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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The Phantom rose into the air, hovering over the scattered group and watched as they once more came together ready for a fight. Buffy and Faith rose from the ground, from protecting the unconscious Willow and Tara, and raised their weapons. Everyone was disoriented from the Phantom's voice screaming in their heads, but that wasn't going to stop them from defeating their enemy. The group stared at the Phantom, the Phantom stared at the group, his glowing eyes sweeping over the girls and two guys sizing them up. Then, as if it had been planned, the princesses, Donald, and Clay had all shouted Holy at the exact same time. The white magic spells flew through the air faster than anyone could see, and slammed into the Phantom forcing him back as they wrapped around his robed body. For just a moment it seemed like the magic was working, but that wasn't so, the Phantom screamed and forced the spells to return to their casters. "Shit!" Clay shouted, diving to the side just as the others were doing, and rolled over in time to see the spells hit the ground, leaving a small crater where they once stood.

"Blizzaga!" Donald shouted as he stood, his spell appeared over the Phantom and fell on it's head. The Phantom shook the pain away and glared at Donald, the duck fell to the ground unconscious, no he wasn't unconscious, he wasn't breathing.

"Revive!" Princess Tara called out, pointing her hand toward the fallen duck, and using her left hand pointed at the Phantom, "Flare!" The Phantom blocked the attack, but was sent flying back into a tree, hitting it hard enough to crack the trunk.

Seeing the stunned enemy Buffy and Willow number three both ran at the Phantom, both bringing their weapons up and then down. "Think that'll work do you?" the enemy laughed and screamed as the blades connected with his body, "Sure do." Buffy number three grinned as she and Willow number three twirled around, their blades connecting with the Phantom's body three more times before both girls were thrown back from a single touch. Both girls hit the ground, and both weren't breathing.

"Damn!" Faith flinched and hurried toward the fallen girls, "Cover me!" she shouted as she kneeled down with a Phoenix Down.

Buffy, Clay and her group ran forward, bringing their weapons up and slashed at the Phantom. Buffy and her twin back flipped away as swords appeared in the Phantom's hands, and just barely missed severing their heads. Faith number two and Clay weren't so lucky, as the Phantom brought the blades around once more, slicing their stomachs open. The girls quickly backed away covering their wounds as the blood dripped to the ground, "Curaga." Donald called, still weak from the revival spell, but strong enough to help. The healing spell's warmth covered the two wounded girls as their injuries healed, not leaving a scar.

At the same time Buffy and Willow number three stood from the ground, thanked Faith, and ran forward, both casting a Flare spell. As the Phantom blocked the spells he had no time to block the blows from the swords, and reared back in pain as the blades connected with his back and chest. Buffy number three back flipped away as Goofy spun toward the Phantom, his shield hitting the enemy several times before Goofy slowed down, and quickly rolled away from an attack.

The Phantom's blades cut into the ground just an inch away from Goofy's foot as he stood, with a surprised shout the dog like man jumped back bringing his shield up for protection. Sparks flew into the air as the loud clanging of metal against metal echoed around the area. With each hit on his shield, Goofy would have to step back from the force of the Phantom's two swords. Two more hits followed by two more hit the shield forcing Goofy back into a tree, as soon as his back hit the tree the Phantom brought both swords down at the same time. The shield hit the ground, "GAHH!" Goofy shouted with pain lacing his scream as he fell to his knees with a grimace.

Donald's eyes were wide as Goofy hit the ground, but they went wider at seeing the shield on the ground...and Goofy's arm from his elbow down still attached, "YOU!" The duck shouted, and as if everything went into slow motion he raced toward the Heartless.

"Help him!" Clay shouted toward her Willow and Faith as she followed Donald, she knew their strongest spell, Curaga, could and would give Goofy his arm back...but only if it were cast within a few minutes of the severing.

Willow and Faith number two, followed by the princesses, hurriedly ran toward Goofy -who looked to be on the verge of passing out in pain, "Hang on, just hang in there..." Willow spoke as she kneeled down, "This will help, don't worry." she said and began casting Curaga on the wound along with Faith's own spell. The princesses also kneeled down, casting their own version of the Curaga spell. Within seconds the bleeding stopped, and the arm began growing back as the magic did it's job.

