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Club Crimson

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy created the Buffy universe, not I. The story idea and all the other stuff I did make up though.
WARNING: S&M-Gore, rough sex, drug use. Be prepared.

This was it, Willow was really going to do this and she was scared as hell. Tara knowing that this was Willow's first time laid still waiting for her to make the first move. Willow was going to set the pace here not her.

Carefully Willow brought herself up to see Tara fully. There she was still clothed, her goddess. The woman she had put so high on a pedestal, but here she was just a woman like Willow, a woman with wants and needs.

"May I?" Willow asked reaching for the top of Tara's shirt.

"Yes Willow, do whatever you want."

"Okay." Willow gulped as her fingers made it to the first button. It was like pushing a giant boulder off a cliff just to undo the damn thing. Her hands trembled and she held her breath begging for the courage to go through with this, to make love to Tara the way she made love to her.

With what seemed like hours, finally Willow had all the buttons off and slowly (as if there may be a giant lesbian snake under Tara's shirt that would come bite her hand off) pulled it aside. Willow's eyes nearly dropped from her skull. Tara was wearing a not so concealing black bra in which her hard nipples poked out from. Her breasts nearly spilled from the material out into Willow's open hands. She wanted to free them, to see them shine in the light once she's done licked them.

The redhead's hands did exactly what her brain had just envisioned. The front clasp on the black leash was unsnapped quickly and an almost growl like sound bellowed out of her throat.

This excited Tara to the point of no questions. Seeing Willow get so excited just from seeing her breasts made her wonder just how long she could hold out before she went completely crazy. Before she could finish the thought Willow's warm mouth was covering her right nipple shocking her further.

"Oh, God Willow, yes!" Tara shouted digging her hands into Willow's hair and guiding her into her more.

Willow did the only thing she could think of she sucked and licked the best she could with Tara forcing her down so much.

After a few moments of allowing Willow to pleasure her right nipple her left one began to beg for attention. Knowing this was Willow's first time she gently directed her assailant's head to the other one, gasping when that wild tongue was let loose.

"No more Willow." Tara moaned.

"Huh?" Willow stopped thinking she had done something wrong.

"Down, Will go down, I can't take it anymore."

"Uh uh, okay." Willow squeaked looking down the length of Tara's body. Now came the hard part. "Tara I've never um, I've never done this before."

Tara stopped suddenly and looked into the redhead's eyes. The sweetness of her voice the way she was looking, scared and excited all mixed into one, threw Tara for a loop. She cared how Willow felt, if she was ready to do this and if she really wanted to. Oh fuck she was falling in love with her.

Composing herself Tara tried not to come off in a sympathetic tone but it was harder then she thought. "It's okay Will, just once you're down there I'll walk you through it okay? And if you're not ready you don't have to do this." Tara hoped deep down that she was ready just for the shear fact she was soaked and ready to explode.

"I'm ready to make you happy Tara." Willow said sternly and moved away from her face before Tara could utter another word.

With such fierceness and sincerity Willow yanked off Tara's skirt and drug her panties clean off her body.

Tara watched transfixed at the sudden boldness and leaned back to enjoy it.

Willow bent down in-between Tara's legs and stared gawkily at other woman's sex. She had already tasted a tiny portion of it and she didn't mind it but having it all in her mouth. Would she gag like she did when Oz would come? Would she throw up afterwards like she had done so many times before? She inhaled taking the sent deep into her lungs and let it roll out her nostrils. She didn't think she would have a problem.

Slowly Willow dipped her head down just inches from Tara's swollen clit. It glistened and made it look slick with goodness. She extended her tongue and touched the tip licking at it lightly.

"Oh please Willow, it's not going to rip your face off." Tara begged. "Just suck it into your mouth oh please lick it harder."

Willow nodded more to herself then Tara and wrapped her lips all the way around the engorged nub.

Tara moaned deeply and spread her legs wider. "Now just lick at it Will, spell your name over and over, write your name on my clit please!"

Willow did just that, over and over again. She couldn't believe how wonderful Tara tasted, it was nothing like Oz it was so much sweeter and it was captivating. Willow soon began to write other things with her tongue, her full name to Tara's to hearts and arrows. It seemed to being doing the trick because Tara withered and bundled the sheets in her hands letting them go quickly and picking them back up again.

Suddenly Tara's breaths began to change. 'Not bad for a beginner.' She began to think as her orgasm began it's fall. She came hard and she squeezed her legs around Willow's face forcing her to suck down all of her treat.

Willow cried out into Tara's clit as she felt the rush of come spilling into her mouth. She clawed at Tara's thighs hoping this would never end. It did, but not without her face completely covered in her prize.

"Come here Willow." Tara whispered.

Willow lazily moved up and Tara trapped her face in her hands and brought it to her own begging to lick her own come off Willow's face.

Willow withered and shook at the pure sexiness of what was happening and yanked her face away before it was too much.

Willow's head fell, exhausted on Tara's stomach both girls panted heavily as Tara's graceful fingers stroked through the red head's hair.

"T-That was amazing." Willow spoke lazily, rubbing her cheek back and forth slowly.

"Ah, yes, yes it was." Tara said closing her eyes.

"I had no idea, no idea that a woman could be so, wow." Willow finished laying her head down again.

Smiling to herself, Willow licked her lips still being able to taste Tara's sweetness. Her whole body shuddered at her own braveness of the situation. She really just made love to a woman, not any woman, but Tara, her goddess.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Tara asked her eyes still shut, and her body regaining some more calm.

"Mmmm," was all Willow could say at this point.

It felt too right, too perfect, like a dream you never wanted to wake up from. It scared Willow to no end because what was going to happen when Tara found something better? Something younger, something that rekindled her thirst of beautiful flesh.

Tara felt something shift in the woman pressed to her body. She noticed her breathing becoming more shallow almost like panic and that little body was trembling, in the way someone she was punishing would act.

"Willow what's wrong?" Tara whispered gently.

"Nothing." Willow choked out a bit too quickly.

"Don't lie, what were you thinking." Tara urged.

"It's not important, trust me." Willow said defeated.

Tara decided not to press, no need to ruin the moment. But it still troubled her, Willow would have to open up if they were to have a trusting relationship.

"Very well," Tara sighed shifting slightly.

Willow took deep calming breaths trying to ease her thoughts. Tara was hers at the moment she had to make the best of it while she could.

"Tara?" Willow questioned her fear getting the best of her.

"Yes darling?" Tara inquired.

"Is this just a sex thing to you?"

Tara stilled for a moment, they already had this conversation, well not really but briefly. Why go into more depth? But looking into Willow's pleading eyes she knew better. She knew the woman deserved to truth on how she was feeling and with a deep sigh she knew this wasn't Willow's world and yet here she was trying so hard to fit into it.

"No, sadly this just isn't about sex." Tara whispered.

"Why sadly?" Willow asked propping up on one elbow and touching Tara's arm.

"Because Willow," Tara spoke harshly moving away from the redhead's touch. "It means that because I've grown for you because you're so dear to me already that it makes things difficult for me to run my establishment."

"Oh," Willow said taken back from Tara's actions and words. She looked away ashamed at herself for even thinking this could be more than just sex.

Tara realized her sudden coldness and softened turning back to Willow and wrapping her arms around her. "It's okay though, it's new to me, but it's okay."

Willow smiled and welcomed the embrace. "So where do we go from here?"

"Day by day Will, just day by day." Tara said quietly, even in her own mind the doubt was there.

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