Gimme More, Dinah Shore!

Author: katjetson
Disclaimer: Mr. Whedon, I bow to your wonderful BtVS creation. That said, I'm hoping you won't mind if I 'tweak' my favorite characters a little.
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Rating: Still with the naughty.
Summary: We take all the double entendre fun we found in the hot tub and move it to a hotel room. That's it. Smut really doesn't warrant a "summary," does it?
Note1: I made my muse work extra hard for this one. The first fic, uh... came so naturally. This one took a little more out of me. Hope it doesn't read as such.
Note2: In between writing her own thrilling adventures, Jude still has time to beta for me. I think that's pretty kick ass. Mwah! Thanks.

They were still wrapped in each other's arms; happily cooing and humming pleasing sounds into each other's soft skin. Only Willow was starting to feel a little chilly -- the desert's cool, night air nipping at her birthday suit -- so, with a satisfied smile she scooched back into the warmth of the hot tub with Tara.

"So," she began, as she felt Tara's luscious, wet flesh press into her, "my turn to pitch, huh?"

"Mmmmhmmm," the blonde murmured against Willow's ear.


Her small chest heaved slightly as she marveled once again that this was really happening. Focusing her attention at the matter at hand, "Well, Maclay, what kind of pitches are you looking to swing at?"

"What've you got?" she asked, her tongue staking claim to a particularly cute patch of freckles on Willow's shoulder.

"Well, I'm not quite certain. You know, never having pitched to a woman before... But I imagine I could manage a good and hard fast ball," she said, punctuating those last few words by roughly pinching and rolling one of Tara's nipples in between her fingertips.

"I'll bet you'd get, ungh... a good release with that pitch."

"Or," Willow suggested, "there's the sneaky, yet adventurous backdoor slider."

(OK, seriously, does baseball realize how 'Penthouse Forum' it is. And another thing, why do I feel like I'm channeling Xander right now? Xander, shoo! Go away! I don't want you here.)

Getting turned on by her own words, and needing to getting a better grasp on her batter, Willow snaked her hands behind Tara's body and took two generous handfuls of her supple ass.

"Hmm," Tara thought out loud, "never had one of those thrown at me."

Willow was really starting to have fun with this game now. "Or perhaps you'd respond well to a screwball? It's a time-honored classic."

Tara looked up at the questioning redhead and sighed with delight, "I was right, Willow, you really are adorable."

"I can be other things, too, ya know," she suggested, sliding a thigh between Tara's legs. "Other things not so... 'cutesy.'"

"So I've heard," Tara smirked.

"And, just what is it that you've heard?"

"Oh, I dunno," she said with a shrug of her shoulders, "a few minutes ago it was a very adventurous, eager, and might I add, gorgeous redhead, sexily moaning my name."

(Me? Gorgeous? Look who's talkin', hot stuff.)

"So, in that one instance... and well, pretty much this one, you've definitely proven to be a frisky vixen, and nothing at all what I'd describe as 'cutesy.'"

"C'mere," Willow purred as she reached a hand around to dip into the front of Tara's bikini bottoms, "let me show you just how frisky I can..."

Willow's thoughts (and actions) were rudely interrupted when, from behind her back she heard laughter and the clink of glasses.

"Tara, quick!" She grabbed the confused woman's hand and started to lead her out of the hot tub. "Someone's coming."

"And here I thought that person was going to be me."

Willow paused for a moment--letting those words sink in. "Tara," she began pleadingly, "baby, I promise it will be you coming, repeatedly if given the chance, but unless you want an audience..."

That did it.

Tara raced out of the hot tub along with Willow,

(her boobies just jiggled when she did that)

and both women quickly wrapped towels around their bodies. Having no time put on their bikinis, they merely scooped them up and headed towards the hotel.

Once they reached the relative safety of the lobby, they couldn't help but laugh at the silliness of it all. Here they were, two pretty-much-naked strangers running away from a hot tub where they dirty-talked their way into fucking--implementing the terminology of America's favorite pastime.

"You know," Willow began, as she absently took Tara's hand into hers, "I think we've exhausted all of baseball's sexual innuendos. Maybe we can abuse another sport with double entendres?"

