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Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R for violence and language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

The group follows Buffy and Willow into the main deck, where they see Dawn running for the wheel, and Joyce barking orders.

"Drana'c hu desa! Ku, ku, ku!" Joyce says running to a large glowing sphere in the middle of the control room. (There's no time! Go, go, go!)

"Drnaa sehidas mavd!" Dawn said jumping into the pilot's seat and starting the airship. Checking the gauges she found everything ready to fly. (Three minutes left!)

"Rinno! Rinno! Fa uhmo ryja uha sehida!" Joyce called out watching Dawn work the controls. (Hurry! Hurry! We only have one minute!)

"Where's Tara?" Willow asked from behind Joyce.

"Ajanouha uh puynt?" Joyce said ignoring Willow's question. (Everyone on board?)

"Ajanouha ec ymeja!" An Al Bhed man said over the speakers. (Everyone is alive!)

"I said, where is she?" Willow spins Joyce around and angrily picks her up "Answer me! Answer me, damn you!"

"And what will you do when you find her, huh?"

Willow puts Joyce down "I didn't know anything about what Summoners are supposed to do. And I told her all of those things...without even thinking about it. I've got to tell her...I've got to tell her that I'm sorry!"

"That's all? You're just gonna tell her you're sorry? And then what? I'll tell'll just drag her off to Zanarkand and make her fight Sin, huh? You people are all the same-let the Summoner die so we can live in peace!" Joyce says grabbing Willow and throwing her over her shoulder.

"No!" Willow said getting up "I'm not gonna let Tara die!"

"Those are just words! Show me some action!"

"I'm telling you, I won't let her die!" Willow shouted

"You'd better not forget those words, 'cause if you do...I will make you regret it."

"I won't. That's a promise."

"Good. I'm holding you to that."

"So, you know where she is?" Willow asked approaching the sphere.

"Of course not! That's why we're going to look, using this airship!"

"A-Airship?" Xander asked feeling weak in the knees.

"Sudran! Fa yna nayto du ku!" Dawn hollers over her shoulder (Mother! We are ready to go!)

"E vmekrd 100 oaync ujantia!" Joyce said excitedly (A flight 100 years overdue!)

A hatch above the airship opens and sand pours in and over the top of the airship as it rises up out of the hanger.

"Fruy! Ed sujac!" Dawn said surprised (Whoa! It moves!)

"Necg pek! Feh pek!" Joyce walked over and stood beside Dawn. (Risk big! Win big!)

"Luum! Ed vmeac, duu!" Dawn says as the airship shoots forward. (Cool! It flies, too!)

"Haqd, fa yna kuehk du ica dryd!" Joyce said point to a small red button on the control panel. (Next, we are going to use that!)

"Frydajan oui cyo." Dawn says sadly and hangs her head, as the Al Bhed start singing the Hymn of the Fayth. (Whatever you say.)

"Hey, what's goin' on?" Xander asks confused looking at the singing Al Bhed men and women.

"We... we're going to blow up our Home." Buffy says just as sadly as her sister.

"Excuse me, but how do you plan to do this?" Anya asked glancing at Joyce.

"How else...with the forbidden machina!" Joyce says and turned to Dawn. "Nayto? Vena!" (Ready? Fire!)

Dawn hits the button firing the missiles. The missiles shoot straight out then curved toward Home, the explosion that occurred melted Home to the ground and killing the fiends that were still left inside. The shockwave raced toward the airship engulfing it in the flames, Dawn accelerated the ship causing the nose of the airship to point skyward and break free of the flames.

"Nadinh du dra cyht!" Joyce said as Dawn started crying. "Hu haat vun daync. Fryd ed kuut ypuid machina, ec drao lyh pa piemd." (No need for tears. What is good about machina, is that it can be built anew.)

"Hey, Buffy. Don't get so down... Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?" Xander said trying to cheer her up.

"You can shove your happy festival, you big meanie!" Buffy said and walked over to Dawn and hugged her.

