Doctor Who: Birth of a Wicca Doctor

Author: Tardis Traveler
Summary: The Seventh Doctor has been living in a coven with his companion Ace learning about Wicca from a beautiful blond witch named Tara. A powerful spell and a deception by Tara trigger the Doctor's regeneration with startling and unexpected results!
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters, nor have I profited from them... other then being entertained by them. Dr. Who and Ace are owned by the BBC and Willow and Tara are owned by Joss Weldon and Mutant Enemy.
Note: This is an AU story... my FIRST fanfic creation. I have tried to stay relatively faithful to the characters, but to no particular story line, other than my own. The Dr. Who references do refer to actual stories and Dr. Who characters. I love all these people and hope that no purists are offended.

Prologue: If you are unfamiliar with the old television sci-fi show called Dr. Who, your enjoyment of this story would be enhanced by reading the prologue. If you are familiar with Dr. Who and the Tardis, you could skip straight to Chapter One.

Very Brief Dr. Who Background Information

The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords have mastered the ability to travel in time and space. They have the knowledge to create space ships that take on any outside appearance desired, as well as, the ability to manipulate space in a way that what seems small on the outside is larger on the inside. These unique vehicles are called: The Tardis. Tardis stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The first Doctor stole a Tardis and left his planet to explore the universes. Unfortunately, his Tardis became damaged and was forced to remain in the original shape he had created… that of a London Police Call Box. This is the Doctor's traveling home.

The Doctor is an alien and has many interesting qualities. The most awesome one is his ability to regenerate himself. This is the reason for the Time Lord's long life spans. When a Time Lord regenerates, he/she becomes a new Doctor physically and with a new persona as well. Regeneration is usually brought on by traumatic events. The Doctor has regenerated seven times now and as a result has had seven different personalities and physical appearances.

Throughout their travels and adventures, the Doctors have been joined by many different people for varying periods of time. They are called the Companions. In my story the companion is a young woman named, Ace. In the television program, she was the last of the companions.

Ace came from a troubled past and home. She met the Doctor while she was working as a waitress on an ice planet named Svartos. She had ended up there after a freak time storm had plucked her up from her home in Perivale and carried her there. After meeting the Doctor, she quits her job and goes off with him. Though uneducated, Ace is smart and has a real aptitude for explosives. She thrives on time travel and has a close relationship with the Doctor. Like the Doctor, she too has a rebellious streak and a passionate sense of fair play and justice. She is tough and is very protective of the Doctor. Ace and the Doctor's off beat senses of humor and moodiness make them perfect foils for each other.

Doctor number seven is my favorite of the Doctors and like Ace was the last one of the series. The Doctors share that deceptive quality of the Tardis... what you see on the outside is not what you see on the inside.

Doctor Who number seven is no exception. His colorful outfits and often bizarre behaviors are very misleading. Behind his colorful façade and at times buffoonish behavior, is an ancient highly intelligent alien far superior to most creatures that he comes into contact with. He never runs from trouble and always assists when help is needed... even when it is not asked for. His approach is non-violent and he is not vengeful by nature. Like all the previous Doctors, he too has a deep reverence for all life forms. He is a champion of right and justice. While he appears to be unable to defend himself, when the need arises he has knowledge of mystical defense techniques that disable attackers without killing them! The Doctor can also be quite irascible and impatient at times too. To me, Ace and Doctor Seven were a perfect match.

Now I hope you are armed with enough background information and interest to continue on to the story! Remember please, that the above information is background and does not match my story 100%.

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