Fate and Copper Tubing

Author: dlline (Diane Line)
Rating: NC-17. Nothing vague, nothing ambiguous, just simple smut. You might not want to read this at work.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, so it belongs solely to me. The characters of Willow and Tara belong to Mutant Enemy. I make no claims, nor will I make any money from their use.
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Summary: This is a totally AU fic, so there are no spoilers. Read the story. No further explanation is necessary.
Notes: Special thanks to my beta (and my love) Chris. Special thanks to Second Fig for the story suggestion.

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Tara threw the plunger to the floor, disgusted.

"Darn it anyway. I just didn't need this today."

After one short phone call, Tara was assured that her clogged kitchen sink would be dealt with "as soon as possible," which usually meant "whenever I get around to it." Mr. McKinnon was a sweet, kind man but not great with the follow-through on stuff that went wrong in her second-floor loft. Tara allowed a small glimmer of hope that her sink would be repaired soon, since the landlord was too busy to deal with it himself and had made the wise (in Tara's opinion anyway) choice to call a plumber.

"Great, now instead of sitting home alone on Friday, I get to spend the evening in the kitchen with plumber crack under the sink. Just great."

Tara snapped her phone closed and tossed it across the living room where it landed on the sofa next to her briefcase. After a short trip to the bathroom to clean the drain sludge from her hands, she went into her bedroom to change from work drag into something a little more appropriate for hanging around the house, eating Chinese take-out. After a perfunctory swipe through her closet, she stopped.

"Sweats sound like the best idea," she said as she stripped down to nothing, and pulled on her old, comfy favorites, the blue ones with the big hole in the knee and the permanent stain on the elbow. Not like it mattered anyway. Tara had absolutely no need to impress what she assumed would be a big, hairy, fifty year old man, most likely named Earl. Hell, it could be Brad Pitt and she couldn't have cared any less.

"Now, if it was Angelina, that's a different story," Tara thought to herself.

Tara pulled her dark blonde hair back to keep it out of her face and returned to the kitchen to fetch her dinner. She grabbed the chopsticks and noodles from the bag, flopped onto the sofa, popped open her laptop and booted it up. A jingle of keys followed by a knock on the door alerted Tara to the presence of her landlord, but he had the door open before she could even get up.

"It's just me, Tara," Mr. McKinnon called from the door. She heard footsteps as her silver-haired landlord peeked around the corner of the living room. "The plumber's here. Eat your dinner. I'll show her where the kitchen is."


"Thanks, Mr. McKinnon."

Her. That was interesting.

"Probably a big, hairy, fifty year old woman, most likely named Bertha," she muttered to herself. Oh well, whatever. She just wanted the yuck out of the drain so she could wash the dishes from this morning. Tara heard the first clank of tools from the kitchen as Mr. McKinnon returned to check in.

"The wife has dinner ready downstairs. Can you deal with the plumber? Just have her send me the bill."

"Sure thing. I'm not going anywhere anyway. Go eat your dinner." Tara smiled her best smile, trying to cover her annoyance at having to deal with a stranger in her apartment. "No problem. Thanks for getting them here so fast."

The older man waved it off, his smile extending all the way to the deep blue of his eyes. "Don't mention it. Glad they were still in the office. Anyway, I have to go. You know how Frannie gets when I'm late."

Tara laughed it off. "I certainly don't want you in trouble with Mrs. McKinnon. Please go....I can deal with this."

"Thanks again, Tara. Call me if you need anything else."

Tara started to call out one last thanks, but she heard the door close before she could get the words out. She sat back on the couch with her carton of lo mein, but sat up again as she realized that she had nothing to drink. A cup of tea sounded good, and she figured that she could work around the plumber. After extricating herself from the sofa, Tara padded barefoot into the kitchen, stopping in the doorway as her eyes caught sight of the coverall-clad rear end of the plumber. Used to living alone, Tara neglected to censor herself and spoke aloud.

"You're kinda small for a plumber, aren't you?"

