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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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2nd hour came around and Tara had to discuss some course work with Mr. Anderson. She hated that it had to intrude on Willow-time, but it was the only hour she could do it. She got out with 10 minutes to spare, she hoped Willow was still around so she could see the redhead today. She spied Willow and Cordelia sitting at a booth together. She found it strange that Cordelia would take such a shine to Willow, it was completely unlike her.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Hi Baby."

"Hey Tare." Both said as Willow scooted over to allow Tara to sit.

"What are you guys talking about?" Tara asked suspiciously.

"Oh homecoming. Buffy and Cordelia want to ride with us. I told them it's ok, it's ok right?" Willow asked now regretting committing to something with out Tara's approval.

"It's fine beautiful." Tara said quickly kissing Willow on the cheek.

"Aw, young love, it's so sweet." Cordelia commented.

"You should really start looking Cordy, I'm sure there are a ton of guys who would love to get a chance with you." Tara said.

"Um, yeah." Cordelia said sharing a look with Willow. "I'm not so interested in guys here."

Tara was about to comment on their look when the bell rang.

The week passed quickly and Willow found herself sitting outside Tara's house in her car Saturday evening. She sat in her car for a minute trying to maintain what little composure she still had. She glanced over and saw the corsage sitting on her passenger side. I guess it's now or never, she thought reaching for the plastic box that held the rose. Ok now don't spaz out, keep it cool, those thoughts pounded in her head like a mantra. Her heart pounded in her chest as she clutched the box and rang the door bell.

Benazir opened the door to see a frightened Willow standing in a black formal dress that came down to her ankles. "Willow Hi, come on in." She said ushering Willow through the door.

"Hi Benazir, it's nice to see..." Her words trailed off as she looked up the stairs and saw Tara. It was as if the entire world fell away and the only thing that existed was Tara and the stairs. She wore a satin blue dress; her blond hair was up in a twist with several strands falling down to frame her face. Willow thought she was surely having a heart attack because she didn't think a heart could hold this much emotion.

Tara descended the stairs eyeing Willow. The redhead was truly magnificent, her black dress set off her smooth alabaster skin. Willow's neck and shoulders were exposed, and Tara had to calm the thoughts that ran through her mind of taking Willow and gently kissing every part of her shoulders, slowly moving towards her neck where she would suck and lick her pulse point. Willow had her hair down in perfect curls. When her hair would catch the light it would almost glow with a golden sheen. As Tara approached Willow she smiled and let out a squeak that sounded a little like "Hi." Oh my God, that is so lame, I can't even speak. But Willow didn't seem to notice.

"You are absolutely stunning." Willow said walking closer and placing her hands on the blond's waist.

Tara smiled and Willow thought her heart would explode again. Can you have multiple heart attacks in the same instance? She thought as Tara spoke. "Thanks, you look amazing." Both just stood staring into each other's eyes, not realizing Tara's parents were taking pictures and generally beaming at their little girl.

"Tara, don't you have something for Willow?" Benazir said trying to move things along.

"Oh right." Tara said remembering the corsage she had in her hand. "I got this for you." She said taking the rose out of the box and pinning it to Willow's dress.

"Thanks, I got you one too." Willow said mimicking Tara's actions, only Willow's hands were shacking so bad she had trouble pinning it to her dress.

"Here, let me." Tara said taking the pin from Willow. "Nervous?" She asked.

"Yeah a little." Willow said disappointed she had completely messed up the corsage giving. "We better get going soon, we still have to pick up Buffy and Cordelia."

After posing for a few pictures the couple walked out to Willow's car.

"Willow! You brought the Mercedes?" Tara asked.

"Well yeah." Willow said nonchalantly.

Tara turned to Willow and looked her in the eye. "Why?"

"Well you deserve the best, and this is the best I have." Willow said opening the passenger door for Tara. Tara stepped in the car still not believing Willow would do this for her.

Willow entered the driver's side and once she shut the door leaned over and kissed Tara passionately. Tongues came out and both girls moaned into the kiss. Willow felt an invisible pull toward Tara, she wanted nothing than to make love to this woman right here, but she knew they had to get going. Still she couldn't bring herself to stop kissing. Finally, with all the will power in the world, she pulled away and looked into Tara's blue eyes which were a little darkened with desire. Soon my love, very soon. Willow tried to communicate through her own eyes.

Tara felt her love overwhelm her, and desperately wanted to say those three little words that had eluded her for days. But she couldn't, they were in the car going to pick up Buffy and Cordy, it wasn't the right time to profess your love.

It was a short trip to Buffy's and both girls stood on the porch hand in hand waiting for someone to answer the door. There was somewhat of a shuffle, then a crash, and finally Cordelia opened the door.

"Hey guys." She said out of breath.

"Hi, everything ok?" Tara asked.

