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Close your Eyes and Dream

Author: Irene (Hot Tamale) Is there any other kind of Hot?!
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Pairings: Groupings of two. Hey I didn't know that Ellen De Generes and Portia De Rossi were together...hmmm?...a pairing. I like pears, especially the green ones, what are they called?
Spoilers: So I made myself a pastrami sandwich. It was pretty good considering I had to shell out another $7.00 dollars for it plus the cost of the lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo...yes mayo. They were all spoiled too. As I've mentioned to Watson...rule of thumb people, check fridge at least twice a month.
No spoilers of the BtVS variety here...AU...A - Me...A - Team, (I didn't like that show), A - Everyone!! Ratings: A cross between an animated Disney film, The Three Stooges, and Hot Steamy Monkey Love.
Disclaimer: Executives of the world of television...LEAVE ME ALONE! It wasn't me...Carleen made me do it. Psst, Carleen...three words...Swiss Bank Account.
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Love is a fruit in season at all times,
and within the reach of every hand.
~by Mother Teresa~

Buffy and Willow carried the rest of their beach belongings out to the jeep. Buffy dumped her cargo into the trunk and moved slightly to the right to give Willow some room to do the same. She smiled as she took a moment to reflect on how happy she was feeling standing beside her best friend. She stood with her hands on her hips and looked up at the sky. Closing her eyes now, she took in a deep breath, losing herself in the sweet smells of the season, fully appreciating her environment. "Wow, what a beautiful morning. Smell that fresh air Will. I bet you don't get that in Boston?"

"No we don't... I mean cos' of the lack of trees and grass," Willow stated sarcastically as she organized their beach gear in the small trunk space of the jeep.

"Oh, sorry. There's grass and trees? Who would've thought?" Buffy jovially countered. "Anywhoo, we're gonna' have sooo much fun this week! I'm so happy you decided to get your ass down here."

"My ass is happy to be here too Buffy. After that hellish winter... I'm ecstatic to be back in good ole' Sunnydale. I've missed this place." Looking up and glancing around the neighborhood, Willow felt a tinge of homesickness and a bit of nostalgia as she remembered many mornings such as this where Joyce would load them up in her 'geek machine', the name the Scooby's had dubbed her totally uncool jeep, and headed off on another trip. It didn't really matter where they ended up, the movies, the mall, a museum, the beach, a picnic at the park, all she knew was that Joyce and her Scooby's, including Dawn, made her feel safe, warm, and loved.

"Hellish winter, huh. Weren't there plenty of hot young college women to help keep you warm and snug?" Buffy teased, winking at the blushing redhead.

"Uh..." Willow replied, pondering Buffy's statement. Realization finally dawned on her and with a twinkle in her eyes she answered, "Oh, yeah. Plenty of hot young college women, a whole school full of em'. Is gluttony still considered a sin? Because if it is then-"

Anya had walked out of the house carrying the ice cooler and made her way over to the driveway. She set the ice cooler down on the grass next to the jeep. Her ears perked up at the mention of the words 'hot college women'. She casually strolled over to where Buffy and Willow were continuing their conversation and decided to seize the opportunity and partake in her favorite pastime activity; 'annoy the hell out of Willow and embarrass Buffy in the most uncomfortable situations' she could think of. "Ah yes, Willow Rosenberg..."

Both women looked up at the mention of the redhead's name, quirking an eyebrow at the tone in Anya's voice.

"...The lesbians' and non-lesbians', (of the experimental kind), answer to orgasmic bliss, able to satisfy all of their sexually frustrated needs. Tell me oh great and powerful Sapphic One, are you still using that VILE and CHESSY pick-up line?" Anya had slowly and quietly tiptoed her way over to an oblivious Buffy, who had chosen to ignore Anya and was now checking the contents of her beach bag for what seemed like the hundredth time...she's teasing Willow, not me. Without warning Anya wrapped her arms around Buffy's waist from behind, pulled her in closer and huskily whispered in her ear, "Why play with kittens, when big cats have so much more fun."

Buffy shrieked, slapping Anya's hands away from her. "Hey!! Hands...Hands...ANYA!!"

With stealth-like precision, Willow made her way over to the ice cooler Anya had placed on the grass. Slowly and quietly, she popped open the lid and grabbed a handful of ice; currently keeping the contents inside cold. She crept up behind Anya, careful not to arouse suspicion of her current location. Anya for her part continued to aggravate Buffy, unaware of the impending danger she was currently in. Oh yeah, time to cool you off demon girl!! With one quick fluid motion, Willow pulled on Anya's collar, deposited the ice down her back, and for good measure, whacked her, ensuring that the ice was evenly distributed throughout her skin.

