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Club Crimson

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy created the Buffy universe, not I. The story idea and all the other stuff I did make up though.
WARNING: S&M-Gore, rough sex. Be prepared.

How could the week go so slow again!? Willow had made it a point to be at work extra early every day in order to perhaps get out on Saturday without delay. She had requested Sunday off just in case and much to her apprehension had avoided all of Buffy's questions.

Her best friend had noted a sudden change in her companion and was eager to know about it. Had that one night of adventure totally changed the course of red head? Buffy could only hope. Even though Buffy tried to press the issue she was secretly satisfied that Willow now had other things besides work to keep her busy, though she didn't know what it was, she was still ecstatic.

Breaking the ice Buffy finally asked the stellar question. "So any plans for the weekend. I saw on the schedule that you have Sunday off. Planning on a big night Saturday?"

Willow focused on her typing and avoided her friend's gaze. "Um not really, going stay in, watch a movie you know?"

"You are such a liar Will!" Buffy smiled.

There was no point in denying it. "I kind of met someone at the club the other night."

"I was wondering where you were you little fiend you!" Buffy laughed.

Willow blushed and looked at her friend. "Yeah she's pretty cool."

"Wait 'she'?" Buffy asked raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah, it's a girl, I'm going to hang out with her at the club tonight."

"So is this girl like a friend or a friend, friend that is going to replace me?" Buffy asked, trying to hide her grin.

"No, nothing like that. I'm not sure actually what she is." Willow replied furrowing her brow. She really had no clue what to expect, she had only just meet the woman and she herself wasn't gay. But it scared the tiny red head to think about it. She really was sexually attracted to the girl and wanted to touch her again and to possibly be touched by her.

"Will I just want you to be happy, and if a girl makes you happy then rock on." Buffy spoke honestly.

"So you're no freaked?" Willow asked softly.

"Of course not Will! Go get her and show her what my little Willow is all about." Buffy clapped getting up to leave. "Just remember, play hard to get, girls love that."

As Buffy left Willow sat quietly and thought to herself. Play hard to get? Does that mean lead on that you're not interested? That was going to be way too hard for Willow.

Much to her surprise Willow was escorted in though the amazing doors without question. Her escort was the man she had seen the previous week with the ear piece. He still held the small grin to his lips that for some odd reason she wanted to punch him for not letting her in his secret.

Willow had picked a subtle outfit this time. A white T-shirt was seen under a black sweater. She had chosen blue jeans with black boots, hastily in the mirror Willow had tucked in the white shirt and let the sweater hang loose.

Avoiding the assault of bodies again, Willow was quick to see that she had gotten better, a little bit more aware. She hugged close to the bouncer making sure though not to touch him for fears that he might knock her head off.

Surprisingly Willow didn't remember the area of the club they were in now. Approaching the steps that she knew lead to Tara's office they veered off to the right to a separate set. Each one was covered in red velvet and was soft even that could be told with boots on.

With a bit of apprehension Willow followed the man down the falling stairs. You could barley make out the shrill voices on his ear piece, but it seemed he ignored them and lead Willow down deeper and deeper. Just when Willow thought the stairs had finished, the man opened a door they were now fronted with and more steps followed. Becoming a little worried, as to being lead into the darkness with a strange man Willow spoke her fears.

"Where exactly are we going?"

"Down." The man replied, Willow could almost hear the smile.

"Down where?" Willow snapped back stopping in place.

"To see your mistress." He stopped and turned towards her the tiny lights on the wall lighting up his face.

"My mistress?" Willow asked taken back.

"Yes, she said to bring you down straight away. She said she needed to tend to you." He then turned his back to Willow and continued on.

Willow tried again to get his attention but he refused to speak anymore. If Willow wanted to find out what was going on she was going to have to continue on with the journey.

Finally the two came to the end of the stairs and clunk down on hard, cement floors. Willow shivered at the nip air and brought her arms up around her shoulders.

"This way," the man said quietly.

Willow could hear their feet scuffing off the walls and she dared closer to the man, fear creeping up in her belly once again. They passed down the stone hallway each side holding many doors. Old doors Willow noticed, with large knockers and metal bars across some of them. Involuntarily Willow shuddered and forced her face forward. What had she gotten herself in to?

The man stopped at one of the doors and turned towards Willow. She looked at him a bit scared then back to the door.

He reached out and knocked twice on the steal. There as a click and the door's small window slid open.

"Delivery.," he spoke softly, the smile was gone. He no longer held the humor Willow had tried to figure out. His eyes moved back to her and a small hint of sadness flicked across his lids.

