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An Empire's Honour

Author: Crazed Attourney
Rating: UK-15 (some violence, swearing, sex but nothing graphic).
Disclaimer: The Buffy and Angel characters all belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and other luckier (and richer) people and organisations than myself, all used without permission but I am making no money whatsoever from this at all.

i. Cast of Characters.

The Royal Security Service (formerly the Imperial Security Service - the Empire's Police Force).

1. Investigator-Captain Willow Rosenberg
Head of Investigators - Fowllinn City
Born: Imperial City (formerly Richmond), UPA (United Provinces of America).
Age: 30

2. Investigator-Sergeant Cordelia Chase
Special Assistant to Willow Rosenberg
Born: Lunapolis, Luna, Sol Empire
Age: 27

3. Commandant-General Sir Rupert Giles
Head of RSS Operations Fowlicia Prime
Born: Eastern AD (Administrative District), London, UK
Age: 46

4. Lieutenant Winifred Burkle ('Fred')
Deputy Head of Forensics Science Division (FSD), Fowllinn City
Born: Houston, Mexico Province, CSAP
Age: 25

The Military.

A. The Royal Navy.

1. Commodore Sir Robert Rennick.
Commander HMS (Her Majesty's Ship) Brilliant Squadron,
CINC Royal Naval Forces - Fowlicia Provinces
Born: Dublin, Ireland, UK
Age: 36

2. Captain Lord Alexander Harris, Earl of Manhattan ('Alex')
Captain HMS Brilliant
Born: Manhattan AD, NYC, UPA
Age: 27

3. Grand Admiral (desig) Lady Elizabeth Jackson
CINC Her Majesty's Royal Navy
Commander of the HMS Britannia Fleet
Born: Plymouth, England, UK

4. Grand Admiral Rt Hon Sir Johan van Kupp (deceased)
Former CINC Her Majesty's Royal Navy; and
President of the Imperial Republic
Born: Memphis, CSAP (The Protectorate of the Confederated States of America)

B. The Imperial Navy.

1. Grand Admiral, Rt Hon His Grace the Lord James Finnell, Grand Duke of Richmond
CINC Her Majesty's Imperial Forces
CINC Her Majesty's Forces - Fowlicia
Commander of the HMIS (Her Majesty's Imperial Ship) Black Star Fleet
Born: Impinar (Imp-e-na), Si (Si)

The Imperial Civil Service (ICS).

5. Lord Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Permanent under Secretary of State (PUS) - ICS Fowlicia Provinces
Born: Chelsea AD, London, UK
Age: 42

6. Sir Liam Connor (The Angel Character)
Director General - Security and Intelligence
(Also Head of Royal Intellegence Service - Fowlicia Section)
Born: Belfast, Ulster Provinces, UK
Age: 35

7. Mi'f'tiki (Mi-tea-ki)
Director General - Transitional Affairs
(Also Deputy PUS)
Born: Malatesh (Mal-a-tesh), Meteshi (Me-tesh-ee), Meteshi Province

8. John Dallas
Private Secretary to Lord Davidson (PS/PUS)
Born: MarsNorth, Martian Provinces, Sol Empire.
Age: 26

The Fowlicians.

Fowlician is the collective name for the 3 sentient species which evolved on Fowlicia: Fowlitians (Fal-litians - Human-like); Fowlucians (Fal-Lucien - Dragon-like); and Fowliscians (Fal-lis-cian - Salamander-like).

1. Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir Gorn Belayn (Gorn Balan) (The Gunn character)
Head of the Transitional Government

Former Commander of the Towllit (Tal-li) Resistance Movement


2. Minister Sir Jaron Yellen (Yaron Yell-n) (The Spike character)
Minister for Home Affairs and Justice
Former Commander of the Parvlit (Par-li) Resistance Movement

3. Transitional Secretary Lady Siran Pllar (Ci-ran Pol-lar) (The Faith character)
Former Fowlician Resistance Spokesman to the Empire

The Siza (Caesar) Community.

The Sizastian Empire (Ce-z-arse-tian) is an alliance of two species the Si (C - human like cats) and the Zhan (Zarn - spiders), and the former imperial rulers of the Fowlicia.