Anya was startled at the sudden change in body temperature. She sucked in a huge, noisy breath, and let out a loud squeal. "AHHHH!!!...WILLOW!!!"

Noticing she now had an opportunity to free herself, Buffy jumped away from her captor's death grip, unscathed, and ran over to her best friend. Both girls were now laughing, enjoying the sight of Anya running in circles... like a dog chasing its tail, her hands reaching back, trying to remove the last of the ice cubes from under her blouse.

They're laughing at me! She thought, now glaring at both women, "You're making fun of me?..." she asked in disbelief, pointing a finger at herself. "Come here...I'll take both of you on." Vengence will be mine.

"She looks to calm Will...what do you say, can we take her?" Buffy suggested conspiratorially.

"I say we can...two against one- NO wait!...she might find something sexually gratifying about both of us ganging up on her. I say we make a run for it," worried eyes darted from the petite blond to an approaching Anya.

"Come here Willow...don't you run away from me!!! Come back here and fight like a butch!!!"

Xander had appeared from the back yard. He was walking towards the Jeep, Bar-B-Que supplies in tow and witnessed the display between his fiancÚ and best friends. "Ooo, room for one more? Will there be any girl on girl oil wrestling?"

Two annoyed blondes and one 'O'brother' from a redhead, turned and glared at him.

"Xander," his fiancÚ warned. "If you go anywhere near Buffy or Willow, I will rip your testicles out and place them where your beady eyes should be," she said, her features showing no sign, no hint, that she was kidding.

Xander gulped. "Ouch!!" Concerned for his 'manhood', he placed his hands over his crotch, sending the Bar-B-Que supplies clattering to the ground...It's okay boys, I've got you covered. ", me no want Buffy or Willow...of any romantic-involvement kind," whispering softly he continued, " I only have beady eyes for you." Tentatively, he uncovered his "boys" and stepped up closer to Anya, finally embracing her. WHEW!!! "Give me sugar, I need my sugar fix."

"Buffy, call a dentist. I feel a cavity a coming," Willow deadpanned. "Okay, so we're ready to go now, right?" she said bouncing on her heels, recovering from the display of 'love-o-rama 2002', and a little antsy to get the day started.

Xander and Anya shared a knowing look between them. Anya smirked while Xander decided to answer the hyper redhead. "Um...not quite ready yet. We've...that is Anya and I...decided to invite a friend from work and his sister to join us today."

Buffy instantly knew who Xander was talking about. She quickly snapped her head up, her eyes wide open as she regarded her best friend. "You-you invited David to join us?!!" she squealed, clearly overjoyed.

"Surprise?" Xander stammered, a little unsure if he had done the right thing. "I mean, I know he's been jonesing over you, and you're always asking about him, so I figured, why not invite him to come..."

"...And that could definitely happen if you play your cards right missy." Anya declared.

"ANYA!!!" Three Scooby voices admonished in unison.

"What? It's perfectly natural to want and receive many, many, HAPPY'S. Why wouldn't she want to?" Anya tried to reason.

"That's enough Ahn. Leave the Buffster alone." Xander implored.

Buffy smiled, appreciating Xander's loyalty to her. "Thank you Xander," she said padding him on his shoulder.

These three deserve each other...thought Anya. "You," she said pointing at all three Scooby's, "are boring."

"I choose to ignore you Anya," stated Buffy. "Xander, inviting David and his sister is a wonderful surprise...thank you. Wait, am I dressed okay? Should I go change? His sister is also joining us? Will she like me? Oh, I don't want to make a fool out of myself!" Buffy fretted.

"Is this the guy you were raving about Buff?" Willow inquired.

Wistfully Buffy answered, "Yeah."

"Well then you shouldn't worry cos' you look absolutely gorgeous...And no you shouldn't go and change... I'm sure his sister will like you, you're a very likable person...and you won't be making a fool out of yourself...that my friend is an impossibility. Just stay away from the really long words and you'll be fine...Ouch!!!" Willow giggled as she grabbed her arm where Buffy had playfully swatted her.

Buffy, Willow and Anya walked over to the front porch steps and sat watching as Xander loaded up the last of the Bar-B-Que essentials into the Jeep. "I wonder what her sister is like?" wondered Buffy.

"Oh she's a lesbian. Maybe you know her Willow?" Anya stated as a matter of fact. "And she's definitely a lot nicer than you."

"Hey!! Sitting right here, sitting directly right here!! And just because she's gay doesn't mean I know her. Do you know every nympho on the planet?"