"On you go now, alone." He stepped back as the door opened and Willow hesitated. She looked at him curiously then stepped around him in through the opening. The door slammed behind her and she jumped. The room was pitch black and instinctively Willow's hands went out before her searching for some form of light.

"Over here Willow."

Willow stopped dead in her tracks and forced her eyes to look around. The strike of a match drew her head to the left where illuminated was the clouded face of Tara. Willow caught her breath in her throat and looked at her, stepping forward.

Before Willow opened her mouth Tara's hand was up in front of the match.

"From this point on you will address me as Mistress. Understood?"

Willow was taken back a bit but nodded her curiosity getting the best of her.

"Now this way pet."

There was another click and another door opened, light spilling all around the room. Willow gasped at both the room she was standing in and the one in front of her. Hanging on the stone walls held metal cuffs and chains, Willow dogged a hanging one and followed Tara into the dimly light room.

"Stop." Willow heard Tara command.

Coming up behind Tara Willow stood shocked at the sight before her. A young man perhaps in his twenties hung from the ceiling by the same chains Willow had avoided in the previous chamber. He only wore a leather briefs and a silk black blindfold. Horrible wounds covered his back as the blood slid down his legs to a small pool on the floor. A woman Willow hadn't seen at first was also almost completely naked. She was wearing thigh high boots and a long cattle whip in her hand.

"What's that smell?" Willow asked but ceased her voice when she saw a saucer on the floor with clear liquid. The smell was of vinegar.

Tara rounded on Willow and smiled devilishly. "I told you I needed it more than you did."

Willow stayed still as Tara moved forward and circled the man, eyeing him like a lion would a wounded gazelle. His breathing was labored and he shivered in the chains, clenching his massive hands around the cuffs.

Tara moved out of the way to stand back next to Willow. "Hit him again." She said sternly.

There was a whip and a loud crack on flesh as the man's body leapt forward. "Thirty-six Mistress, thank you." He grunted out.

"Again, and this time dip it." Tara responded.

"Yes Milady." The woman smiled and ran the length of the whip through the large saucer.

This time Willow jumped as the end connected with the bloody mangle and he cried out louder, hissing then a quiet moan.

"Thirty-seven, thank you Mistress."

"This way pet." Tara boomed and Willow was dragged away, the loud cracks ending with the close of the door.

Willow shivered to herself and tried to cope with all that she had just seen.

"Next room then." Tara chimed unaffected by the distressed look on her new companion's face. Tara knew this was the make me or break me stage. The tour would decided weather Willow would choose to stay or go. The perfect submissive is the one who is loyal most to their owner. You can't make a Sub choose you and Tara was proud to note that honesty and the path to find a true heart is the best way to acquire a new plaything.

Without haste another door was opened and shut sternly behind the redhead. This time the sight was more arousing than the first.

Sat in the middle of the room was a bound woman in a chair. Her long blonde hair fell past her naked shoulders. She too was also blindfolded and Willow's eyes raked over her body down past her hanging breasts to a shocking sight in-between her legs. Willow had never seen a strap on before, or let alone a dildo. But there it was, red and standing erect. A larger man stood in the corner of the room with his arms crossed. His face was passive but his eyes moved to the other corner where a slimmer brunette stalked towards the prisoner.

Tara smiled to herself and chanced a few glances at Willow. Willow unaware, held her breath and watched in awe. In the brunette's right hand she held a riding crop and she tapped it eagerly on her thigh coming closer to her prey.

The blonde woman breathed in and out harshly, feeling the closeness of her master. Willow could tell arousal, hell she was smelling it thick in the room now. But this was nothing like she had ever seen before.

Standing before the blonde and brunette spread her legs and began to rub herself vigorously. Moaning quietly to herself she played for to Willow seemed like an eternity. Finally she stopped and placed both hands on her Sub's shoulders. The little blonde moaned to the touch and was quickly scolded for it with a sharp slap of the crop.

"This is why you're here Shade, to teach you how to hold your tongue." The brunette hummed leaning down to lick Shade's ear. Shade shivered and tried to move her hands but had a real hard time since they were cuffed behind the chair.

Steadily and slowly the brunette lowered herself on the stiff dildo. She threw her head back and moaned deeply, Shade doing the same and getting whacked once again on the side of her naked leg. It was a constant rotation, the bobbing up and down of the Mistress and the two them moaning, followed by the harsh sound of the discipline.

Willow held herself in check, watching the wondrous display. She was completely thrown out when a pair of soft hands circled around her stomach and pulled her into a pair of large breasts.

