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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

When the group appeared on the ship they looked at themselvs, and then one another, and sighed in relief. No one in the group looked like they did on the surface of Jack's world, and was thankful.

Buffy almost began dancing around the ship's bridge, but didn't due to not wanting to look insane, and settled to just hop into the pilots seat, happily. Willow had smiled, and softly touched Tara's cheek happy that there was no ax in her head, and left a kiss on her lover's lips.

Donald and Goofy sunk into the chairs, deciding to rest for a while longer before Buffy got them to a new world, and knowing her, she'd get them there soon. Faith had followed their lead and sat down across from them; the paper in her pouch crackling as she stretched out her legs.

Waiting for Willow and Tara to sit down, she reached into the pouch and pulled out a piece of yellowed paper, and found there was another piece stuck to it.

Gently pulling them apart, so as not to tear them; Faith handed one to Tara while she read over the other in her hand. Sitting in Tara's lap, Willow read the report her lover was holding, as the others watched. After it looked like the three girls had read and re-read the reports Donald sighed and knew if he didn't ask, they probably would stare at them all night.

"What do they say?"

Faith glanced at the duck for a moment before taking a deep breath and began reading.

Report 5

To study the Heartless behavior, I picked one out for observation. It wiggled its antennae and, as if sensing a target, headed deep into the castle.

In the deepest part of the castle, its antennae began vibrating, as if searching for something. Suddenly, a strange door appeared. I'd never known of its existence.

It had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. So I opened the door.

What I saw on the other side mystified me.

What was that powerful mass of energy. That night I observed a great meteor shower in the sky.

Could it be related to the door that I have opened?


"Report five?" Buffy turned in her seat, "Where are three and four?"

"Is that what you have Tara?" Goofy asked watching Tara shake her head.

"No, this one is seven, so we're missing three, four, and six."

"And maybe more," Willow spoke causing the others to sigh, "we don't know how many reports there are."

"You're right. Okay what does that one say?" Faith asked and listened as Tara read it.

Report 7

I am studying material from the meteors that rained down that fateful night. What a find! The material is foreign to our world. It is elastic to the touch, and when two pieces are combined, they bond easily.

None of the records even mention such a substance. Was it introduced to this world when I opened the door? I wonder how many other such materials drift through the atmosphere of this tiny world... I wish I could soar off and find out!

Could there be uncharted worlds up there? My curiosity never ceases to grow. But I should stop speaking of such unrealistic dreams. For now, there is no way to venture outside this world. My people and I are all but prisoners of this tiny place.


"A meteor shower? I wonder if those meteors were pieces of a destroyed world?" Goofy leaned forward resting his hands on his shield.

"That's what I was thinking... When a world is destroyed, and two pieces are brought together they'll bond. But right now, I'm more interested in that Keyhole he found. I wonder where it is...or if the world has already been destroyed." Donald sighed shaking his head.

"Wait, he opened a door, and saw something, but he didn't write about least not in the reports we've got. And why was there a meteor shower only after he opened the door?"

Faith nodded to Buffy, "I'm thinking it wasn't a world that was destroyed, maybe he released the Heartless that night."

"He was on the right track though," Tara said unconsciously rubbing her thumb over Willow's knuckles, "there are more worlds out there... But he also said he and his people were trapped inside a castle. Maybe they still are."

"I don't think they could."

"Why not?" Buffy turned toward Donald curiously.

"Simple. Remember your twins in Traverse Town? They came from his world, and they said it had been destroyed."

"Oh, that's right." Buffy slumped down. "Well, it was nice thinking that that world was safe, at least for the time being."

Goofy heard the sadness in the girl's voice, and smiled slightly, "Don't worry, once we take care of the Heartless, everything will go back to the way it was. King Mickey will see to that."

"He's right, Buff, we'll beat the Heartless into the ground, and maybe we can help Mickey with restoring the worlds." Willow smiled and could tell Buffy was feeling a little better.

"Yeah, you guys are right."

An alarm sounded as red lights began blinking, turning around Buffy looked at the radar and watched as a little blip appeared on the screen. Taking the ship off of auto-pilot she grabbed the controls and swerved to miss a giant black iron ball. "What the hell?!" The Al Bhed girl shouted as the ball exploded, and turned the ship toward the left.

"Watch out!" Faith screamed as the ship headed toward a large asteroid.

Buffy looked up from the radar in time to duck the ship under the rock, and quickly turned the ship sideways to avoid another in the path.

"Dammit!" her eyes narrowed as the ship shook from a small hit, causing Buffy to swing the ship right, and fired the missiles. The ship shook again from the shockwave of the explosion, as the rock in front of the ship blew apart, allowing the ship to pass through the center, and over another.

"What the hell is on our ass?!" Faith shouted as the ship shook again from an explosion to their left.

"Don't know!" Buffy called back ducking the ship under, and around two more asteroids.

Donald jumped from his set and grabbed the back of Buffy's to look at the radar. "That's another ship... but it's different, somehow."

"I don't care how different it is! Whoever's on it is trying to kill us!" Willow growled hopping off Tara's lap, and slid across the floor as Buffy once again ducked under another huge rock.

Donald soon joined Willow at the side window and looked behind them, it was an old wooden ship, with old cannons, and one just fired.

"Incoming!" Willow shouted ducking as the iron ball exploded shaking the ship.

"Uh...that big ship is catching up to us!" Goofy spoke watching the ship speed up.

Donald stood, and followed Goofy's line of vision, "Quit gawking! That's a pirate ship!"

"Yeah, and it's going to ram into us!" Willow said just as the pirate ship hit theirs."

Buffy growled before an angry scream tore out of her throat, "Dammit! Those bastards just screwed up the controls!"

Another hit from the pirate ship caused theirs to stall throwing everyone around. A green mist began pouring in through the vents causing the group to cough. "What...the...fu..." Faith whispered before she lost consciousness.

The ship's door opened allowing whoever was on the other ship entrance. They were all wearing masks so as not to breath the green mist they'd been pumping into the venting systems, and made their way to the bridge.

The last thing Willow saw was a man wearing a long red coat, and a red hat with a feather in it, before she too fell unconscious.

"Take them to my ship." The man ordered the others, and watched as the group was picked up, and carried away. He stood for a moment just looking around the bridge, before he, too, followed the men.

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