Tara winced as the startled handyman jumped, banging her head on the counter under the sink. Covering her mouth with her hand, Tara attempted to stifle the laughter that was struggling to break free, but stopped as the plumber turned to sit on the floor, rubbing her head and cursing under her breath. Tara tried to speak, tried to apologize, but nothing was coming out. She was caught like a deer in the headlights by the image that was now presenting itself to her. Short red hair, bright green eyes, face scrunched into a slight grimace of pain. Shaking her head to clear the fog, Tara finally managed to speak.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." She continued to stare, taking in every detail of the diminutive plumber, from the navy blue coveralls, to the white t-shirt beneath, to the slightly mucked-up work boots, to the patch on the front of the uniform that said "Rosenberg Plumbing." The face was familiar, but Tara just couldn't place it. That problem solved itself quickly as the redhead looked up at Tara and spoke.

"S'ok. It happens." She continued to rub her head as the expression of pain morphed to one of slight confusion. "Don't I know you?"

Tara started to say no, but stopped as she realized that the redhead did seem familiar. "Maybe.... Oh wait. I've seen you in the bookstore." The plumber began to nod as recognition apparently dawned on her as well.

"Yeah, you work at the bookstore. The big one out by the new Wal-Mart. That's where I've seen you."

Tara nodded in agreement. "Yes, that's me. You're the customer that orders all the textbooks. I'm a little surprised."

The redhead laughed. "Yeah, I guess you don't get a lot of plumbers who order particle physics books, do you?"

Joining in the laughter, Tara answered, "No, I can't say that that happens a lot." Especially really cute ones that I stare at whenever they come in.

"No, I guess it doesn't. Well, it's a long story, and you probably want me to shut up now and finish with the sink, so I'm gonna..." she stopped talking and motioned toward the sink, indicating her desire to continue working.

"Tell me."


"Tell me your long story. I'm curious." Tara noted the expression on the plumber's face, not quite sure what it meant, but pressed on. "How does someone who reads particle physics books wind up unstopping sinks for a living?"

"You really want to know?"

"Yes, I really want to know. Please?" Tara pressed on, eager to hear the plumber's tale. "I was just going to make a cup of tea. Would you like one?"

"Umm, sure. Thanks."

Tara crossed the kitchen toward the stove to light the burner under the kettle. Turning to get fresh water, she stopped, wondering about the water to the sink. The redhead seemed to sense her hesitancy, motioning toward the sink. "You can still use it."

Tara muttered a small thanks as she stepped closer to fill the kettle from the tap. She took a breath as she realized that she was now basically crotch to face with the cute plumber, but quickly filled the kettle and returned to the stove. After setting the kettle on the burner, Tara slid down the front of the stove, joining the plumber on the floor and motioned with her hand, indicating that she was ready for her story.

"Well..." The plumber hesitated, "it's like this. I grew up working with my Dad. He's the Rosenberg of Rosenberg Plumbing. I guess I was the son he never had, so he taught me the business. I've been cleaning out drains and unstopping toilets since I was nine."

Tara smiled as an image of a precocious, freckle-faced nine-year-old girl popped into her head, laughing inwardly as the kid appeared in too-big coveralls with the sleeves and legs rolled up, toting a plunger that was almost as big as she was. The redhead continued her story.

"So, Dad taught me the business until I graduated from high school. He paid me to go on my own jobs when I was about sixteen, so I did that until I went off to college. I still worked for him during summer and holiday breaks, and I kept doing that all the way through grad school. Last year, he slipped and fell on a job, cracked a vertebra, and hasn't been able to work. We were faced with him losing the business, or me helping out. I'm ABD on my doctorate, but I decided to put that on hold until Dad's back on his feet. He's getting better, but I'm still running things for at least six more months."

Tara watched as the expression on the redhead's face turned wistful, almost feeling the pain herself as the story continued. "I mean, he gave me everything. I couldn't let him lose the business, so here I am." Tara swore she saw tears beginning to form in the plumber's green eyes, but waited for her to continue as she swiped a coverall-clad arm across her eyes. "Sorry, I get like this. I'm such a crybaby."