Xander sighed as his shoulders slumped "I...I need to learn to keep my mouth shut, ya?"

"Yes, do." Faith said quietly watching Buffy.

"Now we look for Tara, and get her back!" Joyce said looking at the sphere.

"After rescuing Tara, then what?" Giles asked walking over to the sphere. "You want to keep her safe, correct? Are you going to try and stop her pilgrimage?"

"Of course! If she continues this fool pilgrimage, she will die! Sure as if you killed her yourself. No hair-brained law or teaching can send my little niece to her death! When we save her, I'll make her give up being a Summoner quicker than a desert melts ice!"

"Against her will?"

"It's better than a dog's death!" Joyce said then turn to face Giles. "And I will take down anyone who don't agree!"

"You are the captain." Giles said walking out the door.

"Good! That's settled!"

Xander was watching all of this with his mouth hanging open. "Tara is an... Tara's Al Bhed?"

"Umm...Xander maybe you should sit down." Willow said

"No, no. I'm fine...Tara is Tara, right? She's Al Bhed...but she's still the same...right?"

"Yeah, Xander she is."

"Okay." Xander said and sat on the floor.

"Sudran! E vuiht Tara!" Dawn shouted from her seat. (Mother! I found Tara!)

"Frana?" (Where?)

"E femm cruf oui." (I will show you)

"Tara!?" Willow said surprised when the sphere showed Tara's image. Bevelle solders surrounded her as she walked down a blue walkway. She was wearing a white wedding dress, that stopped at mid-thigh and a long white veil covering her face, and holding a bouquet of red, white and purple roses. Willow nearly had a heart attack when another image showed this time of Glory wearing a blue and gray Maesters robe, surrounded by solders as she walked down the opposite walkway.

"What the hell!?" Willow shouted. "Where is that?" she turned to Anya.

"That was the Palace of St. Bevelle. The heart of Yevon." Anya said trying to get Glory's image out of her mind.

"Come on woman! Let's move!" Willow said turning to Joyce.

"Easy there. Bevelle has top-notch defense."

What's the matter? You scared? Tara's there, so we go in and get her! That's all!"

Joyce smiles at Willow "You got guts, girl. Dawn, cad luinca du Bevelle!"

"Nukan!" (Roger!)

Dawn accelerated the airship causing Willow to slide back a foot before falling to the floor. "Well, that was fun." Willow said getting up and rubbing her bottom.

"What was Glory doing there?" Xander asked with confusion written on his face. "We killed her, ya?"

"She wasn't sent, and her emotions kept her on Spira." Anya said

"That's just great! The bitch is an unsent...and that means she's going to be hard to get rid of." Faith said and punched the wall.

"Tell me something...what was Tara wearing?" Buffy asked looking from Anya to Xander.

"It was a wedding dress. It looks like Glory is trying to force Tara to marry her." Anya said and Willow's face went red with anger.

"I'll drag that murdering bitch to the Farplane myself, if she touches Tara." Willow said very calmly, scaring Xander.

"Will, I know you're mad, but you have to stay calm." Xander said

"What I want to know is, how you're going to get down there?" Joyce walked over to the group "We can't land the ship, or the Bevelle soldiers will swarm us."

"I have an idea...but I don't know if anyone will like it." Buffy said and held up two inch wide pieces of metal, with straps.

"What're those?" Faith asked looking at the metal.

"Just something I came up with...anyway, what we need to do is drop the airship anchors where the two walkways meet. We strap these on to our shoes and slide down the cables, and save Tara."

Willow smiled "Buffy, I like's crazy, but I like it." The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Great let's go and get you all a pair of them." Buffy said and fell to the floor when the airship shook, and Jenny walked into the control room.

"We're being attacked from within. Some of the Guado that attacked Home must have snuck on board." Jenny said to Joyce.

"You're awfully calm about it!" Joyce said glaring at Jenny

"I am calm about most things."

"Ha! Well there's fiends on the ship! There's nothing to do but-"

"But destroy the ship and all go down together!" Buffy interrupted.