1. Prefect Jyohavye Sinstrey (Yo-haa-ve Sin-is-tray) (The Lorne character)
Prefect (Imperial Governor)
Born: Impinar, Si (Si)

2. Gretharl Intizak (Geth-ale Int-e-zak)
Minister for Imperial Relations
Born: Impinar, Si (Si)

3. Jodazk (Yo-zak)
Born: Gggolia (Volia), Zha (tsar), (Zhan)

4. Lady Treylinn Gathar (Tray-lynne Ga-far).
Director-General, the Imperial Construction Project
Born: Fowlinn, Fowlicia (Si)

The Imperial Community.

1. Tara Summers-Maclay
Head Librarian, Imperial Central Library - Fowlicia
Born: Savannah, CSAP
Age: 28

2. Elizabeth Anne Summers-Maclay ('Anne')
Head Architect (ICS Building Projects)
Born: Savannah, CSAP
Age: 26

The Imperial Royal Family.

1. Her Most Imperial Majesty, Queen-Empress Victoria IV (The Anya character)
The current monarch of the Empire
Born: Queens AD, NYC, UPA
Age: 23

2. His Most Imperial Majesty, King-Emperor Charles V (deceased)
The previous monarch of the Empire (a Caligula/Nero-esque figure)

3. His Imperial Highness Prince Edward
Former Imperial Regent, currently the Cabinet Secretary (Head of the ICS)
Born: Westminster AD, London, UK
Age: 52

The Imperial Government.

1. Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir Jonathan Quinn
Head of the Her Majesty's Imperial Government
Born: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

2. Imperial Secretary Rt Hon Her Grace the Lady Elizabeth Cornwallis, Grand Duchess of New Orleans
Born: Manhattan AD, NYC, UPA

3. Rt Hon C'k'arric (Ker-ric), Chancellor of the Exchequer
Born: Ter'ln'if'ta (Terl-knee-fa), Mestesh (Me-tesh) Minor, Meteshi Province

ii. The Fowlician Transitional Government.

The current Government of the Fowlician Provinces, which is appointed by and governs under the direct authority of the Imperial Parliament in London, it is charged with moving the Fowlician Provinces from the direct rule of the Sizastian Imperial Prefectship to the Imperial Provincial System.

A. Fowlician Cabinet.

1. Prefect Jyohavye Sinstrey;
2. Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir Gorn Belayn;
3. Minister Jodazk (Chancellor);
4. Transitional Secretary Lady Siran Pllar (and Deputy Prime Minister);
5. Minister Gretharl Intizak (Imperial Relations);
6. Minister Sir Jaron Yellen (Home Affairs and Justice);
7. Grand Admiral, Rt Hon His Grace the Lord James Finnell, Grand Duke of Richmond (Security and Defence); and
8. Lord Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, PUS/ICS - Fowlicia.

iii. The Empire.

A. The Empire.

The Empire is a medium-sized human controlled empire (population 17 billion from 14 sentient races, recently shrunken from 24 billion and 18 sentient races); it is humanity's only space-based power. Despite this, on Earth it is not considered the dominant power (viewed as second after the Indian Federation), and is primarily based around Earth's Northern Hemisphere and Atlantic Ocean.

The Empire's capital city is London, however the Imperial City is considered the true capital and is where the monarch sits (the Imperial City is now Richmond in the CSA, until 2346 it was Oxford in the UK).

The Empire is made up of 6 Earth-based territories:
1. The United Kingdoms of England, Ireland, Scotland, Ulster, Wales and Scandinavia (UK);
2. The United Provinces of America (UPA);
3. The Balkan Union;
4. The Protectorate of the Confederated States of America (CSAP);
5. The North European Territories; and
6. The Pacific Alliance.
As well as its extra-terrestrial colonies and provinces:
1. The Sol Empire: (LunaCol; Martian Provinces; Jupiter Mining Coalition; Saturn; Daviestown; New Luna; and New London);
2. The Georgestown Colony;
3. The Andrewsville Colonies;
4. The Eritanae (Erit-ana-ee) Province;
5. The Meteshi Province;
6. The Kessali (Kes-cell-ee) Province;
7. The New Territory Colonies (New Plymouth; Victoria; Atlantia; and New Savannah); and
8. The Fowlician Province.

B. Government of the Empire.

The Empire is a federation of provinces, colonies, territories and protectorates ruled by a hereditary monarchy. The provisions of the 'Treaty of Unification' essentially the Empire's constitution, govern how the Empire is run; the Treaty outlines the rights of its citizens and the responsibilities and duties of the government as well as how that government works. Roughly power is devolved from the Crown to an Imperial Parliament (who run the Empire in name of the Monarch, with the Monarch now having only limited and defined powers) and again to a series of Grand Dukes who are responsible for the management of the Provinces Government and Internal Security; their power is again devolved through a series of planetary and local councils, but are answerable to both Provincial and Imperial Parliaments.