Tara offered words of comfort. "It's okay. It's nice that you want to take care of your family. That's really special."

The redhead waved it off. "What else could I do?"

Tara smiled, partly from the plumber's heartfelt words, and partly from the swipe of grime now covering half of the other woman's face. The whistle of the teakettle broke her reverie. She rose from her spot on the floor as the small plumber attempted to reign in her emotions. After collecting teabags and mugs from the cabinet over the stove, Tara filled the mugs with water and turned to ask a question.

"How do you like your tea? Milk? Sugar?"

"Two sugars, please. Thank you..." The redhead hesitated. "I don't know your name."


"That's pretty. Thank you, Tara."

Tara reached over the stove to retrieve the sugar, hiding her blush at the plumber's compliment. After adding the sugar, she turned to offer the steaming mug to the other woman.

"You're welcome..."


Tara smiled. "You're welcome, Willow."

As she reached for the mug from her spot on the floor, Willow began again. "I mean, Dad calls me Will. I was thinking that since I seem to be full-time in the plumbing business, maybe I should change it to Bud or Earl, or something like that."

"I like Willow." Tara hesitated, not sure where the bravery was coming from, but continued. "It's a beautiful name. It suits you."

Watching as the redhead blushed and ducked her head, Tara knew that the plumber was as unaccustomed to compliments as she was herself. Something deep inside spurred her on. "And you certainly don't look like any plumber that I've ever seen." Willow shot her a puzzled look, urging her to continue. "I mean, I was expecting something large, hairy, and male with about a mile of exposed butt crack."

Tara's comment couldn't have been more ill-timed as Willow had just taken her first long drink of tea, spitting it out in a spray of laughter, spilling most of the hot liquid down the front of her coveralls. Tara leapt into action, grabbing a towel from the magnetic bar on the side of the fridge, and attempted to clean the spill from the front of the coveralls. Since she was often an act-first, ask questions later kind of gal, Tara didn't fully realize that she was basically feeling up her plumber in an attempt to mop up spilled tea. She stopped quickly, flustered by her own actions as the redhead continued to laugh. The hot red blush continued to crawl up Tara's neck and face, stopped only by her own gasp of surprise as the other woman took her hands and began to speak.

"Wow, if I had known it was this easy, I could have saved a fortune on books."

Willow laughed again as Tara's look of shock changed into an expression of puzzlement. She shook her head and asked, "What?"

"If I had known that all I had to do was spit my drink all over myself to get you to touch me, I could have ordered my books on the internet and just asked you out."

Tara was incredulous, but immediately missed the touch as the plumber released her hands. "Asked me out? What?"

Willow smiled again. "Asked you out. As in, you know, coffee, a movie, dinner, you know... asked you out."

Tara was in full what-the-fuck mode. "But how.... I mean, did you know I, well, you know..."

"What, that you're gay? The first time I came in the store, just to look around, you were working at the special orders counter and you were reading Girlfriends Magazine. Straight girls don't read that, so I just assumed." Tara finally made eye contact with the other woman as she began to get the picture. "I mean, I'm assuming a lot, and maybe I'm dead wrong, but I just kinda thought..."

"You thought right."

Tara watched again as Willow's expression relaxed. "I just thought that you were really attractive and that I'd like to go out with you, and I thought I busted you looking at my butt once and ..." She hesitated as Tara turned bright red again. "and so I started to special order my books from your store so I could, well, stalk is the wrong word, but I wanted to talk to you, but I was afraid, and you're really quiet, so maybe I should have just gone to the Starbucks in the front of the store and dumped five dollars worth of mocha latte all over the front of myself and you could have done this, and maybe I should just stop now."

Tara ducked her head, still embarrassed, but actually discovering that she was delighted to discover that the cute redhead that she'd be staring at for months was actually staring back the whole time. Smiling, Tara steeled her resolve and attempted to respond to the other woman's comments.