Tara looked at Willow and crooked up an eyebrow. "Such as?"

"Oooh, I know," she said with a child-like grin, her pink tongue peeking out from her teeth just an eensie bit. "Spelunking!"

"Spelunking?" Tara smiled and gently shook her head, "Will, that brain of yours is dangerous."

As they walked through the lobby, Willow looked down in awe as their interlaced hands swung together naturally.

(This feels perfect. She feels perfect.)

"Yeah, but think about it. With a sport like Spelunking, I could, you know...," she nudged her flirtily and waggled her eyebrows, "dive into your wet cave."

Tara didn't know whether to groan or giggle, so she opted to do both "Ooh, bad one."

"Or, explore your mine," the excited redhead suggested. "That's funny, huh Tara? It could also mean 'you're mine.' Get it? Like, y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e mine."

"So, is that what you're thinking?" she asked, sincerely hoping the answer was 'yes.' "That I'm yours?"

"Thatwouldbenice," Willow mumbled, listening to her heart.

('cause the thoughts in my head... kinda crazy.)

"Did you say 'That'd be nice?'"

"Um... yeah?" she squeaked, worried Tara might be concerned that she was going to pick her up for breakfast tomorrow in a U-Haul.

Tara hung her head bashfully--the damp, blonde locks cascading heavily around her face. "I think that would be n-nice, too."

(That's my shy angel. Wait. No, not shy. Not twenty minutes ago this woman laid me down and licked me up. Ga, she's sugar and spice, and ohboy is she everything nice.)

By the time they reached the elevator, Willow's heart was beating wildly in her chest.

"So, uh, Willow, where exactly are we going?"

"Oh, sorry. I should've told you. Or, you know, asked. I mean, how rude! Shame! Shame! Here I am dragging you through the hotel with me and not once considering..."

Tara captured Willow's hands and soothingly rubbed her thumbs into her palms, "Will, breathe."

(Breathing now.)

"Would you like to come up to my room?" she asked nervously.

"At this moment, there's nothing I'd like more."

"...'cause you know... we don't have to. We could..."

"Willow, if you didn't hear me the first time, you know, through all the babble, I already said yes."

"Oh," her face lit up in realization. "Great! Perfect. And if you want, we could eat out."

(That sounded a lot less Anya in my head.)

"Actually," she purred, "I think there's plenty to eat right here." She pushed Willow into the elevator and began to greedily suck on her neck.

"Tara!" she gasped in pleasure. "Someone could... uh... Holy fuck!"

Willow couldn't believe what was happening. Tara slid down the redhead's thin frame, taking her towel down to the ground with her. The blonde was ravenous; hungrily grabbing, kissing, sucking and biting every part of Willow she could get her hands on. (And some other parts her hands hadn't yet reached.)

"You're making me crazy," she growled. Her desire-filled eyes looked up to see Willow's head thrown back in pleasure, "and I just wanna fuck you right here, right now, and all night long."



"Ohgod," Willow groaned in frustration as she picked up the towel and hastily wrapped it around her body (again).

(Well, at least once today my modesty is saved by the bell.)

"Room. Tara, there's my very all-to-ourselves room waiting for us just around the corner."

"Good," she flirted "'cause I want you all to myself."

"Do you realize that in the last, approximately two hours you've made nearly half of my sexual fantasies come true."

"And the other half?"

Willow brushed aside the bottom of Tara's towel and teasingly slipped her index finger into the front of her girl's bikini-gently stroking the soft hairs she found there. "Well, you're still wearing these..."

"Tell you what-I should leave a note for my friends and, you know, pick up some things from my room-but when I get back," she said as she seductively guided Willow's finger down into the warmth of her wet folds, "I'll take these off and we can work on our fantasies together."

(ohmygodohmygodohmygod, I'm touching Tara. She's so wet. She's so. Fucking. Wet.)

Even though it was Tara who began their hallway tease, she knew she should hit the pause button before things got too out of hand. Still, this was Willow; finally touching her where she needed her most right now, and she couldn't help but take the redhead's finger for a little test drive. "As much as I'd love, to, uh... continue along this path of pleasure and sin..."