"Thundaga!" Donald shouted, his anger over his friend clouding his mind, "Blizzaga!" he called once more and watched as both spells hit the Phantom. The Heartless was knocked back by the force, but started toward the duck when the magic failed to harm him.

"Don't think so." Clay growled flipping into the air, and brought her Gunblade down atop the Phantom's head, "Flare!" she shouted just as the blade met the Heartless' chest. Her feet hit the ground, and just as fast Clay back flipped away, her eyes going wide. The Phantom had not been harmed at all. She watched as Buffy and Faith, followed by the ex-dark twins ran in front of her, four blades connected with the Phantom's robed body. Magic shot from Buffy's and Faith's blades, sending the Heartless flying back into a tree, where he slid to the ground. The group watched his chest rise and fall quickly as the Phantom took hard deep breaths, and then rose, the wounds healing themselves.

"Shiva damn it all!" Buffy gripped her blade tighter, "Why won't this bastard just die and let us be!"

"The fear..." Goofy glanced at the unconscious Willow and Tara. The girls gave him a ‘huh' look causing him to shake his head, "They haven't faced their fear, and until they're awake and can face it we can't harm that thing."

"Damn!" Faith kicked a rock toward the Phantom, "I don't believe this!" she shouted then stopped to stare at the Heartless. The Phantom was just floating there staring at them and nothing more, why wasn't it attacking? Could it be that they had wore it down, or was he/she/it waiting for them to attack?

"We have to wake them and now." Willow number three said, also watching the Phantom for any sign of movement, "We'll watch this thing and keep it at bay if it attacks, just get them awake."

As the others tried to wake the unconscious girls, Faith glanced around, "Hey, where did Peter go?" seeing the others shrug she sighed, "Great, he ran off!" she let out a string of curses causing the others to blink, and her lover to giggle.

Little did Faith know that Peter hadn't ran off, no, he'd been asked to hurry and find certain things. The boy dressed in green had flew up to a tree branch when the Phantom had made it's appearance, and had been just about to jump down when a voice stopped him. Glancing around, Peter could not see the owner of the voice, but could hear the soft feminine voice whisper in his mind. After listening to the voice he'd asked what for the voice didn't answer, causing the boy to sigh, but do as told. He knew in his heart that it would help, but help what? Flying down to the mermaids place, Peter floated for a moment before landing, "Michiru, are you here?" he asked and watched as a beautiful aqua haired young woman with blue-green eyes step out of a hidden cave.

"Yes, what is it that you need?" Michiru asked with a soft smile.

"There is a battle on top of the mountain between a group of young women and two guys against the Phantom. Then this voice asked me to find nine things, and I know that most of your group, if not all, have the items I need to find."

Michiru's eyes had gone wide, "We can't even beat that thing!" she cried in surprise, "I just hope that group knows what they're doing." she sighed and looked the boy over, "What is the items?"

"From you, Ocean Mist. You can give that to me correct?"

Michiru nodded, "From that item alone I know what else you need, so follow me." the aqua haired woman spoke and lead Peter into the hidden cave entrance. The inside was not of a cave, but that of a beautiful city on silver soil. Peter stood stunned, he'd never seen anything like it before, and didn't know what to think, or even do. Turning his eyes to the sky his heart skipped a beat, there was a beautiful blue star, "What is that?"

Michiru giggled, "That is the Earth." she smiled with a wink, "Please follow me." As Peter stepped forward his breath was taken away by the site of a large glowing silver castle, the pillars on either side of the door stood one hundred foot tall, and all had a language he couldn't read carved into them. The doors were that of solid gold, but were easily pushed open by two guards, allowing he and Michiru to enter. Once more Peter's breath was taken away by the front room of the castle, silver, blue, green, gold, purple, red, violate, yellow, and crimson colored roses aligned along the walls on both sides. Huge chandlers hung from the ceiling, casting off many different colored rainbows as the lights hit them. As he followed Michiru into another room, it was no different than the first, except for the two thrones sitting proudly at the back of the room, and the golden carpeted floor with red trim contrasted nicely against the silver thrones. Seven young women, four on either side of the thrones, stood proudly, ready to protect the mother and her daughter that sat on the aforementioned thrones.

