Author: Aine
Rating: For the moment, PG-13 for some violence.
Summary: A childhood tragedy links two young girls' lives.
Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I know I don't own 'em...
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Note: A thank you to my 'long lost beta' jadeo0.

In a local convenience store, a young man, wearing an old baseball cap, with a little bit of red hair sticking out the back, is waving a gun and yelling, "Alright, everyone against the wall! NOW!"

Among the hostages is Aingeal Maclay, who is looking frantically for her five-year-old daughter, "Tara! Where are you, baby!?"


Aingeal complies with the gunman's wish, but her eyes rapidly look around the store for her beloved Tara.

"Mama?" A scared, five year old, Tara calls out as she comes out of the bathroom, her deep blue eyes staring at her mother against the wall with four other hostages, then at the gun pointed straight at her. "MAMA!"

The gun goes off...

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