"I was."

"You were what?"

Tara spoke softly, unsure of herself but knowing that the thing she wanted most was now sitting on her own kitchen floor. Now or never.

"Staring at your butt."

Tara continued to smile as she watched the blush creep up the redhead's face. "You were? Wow. Did you ever think about talking to me?"

"I thought about it. I had whole big conversations in my head where you explained your fascination with physics, and I told you how I have a master's degree in Victorian Literature but I work for a huge national bookstore chain, but you were right about me being quiet. I'm not good at that kinda stuff, so I just stared and hoped that someday maybe you'd talk to me." She laughed a little and continued, "So I guess it's a good thing that the sink backed up, or we never would have said anything to each other."

Willow joined in her laughter, evidently fully aware of the irony of their current situation. "I guess if you had known I was a plumber, you could have stuffed a sock down the sink or something to get me to come over, but that's a dumb thing to say, so maybe I should just stop again."

"I like it," Tara said as she ducked her head, slightly embarrassed.


"I like it when you babble like that." She looked up and blushed a little more. "It's cute."

Willow smiled at the compliment, and asked, "Are you sure? I think it makes me sound like a spaz. I think it used to make my Dad a little nutty, like when we were trying to fix someone's pipes, and I would talk about anything and everything. He used to make cracks that he always wished I could sort everything out first before I started talking, because he said I talked too much for him to keep up with. He actually wondered out loud, more than once, if there was a force on the planet that could make me..."

The babble ended abruptly as Tara did the scariest thing she'd ever done in her life. She got up on her knees and leaned in close, kissing the plumber soundly right on the mouth. The babble stopped, replaced by a simple, breathless, "Wow." As Tara sat back, silently wondering if she'd just completely fucked everything up, Willow said, "I bet Dad never thought of that one."

Tara shook her head, a little overwhelmed by the combination of what she'd just done and the feel of the softest lips she'd ever kissed lingering on her own, and said, "I'm sorry, I don't usually..."

"I'm not. That was nice."

"You're not? It was?"

Tara relaxed as her own frightened expression was returned as a hopeful smile. "No, I'm not sorry, and yeah, it was very nice. You wanna try it again? I can start talking again if you need a little inspiration to..."

She didn't need the stream of words. Tara just needed to feel those lips one more time. Leaning in again, she offered a second kiss, this one a little more tentative as Tara wanted to take her time. Feeling those soft lips for the second time was even better, as she allowed herself the opportunity to linger and enjoy it. The best part was when she felt that wonderful mouth, usually running so quickly, slow down to kiss her back. Yep, that was definitely the best part. Well, until the plumber's small hands reached up to hold Tara's face, moving her to shudder in response. Tara was so afraid that she might just fall over from the rush of electricity that shot through her at the touch of the hands, slightly roughened from hard work, that she was compelled to reach forward with her own hands to steady herself. The first thing that her palms found to land on was the blue coveralls, still damp from the tea mishap. After a quick realization that she was right back to where she got in trouble the first time, Tara sat back, ending the kiss, and said, "I'm sorry. You're all wet."

"Oh, baby, you have no idea." Willow shot back, obviously without thinking. Tara was a little shocked as the plumber immediately covered her mouth with one hand and her eyes grew wide as saucers. "Oh, shit, I just said that out loud, didn't I?"

Tara giggled, much to the other woman's chagrin. "Yes, you did." Bravery seemed to be in Tara's cards for the evening, so she went for it. "I didn't mind." As her cheeky smile turned into something just shy of a leer, Tara added, "I'm kinda there myself."

"You are?"

"Well, considering that I've been staring at your butt for the last three months, it's safe to say that discussions of physics and Victorian literature aren't the only thoughts I've had about you. And considering also that you've evidently been staring back coupled with that last little comment, I'd say we're pretty much on the same page."

