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Role Reversal

Author: SithLordWiccan
Rating: NC-17
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Spoilers: Spoilers for the fourth WTTV commercial, The Sword of She-Ra by Chris Cook (Artemis) and Cosplay
Disclaimer: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. She-Ra characters and concepts belong to Mattel/Filmation. The scene I am paying homage to comes from the aforementioned fic, copyright 2006 Chris Cook
Summary: Sequel to Cosplay. The roles are reversed, and the punished becomes the punisher.
Note: Note: Like Cosplay, Willow and Tara inhabit the roles of two other characters from a fanfic story they have read. In this case, however, I felt it was necessary to call them by some kind of name. Thus, for the majority of this fic, Faith = Willow and She-Ra = Tara.

Power. It was the one thing that the two women, standing across the room facing each other, embodied.

It was the only thing they shared, for they were different in almost every other conventional way. Like the two sides of a coin, however, their differences complimented each other nicely. The two women were the physical representation of the known character archetypes of good and evil that have become known to every individual throughout the cosmos. And in the vast multiverse, there are those who were locked in an eternal struggle in much the same manner.

One was a member of the Horde, an intergalactic army which, under the leadership of the terrible Hordak, swore to crush the forces of the Great Rebellion to their knees and bring the people of Etheria under his absolute control. The woman was small and petite, words that no person in the universe would dare utter in reference to her while in her line of sight. Her emerald green eyes were as sharp as sapphires, staring intently at the woman who, until recently, had been a prisoner of the Great Rebellion, and was now its undisputed leader.

The former prisoner was once the Force Captain of the Horde army, a position her opponent now filled. No longer wearing the uniform and rank of the Horde, she was now dressed in a white skirt decorated with gold armor, a dark red cape rested on her shoulders and long blonde hair flowed from her head, upon which rested a gold headpiece.

She was She-Ra. And she was the enemy.

"Now Faith," She-Ra said with a daring tone and a smirk on her face. "Are you prepared to face the end?"

Faith snarled. "The only thing that will happen today will be your death, She-Ra." Stalking her enemy like the cat chasing a mouse into the corner, she knew that the other woman wouldn't escape her this time. But therein was the question. If her prey had no escape, why was she toying with her?

No matter. The time had come to end this. Faith advanced on She-Ra, arms outstretched in attack, but the beautiful warrior swung her sword, delivering a strike directly against Faith's chest. In reality, the blow had been relatively soft. In fact, had she not been actively aware of all her senses, she would have been hard pressed to register that a blow had hit at all. But this was part of the game, and Faith was prepared to play it full hilt.

Collapsing to the ground, Faith watched as She-Ra closed in for the kill, sword raised and pointed directly at her throat. "Say you yield Faith, and it ends now."

Faith struggled against the blonde's grip, though it was so soft that she could have easily escaped. But that was not the plan. Grunting, she spat out a curse.

"Naughty girl," She-Ra breathed, tracing the tip of the sword over Faith's chest. "You'll have to pay for that." Getting down on one knee, she took Faith's arms and brought them away from her body. The other woman struggled, but did not resist as much as she could have.

Then, She-Ra did the unthinkable. Her face closed in on Faith's and delivered a passionate kiss. Faith was taken aback by the act, distinctly feeling the tongue of her adversary invade the privacy of her mouth, tickling her own tongue and the roof of her mouth.

As perverse as the act was, Faith was surprised by it. It felt wrong. It was wrong. At yet, at the same time, it was so very, very right. She brought her arms forward in order to retaliate, and immediately paid for her mistake with a slap from the powerful blonde warrior.

"Not this time, Faith," she said, her voice a curious mixture of arousal and temptation. "You've already had your way with me once before. Now it is my turn."

It was then that Faith realized that all was lost. She was now at the tender mercies of her enemy. And the truly ironic thing about that was that she found herself wanting to be nowhere else at that very moment.

