Facing Tara's Fear

Author: Julia White
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

The day was ugly outside. The sky had been grey for days and it had looked like rain would pour at any minute.

Tara sat alone in the room and waited for Willow to finish brushing her hair in the bathroom. She knew that today was the day she would need to face her abusive father once and for all, with her lover's help. He had called the scared girl on a Tuesday and threatened her as usual. He told her if she didn't show up he would throw out everything she owned and photos of her mother that were very precious to her. She told him she would show up, and was determined to not allow him to bring her down. When Tara was only 17 he kicked her out on the street for practicing magic and she had been homeless and alone until she was hired at a book store. Then, years later she moved to Sunnydale.

"Are you ready?"

"Yep, seems like today would never happen, but here we are...let's hit it!"

The girls walked to the car they shared, found an album and turned the volume up until it was really loud and the bass rocked.

"Oh my god, I adore this song!!"

"I agree!!"

They sang kareoke and drove 99mph. The police watched but didn't react, and they knew they would get away with it anyway, since they would use their magic to not get pulled over.

The long road trip was cut short by the ecstatic need to buy donuts and cupcakes at a local bakery for the long drive. They loved sweet treats.

"I miss Ms. K-Kitty Fantastico so much.."

Tara stuttered and sighed, "Do you think she's OK?"

Willow continued driving but grabbed Tara's hand.

"Of course, and, you know what else baby? I'm sure she's missing us too."

Tara missed her adopted precious best friend at home. They had both shared a love of the cat ever since they met and always made sure to spend time with her.

Tara stared out the window at the empty country side that had no one and nothing but desert and a cloudy sky.

She began to create a poem in her head, inspired by her adoration of Willow.

"You make me feel like I am really real
I love you more and more every day
I cannot put into words what I feel for you
no way!!"

She was awakened by her spaced out state of mind when she noticed they were getting closer to her dreaded fathers house. The house where so much fighting and drama had taken place years earlier.

A slight chill ran through her spine.

They knocked on the door several times and a bitter man came out watching them as they walked in.

"Hello Tara. I have been expecting you for some time."

Tara didn't want to talk, she wanted to leave and the tension was so thick you could slice it like butter.

"I assume this is your friend?" He asked in a condesending tone, pretending he didnt know.

She swallowed her pride to argue and said "Do you have my stuff?"

"Yes. It's in your old room. But I think you should hear me out. I am after all your flesh and blood and I gave you life. You are ruining your whole life and its thanks to your lifestyle. You don't even know how embarrassing it is to have my own daughter be a..."

"With all due respect sir, you have not been around your daughter's life to even know what a wonderful girl she is," Willow cut in.

"I wasn't speaking to you, you dyke."

"Enough!!" Tara screamed.

Hot tears pured down the witch's face.

"Oh my god, you always hurt me dad, you know that?"

"I'm just telling you what others won't."

"What? You should not be telling me how to live my life. I am a grown woman and I-I dont need to take this anymore."

She grabbed her stuff and the two walked out.

She apologized to Willow about her family and said "My friends are my family, you know?"

Willow grabbed her and hugged her, while hot tears poured down both their faces. She saw that Tara was shaking and that upset her profoundly.

"You are too gorgeous and sweet to even speak to him. He doesn't understand. You have a family, you have me, and Buffy."

Willow pressed her lips against Tara's in a long, passionite make out session that comforted Tara.

"I won't let him hurt you anymore. I will protect you. I love you."

The two drove home, cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms until it was time to wake up to a new day.


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