"Hmmm, you might be right," Willow answered as Tara felt hands again, this time creeping slowly up the outside of her thighs. She leaned in, this time completely throwing caution to the wind, and kissed her again, a little more urgently as she opened her mouth and allowed the first tentative exploration of the plumber's busy little tongue. The touch was again electric, shorting out something in Tara's brain (most likely the part that she used to think with) as she leaned back, pulling the redhead with her, intending to pull them both down to the hard kitchen floor. Willow didn't attempt to stop her, but made a comment on the way down, stopping the kiss only long enough to breathe and squeeze out a few words.

"I don't usually..."

"Neither do I."

"I don't care..."

"Neither do I." Tara answered as they began to kiss more fervently, evidently confident in the fact that something was about to happen that they both wanted, and neither woman wanted to even attempt to contain. The kiss deepened, as Tara began a heated exploration of her plumber's mouth with her own tongue and an even more heated exploration of the woman's back and rear end, basically everywhere she could reach with two hands. She felt Willow attempting to brace herself with both palms flat on the floor to either side of Tara's head as they both attempted to talk without breaking the kiss. Willow went first.

"You don't know me very well."

"That's okay. There's a giant hole in my sweatpants, you have a big smudge on your face, and my birthday is in October."

More kissing, accompanied by panting as Willow continued.

"Sorry about the dirt. My birthday is in November. I have a cat named Einstein."

"I don't care about the dirt, there's a fish tank in the living room, and my middle name is Elizabeth."

"I have a middle name that I can't remember at the moment, and I don't think I've ever been as turned on as I am right now."

"Oh, god, me too. Do you really want to stay here on the floor, or can we take this to my bed?"

"Bed sounds good."

Having agreed to the change of venue, Tara attempted to stand them both up, neither wanting the kissing or the touching to stop, even long enough to move. She wrestled them both up off the floor, never losing contact as Willow attempted to speak again.

"Boots. Need to take 'em off."

"Leave 'em on."

"Ewww, no. Boots gross, have to come off." Tara felt strong hands on her collarbones as the kiss was finally broken, just enough for Willow to reach down and untie her laces, kicking off the offending footwear, and heading straight back into the kissing and the touching. Tara maneuvered them down the hallway, stopping once long enough to pin the redhead to the wall with one hand while she worked down the zipper of the coveralls with the other. She felt a shove and a pull as Willow turned the tables, flipping positions along the wall and snaking a hand under the soft fleece of the worn sweatshirt. Tara moaned at the touch of a calloused hand against the soft flesh of her belly, moaned again louder as a second hand slid around and down the back of her sweatpants, pulling her hips closer.

"Oh, shit... Willow?"


"I've had one girlfriend, we broke up a year ago. No one since then."

"Oh, I've had three. One serious, two not so. No one else for nine months. Nothing funky, I promise."

"Good. Me too. Nothing funky." Tara answered as she finally steered the plumber toward the edge of her bed. She stopped long enough to peel the shoulders of the coveralls off, sliding them down the other woman's arms, revealing a white t-shirt with a rather large tea stain on the front. One quick shove sent the slender redhead over backwards onto the bed. Tara climbed on, pinning the plumber to the bed and continued the kiss in earnest, as she drove her thigh between the legs of the woman beneath her. Willow arched her back, cementing the touch, forcing her own thigh upward to return the not-so-gentle touch. Tara began to rock, felt the redhead mirror her movements, and moaned as she broke the kiss to breathe and simply enjoy the sensation of riding the plumber's leg while those strong hands kneaded at the pliant flesh of her backside. Tara's brain was threatening to leave, replaced by a flood of endorphins that drove away any last vestiges of fear or doubt. She wanted this, wanted it as much as she'd ever wanted anything in her life.

And she wanted it naked.

Once again, taking the proverbial bull by the horns, Tara sat up and peeled off her raggedy blue sweatshirt with the permanent stain on the elbow. She tossed it over the edge of the bed, losing about half of her pony tail in the process, and watched the bright green eyes looking up at her as they darkened and glazed over. It didn't take long to notice that those eyes were looking considerably lower than her face, as the plumber licked her lips and attempted to speak.