Peter looked over the girls he knew, Haruka a rather tall girl with very short sandy blonde hair, and Michiru's lover stood next to the older woman's throne. The young woman next to her, Hotaru, had shoulder length black hair with violet streaks, her purple eyes noticing everything that moved -she was also Minako‘s lover. And next to her stood a taller forest green haired woman with crimson colored eyes, Setsuna, the queen‘s lover.

Next to the younger woman's throne stood Rei, her dark raven colored hair with red streaks came to the middle of her back, and her violate eyes smiled at the princess -her lover. Minako stood next to Rei, her long waist length blonde hair shined in the light, and her light blue eyes watched as Peter moved closer. Ami, the genius of the group came next, her dark blue eyes calculating everything about the boy as she ran her fingers through her short blue hair. Next to Ami stood her lover, Makoto, the taller girl's bright green eyes hard from battle seemed to smile at the boy as she nodded, causing her brown hair to bounce.

"Peter Pan, what brings you here to the Moon Kingdom?"

"Queen Serenity," Michiru bowed, "Peter needs my Ocean Mist, you know what that means."

The sliver haired woman stood and nodded, "That I do Senshi Neptune." she spoke then looked at Peter, "Come closer young man." the queen watched as Peter stepped forward, "You have a darkness infected person on your world, and need to heal them, I assume that you were told to gather nine items, correct?"

"Yes." Peter nodded, "We were about to battle the Phantom when a voice stopped me."

Serenity smiled, "Lady Mythe, it must be her daughter." the moon queen trailed off as her smile vanished, "You will receive what you need, however we will be the one's mixing it together." Serenity turned and nodded toward the group of girls, "Senshi, Princesses of the planets and of the Silver Alliance, you know what it is you have to do." The queen told the young women, and turned to her daughter, "Usagi you will also have a hand in making what is needed, please go with the Senshi."

"Yes mother." The young blonde rose from her throne, it was hard enough for her to sit still in the throne, and she was thankful for this opportunity to get out of the room. Peter watched the nine young women leave the room and cocked his head to the right, "Just who are you, and who are they?" He asked, he'd seen the young women battling the Heartless at times, and had helped them, but never got to know anything other than their names.

A very musical laugh filled the entire room as Serenity smiled at the boy, "As you know my name is Serenity, you know those girls by their names, but they are also the Senshi, or Soldiers as you would call them -and the princesses- of their own planets. My daughter, Usagi, or otherwise known as Serenity the twenty-fifth is the princess of the entire Silver Alliance. I shall tell you the easiest way I know of, Michiru is Senshi of Neptune, and she has the power of the ocean. Haruka, is and Senshi of Uranus and controls the power of the wind and earth. Hotaru is Senshi of Saturn and she has the power over death and rebirth. Setsuna is Senshi of Pluto and she controls time itself. Those are the Outer Senshi, they protect the Silver Alliance from outside invaders when needed. As for the others, they are the Inner Senshi, Ami the Senshi of Mercury, she controls the power of ice and mist. Makoto, Senshi of Jupiter controls the power of lightning and nature. Minako, Senshi of Venus controls the power of love and plasma attacks. And Rei, the Senshi of Mars controls the power of fire and future visions."

Peter blinked, "That's a lot to take in...but how is it I've never heard of any place like this? And what about Earth? Is there a Senshi of Earth?"

Serenity shook her head sadly and sighed, "No, the Earth is corrupt, the king of Earth wants to rule the Silver Alliance. We are very peaceful, there have been no wars between the planets since Serenity the first came into rule, and the Earth king only knows war. If he were to come into power over the alliance there would be no more peace, and we do not want that. As for why you've never heard about us, is that you are two thousand years in the past."

Peter stared at the queen at a loss for words, just by walking into the cave he had been taken to two thousand years in the past? "But why aren't there any tales of this kingdom?"