She was brought to her feet and thrown onto the nearby bed. Well, she wasn't as much thrown as casually guided. But in order to maximize the appeal of the game, she exaggerated the movements until she collapsed onto the bead, ever thankful that it did not collapse under the sudden weight.

She-Ra was on Faith in a moment, turning the other woman onto her back. She then took up a position over the red haired devil, straddling her pelvis.

"You enjoy this, don't you Faith?" she asked. "The whole ‘want, take, have' philosophy? That's your mantra, your credo, your ‘code of honor', as it were, isn't it?"

Liquid was rapidly collecting at Faith's core, her arousal coming from being dominated in such a way by one whose manner, she realized, truly allowed her to do so. She struggled to control her breathing as she looked up into She-Ra's face. ", mistress."

"Good," She-Ra answered, moving off Faith's body and placing her hands over the straps keeping Faith's clothing, comprised solely of a fur lined body stocking, in place. "I normally would not subscribe to that belief, but I do think that in this case, an exception is certainly warranted." Her delicate fingers closed around the buckles keeping the garment on the woman. As the latches came undone, she withdrew her left arm to move and pick up her sword as her right hand traced the contours of Faith's chest, moving slowing down her stomach before placing the palm of her hand on the woman's mound.

A hiss of breath was released from Faith's lips. Smiling, She-Ra leaned over to her ear, whispering, "I am going to take this off. You are not to move unless instructed. If you do, there will be severe...punishment." She looked into Faith's green eyes and smiled slightly. "And that's something I do believe you would know a lot about."

Faith couldn't help but smile back as She-Ra began to remove her clothing. She willingly complied, slipping her legs out of the clothing and watching as the garment was causally tossed aside, coming to a rest in front of the nightstand.

She-Ra turned to look back at the nubile form of her prisoner. So evil. So skanky. And, judging by the aroused look in her eyes and the gleam of her now exposed lower lips, very much of the female persuasion.

Moving back onto the bed, she took the sword and traced the contours of Faith's body. "This arouses you, doesn't it?" she asked. "The feeling of cold steel against warm flesh. The thought that, at any moment, a single flick of my wrist can end your life forever."

Faith knew that it was a game, and that the "cold steel" in question was nothing more than plastic. Still, this was a game, and the game had rules. "Yes," Faith responded in a whine. "Please, She-Ra. End the pain."

She-Ra moved down to deliver a soft kiss to Faith's exposed chest, moving her head up the redhead's body, leaving a trail of wet kiss marks in her wake. She then brought her mouth over Faith's nipples, rapidly swirling her tongue across them and bringing them to an erect state. She maneuvered her body onto Faith's and looked down at her, noting with some amusement how prepared she was for the act that was about to be performed.

She-Ra smiled as an idea coalesced in her brain. Faith was clearly expecting this, and thus had a plan. This called for something that she could not be prepared for.

She got up off of Faith's body.

"Baby!" Faith whined, her dislike of the situation easily obvious.

"Don't worry, Kitten," She-Ra soothed, gently patting the redhead's tummy. "You'll get your just desserts."

Faith closed her eyes. "But I'm a bad girl, and I need to be punished by the forces of good."

She-Ra picked up her sword once more, turning it over in her hand. Holding onto the hilt, she carefully maneuvered the blade over Faith's exposed and glistening center.

"Don't worry. You will be."

And slowly, ever so slowly, She-Ra brought the blade directly into contact with Faith's blossoming outer lips.

Faith drew in a hiss of breath and involuntarily bucked at the touch. She-Ra smiled at the sight. This was the reaction she was hoping for. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," Faith hissed as she felt the invasion against her private parts. The jolts that traveled down her spine clicked something in the back of her brain. "Yes. Feels good."

Slowly moving the sword across Faith's blossoming center, She-Ra smiled. "Does it arouse you? Does it drive you wild?"

There was only one answer Faith could give. "Yes."


And, without warning, the touch was gone.