"Wow," was all that came out. Tara laughed a little as she remained upright, riding the strong thigh between her own, keeping the pressure constant as she returned the favor.

"You like?"

Willow nodded quickly. "Oh yeah. I like."

"Do you want to touch 'em?"

"Oh, god. More than anything."

Since the redhead seemed a little hesitant, Tara acted again, leaning forward enough to take Willow by the wrists, and pulled the slightly rough hands up to touch her breasts. She groaned as the slender yet strong hands opened and closed, kneading, teasing out her nipples. Seeing an opportunity, Tara grabbed the hands from her own breasts and pulled, lifting her plumber from the bed enough to peel off the white shirt and bra, leaving both of them naked from the waist up. Tara leaned forward again, pinning the plumber's hands to the bed and slowly arranged herself breast to naked breast with the close-to-incoherent redhead beneath her.

"Mmm, that's nice."

"Yeah, it is."



"Can you take off your pants?"

Tara didn't answer. She rolled over onto her back and slid the fleece sweats (the ones with the huge hole in the knee) off, kicking them free to land on the corner of the bed. Moving to return to her perch on top, Tara was stopped by an eager plumber, who pinned her hands to the bed and spoke quietly as she sat back.

"Please stay like that. I want to look at you."

Tara blushed, partly from feeling so exposed, but fought it down with her rampaging arousal.

"All right."

"You're stunning. Did you know that?"

Tara shook her head no, indicating that she didn't know anything of the kind.

"You are." Tara relaxed a little as Willow's hands began a slow exploration of her torso, sliding down slowly to part her legs, offering the redhead a view of her arousal. "You're absolutely stunning. And I want you so badly that I can hardly breathe." The words stopped there as Willow stood up to remove her coveralls, underwear, and socks, leaving herself naked by the side of the bed. Holding out her arms, Tara beckoned the small plumber back into her embrace, longing for the full-body contact of naked skin.

Willow obliged, mimicking Tara's earlier position with her thigh pressed tightly between the other woman's legs, grinding her now naked (and very wet) pussy against Tara's thigh. No barriers remained between them as Tara realized that this quirky plumber-slash-particle-physicist truly wanted her, and wanted her badly. She felt slick heat against the naked skin of her thigh, knowing that her own arousal was just as slick and hot. Pulling gently, Tara urged the plumber higher so that she could reach the small breasts that she longed to taste. Tara felt strong muscles tense beneath her hands as Willow arched her back, forcing her nipple further into the blonde's eager mouth.

"Unnh, Tara. That's nice." Willow groaned, and then groaned again, louder as Tara switched her attention to the unattended breast, rolling the abandoned nipple between her thumb and first finger as she sucked and nibbled on her new prize. Tara felt her own arousal increase, offering more heat and wet to the thigh between her legs, as she felt the same sliding against and coating her own thigh. She released the nipple between her lips in order to ask a question.



"Do you want me to touch you?"

"Oh yes."

Tara moved her hands around Willow's back, applying pressure to the plumber's backside, urging her to grind harder as she spoke low into the closest ear.

"Do you want me to stroke you? Slide my fingers into you? Fuck you 'til you scream? Is that what you want, Willow?"

"Oh, shit, yes. Please, Tara, please do that. Fuck me hard...make me come."

Tara obliged, not even bothering to attempt a change of positions. She slid three fingers in, bracing them against her thigh, as she held fast with her other hand against the redhead's hip. Feeling weight and pressure as Willow bore down, Tara smiled as she heard the groan that sounded from deep within her plumber's chest. She urged the redhead to ride her fingers, applying gentle pressure with a hand on her hip, while Willow braced herself on the palms of her hands on either side of Tara's head. She continued to speak as the plumber's movements became faster, driving herself harder onto Tara's long fingers.

"Is that good, Willow? I can feel you clench, feel you grab me. You're so hot, so wet. You're making me crazy. Will you do that to me?"