"In your time," The queen spoke as she sat down on her throne, "our kingdom is not known, it is kept a close secret." she sadly bowed her head, "If the Silver Alliance was known about we could not live in peace, as it is I am thinking about erasing the Earthlings memories of the Alliance."

As Peter Pan spoke with Serenity in the throne room, something more important was happening in a room in the East wing of the castle. The eight senshi stood in a circle holding hands with the princess in the center. "I, Minako, princess of Venus, and leader of the senshi call upon Aphrodite, goddess of love, give the power for which I seek." Minako spoke as her body began glowing a bright golden color.

A dark red glow surrounded Rei's body as she spoke, "I, Rei, princess of Mars, and second in command call upon Ares, god of war, give me the power for which I seek to destroy the darkness. Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!"

"I, Ami, princess of Mercury, call upon Hermes the messenger god, give me the power for which I seek to aide in the battle against darkness." A blue glow surrounded the young woman's body.

Makoto stood tall with her head raised toward the heavens, "I, Makoto, princess of Jupiter call upon Zeus, king of the gods and lightning, please give me the power for which I seek to destroy all Heartless." Her bright green glow joined that of the others, and combine into one over the princess.

The room began glowing brighter by the minute as the four outer senshi spoke, "I, Haruka, princess of Uranus and holder of the Space Sword, call upon Ouranos king of the heavens, give me your power to destroy the darkness that threatens to destroy all worlds." Her body glowed bright yellow and surged to combine with the other powers in the room.

"I, Michiru, princess of Neptune and holder of the Deep Aqua Mirror, call upon Poseidon god of the seas, grant me your power to stop the darkness from destroying the worlds it threatens." A deep bluish green glow surrounded her body.

The young woman that many feared her power began glowing dark purple as she spoke, "I, Hotaru, princess of Saturn and holder of the Silence Glaive, call upon Hades god of the Underworld, give me your power to reek havoc on the darkness that dares to invade the worlds."

"I, Setsuna, princess of Pluto and holder of the Garnet Time Staff call upon Cronus god of time, grant me your power over time and allow us more time to destroy the coming darkness." Setsuna's deep crimson glow shot forward, combining with the other outer senshi, and then hovered over the princess.

Usagi, felt her guardian's powers and knew it was now her time, "I, Serenity Usagi, princess of the Moon and Silver Alliance call upon Selene, goddess of the Moon. Hear my plea, let our power combine into one so we may help destroy the darkness." Her silver glow -brightest of all- shot upward, and combine with the others as a strong wind picked up inside the room.

Minako felt the pull of her attack power, "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" she shouted, raising her hands as a heart shaped ball of energy raced forward.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Rei shouted, as she mimicked pulling a bow, and causing an arrow made of flames to shoot forward.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" Ami shouted as she played a harp made of water and sending her attack toward the princess.

"Jupiter Supreme Thunder!" Makoto raised her hands toward the heavens, calling down a massive amount of lightning.

"Uranus World Shaking!" Haruka called out pressing her right hand to the floor and calling on a ball of energy that sped forward.

"Neptune Deep Submerge!" Michiru called raising her hands in the air as a ball of blue energy appeared.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" Hotaru spoke bringing down her glaive and connecting with the floor. The attack would have destroyed the entire castle if the energy had not been force to combine with the other.

"Dead Scream." Setsuna whispered as a crimson colored mist surrounded the orb atop her staff.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!" Serenity called out as she raised her hands above her head, and called forth the power of her senshi. The inner senshi energy ball circled around the outers, both balls of energy doing what looked like a dance before both pulled back, and shot forward. Serenity's own power wrapped around both energy balls as they met, causing an explosion, and bright light to escape through every window in the castle.

When the light died down the senshi opened their eyes and smiled at the princess who was now holding a vial. The vial held a liquid that swirled with the colors of the senshi and princess, "We should get this to Peter so he can get it to who needs it." Serenity said then frowned, "There's enough here for two persons..."

"Two?" Rei stepped forward and peered at the vial, "I wonder who the second one is?"

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