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Author: Taralover
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I make no money out of this fanfic, I'm just writing it for fun.

"I'll tell you what you want to know," said Dawn angrily. "I'll even point them out for you as long as you don't kill me. Going into hiding has ruined my life and Buffy's as well. But if you want me to point them out, you can't kill either of us. If I was stupid enough just to tell you where they were, you would murder me and Buffy."

" can't..."

"Buffy, I can. If I don't tell them they will torture it out of you and me." She turned to her captors. "If you kill us, Willow and Tara will most certainly testify against your boss. If you are caught for murder, they'll send you to death row, but even if you escape, your boss won't. If you keep us as hostages, Willow and Tara will be forced to keep quiet. Which is why you are after us in the first place."

They looked at each other. "You know, you're right. Put your hands behind your back. If you struggle, remember we have guns." Buffy and Dawn looked at each other and did what they were told, and heard padded handcuffs click around their wrists.

"Open up."

One of their captors had produced a pair of nerf balls.

"We don't need those," said the other one. "It's not a long walk to the car. Now if we had to walk them all the way through the town in public view, we would."

"But it's not the same without gagging them," said the first captor.

"You have some really serious issues," said the other captor. "No wonder you don't have a girlfriend. Go and get the van, and you can do the driving whilst I stay in the back with our captives."

"Why do I have to do the boring stuff?"

"Because I don't want you molesting the captives. We do have certain standards, you know. Get the van now before someone turns up and sees us."

Grumbling under his breath, "Mr Molester" as Buffy secretly thought of him, went off and got the van, and both girls were ushered inside at gunpoint. "I'm sorry about my friend. He never got over his divorce. I'll make sure he behaves himself. But I am willing to hurt you, badly, if you try and escape. Or maybe I'll let him have his way with you. Don't think I'm weak just because I won't let him force himself on you. Tell me Willow and Tara's new phone number. That way we can keep you two as hostages to ensure Willow and Tara's silence at the trial. It's better then travelling who knows where to commit murder. We get what we want, and you all get to stay alive. Everybody wins."

"The number is 001-428-7553." Dawn said as Buffy glared at her.

How could Dawn do such a thing, giving in so easily? And it's all my fault for coming back here and bringing her with me.

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