Anya continued, clearly avoiding Willow's protestations. "Her name is Tara. I met her once when she picked up her brother from work. We talked a little, while the boys were clocking out for the day. She's really a sweet person. Very-" Anya considered how best to describe Tara. "Earthy? Homely? Definitely sweet and very shy. She seems to get nervous quite a bit."

Willow's curiosity had piqued at Anya's never-ending description of David's sister. Tara.. She thought, mulling over her name, and decided that she really liked it. "How were you able to know so much about her in that short amount of time?"

"I'm a very observant person. Every time I asked her a question she either stuttered a little, blushed or she would hang her head down and hide behind her hair."

"And how did you find out she's gay?" Buffy asked raising an eyebrow.

"I asked her."

Willow snapped, outraged that anyone would have the gall to ask such personal questions. "You what?!! Anya that is so rude. just don't walk up to somebody and ask if they're gay. I mean, manners - rules. Society has them for a reason, learn them," Is she for real...I mean...OMG!

Anya stared and shook her head slightly, confused. She thought it was a strange thing that Willow would reproach her in that manner. Now scratching her head she marveled at the look both Willow and Buffy were giving her. She hadn't done or meant anything wrong... I mean it's not like the other girl hid her lesbianism... I just really liked her necklace... "She was wearing a necklace with a rainbow pendant. I thought it was really pretty so I asked her where she got it. She said that her father had surprised her with it one day when they had accompanied her to her first gay pride festival in San Diego. They were there supporting her coming out. I don't see how that was rude?"

Willow felt that Anya was being sincere and immediately regretted, reacting in such a harsh manner, "Oh, sorry" Willow answered sheepishly. "That wasn't rude at all."

"Yeah," Buffy agreed. "We're sorry if"

" overreacted. And it's about time I got a proper apology from you too." Anya admonished. "And don't think I've forgotten about the ice's going to be a very long day for you..."

The sound of an approaching vehicle stopped Anya's threatening implications to a worried redhead.

"Oh!! Hey they're here," Xander announced. "I'll go make sure that we've gotten everything we need, the house is secure, and that all the doors and windows are locked up."

Anya took a hold of Willow's elbow to get her attention. "And by the by Casanova, Tara's a sweet girl. Leave your 'Rico Suave' moves for the girls you fraternize with, up in Boston. 'Hey baby are you tired...because you've been running around in my mind all day' won't work on Tara. She's not like that. Plus Buffy really likes David, so PLAY NICE," she finished by pointing an accusatory finger at her. Sighing Anya decided to let her guard down and smiled at Willow. "Just be you...right Buffy?"

Okay I see no pink elephants's 10:00 am so it couldn't be alcohol related. I do believe that is the nicest thing Anya has ever said to Willow...Okay now I'm scared! "Right...good ole' Willow...with the cute fuzzy sweaters and her different colored pens. That's who I chose to be my best friend." Buffy happily agreed.

Willow flashed Buffy and Anya a toothy smile, pulling them in for an embrace. She then regarded Anya , "That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me...thanks,"

"That's exactly what I thought!!" Buffy exclaimed.

Anya returned the gesture. "Yeah...well...we won't make a habit out of it."

A beige 2000 Ford F-150 pick-up truck pulled up to the curb of 1630 Revello Drive. Willow heard Buffy shriek and run over as the truck came to a stop. Willow felt a slight shiver run up and down her lithe frame causing goosebumps to form all along her arms. She was standing next to the tree on the front lawn and couldn't really get a clear view of the passengers as they excited the vehicle. Finally she caught a glimpse of blond hair.

Willow Rosenberg has lived her life with this philosophy in mind: have fun while you're young. Don't settle down to fast. Be picky. Don't get too attached because love is overrated. Today, at this very moment, after 3 years of anger, anguish, loneliness, tears and, lots of second-guessing, that philosophy was clearly being challenged, as she took in the beauty that stood not more that 10 feet away.

Willow didn't believe in fate or destiny or that there was a "meant to be". The future is what YOU make it. But at this very moment her life took on a new path. She fought these strange feelings coursing through her body and the strong beating sounds resonating from her chest. She fought...even though she knew, that a pair of sapphire eyes were winning that battle.

Finally her senses became clear; colors looked spectacular, everything around her smelled good, she was sure liver tasted delicious, the sound of her to her ears and a warm breeze electrifying her skin. Change could be good, right? Her old life was slightly fading as she approached the truck where a tall, slightly muscular man locked Buffy in a tight bear hug; her eyes still gazing at the blond. Petrified and overexcited from anticipation she extended her arm. Soft, nimble fingers closed around her hand as she introduced herself to the young woman. "Hi, I'm Willow."

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