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Eighth Grade Discoveries

Author: Daii-Daii
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer:I own none of the characters, except a few that'll come in later on... oh and the teachers... yep.
Note: * * mean thoughts.

Willow walks over to their usual lunch spot. She sees Buffy's already there, *Good, now I can talk to Buffy, alone, about Tara*. "Hey Buffy"

"Hey Will, how was music?"

"It was rather... uh... eventful. Hey can I talk to you?"

"Yeah sure, what do you wanna talk about?"

"Can we go somewhere a little more... private?"

"Ok, where?"

"How about... the library."

"Sure but shouldn't we wait for Xander to tell him were we're going?"

"I guess..."

"Hey Will! Buffy!" says Xander as he approaches the table.

"Hey Xander, um, me and Buffy are gonna go to the library real quick. Would you mind waiting for Tara? We'll be right back"

"Uh... sure, why not." Says Xander, *time alone with Tara, nice* he thinks.

"Oh and Xander, don't get any ideas with Tara, I don't think you're her type" says Willow.


"Let's go Buffy" says Willow as she drags Buffy to the library.

Tara walks to where Willow told her to meet for lunch, she sees Xander sitting there alone. "H-hey Xander" she says.

"Oh, hi Tara" he says, *I wonder what Willow meant when she said I wasn't Tara's type.*

"Um... w-where are Willow and Buffy?"

"Oh they went to the library, they said they'd be right back."

"Oh," <>*Buffy's probably the girl Willow said she thought she liked. She's probably telling her right now* she thinks sadly.

"Why the long face Tare?"

"Oh, nothing"

"Anything I can do to cheer you up? A one-man show? A shadow puppet show? Any type of show?"

"N-no, it's okay Xander"

"Are you sure? Cuz I can do one hell of a shadow puppet show"

"I'm s-sure" says Tara with her lop-sided grin. *I wonder what Willow's telling Buffy.*

"So what did you wanna talk about?" asks Buffy

"Tara" says Willow.

"Tara? Why? Do you like her or something?" jokes Buffy. Willow doesn't say anything. "Oh! Well there's nothing wrong with that, I mean it's perfectly natural. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all."

"So you're not freaked or anything?"

"No! Not at all...I'm just kinda shocked is all, I mean, you were always obsessing over Xander, you know?"

"Yeah, I know...this is all so new, and it was confusing. She's all I've been able to think about all summer, ever since the first day I saw her."


It was a Thursday and Willow's parents decided to go a public pool. *Great... a pool in Georgia in which I have no friends to talk to* she sighs and gets out of the car as her parents start walking toward the entrance of the pool.

She finally decides to go in the pool and, well, swim *cuz that's what you do in a pool, swim* she thinks. As she's swimming she bumps into some one. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't..." she stops as she sees who she bumped into, a blond, blue-eyed girl, *or is she an angel? A goddess maybe? Wait what am I thinking?*

"N-no, i-it's my fault" says the girl.*she's so beautiful, probably straight too, and even if she wasn't, why would she want me?*

"Don't be silly, I wasn't looking where I was swimming. I'm Willow by the way." She says putting her hand out to shake the girls.

"I'm T-tara"

"Tara. That's a nice name" *Beautiful is more like it. Ok, stop thinking like that!* "So are you here on vacation too?"

"N-no, I live h-here. Well, not h-here at the p-pool but here in Georgia"

"Oh, I see. Well, that's nice. Maybe you could show me around?" asks Willow hopefully.

"Yeah, s-sure."

"Maybe we should get out of the pool, we wouldn't want anyone bumping into us and we could talk some more, out of the pool, on a bench, And seeing as how it's cold right now... which is weird cuz it's summer and we're in Georgia... anyways what was I saying?"

"T-that it's cold" Tara says with a lop-sided grin.

"Oh, right... well since its kinda cold maybe I can buy you a coffee or hot chocolate depending on what you drink, or tea, I forgot to mention tea."

"T-that'd be great but d-don't you think we s-should get dressed first? And maybe tell our parents?"

"Oh, yeah, that'd probably be a good idea" *as long as I can get to know you better*

Willow gets out of the pool and helps Tara out. *Soft hands... and gulp, what a body... what the hell am I thinking?*


"No problem"

They get dressed and then tell their parents that they're going to the mall. At first Willow's parents aren't too keen on the idea but give in eventually.

"So how long have you lived here?" asks Willow.

"S-since I was a baby. A f-few months after I was born my family moved here f-from New York."

"Oh... so, wait, how are we getting to the mall?"

"The bus"

"Oh, duh... silly me... hehe... so never did tell what you drink"

"I like h-hot chocolate and c-coffee."

"Cool, u can get us to the mall then I'll buy you coffee and we can go shopping"

"T-that'd be great"says Tara and grins that lop-sided grin of hers. They arrive at the mall and head to the Starbucks near the food court.

"What do you want?" asks the lady at the counter.

"What do you want Tara?"

"A w-white mocha please"

"2 white mochas please."

"That'll be 5.33" Says the lady at the counter.

"Thank you" says Willow and she takes the two coffees and turns to face Tara.

"T-thanks" They walk over to a table and sit down. "S-so where are you from?"

"Long Beach, California. It's really nice out there, if you ever go there maybe we can hang out?"

"I-I'd love that. How old are y-you?"

"Thirteen, you?"

"Fourteen. S-so your in middle school?"

"Yeah, are you gonna start high school this year?"

"Oh, um, n-no. I started s-school late"

"Oh... well that's ok. So do you like to read?"

"Yeah, I do. M-my favorite b-books are the H-Harry Potter ones"

"Really? Me Too! Oh sorry, did I sound too excited?"

"N-no, it's ok."

They continued to talk about everything and anything until it was time for the mall to close.

"I guess we better get going" says Willow, sad about the fact that she has to leave Tara's side.

"Yeah, I-I guess we better"

"Do you wanna hang out again sometime soon? Like maybe tomorrow?"

"Yeah t-that'd be great"

"Cool! So maybe I can call you or you can call me and we can meet here and actually go shopping cuz we didn't get to do that today"

"O-of course, but I-I'll need you're number."

"Well, duh... hehe... and I'll need yours."

They exchanged numbers and waved goodbye.

<End Flashback>

"So then we just kept hanging out and doing stuff that is until I had to leave. I never thought I'd see her again" says Willow.

"Wow... well, are you gonna tell Tara?" asks Buffy.

"I think so, I mean, she told me she was gay during science so I'll probably tell her how I feel next week when she goes to my house"

"Are you gonna plan anything romantic?"

"I don't know, maybe..."

"Well maybe we should get back to Xander and Tara, I bet Xander's drooling all over Tara by now."

"Well I don't blame him," says a grinning Willow as they walk back to the quad.

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