"What!?" Joyce shouted.

"You have really got to learn a little restraint, mom. If you crash the ship, we can't rescue Tara! So, just leave the fiends to us professionals!"

"Yeah! Let's go kick some fiend ass!" Willow shouted

Jenny smiles "Buffy, I think you have made some very good friends. Please be careful, good luck."

When the group ran out into the main hall they were attacked by three Bombs and a Dual Horn. Anya cast a Blizzaga spell on one of the Bombs freezing it, and shattering when it hit the floor. Willow had flipped over the Dual Horn and stabbed it in the back, just as Giles thrust his sword in its chest the fiend disappeared. Faith had knocked one of the last two Bombs to the ground, and Buffy punched it with her spiked glove and twisted her hand tearing the Bombs' face off. Anya had cast a Blizzaga spell on Xander's ball causing it to freeze and shatter the Bomb the moment it hit. With the fiends out of the way the group ran threw the end door, and saw Jonathon and Cordelia killing two canine fiends.

"Hey, don't worry about us, we'll take care of the fiends here." Jonathon said to the group

"Yes, we will be fine." Cordelia nodded.

Willow nodded and ran up a flight of stairs and stopped when Giles pulled on her shirt.

"Look, that's a rare sight indeed." Giles pointed out the window.

Willow looked outside and saw a giant reddish orange dragon with spikes down the top of its head and neck. "That thing's huge!"

"What the hell is that?!" Buffy asked staring at the dragon

"The guardian wyrm, Evrae. The sacred beast... protector of Bevelle." Anya said watching the dragon as it flew closer to the ship.

"So, the red carpet has teeth." Giles grinned.

"Hey! That means we're close to Bevelle!" Willow jumped in the air.

"Buffy, you read me?" They heard Joyce say over the intercom "We're going to fight...whatever that is. Get on deck and show him what you're made of! Go!"

"Well damn!" Buffy sighs shaking her head.

"Let's go, then!" Xander ran for the elevator to the outer deck.

When they reach the outer deck the group sees that Evrae is about to come up beside the ship. They run over and stop five foot from the edge, and get ready for battle.

"Listen up! We have to keep our distance, but we can't get too far away. You''' have to tell me when to move!" Joyce said over the intercom "But tell me quick, okay? This rig ain't so nimble."

"No problem! I'll give the commands!" Willow shouted and ducked under a giant claw.

Buffy jumped back "Not alone you won't"

Evrae takes another swing and hits Anya knocking her back and almost over the further edge of the ship. Xander threw his ball and hit Evrae on the head; Giles ran forward and cut Evraes' clawed hand down the middle. Faith had stabbed him in the chest before getting knocked back, and into Anya who was half way back to the battle. Buffy mixed a Soft and a Fire Gem together and threw it at Evrae causing a Firestorm to roll over his body. Anya stood be side Willow "Hey tell Joyce to pull back, I have an idea." Willow nodded and shouted for the ship to move. The ship pulled away and Anya raised her hands in the air as her eyes turned red. Six Firaga spells hit, knocking Evrae back a foot with each hit, Xander took the opportunity and threw his ball knocking it back another foot. Missiles shot out of the side of the airship, and hit the giant fiend. Evrae exploded into thousands of different colored souls that floated down, and into the clouds.

Willow and Buffy grabbed each other and was jumping up and down, then fell to the deck with the others as the airship shook. Black smoke started pouring out of the ship's engine. "Cruud! Fa'na mucehk bufan." Dawn shouted over the intercom. (Shoot! We're losing power.)

"Rao! E caa Bevelle!" Joyce said in the background then her voice came over the intercom "Hang on out there! The ship’s losing power, but we’re over Bevelle." (Hey! I see Bevelle!)

The airship shot straight up into the air, with Willow and the others holding on to anything they could find to keep from falling. The airship stopped in mid-air and slowly the nose of the ship fell forward into a nosedive. The ship plunged down with black smoke trailing behind, and into the clouds disappearing.

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