The standard Parliamentary system is headed by a Prime (or First) Minister, a Cabinet of Senior Ministers, and supported by a series of Junior Ministers, all of whom are drawn from the majority parliamentary party, each parliament contain on average 5 main parties, the second largest forming the official opposition. Helping to form and implement Government policy is a professional non-political civil service, which is standardised throughout the Empire and indirectly answerable to an independent Central Office, but is individually autonomous within the provinces, in a mirror of the political system.

C. The Imperial Military.

The military of the Empire is divided into five main areas:
1. The Royal Navy (responsible for the defence and security of the Empire as a whole);
2. The Imperial Navy (responsible for the defence and security of the provinces);
3. The Imperial Marine Corps;
4. The Imperial General Corps (the army); and
5. The Royal Services Corps (the logistical and non-combat services).
Each area of the military is headed up by one of the eight Grand Admirals:
1. Royal Navy (GA(RN));
2. Imperial Navy (GA(IN));
3. Marine Corps (GA(MC));
4. Logistical Services (GA(LS));
5. Intelligence Services (GA(Intel));
6. Imperial General Corps (Core Systems) (GA(IGC-CS));
7. Imperial General Corps (Metesh) (GA(IGC-M)); and
8. Imperial General Corps (Kessali) (GA(IGC-K)).
At the beginning of Empire's Honour the post of Grand Admiral in charge of the Fowlician IGC has been established, but not yet appointed and therefore comes under the direct control of the GA(IN). The GA(RN) and the GA(IGC-CS) have been appointed, but not yet approved by the Imperial Parliament (the GA(LS); and GA(Intel) have only just been approved).

D. Recent History of the Empire.

It is just under two years since the end of the Empire's Civil War and it is just beginning to regain the confidence and territory lost during that time. The previous King-Emperor had suspended the Treaty of Unification and had personally ruled the Empire as an absolute monarch. Who in fits of madness had thrown the Empire into devastating wars on Earth and in Space or had bartered sections of the Empire away in an attempt to retain his absolute rule. Six years previously, he had been overthrown by a triumvirate: the GA(RN); the GA(IGC-CS); and the civilian leader of the Imperial Opposition Party, and together they created the Republic and brought peace briefly back to the Empire. It did not last, as the three fell out and two were killed in a series of coups and counter-coups as they battled for supremacy.

Under the Presidency of Grand Admiral Johan van Kupp, the Republic descended into a brutal military dictatorship, the once respected Imperial Security and Intelligence Services became instruments of brutality and terror, as their purges of the civilian and military leadership that made the mad King-Emperor's rule pale in comparison. In the end the remaining military and civilian leaders united behind the King-Emperor's youngest surviving daughter and in a brief but bloody civil war, van Kupp was overthrown and the Monarchy restored.

The new government quickly dismantled the machinery of the Republic, and in a series of quick military campaigns brought stability back to a now shrunken Empire, only in Fowlicia did the Empire regain more than was lost. The Empire is currently in a state of fragile peace within itself, and with its neighbours both on Earth and in space.

v. Other Nations and Empires.

A. Earth.

1. The Indian Federation (stretching from North Australia to North Africa);
2. The Russian Consortium;
3. The African Union (reformed and enlarged after the collapse of the Empire dominated South African and West African Alliances);
4. The Central European Republic;
5. The Alliance of Independent Latin America Nations (formed from the independent nations of Latin America's southern cone and from nations that successfully rebelled against the Empire);
6. The Sino-Nipponese Federation (recently reformed after victories against the India Federation, the Empire and the Russia Consortium);
7. The United States of America (based long North America's West Coast);
8. New Zealand; and
9. The West European Republic.

B. Space (known to the Empire).

1. The Sizastian Empire;
2. The Dreyain (Devian) Empire;
3. The Feiyn (Ph-ean) Empire;
4. Pimrv (Pimm-v);
5. The Meteshi Republic (formed from the rebellion of 7 Metesh worlds, 6 worlds and territories previously protected by the Empire from the Feiyn; and the 5 New Terran Colonies); and
6. The Meteshi Alliance (formed from the rebellion of 4 Metesh worlds, the 3 Varinne (Var-rime) worlds and New Mars). Note: currently at war with the Empire, its capital besieged and invaded.

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