Tara dipped her head down to Willow's neck and kissed it softly, sticking our her tongue and tracing it up to her jaw line. Willow closed her eyes and allowed the assault to happen.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Tara whispered.

"Yes, it is." Willow choked out.

"Yes what?" Tara quickly brought her hand up to the back of Willow's head, wrapping her fingers in her short hairs, pulling her head back to meet her face.

Willow was surprised and aroused all at once. She closed her eyes again to the stiff tugging on her scalp. She knew the answer, the new name and ownership she was bended to.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good." Tara let go of Willow completely and moved away to stand next to the intercourse. She ran her fingers through Shade's hair and bent down and began to whisper in her ear. Shade moaned exceptionally loud making her Mistress bring down a painful blow. Tara satisfied moved away and motioned Willow to come forth.

Willow hesitated, feeling embarrassed to intrude on such things. The look in Tara's eyes didn't so much scare Willow but intrigue her to know she was now owned and must obey or else pay even more than what she's seeing now.

She walked forward a bit a ways from what was going on. Tara never leaving her gaze.

"Touch her." Tara commanded. Here it was, Willow had in her own way had agreed to the unspoken terms but now here it was to test it.

"Where?" Willow asked then quickly added, "Mistress."

Tara almost having to punish her again nodded to the sly slip. "Touch Cal's shoulders, feel how smooth and strong they are as they grip Shade's."

Willow moved her pale hands out and rested them softly on Cal's blades. Cal moaned quietly and Willow nearly yanked them off. She had never touched a woman sexually before and she secretly had hoped Tara would be her first female experience, but she was catching on fast. This was a test to see how obedient she could be, so making up her mind she clenched her fingers around the muscles and began to rub them slowly.

Tara watched her new pet closely, the desire growing with each movement and she was increasingly aroused. She watched as the tiny redhead bit her bottom lip, concentrating on the task hand, her small hands making Cal shudder more.

"Stop." Tara commanded at once.

Willow quickly jerked her hands away and held them behind her back. Why did she feel like she had done something wrong? Tara had told her to do it. She prayed that she wouldn't be punished for it.

Tara reading the expressions on her face smiled and walked up before her. "Now, now don't' be thinking you're in trouble. You did what I told you to do, presenting me with more taste for your welcome."

Willow crinkled her brow, not sure what that meant then continued to stare at the floor. The last thing she wanted to do was mess up enough to have Tara cast her away. If this is the life she had to live to be with Tara then so be it. It couldn't be that bad right? A loud slap and a hurried shout brought Willow back to the two in the middle of the room. Shade was now free of her shackles and was holding Cal by the hips, thrusting upwards. All the while Cal was moaning and commanding the blonde to stop. Still not listening the assault continued enthralling Willow more.

Tara chuckled warmly and leaned over towards Willow. "I kept warning Cal that Shade knew how to pick those locks, that she was uncontrollable."

"Have you had her before, Mistress?" Willow asked with a slight pang of jealously.

"I have, only once. I gave her up to Cal, she's a Mistress in training, I thought Shade would be a good warm up." Tara whispered the last words over Willow's shoulder.

Shuddering again Willow hugged herself and turned to face her Mistress. Their eyes met and it was a lost connection resound over time. Tara's eyes were warm and caring and Willow's excited and confused. Their lips met softly, barely touching at first. Tara slipped her tongue past the redheads and licked the roof of her mouth gently. The contact made them both moan quietly and both girls moved into one another wrapping arms around necks and lower bodies pushed roughly into one another. They held each other kissing tenderly, totally oblivious to the sounds that had ceased.

The others in the room stopped and watched in awe at the display. Sex was one thing, but kissing was far more intimate, to kiss someone meant they were more than just a Sub more than just a Mistress they were your being.

Tara realizing what was happening, stopped at once, pushing the redhead back away from her.

Willow's eyes shot open and was shocked to find she was now on her knees staring up into the angry face of her Mistress. What had she done now?

"Get up." Tara ordered angrily.

"Yes Mistress," Willow answered sullenly standing up. She averted her eyes to the others and they looked away the same.

"I think that's enough for tonight." Tara shot out.

It didn't take as long to get back to the main floor than it did coming down. Tara walked briskly, not once letting her eyes fall on the pet. Willow was rushed out to her car within minuets. She sat there for a long time, staring at her steering wheel, not sure of what all had taken place. She was hurt, sad, disappointed and down right confused. The kiss was so beautiful, and it fit, they fit perfectly. The way it felt to have Tara's lips pressed against hers was like heaven all in one big slice. What was she going to do? How could she ever make up for something so simple as a kiss?

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