Author: Kaz
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: The characters Willow and Tara are the property of Joss Whedon and/or Mutant Enemy.

Willow snuggled up next to Tara, completely content with the world. Her hands caressed the warm, curvaceous body of her girlfriend absently while her mind marveled at the love she felt for the woman beside her. Everything was perfect. Tara was perfect, their lives were perfect, and the sex was...

"W-willow?" Tara asked softly, her voice wavering. She had finally got up the nerve to ask her question. 'If I can get it out,' Tara thought to herself, annoyed with her stuttering.

Willow blinked, thrown completely out of her internal musings by her girlfriend's stammer. Usually when it was just the two of them it went completely away. 'I wonder what she's nervous about?' Willow mused. "Yeah, honey?" She said to Tara.

"D-do you think we could... maybe... if you want to... experiment a little?" The blond witch asked hesitantly, unsure how Willow would react. If Willow said yes, it would change their relationship forever, something that Tara thought could be good. Not that Tara wasn't happy with the current status quo. In fact, she was elated with her girlfriend and their relationship. Which was why she wanted to see if Willow wanted to go further. She had experimented before and it opened her eyes to new worlds of pleasure. She wanted to share that with Willow.

"Sure. What kind of experiment? I have a real nifty Bunsen burner and heat tong kit that I got for my twelfth birthday that we could use," Willow said eagerly, her head resting on Tara's shoulder.

Tara cheeks reddened a little as she realized Willow had missed her point completely. Her nose scrunched up, trying to decide how to phrase it. "No, sweetie. I, um, don't mean s-scientifically. I... um... mean sexually," she admitted, crossing her fingers mentally as she felt Willow stiffen slightly against her.

Willow pushed herself up so she could see her girlfriend's face. "Sexually?" Tara nodded. "Am I doing something wrong? 'Cause you know, you should always tell me if I could do something better."

"No! No, you're wonderful," Tara assured her, a hand reaching up to push Willow's hair away from her face. She leaned her head forward and kissed her softly. "But... i-it'd be fun to try something new once in a while... maybe...if you think you want to. It's... um... kinda like those little peanut butter crackers we have. If that's all we eat, we'll get tired of them. But... if w-we try the cheese crackers once in a while, the peanut butter crackers will be yummier later. And how do we know we won't like them better? The cheese crackers I mean."

Willow wrenched herself from her lover's grasp and sat up, her face showing her hurt and confusion. "I'm... I'm peanut butter crackers? You want to find somebody who'd be the cheese crackers? Or... or have you already found somebody? Have you been having cheese crackers with somebody already? Is that why you've been distracted?" Willow tried to get up to leave the bed, but Tara's arms around her prevented her from moving.

"No, sweetie. No cheese crackers for me, at least not in that way. What we have is amazing, b-but haven't you ever wanted to try something more d-daring?" Tara asked, tightening her hold on her girlfriend. She kissed Willow's neck right below the ear and felt Willow relax slightly. She smiled against Willow's neck as she made her way to Willow's ear. Flicking out her tongue, she traced it lightly, stopping only when she felt Willow give in to her ministrations. "What I meant before... it's just... I want to try something... a little... um... kinky."

"Kinky?" Willow asked, confused as to why Tara had stopped kissing her ear. She blinked and turned her head slightly. "Kinky, huh? You want to get all naughty with... handcuffs and whips and stuff?" Willow asked, her mind racing to catch up with the conversation.

Tara smiled and pulled her girlfriend back onto the bed, curling into her. "Maybe. If we decide we want to. I just... want us to be open to try new things like that. I-I've been trying to figure out how to ask you for a few days. I didn't mean to be all distracted," she said, her apology coming through in her voice. Tara could tell Willow's mind had caught hold of the idea and was running through the possible outcomes.

Silence descended as each witch was lost in her thoughts. Finally, Willow spoke up. "Have you ever... experimented before?"

Tara nodded. "A little bit. I've tried... well, there were handcuffs... and naughty outfits... and whipped cream and strawberries," she admitted. "You never know how messy whipped cream can get until... um... never mind. But, I just... I think you should... see what's is out there, in the sex department."

"Oh," Willow said before returning to her contemplation.

Tara wondered what was going through her lover's mind. She remembered how she reacted the first time her then-girlfriend had suggested handcuffs. She had been shocked, to say the least; not to mention scared, and secretly aroused. 'Or perhaps not-so-secretly since Laura bought a pair of handcuffs the next day,' she thought wryly to herself. It had been fun and she'd enjoyed herself, so much in fact, that when they broke up, Laura had let her keep the cuffs. She smiled to herself at the thought. She still had them, locked away in her trunk. She hadn't used them since, but they were a nice memento of her first foray into the kinkier side of life. Claire, her last girlfriend had had a pair of leather cuffs, which she had also had the opportunity to use. 'If Willow agrees, I think we should make a little trip to the store,' Tara told herself. 'I know how much she likes different feelings on her skin. She'll probably go nuts over leather stuff.'

Tara's thoughts were interrupted by another question from the redhead. "Did you like it? I mean, obviously you did if you're suggesting it now. But... will I like it? Will we like it? What if we don't like it?"

"I-I don't know if we'll like it. I liked it. But only you'll be able to decide if it's a Willow-activity or not. And if we don't like, we don't do," Tara said sensibly.

Willow nodded, already back in her thoughts. Did she want to try that? Would she like it? 'VampWillow certain did,' her subconscious reminded her. Willow winced to herself at the reminder of her vampire self. 'Will doing kinky stuff make me like her?' She asked herself. 'No. 'Cause hello, not a blood-sucking demon.' Willow gulped. She'd never really considered actually tying somebody up for sexual purposes before. And who would get handcuffed, her or Tara? 'I'm not sure if I'd like to try it from both sides. But it does sound kinda... fun,' she admitted to herself. "Okay, I'm willing to look into it," she heard herself say.

Tara smiled happily. "Thank you, sweetie." She leaned over to switch off the light above their bed.

"Welcome," Willow murmured as Tara snuggled into her and started to drift off. She lay awake while her girlfriend fell into a deep sleep 'Should have asked Tara what happens,' she chided herself. She had tried to imagine what types of things could happen but was hampered by the fact that she had no idea what any of it would feel like, or even if it would be fun. 'Guess I can ask her tomorrow morning. And I'm sure the net has information.' She smiled at the thought of research. 'Yes,' she thought sleepily. 'That's what I'll do... research,' she promised herself as she too drifted off to sleep.

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