her hands up Tara’s sides and to the underside of her breasts. Tara sat up as Willow cupped her breasts and gently squeezed, then moaned as Willow brushed her thumbs over her hard nipples. Willow moaned feeling the warm wetness of Tara’s sex on her stomach. Releasing Tara’s right breast Willow ran her hand over Tara’s stomach “W-Willow…” Tara moaned as Willow’s hand reached her sex.

“Are you sure?” Willow whispered looking into Tara’s blue eyes.

“Yes…please.” Tara replied in a breathless whisper.

Willow smiled and gently inserted her finger in Tara’s opening causing her to arch her back and moan. Willow rolled to the side flipping Tara over and under her, and slowly thrust her hand forward. Willow gasped then moaned when Tara’s finger found her opening and copied what Willow was doing. Inserting another finger Willow began thrusting faster, Tara did the same, as both girls came closer to the edge. Willow stiffened a moment before Tara did as they both screamed out the others name.

After a few minutes of catching her breath Willow kissed Tara and lay down beside her, and pulling her into her arms. Tara smiled as she rested her head on Willow's shoulder, drawing little circles on her belly with her finger. "I didn't get my shower." Tara said as Willow laughed.

"Well you can always go take one...and I can join you."

"We'll definitely do that later. But right now, after everything that has happened...I just want to hold you."

"Then that's what we'll do." Willow said and relaxed before closing her eyes and falling into a blissful sleep, with Tara not to far behind.

The next morning Willow was awoken by someone knocking on her door, sighing she slid out of the bed being careful not to wake Tara, and donned a robe. Opening the door she found a grinning Buffy holding a large tray. “What’s up?” Willow whispered and stepped into the hallway pulling the robe tighter around her body.

“Dawn says we have an hour before reaching Baaj Temple. So, get ready. We don’t know if there’s gonna be any fighting.”

“Yeah, thanks. Where’s breakfast?”

“Don’t worry, you and Tara get dressed and I’ll be back to take you down to the lunch hall.” Buffy said and walked into her room. Willow turned and entered her room, and found Tara sitting up in bed.

“Hey there, you sleep well?” Willow asked and sat beside her.

“Yes, I slept fine.” Tara leaned over and kissed Willow. “You?”

“Great… I hate to say this, but we need to get dressed. We slept all night, and we only have an hour before reaching the temple.”

Buffy knocked ten minutes later and took the girls down to have breakfast with the others. Dawn’s voice came over the intercom as the group stood up from the table. “Baaj Temple yrayt.” (Baaj Temple ahead.)

Dawn landed the ship in front of the temple door, and released the cargo door. Faith took the lead, and scanned the surroundings before nodding to the others. The temple door fell to the ground when Willow pushed on it, turning she gave Buffy a surprised look.

“What? It wasn’t me that blew it apart!”

“I didn’t say a thing.” Willow said and took Tara’s hand following Faith into the temple. There were six statues in the room, three on either side of the chamber door. Tara examined the first, then touched it, a small sphere glowed and something made a clicking sound. She touched the other five causing them to glow and more clicking sounds to come from the chamber door. The door slid up and Tara nodded to Willow who followed her into the Fayth chamber. Floating over the Fayth statue was a brown haired woman.

“Hello, Summoner and guardian.” The Fayth said

“Y-Your Glory’s mother, aren’t you?” Willow asked stepping beside Tara


“And you became a Fayth…but what for?”

“I became a Fayth for my daughter. I wanted her to defeat Sin with my Aeon, but she tasted the power my Aeon has…and wanted more, more power. She has become tainted with darkness, but that is my fault. I should have stayed with her… Please do not fault my daughter for my wrong doings.”

“But why? Why did you do all this?”

“No one accepted her, half Guado, half human. She was an outcast among the people of Spira; I became a Fayth in hope of her defeating Sin, and being accepted. Summoner, I want you to accept my Aeon and stop my daughter. Stop Glory, from her plans.” The Fayth said and merged with Tara. Willow held Tara until she awoke, and helped her to stand. Leaning against Willow, Tara smiled and slowly walked back into the main room.

“Did you get the Aeon?” Anya asked when the emerged.

“Yes, the Aeon is Anima. You remember seeing it summoned in Luca, right?”

“Shit! That’s the Aeon you got?” Faith said wide-eyed. “Damn that’s one hell of an Aeon.”

“It’s time to think of a way to defeat Sin…for good.” Giles said and headed back to the airship.

Back in the control room the group was deep in thought until Tara looked at Joyce and bowed, before walking through the door. Joyce watched her go frowning and turned to Willow.

“Well? Go after her.”

“Okay, I’m gone.” Willow said and ran out the door. She caught up with Tara and walked beside her not saying a word. Reaching the third deck Tara stopped and stared out the window.

“I’m sorry.” Tara said a few minutes later. “I’m just no good…at all.”

“What are you talking about!?” Willow asked surprised and very confused. “Tara, don’t say that!”

“I don’t know anything beyond the teachings…and here I am trying to think of a way to defeat Sin, for good. I just don’t know how.”

“Tara don’t you dare apologize!” Faith said walking up the staircase. “You don’t run from anything, and if you apologize…it means you’re running.”

“I agree with Faith, so I don’t want to hear anymore apologizes out of you, okay?”

“Thank you both.” Tara said with a small smile.

“So do you have any ideas?” Willow asked glancing at Faith.

“The teachings.”


“The teachings won’t help us.” Tara said sadly.

“No, not in the teachings. You must know both sides to find the answers.”

“Both sides…”

“Snyder knows a lot. So, all we have to do is find him and make him talk.”

“Faith, you rock!” Willow shouted taking Tara’s hand and running back towards the control room with Faith following.

"Hey, guys!" Xander said excitedly when they ran through the door. "I just had a great idea!" "It was my idea. So I get to tell them!" Buffy said shoving Xander to the side.

"It's like this, ya?"

"I just thought!" Buffy said blocking Xander.

"The Hymn is the key." Anya said causing Xander and Buffy to groan and slump their shoulders in defeat.

"The Hymn?" Willow asked.

"Yes, Sir Ira like the Hymn of the Fayth, correct?"


"That's why he was listening to in Macalania!" Buffy said jumping up and down.

"It's odd, isn't it? Sin violence incarnate, listening peacefully."

"Look Willow, I know Sin is your old man and all, and I don't mean no disrespect, but...uh."

"Xander its fine. I've gotten used to it."

"Let me say it. If we attack Sin head-on, we've little to no chance of winning. However, if he hears the Hymn of the Fayth, he will become docile." Anya said glancing at the group.

"Yeah, and that's when we make our move!" Xander scratched his head "It might be against the rules and all, but who's keeping track, ya?"

"Yeah! This could really work!" Buffy said grinning.

"Yeah, it's worth a shot! Either way we've got to try something." Willow said having made her mind up.

"Well I'm thinking you have a plan." Joyce said crossing her arms. "My baby here'll take us anywhere we want!" she said proudly and the wilted when she saw the looks she got from Buffy and Dawn. "Whatever girls, this ship is my baby also."

Dawn rolled her eyes then nodded when Buffy told her to set off for Bevelle.

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