Willow's hips unconsciously thrust forward with want, "Tara, I..."

"Hold that thought, sweetie." She removed Willow's finger from in between her legs and kissed the moist digit with her lips, "I'll be right back."

(I wanna matriculate at the "Tara School of How-To-Be-Sexy.")

Stunned, Willow managed to squeak out, "I'll be right here, Tara."

Alone now, and in a lust-induced haze, Willow continued to talk to herself as she reached for the door handle, "Well, not right here, cause yeah, feeling kinda silly standing in the hallway with just a towel on. So yeah, I'll just be here my room."

(A beat.)

"Room! Shit, Tara doesn't know my room number!"

Clutching at her towel, Willow ran towards the elevator and just did catch Tara before the doors slid closed.


"Back for seconds?" she asked saucily as she exited the elevator.

"God, yes! Thirds and fourths if...,"

(Welcome to this minute's edition of the Willowbabble crash and burn.)

"Actually, no. I mean, yes. Of course yes. Who wouldn't want seconds of you..."


"Sorry, Tara," she began apologetically. "My room number--I didn't give it to you."

"Oh, right."





"There's something else."

"What's th...?"

Willow threw herself at Tara, nearly knocking the unsuspecting blonde to the ground with the force of her want. She crushed her lips onto Tara's ruby-red pillows of flesh, and lustily thrust her tongue deep into her mouth; exploring and tasting the warm and inviting space she found there. Breathing heavily against her lips she spoke, "Soon, Tara? You'll be back soon?"

"God, yes." she panted. "As quick as I can."

"Good, 'cause I'll miss you."

And then Willow was gone.

Tara shook her head softly in pleasant disbelief, "Most definitely adorable."

Tara dreamily ran her fingers over her smiling lips as she unlocked the door to her room. Slowly creeping in, she called out for her friends.

(Phew! No one's here. Explaining takes time, and I just want to get back to Willow. Being alone also means I can do this...)

"Oww! Wow! Woo!" she screamed. Tara giddily ran across the room and threw herself onto the bed, losing her towel in the process.

(Dinah Shore, eat your heart out.)

Feeling completely worked up from her, well... everything with Willow, she started slowly grinding into the sheets.

(Ungh, I need to be fucked.)

Her hand reached down in between her legs, and to the abundance of wetness she found there. She ran two fingers through her lips, thrusting up when they slid over her clit. And with a thought, she stopped just as quickly as she started.

(What am I doing? I can't. I mean, I can, but it'll be so much better with... OK, wait. Hold up. First, I've turned into a complete horn dog. Second, I'm starting to babble. And speaking of, is Willowbabble contagious? Apparently. And so is everything else about her. Would that really be such a bad thing? God help me, I could get used to her.)

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed and sexually frustrated, Tara removed her hand from her bikini and ran to bathroom.

(OK, Jesus... I gotta at least wipe. And definitely wash my hands.)

Grabbing her toiletries bag, and rummaging through her luggage she wondered what else she would need.

(Hopefully not too many clothes. I'm certainly not planning on letting Willow wear any.)


"Faith!" she gasped, surprised to see her best friend at the door.

(Not surprised to see her in all that leather.)

"So, uh, T," she began, as she strutted across the room and grabbed the cell phone she forgot, "while I don't mind the view, and trust me, it's spectacular, is there some reason you're running around the room in just your bikini bottoms?"

"Oh," Tara looked down shyly at her exposed breasts and turned about seventeen shades of red. "Oops! Let me just..."

Tara fumbled for her top, awkwardly maneuvering her bountiful breasts into the small bit of aqua blue material.

(She's never going to let me live this down.)

"So, uhm, F-Faith," she stuttered as she grabbed the rest of her things, "I was just going to leave you a note, but seeing as you're here, I'll just tell you--Don't wait up for me, OK."

"Whoa, T! Hold up. Again, not complaining, but... pool's kinda closed. Are you going back out there in that...?" she asked, absently waving her hand in front of Tara.


(I promised Willow.)


"Just one more thing before you knock 'em dead with ... those ..."

"Quickly, Faith."

"I just wanna know about the hot tub." she began teasingly, "Did you saunter in, find the girl of your dreams, and fuck her 'til she came screaming your name?"

