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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Tara sat on the huge leather couch as Willow set everything up. The projector was warming up as Willow flipped a switch and the screen came down from the ceiling.

"Is there something you wanted to watch?" Willow asked as she plopped down next to Tara.

"I don't know what do you have."

"We have everything." Willow grabbed a remote and a menu came up on the screen with a list of movie genres. "We have the projector hooked up to a computer which can download any movie you want. I don't even know why we have this, no one ever uses it." Willow said almost as an afterthought.

"Well we could watch my favorite movie." Tara said.

"What's that?"

"I don't know if you like it but it's From Dusk 'til Dawn."

"I love that movie." Willow said, her eyes shining. Willow quickly scrolled through the list and found the movie and started it.

Tara scooted on the couch so she could rest her head on Willows shoulder. Willow took the hint and put her arm around the other girl. Tara picked up Willow's hand which had come to rest on her stomach and intertwined their fingers. It felt comfortable, like they both were where they were supposed to be, and both quickly found sleep claiming them.

Tara was woken by the ring of her cell phone, she quickly extracted herself from Willow, which proved to be a difficult task. At some point they had moved and Tara now lay completely on top of Willow with their legs tangled in a pretzel. Tara managed to remove herself and grabbed the phone from the table. She saw it was her mom and wondered what time it was.

"Hello." She said her voice a little scratchy.

"Tara, where are you?" Her mom said a little worried.

"Hi Mom, sorry I'm at Willow's. We fell asleep watching a movie, what time is it?"


"God, mom I'm so sorry, we just fell asleep and well yeah just fell asleep."

"It's ok, I was just worried."

"I'll be home soon ok."

"Ok, remember to lock the door, I'm going to bed."

"Ok mom, love you."

"Love you too."

Tara shut her phone feeling bad for causing her parents to worry. She looked at Willow still sprawled across the couch in what looked to be an uncomfortable position. She must be a sound sleeper. Tara thought finding one more thing about the redhead absolutely endearing. She knelt down and brushed Willow's hair from her face. She was really starting to like Willow, and it was so true what Willow had said about them being different. She had other relationships before, but nothing compared to this. How she felt around Willow was something she never imagined would happen. She thought she was happy before, but this, well it was a whole new ball game now. She gently shook Willow and called out her name to get her to wake up. She watched as Willow's eyes twitched before slowly opening to find hers.

"Hey." Willow said started to move her sore limbs.

"Hi. I have to go." Tara said apologetically.

"What time is it?"


Willow's eyes went wide. "Oh crap, you were supposed to be home."

"I know, my mom called."

"Oh god, she probably thinks I am a bad influence. Way to make an impression, keep their only daughter out till all hours of the night, they are going to hate me. You are an only daughter right?"

Tara laughed at Willow's frantic babble. "Yes I am an only child, and they aren't going to hate you. Mom was fine with it, just worried."

"Tara I'm really sorry, I should have set an alarm or something." Willow said standing up too quickly and wobbling a little.

"Willow, it's ok. Don't worry about it." Tara said catching the tiny girl and embracing her around the waist. Once Willow regained her footing Tara moved her hand to place a stray red hair behind Willows ear.

"You going to be ok driving home?" Willow asked placing her hands around Tara's waist.

Tara smiled at Willow's concern. "Yeah I'll be fine."

Both girls stared into each others eyes not wanting to break apart, but both knowing they had too.

Eventually Willow walked Tara to the door and they exchanged a short tired kiss before Tara got in her car and drove down the cobble stone drive.

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