"Oh yeah, just you know, excited. Buffy's still getting ready she said she would be down in a minute."

"How are you?" Willow said placing her hand on Cordelias arm. Tara noticed, but didn't say anything.

"Good, I'm fine, great." Cordelia said in a hurry.

"Ok, I'm ready." Buffy said almost running down the stairs, grabbing her purse from the counter. "Bye Dad, bye Sandra."

"Holy crap Willow, sweet ride." Buffy said eyeing the silver Mercedes in the driveway. "Where'd you get it?"

"" Willow said grasping at straws, in all her preparations she didn't think anyone would question her car.

"It's rented." Tara said squeezing Willow's hand. Willow looked at her and mouthed 'Thank You' in relief.

The girls arrived at a fairly nice restaurant next to the mall. Willow and Cordelia had made the reservations in advance so the girls were seated quickly. After ordering Cordelia looked at Willow and said. "I need to go to the bathroom, come with me Wil." She said grabbing Willow's hand.

"Why me?" Willow asked, not wanting to leave Tara.

"Because you are on the end." Cordelia said dragging Willow to the bathroom.

Tara wondered what was up with those two and she was getting a little upset. They were definitely hiding something from her. Maybe Cordelia likes Willow and they are sneaking off to kiss. Buffy was talking about something, but Tara couldn't pay attention. She kept eyeing the corner where she last saw Cordelia drag Willow, as irrational thoughts ran through her mind.

"What the hell is taking them so long?" Tara finally said getting angrier as the minutes passed.

"They haven't been gone that long, and are you listening to me?" Buffy asked.

Willow and Cordelia finally appeared at the table.

"Sorry, takes forever to get out of this dress." Cordelia said sitting down.

"yeah whatever." Tara said under her breath, but Willow heard.

Throughout dinner Willow tried to get Tara in on the conversation, but it was always one word answers. She knew something was wrong and was racking her brain trying to figure out what she did to make Tara upset. Her stomach was turning over on itself, she hated that Tara was mad, this was supposed to be the perfect night and it was turning out disastrous. Buffy and Cordelia didn't seem to notice, but after they had paid Willow threw Cordelia the keys.

"You guys go ahead to the car, I need to go to the bathroom." She said grabbing Tara's hand.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked as they entered the bathroom.

"I thought you had to use the bathroom?" Tara said avoiding the question.

"Tara, please. This is supposed to be perfect, and it so isn't. I know I did something, please just tell me so I can fix it. I can't stand to see you angry." Willow said with tears in her eyes.

Tara caved at seeing Willow in tears. "Do you think Cordelia's pretty."

"What?" Willow said not expecting that question. "Um, I guess."

"Do you want to date her?" Tara asked knowing that this was completely unfair and selfish, but she was jealous and rationality took a back seat.

"What? No? I don't...why are you saying this?"

"It's just, you guys are always running off together. At school you are always talking 2nd hour and Cordelia just disappears sometimes and I don't know, I mean if you want to be with her, why are you with me?"

Willow sighed. "I told her this would happen."

Tara's heart clenched in her chest, she wasn't prepared for Willow to tell her the truth and dump her on homecoming. She felt tears start to come to her eyes. Willow seeing this quickly amended her statement.

"No, no it's nothing like that. God Tara, don't you know what you do to me? Every time I see you it's like my heart wants to jump out of my chest. I feel like I'll die if I don't touch you every second of the day. All I do is think about you. Don't you feel it, can't you feel when I kiss you that I am completely in love with you?"

Tara couldn't breath. Oh my God, Willow said she loved me, Willow said she loved me, Willow loves me. Were the only thoughts running through her brain. She couldn't do anything but stand there motionless as the words swirled through her mind.

"I do." She finally managed to say.

"What?" Willow asked not understanding the segue.

"I do feel it. God I feel it more than you can imagine. I love you too Willow. I am so in love with you." Tara said taking Willow in a passionate kiss. "I'm sorry. I just, had these stupid thoughts that you guys were running around behind my back. I don't know why, I just got so jealous."

"I told Cordelia if you asked I would tell you so here it goes. Cordelia has a crush on Buffy." Willow said, sighing that she didn't have to keep anything from Tara anymore.

"What?, she can't...I mean she can, but...what?" Tara said not believing her ears.

"It's true. She said she couldn't talk to any of you because you were all such good friends. She had to find someone who wasn't in your group, so that lucky girl was me. Are you mad?"

"No, no I just..." It all made sense now, Cordelia never wanting to date any guys at school, her reaction at the mall with Buffy's dress. "Wow, Cordy and Buffy huh?"

"Swear you won't tell anyone, even Cordelia. I told her I wouldn't say anything, well except to you if you asked."

"I won't, just wow you know."

Willow nodded. "We need to get back to the car." She said. "I promise I'll fill you in on the details later."

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