Tara reached out for the door handle, looked over her shoulder and smirked, "As a matter of fact, Faith," she said with a wink, "I did."

Faith watched the door close shut and stood there for a moment slack-jawed, "Fuck, I gotta check out this hot tub situation."

Willow made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she looked at herself in the mirror.

("Fuck me?" "Make me come?" Who ARE you, and what have you done with Willow Rosenberg?)

She was starting to feel a little self-conscious; wondering if she was too... brash.

(You all but "woof"-ed when you saw her breasts. Seriously though, not to keep on about them, but if there were a Boob Olympics, Tara would take the gold. I mean, have you seen those...? Well, yeah, of course you have, Willow. You're talking about them right now. You're also being completely insane, and talking about yourself talking about yourself. )

Willow decided the best course of action was to chill as much as Willowy-possible and wait for Tara to return. She went to the bed and turned down the comforter, throwing it into a corner of the room.

(I don't want my Tara (my Tara?) laying naked on that thing. Have you see the exposÚs on hotel comforters? I have, and what the black light saw was just... unpleasant.)

Wondering what would be the most seductive position to have Tara find her, Willow worked on a few poses. She grabbed a book from her bag and pretended to read, tried laying on her side while resting her head on her hand, she even straight-up laid flat on her back with her legs spread-eagle. And then it hit her.

"She doesn't have a key to your room, doofus," she chastised herself. "What's she gonna do, open the door with magic?"

(Magic. Yeah right.)

She was still stuck analyzing the ridiculous idea of magic when she heard a knock at the door.



(Self, starting right now I forbid you to use any form of the word 'come' in the presence of Tara.)

Willow opened the door and felt her heart thundering in her chest. "Tara! You came."

(OK, how about starting now.)

"Not yet," she grinned. "But, there's certainly plenty of time for that."

Willow blushed something fierce as she led Tara into the room. "I was just thinking..."

"This could get dangerous, huh?"

"Tara!" she pouted and playfully slapped the blonde's arm.

"I was just teasing you, 'cause it really is just so much fun to tease you."

"All this teasing talk is turning me on," she said, fidgeting with her hands, "and I'm having a hard time saying what I want."

"I'm sorry, Willow," she genuinely apologized, "tell me what's on your mind."

"Well," she began, motioning for Tara to sit on the bed with her, "remember what I said in the hot tub..."

"Every single word."

Willow swallowed hard. "It's just that I..."

"Willow, concentrate. Try to get this all out for me in one, focused and complete sentence."

(Tara's awesome. And funny. And, ohgod, she's still wearing her bikini.)

"I wondered if my, uh, forwardness and spicy talk were too much."

"Did you hear me once complain?"

"Well, no, but..."

Tara silenced Willow by gently placing her finger over the redhead's lips, "I loved it, Willow, and it turned me on in ways I couldn't imagine. It made me hotter and wetter than I've ever been in my life. You're doing something to me that I can't explain, and I don't want it to stop. Do you get it at all?"

"I do."

"Good. So now we're clear."

"Just one more thing."

"Mmmhmm," she said teasingly as she began to remove her bikini top.

"Tara," she breathed, reaching out to grab those beautiful orbs of pleasure, "you take my breath away."

"Concentrate on those complete sentences for me, Willow."

"Oh, right. So, I told you earlier that I uh, never... Well, I have, but never with a woman. You were my first, Tara," she whispered, looking desperately into those warm, blue eyes, "and now you're really going to be my first, and I just ... god your tits are amazing ..."

"Yeah," she smiled, "you mentioned that."

"It's just that..." she was losing herself in the feeling, "I want to do it right. Make you come like you did for me."

Tara placed her hands over Willow's, and silently urged her to continue with her ministrations, "Baby, can't you see? You're nearly making me come right now, and that's just from the look I see in your eyes."


"Absolutely." She stood up and moved Willow's hands down from her breasts and down to the sides of her bikini bottoms. "Take these off for me?"

Willow's eyes grew wide as she slid down off the bed and onto her knees. With trembling and excited hands she caressed the length of Tara's soft and firm legs. Eyes locked on Tara, she hooked her thumbs into the material and pulled the bikini down and away. Her breath hitched when she saw and smelled the tell-tales signs of Tara's arousal.