Willow only nodded, apparently crazed far beyond the words necessary to answer Tara's questions. She offered no resistance as Tara guided her over onto her back. Tara then rolled over and got onto her knees between wide open legs, eager to continue fucking her hot little plumber, needing to hear her come, hear her scream.

"Will you? Will you fuck me like this?"

Tara watched as Willow grabbed at the covers, arms spread wide, clenching and opening her fists to the rhythm that Tara established. The plumber nodded and tried to answer between clenched teeth.

"Yes, yes, just like that. I wanna fuck you like that."

Willow stopped trying to talk as she rolled her head from side to side, thrusting her hips up and into each stroke. Tara resisted the urge to touch herself, opting instead to use her free thumb to urge Willow over the edge. Thrusting harder and faster, Tara applied the barest pressure to the plumber's clit, teasing around in small circles. She held on, never breaking the new contact as Willow arched and bucked, wild with the need to come. Tara knew immediately when it started. She watched Willow's nipples harden, noticed a spread of goose bumps on her inner thighs signaling the impending orgasm.

And when it hit, it was a whopper.

The plumber threw her head back and pulled at the bedspread, her body stretched whipcord tight. She yelled, a deep, guttural sound as the whipcord snapped, and continued to almost howl as wave after wave crashed through her slight body. Tara struggled to hang on, not wanting to stop what she was doing, but so floored by the show of Willow's climax, that she almost came herself, right there on the spot. Hanging on for dear life, Tara guided her plumber in for a gentle landing, smiling through the hair stuck to her own sweaty face at the image of mindless bliss on the redhead's face.

Just as Tara was about to give up, wondering if she'd broken the diminutive redhead, the green eyes popped open, and Willow answered the blonde's concerns with a shout.

"That was sooo cool! Holy shit, Tara, that was like, I mean, wow, and holy shit, but I said that already. I think you broke me, but I just don't care." Tara smiled as the babble continued. "You said you were quiet, and I knew you were quiet, but you say really naughty things, and I really like it. That was cool!" Tara watched as Willow stopped for a breath and attempted to raise her arms, offering Tara a warm, albeit slightly boneless, hug. The arms just didn't appear to want to cooperate, so Tara helped, crawling up her plumber's limp body, offering a warm, lingering kiss to help stem the tide of the babble.

"Thanks. I needed that."

Tara nodded, offering a quiet, "You're welcome." She smiled and began to chew on her lower lip, provoking a question from her plumber.

"What's that little smile all about? Something you'd care to share?"

Tara nodded again, "I was just thinking that what just happened was even better than I imagined it would be."

Willow shook her head in agreement. "Yeah, it really was. You quiet ones are always full of surprises." She sat up, recovered enough to finally move, and locked eyes with the quiet bookstore clerk. "And the best part is we're not done yet."

Tara tried to think of an answer to the statement, but never got a chance as the slight plumber sprang into action. The redheaded tornado grabbed Tara by the wrists and pulled her over onto her back, reversing their positions so she was now being straddled, knees on either side of her hips. She smiled in anticipation as her plumber leaned forward, brushing soft lips against her flushed cheek on the way to whisper in Tara's ear.

"You wanna talk naughty to me again? Do you wanna tell me how wet you are?"

Reacting to the words, Tara nodded again and answered, "I am. That was quite a show you put on a couple of minutes ago."

"It gets better, you know?"

Tara tried to pull away to make eye contact, but found that she was unable to move, pinned solidly to the bed by a plumber who was still speaking low, verbally teasing her new lover.

"Yeah, it does. This is the part where I get to do that to you. You want that, don't you, Tara?" The blonde nodded her agreement. "I thought you might. You feel a little squirmy, like you want something. Do you, Tara? Do you want something?"

The words never stopped as Tara realized that there was nothing she could do but wait, breathing harder, growing hotter and wetter as the breathy words in her ear continued, and her plumber moved to straddle one leg while her right hand moved down the front of Tara's overheated torso.

"You're not saying much, Tara. Are you okay? Having a little trouble? You had lots to say a few minutes ago."