Faith moaned as the erstwhile exploration ceased. "I knew it," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Torturing an enemy requires a person to resort to their basic instincts and revert to their animalistic natures. And I know you're not evil enough to resort to that."

"Oh, really?" She-Ra asked, her blue eyes twinkling with barely restrained force as she removed her headpiece and moved her head down to her enemy's exposed center. "Maybe I should educate you as to the true nature of evil."

She-Ra blew out a breath directly onto the exposed clit of her enemy, noting with pleasure how much Faith enjoyed the sensation. Her tongue split her lips as she breathed in the sweet aroma of the redhead's core, nearly becoming lost in the intoxicating scent wafting over her. Closing in on her enemy's sensitive area, she allowed herself a brief respite, blowing her breath out, the expulsion tickling Faith's fully blossomed lips and exposed clit. She could hear Faith's breathing becoming ragged and she knew that the teasing was driving her insane with a pent up frustration that was in desperate need of release.

A release that She-Ra fully intended to give her.

Bringing her head over the other woman's core, she flicked out her tongue and brought it into contact with Faith's clit, slowly rubbing her wet instrument over the small bundle of nerve endings. Moaning at the contact, Faith arched her back, rising up off the bed. She-Ra maneuvered her hands to Faith's raised ass cheeks, gently pinching them even as she continued her feast of molten warm Faith cream.

"Yes," Faith panted, the combination of pain and pleasure shutting down the vital functions of her brain. All feeling in her lower body ceased, the only sensations being the probing tongue of her enemy exploring her most private shame as casually as she would strike down a Horde Trooper. At the same time, the death grip her enemy held on her rear, while not too painful, was enough to remind the redhead just who was in control of the situation.

Faith could feel herself rising to climax; her enemy's feasting causing her to lose control of herself. "Yes...oh, baby...oh, Goddess...yes...YES...YES!"

Hands gripped the sheets as Faith's core clenched. The act caused her collection of nectar to shoot straight into She-Ra's face. Faith fully expected the warrior goddess to cease her invasion of the clearly conquered territory once her objective had been completed. And yet, it did not, or the woman continued her devouring the redhead's center, even as she licked away at the sweet cream gushing forth.

Faith couldn't believe it. She-Ra was attempting to blind her senses by giving her prolonged sexual release. If this continued, it would be a long time before Faith would have the strength to retaliate.

She wasn't terribly sure she minded at all.

Several moments later, the redhead was splayed out on the couch, the costumes she and her wife had worn being cleaned by her blonde goddess in the washer and dryer. A binder was in front of her face, her eyes gazing at the words on the current page even as her fingers move to flip to the next one.

Emerging from the door, the blonde returned, once again wearing her purple bathrobe. When she looked at what the redhead was reading, she smiled. "You know, baby, it's not really normal to look for sexy ideas in the pages of fan fiction."

The redhead chuckled. "I know. It's just that...this author is so incredibly detailed about...well, everything. And not only that, but he has such an imagination. He takes the most insane ideas and makes them into wonderfully done smut scenes. The other day, I was reading this story where he took two monsters from those old Japanese movies..."

"Don't tell me you want to get me into a rubber suit," the blonde interrupted.

The redhead thought about it for a moment, first imagining what her wife would look like in a silly Japanese monster costume, then shifting to what she looked like dressed in a skintight catsuit would complete with whip. She turned to look at the blonde. "Well, maybe not that kind of rubber suit."

"Vixen," the blonde grinned in return as she moved to lie down beside her wife.

"And you wouldn't believe what he did with those bullet trains," the redhead added, before being interrupted once again, this time by a pillow strike to the head.

"Don't," her wife said, trying to suppress a giggle. "I don't wanna know."

The redhead sighed. "Your loss." Putting the binder away, the two women crawled underneath the sheets, exchanging a kiss before the redhead turned to shut off the light.

As her fingers brushed the switch, she whispered, "Good night, Tara: Princess of Power."


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