(I did that!)

Tara looked down at Willow and her chest began heaving. "Willow, please, I can't stand it. I need you.. I've never been so turned on, and right now I want you to do to me whatever you please."


She pulled the redhead up to meet her gaze, "No more questions, Willow. Do what you feel. Everything. Anything. All of it."

"Lay down, baby," she offered. "I'm going to worship your body."

"I hope you do more than that," she flirted.

Willow took off her own bikini and smiled nervously. She stood there for a moment, simply taking in the sight of her magnificent lover panting with anticipation, and seducing her with her eyes. A delicious shiver enveloped her body when she realized where Tara was looking.

"C'mere, my beautiful Willow. Let me feel how wet you are."

Willow joined Tara on the bed and lay alongside her. She threw her leg over Tara's thigh and began to slide her pussy along Tara's leg, leaving a warm and slippery trail of desire in her wake. "Is this what you wanted to feel?"

"Yes!" she moaned. "Now feel how wet you make me."

And at that moment, Willow wanted it all; no more teasing, no more wondering, no more waiting. She hungrily took one of Tara's breasts into her mouth and ravenously began to suck and bite at her taught nipples. The hand that was rubbing firmly on her stomach began a new mission; one that would take Willow into uncharted territory, just waiting to be discovered.

Tara was bucking uncontrollably now, thrusting her hips into the air and desperately needing Willow 'there.' "Willow, fuck me now," she ordered. "I need you. I need you so much."

And Willow did, sliding two fingers into Tara's wet center. She felt dizzy with pleasure, and felt herself get lost in the feeling that was all Tara. "Is this good, baby?"

She pulled roughly at the back of Willow's neck, "Fuck, yes!"

Preparing herself for her wild ride, Willow tucked one arm under Tara's shoulders and held on tight as Tara's pussy clenched hard around her fingers.

"I'm gonna come so hard, Willow. So hard right now."

Gasping for air, Tara had barely come down from her orgasm when she heard Willow whisper in her ear, "Come again for me, Tara."


Before the exhausted blonde could fully comprehend what was being asked of her, Willow began to move her fingers inside Tara again. "I love the sound of you coming, and I want to hear it again. I want more."

Tara grabbed at Willow's ass firmly, and crushed their mouths together in a passionate kiss, "Then give me more."


"Willow!" she howled, as she felt two fingers pull out completely and three fingers thrust back inside her.

Wanting to add more pressure, Willow added the force of her knee behind each thrust with her hand. "You should see how sexy you look right now."

"You make me feel sexy with the way that you fuck me, and I love giving myself to you like this."

"Then let it go, Tara. I want to feel your pleasure soak my hand."

Willow's words triggered her release, and with a shuddering breath, the river flowed and Tara came once again. It was at that moment that Willow wondered if she would ever experience something as beautiful and breath-taking as making love to Tara.

And then it happened... She didn't mean for it to, but Tara began to weep tears of joy. Willow could feel it, too, and she allowed herself to cry with Tara. Willow gently removed her fingers and wrapped her arms tightly around Tara's waist.

"Willow, baby? Come up here with me." Willow climbed up into Tara's arms and sighed contentedly as they both relished in the wondrous feelings coursing through their bodies. Tara placed a tender kiss on Willow's sweat-covered forehead. "That was..."

"I know, Tara."

They lay there for long awhile in silence; simply enjoying the feeling of their bodies pressed together. It was Willow who spoke first.


"Yes, Willow?"

"Is this it?" she asked nervously. "Is this all I get with you; one amazing weekend that will never in my life be matched?"

"No, sweetie, this isn't it." She could feel Willow smiling against her chest. "We're so much more than 'this,' and I, for one, can't wait to experience what we can be."

"Ohgod, Tara. Me, too. I was so worried..."

"Besides, you're mine, remember? Y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e mine."

"I am," Willow giggled, remembering their earlier conversation.

"Well then, my little spelunker," her eyes drifted down, "in that case, you still have my wet cave to explore."

"Yes m'am!"


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