Tara struggled to form words to answer. "Uh, um, yeah, having a little trouble. Can't think." She arched her hips, attempting to find relief, something to rub herself against. Anything she could reach, but the thing she needed most was proving to be elusive.

This was Willow's show and Tara was just going to have to wait.

She willed herself to calm down, relaxing enough to enjoy the feel of the work-roughened hand against the soft flesh of her belly. The hand continued to explore, trailing a path down Tara's hip, down the outside of her leg and back up. Tossing her head back into the covers, Tara gasped as the plumber's mouth found a nipple to latch onto, sucking lightly while a happy little tongue swirled small circles, teasing it out even more. She groaned as she felt the hand sliding up the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of where Tara needed it to be, while the mouth abandoned her breast. The voice was back in her ear.

"Should I keep going, Tara? Do you want me to touch you, to feel how wet you are?"

Tara breathed an answer into her plumber's ear. "Please."

"Please what, Tara?"

"Please touch me. I need you to touch me. Please."

Willow breathed an answer, "Okay," as her hand drifted up, finally offering the touch that Tara so desperately needed. She groaned again as fingers stroked her, up and down, avoiding the most sensitive spots, just checking out the situation.

"Wow, you really did like that, didn't you?"

Tara nodded her affirmation while she struggled to speak. "Yes, oh fuck, yes. I did. Willow, please, please..."

"What? Anything you want, Tara. Just tell me what you need."

Tara's last truly cognitive thought as she felt IQ points slipping away, replaced by nothing but lust and want, was that she needed more, and she needed it now.

"I need...Willow... fingers....three...slow...in me...now... please."

Answering words weren't necessary as Willow supplied exactly what Tara needed, sliding in slowly as directed. She arched her hips, pulling her plumber's fingers as deeply as they would go, eliciting a moan from both of them, as the fingers stopped, just for a second before retreating, not quite all the way out.

"Again, please, Willow, do that again."

Willow obliged, pushing in slowly, stopping all the way in again.

"Oh, fuck... Willow, that's it. Do it again."

She did, sliding in deep, retreating, in again, over and over slowly. Tara couldn't think. She tried to talk, tried to tell her plumber what she needed, but it proved to be unnecessary as Willow read the signals and responded, quickening her pace to match Tara's movements.

Over and over... in and out.

Tara tried to reach down, tried to touch herself, but her plumber sensed this and beat her to it. She slid down and got up on her knees between the blonde's open legs, never slowing, as she applied pressure with her free hand to Tara's clit.

That was all it took.

Tara's world exploded in a flash of color and light, followed by radiating pulses of heat, crashing through her entire being like waves on the beach. It didn't stop as Tara arched and writhed on the bed, willing it to continue. It had never felt this good, this perfect, as it did right now. She slid into darkness, riding the tide until she became aware of hands on her shoulders, accompanied by the sound of a slightly urgent voice.

"Tara? Are you okay?"

Hands on her shoulders, shaking her lightly.


"Are you okay? I lost you there for a second."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm okay." Tara fought to regain her senses as she watched her plumber's face morph from an expression of worry to one of relief. "Wow, that was neat."

"Yeah it was." Willow smiled, obviously relieved. "I thought I broke you there for a second."

Tara smiled back. "No, I'm good. Great even." She offered up her arms, welcoming her plumber in for a hug and a snuggle. "Better than ever." She ran her fingers through the short red hair of the head that was now resting on her shoulder, pulling away slightly as her plumber asked a question.

"So, um, Tara, about your sink...."

"Can you fix it in the morning?"

"Do you want me to come back?"

"No, I want you to stay. Please?"

Tara felt as her plumber snuggled in tighter, draping an arm across her belly and a leg across her hip.

"I'd like that." Willow hesitated. "Tara?"


"I know this is about three months late, and decidedly out of order, but..."

"But what?" Tara hoped she knew what was coming, but she wanted to hear it anyway.

"Tara, will you go out with me?"

"Yes, Willow, I'd love to go out with you."


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